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See How to Visually Map Out Your Trades Before, During and After with Clearly Explained Price-Action Trading Techniques

Ever wonder where to enter a new trade? With the Trade Mapping strategies you’ll discover in this video, you’ll be much better prepared to decide exactly where to place your trade entries (wait’ll you see how to “map” your entries!).
RUNNING TIME: 1 hour, 22 minutes

In this powerful training video, you’ll see exactly how to manage your trade once you’re in a new position. You’ll also see what exactly you need to do during each trade (many traders completely overlook these “must-know” tactics).
RUNNING TIME: 1 hour, 29 minutes

Exiting your trades successfully can be a challenge for active traders. With the Trade Mapping strategies you’ll learn in this video, you’ll see how to exit your trades by using practical visual trade management skills and all-new “trade maps”.
RUNNING TIME: 1 hour, 24 minutes

Seeing how to enter secondary trades, and being able to visually map out expected trade volatility is an essential skill to know. In this thoughtful video you’ll see how to use “profit maps” and other techniques designed to help you map out trades ahead of time.
RUNNING TIME: 1 hour, 23 minutes

You’ll be thrilled to see how this new process works for how to manage your trades from start to finish. This practical video shows you exactly what to do to help manage risk, stops, exit targets, scale-in entry triggers and more.
RUNNING TIME: 1 hour, 10 minutes

Finally, you’ll also see how to use several favorite candle patterns with western technical signals and “Trade Map” it out in a way that makes sense. Using both daily and intraday patterns, you’ll see how to combine top precision trading signals for visual “Trade Mapping” with candles & more.
RUNNING TIME: 1 hour, 6 minutes

7th Video Bonus! Thanks to all who’ve registered as a thank-you gift I’m now adding an all-new 7th Bonus Trade Mapping video download as well.

This powerful new Visual Trading “Accelerators” TradeMapping video is designed to help you see exactly how to visually manage your trades with visual “accelerators” — a new set of step by step trading signals that you’ve got to see for yourself!

My new trade visualization process will show you exactly how to see potential trading setups before they happen, explained with a variety of swing and day trading examples that’ll take you by the hand and give you specific “walkthroughs” for exactly how to manage your trading entries and exits.

This one outstanding downloadable video alone is more than worth the modest price of admission, now included as my FREE bonus gift for you once you order your Trade Mapping video course.

  • “See the Trade, Be the Trade” — Once you see how to visually manage your entries and map out your trading exits with these new “accelerator” strategies you just may never trade the same way again (the key to success is for you to anticipate moves before they occur; I’ll reveal how this works in this fascinating new training video)
  • “Fast-Forward Trading” — One of the most useful new tips for trading is to visually see the trade occur on the chart with a new strategy I’ve developed called “Fast-Forward” trading, in which you’ll see how to visually manage multiple trading entries in a thoughtful, well managed approach (this tactic is designed to help you make the most of your trades)
  • Core “Trading Acceleration” Skills — If you’re like a lot of traders I’ve helped over the years, you may struggle with uncertainty and false breakouts and losing trades. You’ll discover specific tactics for making rapid “acceleration” skills part of your trading arsenal (what’s essential to learn here is the before-after “leaks” in your trading approach that you’ll see how to work on, captured on video with activities to do).Then we kick it up a notch by unleashing a new visual trading skill set that you can use as a “template” for mapping out your trades quickly, every time you trade. It’s a must-have set of skills and resources you need to own as a trader… be sure to order today.


How much of a difference could visually mapping out your trades ahead of time make for your potential trading success? I promise this will be well worth your time and modest tuition.

And as one of the trading industry’s most-respected and trusted genuine traders, I’ll show you what it’s taken me years to learn, condensed in this action-packed trading video series. This can be one of the smartest trading decisions you’ll make all year, because #1) this is an all-out steal at this price, a genuine bargain to learn from a published top trading expert and #2) I’ve worked hard to overdeliver a solid step-by-step video training “how to” experience that’s carefully and professionally designed to help you potentially improve your trading skills, fast.

From the desk of
Ken Calhoun

Colorado Springs,
7:47am ET

Dear Trader,

One of the things I’ve done for years is to visualize how a trade can potentially go against me, as well as where it could go if it works out to be a winning trade. This visualization process is what I’ve called “Trade Mapping”, and it helps me plot out my trading plan for each trade ahead of time.

Plus it builds confidence in my entries and exits because I’ve thought out the trade before I pull the trigger… and now you can too.

Mapping out your trade’s anticipated price move ahead of time (both for winning breakouts as well as ones that stop out) can help you see how to trade. Explained step by step with practical tips for both new and experienced active traders, this is one course you’ll want to see for yourself.

Many traders do “hit and miss” trading, fearful of it going against them the instant they get into the trade. I was like that too, many years ago. Now I am not caught by surprise when a trade reverses, nor do I miss out on adding to winning positions once they’re “in the money”, since I’ve mapped out the trade direction ahead of time.

As any successful trader will tell you, being able to figure out, with a fair degree of certainty, how to manage your trade from start to finish, is a key to making winning trades. Not just knowing entry patterns, nor being paralyzed once in the trade by uncertainty…. those who know how to trade correctly do so because we have a well thought-out “game plan” in place, a blueprint for our trades, ahead of time.

As a former corporate statistician and quality engineer, using visual process mapping is right up my alley, so I can teach you some very valuable tactics you can start using in your trades. And that’s what “Trade Mapping” is designed to deliver… some very thought-provoking, helpful trade management tactics that can help you gain better trade management and entry/exit skills, fast…

Ready To Learn How a REAL Trader Visualizes Specific Trading Patterns on the Charts Using What He’s Learned from Hundreds of Trades… PLUS how you can quickly use these little-known trading strategies in your own trades, too?

How Much Better Could Your Trading Be, If You Only Knew How to Map Out Your
Trades Ahead of Time, BEFORE You Enter ? (you’ve absolutely got to know this…)?

How professional traders visually have their entries, stops, and price targets firmly in mind before each trade…   and how active traders can use a similar well thought-out approach to figuring out what I call the “Trade Mapping” process, before making a trade (this one “mapping” concept alone is a complete game-changer!).

Quickly being able to figure out what do to at each step of a trade’s life, from pre-entry, during the trade, and exiting your position, can potentially make a big difference in how you approach each week’s markets.

How to map out your “Before-During-After” trading as a thoughtful, defined process.   Think of your trades in these three steps can completely change you from reacting to price moves, to a more in-control process that helps you figure out what to do at each step of your trades. (it’s just that good… and important to learn, if you’re an active trader).

Why trading on entry signals alone can be devastating to your trading account.   Using software or alerts to just manage the “entry” side of the equation can cost you a fortune, either by a) leaving too much money on the table with premature exits, or b) failing to recognize and exit a losing trade fast, with a small professional-quality stop loss. Trading visually with a quick process that helps you map out how it works, can completely change how you trade the markets.

How to pinpoint the top trading setups in minutes, and easily map out how to manage your trades using ATRs, Cups, new “Trade Mapping” tactics and more.   The hallmark of a true trading professional is being able to routinely grind out winning trades, while keeping stops as small as possible. By combing several easy-to-spot patterns, you’ll be equipped to manage your trades from start to finish, thanks to my new “Trade Mapping” process you’ll be learning about.

Whether you’re a day or swing trader, these setups and the process you’ll be taught, for rapidly “drilling down” to make a trading decision are all vitally important for you to learn.

This is a “must see” trading video series if you’re an active trader.
Go ahead and register your place right now!

What do I get with Trade Mapping™ training?

You get a full 7 high-resolution downloadable videos featuring me personally, Ken Calhoun — that you can use to learn how to visually map out your trades. Featuring actual charts plus practical trading strategies, this is one series of downloadable videos that you will definitely find useful. Runtime is over 9 hours of professional trading “how to” tactics, revealed.

How is the Trade Mapping training different from your other courses?

Trade Mapping is about developing the personal visual “pattern recognition” skills needed to map out trades ahead of time. The goal of Trade Mapping is for you to be look at any chart and instantly be able to tell the most likely places that the price action will move.

What’s unique is that it’s the first time I’ve revealed how to visually manage your trades using “Before-During-After” techniques for both day and swing trades, so you can spot specific entry and exit areas while you learn powerful new visual trade management tactics with me personally

How is Trade Mapping training structured? How do the videos work?

Your Trade Mapping videos are professionally designed in a specific step-by-step sequence that’s been created to help you build trading skills one at a time. Each video builds on what was taught in the previous one, so that it makes sense and gives you a superb set of precision visual trade mapping tactics that you can start using immediately.

Each video works in an interactive “Trade Mapping” format, in which I introduce each new set of strategies, then illustrate how to map out the trades visually. It’s an ideal way to learn how to really trade.

What type of trader is this for? Day or swing trades?  What instruments?

One of the best features about Trade Mapping is it’s versatility. You’ll be shown actual trading chart examples for both swing and day trading.

Since the pattern mapping tactics use trading ranges, volatility maps and other new techniques, you’ll be able to use what you’re learning for a variety of timeframes and “What you trade”. So no matter what you trade, you’ll find valuable tactics in this 7-video series.

It’s all about helping you develop the “trader’s eyes” for how to spot potential trading setups by quickly spotting likely trading areas to enter and exit, and map out the trade visually before you get into it. It’s an exceptionally useful strategy that’s ideal for all types of active traders.

What makes Trade Mapping unique, compared to other training I’ve seen?

The new “Before-During-After” process is the core framework of how Trade Mapping works. Not only is this “sequenced” approach to trading unique, you’ll also be learning dozens of new strategies with what you’ll be learning with me that I’ve never taught before, anywhere.

Trade Mapping is also unique in that it helps you see how to visually manage your trades from start to finish. The examples you’ll be shown are designed to help you carefully, intelligently see how to trade based on volatility patterns in your charts. The goal is to help you sharpen your trading skills — fast.

Good Trading,



Ken Calhoun, President
Colorado, USA

Register me for this downloadable video Active Traders “Trade Mapping” course, Ken! I’m ready to accelerate my active trading skills by putting all the techniques revealed in Trade Mapping to work for my own trading account.

Enroll today, one easy payment which includes access to your high-resolution video downloadable course for you to keep.

Get complete access for a single $397 registration you get complete access to your ENTIRE 9-Hour high-resolution downloadable video course, all included!

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This is an outstanding value for active traders, because you’ll get over 9 hours of hands-on active trader training online from a top trading industry pro, to help you see exactly how to visually map out your entries & exits.
Running time: 9 hours, 8 minutes. Bluray 1920×1080 .wmv quality video downloads.

Place Your Order for Ken’s “Trade Mapping”
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Once you download your file, here’s how to unzip it to get your videos.

This is a very generous deal, because you get over 9 hours of training for one low price.
You get an exceptional value for active traders, featuring a top industry professional.
You’ll discover how to trade — fast!

Per compliance regulations we do not make any profitability nor performance promises nor claims of any kind; trading is a high-risk, speculative activity and most traders incur trading losses. All information is for educational and informational use only; consult with a registered investment advisor prior to making trading decisions.

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