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June 23 1:58PM

"Planning your trade strategy for both entry and exits is critical for success. In the past I have only focused on trade entry, but have come to realize an exit strategy must be in place for any trade. Trade Mapping's philosophy is based on this key planning principle." - Thomas M.

June 23 1:56PM

"Anything to get an edge, quickly, visually, and in real-time has to be worth it's weight in gold." - Frank M.

June 23 1:44PM

"To accomplish your goals you need a PLAN, a step by step approach you can use. Looking forward to the webinar." - Tom G.

June 23 1:38PM

Trading requires being willing to recognize and adapt to changing investment environments. Any tool that helps at being successful is a plus. Quick visual mapping would seem to be a vaualbe skill to have." - Mark K.

June 23 1:22PM

"I don't know. I am just getting started' I hope your site is everything I am anticipating it to be." - Dale

June 23 1:01PM

"Always interested in learning or gaining an edge in visualizing complete trading methods." - Stephen B.

June 23 12:57PM

"I'm very curious about this "Trade Mapping" system - it sounds like it brings a trader to a whole new professional level." - Jan C.

June 23 12:42PM

"Planning in advance where to take profit and where to take a loss would be very valuable for deciding whether to even enter the trade in addition to managing it once you are in it.." - Gerald S.

June 23 12:26PM

"I would like to use it for the Forex market" - Al M.

June 23 12:25PM

" Do you use Standard Deviation moves to base future moves and adjustments" - Joseph S.

June 23 12:24PM

"very helpful,but difficult to underatand,when you see the sample webinar first time." - Ahmed Z.

June 23 12:21PM

"I'm looking forward to improving my trading system with tips from "Trade Mapping"" - Eric J.

June 23 12:03PM

"Planning trades out ahead of time sounds like a great idea." - Bob T.

June 23 8:05AM

"Workstation charts how to set them up and see how they work." - Fred P.

June 23 6:18AM

"I'm hoping to be as analytical and as quick a thinker as you are when analyzing charts." - Feliciano P.

June 23 2:45AM

"The visual works really good for me. I like the idea of mapping out trade exits ahead of time." - Jeannie G.

June 23 2:30AM

"I really enjoyed one of your previous webinars.I try to work with patterns and price targets but really look forward to the entry and exit strategy which
I think will give me an edge." - Heather P.

June 23 1:52AM

"I often doubt my open trades and cut the profits early. I'd like to learn how to plan the optimal entries and exits for each trade in various market conditions." - Vladimir G.

June 23 12:57AM

"The concept of trade mapping cannot but help a trader stay focused on a trade which is easier said than done." - Pierino M.

June 23 12:41AM

"As they say failing to plan is planning to fail. Knowing what you are going to do in this trade/s, regardless of what happens, reduces the chances you could allow emotions to interfere with your decision making process." - David N.

June 22 11:42PM

"I want to enhance my trading plan using your Trade mapping" - Raj A.

June 22 10:35PM

"I will like to improve the way of managing my trades." - Clara

June 22 10:26PM

"Hi Ken. This is the first I've heard of trade mapping. I like the idea of having a map and of knowing where my trade is going. I also like ATR." - John U.

June 22 9:58PM

"Ken, I'm not sure what your new "Trade Mapping" deal is all about but it sounds interesting. I'm always interested in ways to improve my trading." - Bob L.

June 22 9:55PM

"Trade mapping skills would reduce some of the uncertainy and stress of trading and that would make trading more fun" - Louis G.

June 22 9:48PM

"Your always on the cutting edge to help traders improve and get to the next level." - Ed M.

June 22 9:39PM

"Hi Ken, I am waiting to see your webinar and to see your trading style. thanks" - Jorge

June 22 9:23PM

"Looking for way to find good trades and managing them so I can be successful in learning this business" - Mark C.

June 22 8:14PM

"It would be interesting to see the improvement in my trading" - Oscar D.

June 22 8:01PM

"The idea is like a trading crystal ball. Learning how to use the ball is what I'm looking forward to understanding." - Sabrina W.

June 22 6:46PM

"This sounds like a great idea, especially in today's market." - Jim K.

June 22 6:16PM

"Your Trade Mapping webinar should be very helpful to better learn to see the price action and become a better trader." - Julie G.

June 22 5:58PM

" I am always looking for ways to help pull the trigger, i'm sure this will help" - Dave V.

June 22 4:28PM

"The upcoming 'Trade Mapping' live webinar event is a special training i have been longing for." - Diran A.

June 22 4:26PM

"Trading success is key when you have planned entries and exits, both for profits or losses. A tool to assist and visualize this would be extremely helpful!" - Bill K.

June 22 4:21PM

"wow! As easy as 1 2 3, I got to see this. I really can't wait to lose little money as possible. Way to go TradeMapping." - Sahari C.

June 22 4:15PM

"these nuances that you are talking about can add up to some significant profits on your yearly balance sheet I'm sure." - Don

June 22 3:41PM

"I'm interested to see exactly how this in action." - Stephen T.

June 22 2:59PM

"continuing education...always learn something new or different from you" - Bruce B.

June 22 2:55PM

"Things move quickly when trading, and decisions have to be made. Trade mapping could help me so when the moment comes, I can make the trade confidently." - Vicki B.

June 22 2:17PM

"Looking for the right way to trade, so I'm looking forward to your webinar about Trade mapping." - Ener V.

June 22 1:53PM

" Ken you have such a portfoilo of tactics, can you please inform us of the most potent/profitable tool to aid a trader to profitability" - T.S.

June 22 12:04PM

"It saves time, and time is money. Also, helps in developing a more disciplined form in trading." - Vincent C.

June 22 12:50PM

"Trade mapping sounds so obvious and so important to do for all traders before they enter the trade, but so few traders actually doing it. I am looking forward to the webinar." - Mariusz K.

June 22 12:43PM

"I like to see which candlestick patterns you may use most as signals." - Esa L.

June 22 12:34PM

"I am new to your trading style and look forward to seeing your Trade Mapping webinar.Will these techniques involve Forex as well?" - Chris T.

June 22 12:04PM

"I want to compare my trading plan to your" Trade mapping" to see what I can improve" - David C.

June 22 11:25AM

"It will be great to map out where we are going, get there and get back safely and with full pockets, regularly." - James B.

June 22 11:25AM

"...concepts of risk management, money management, trade planning, and discpline. I'd like to learn more." - James B.

June 22 11:05AM

"how to define risk / reward - before making a trade.. define your max risk / and max your reward goal" - Alan G.

June 22 11:05AM

"I would think it should be helpful during a trade to have a process for mapping out the trade in advance of entering the trade." - Richard R.

June 22 10:50AM

"It would be interesting to learn how a master trader "visualizes" trades." - Rob B.

June 22 10:21AM

"The quicker I can visually size up a trade, the more opportunities there will be to make money." - Jeff B.

June 22 10:13AM

"Ken's webinars are always well done and helpful." - Jeff E.

June 22 8:52AM

"Navigate your trade thru a visual plan of proper entry, riding the trend and exit based on various tactics and strategies. Sounds like a worthwhile skill to develop and I look forward to another wonderful webinar." - Wendy M.

June 22 7:17AM

"I'm a visual person and believe that your upcoming webinar will improve my trading skills" - Christine B.

June 22 4:04AM

"It might be very helpful to "see" the price action in advance." - Pavol S.

June 21 11:56PM

"Trade Management from start to finish--a great topic. I look forward to the webinar." - John L.

June 21 11:32PM

"Sounds like something worthwhile if one could map out ahead of time what to do." - Llo

June 21 11:17PM

"Thinking through the trade ahead of time will give confidence in managing good trade to maximum potential and help spot bad trades before entry or soon after." - Robert

June 21 9:53PM

"I think this webinar will increase my knowledge base and will allow me to quickly react to volatile market conditions. It will provide better understanding and will make me a better trader. Thank you." - Ilya G.

June 21 9:19PM

"I think a visual representation of my trading will enhance it. Ken is an innovater in new trading techniques." - Donald G.

June 21 8:24PM

"I would be looking forward to trade mapping webinar. I am struggling with lokking for good trades." - Larry S.

June 21 8:04PM

"Trading is a contining, learning process! WILLING!" - Bob S.

June 21 7:15PM

" I believe that there is always new ideas and methods to learn about, perhaps just maybe this could be the one that works for me. thanks for the opportunity to learn a new idea." - George S.

June 21 7:04PM

"I am excited to learn more about trade mapping as I am confident that it will improve my trade profitbaility immensely as to me concept of trade mapping is similar to one of the seven habits of highly successful people - Begin with the end in mind..." - Jane

June 21 6:57PM

" As I think of the word MAPPING, I'm thinking about a destination. Before I take a trip to a place that I'm not familiar with, I study the map to give me confidence that I'll get there. Trade Mapping will give me the same confidence that my trades will have a successful conclusion." - Tyrone P.

June 21 5:46PM

"Always helpful to see things through someone else's eyes. Interested in learning about Trade Mapping technique." - Mario K.

June 21 4:47PM

"Trade mapping will surely help me with my tading. I am looking forward to the webinar" - Karen H.

June 21 4:24PM

"If I could improve selecting entry points that would make such a difference in my trading. Today I often enter a position just to see price drop and take me out. The next trade I set the stop lower, only to see that taken out and I loose more than I really wanted to ... I need some help" - Ken B.

June 21 3:48PM

"The idea of "trade mapping" sounds interesting and leaning proper entery and exit skills would be great." - Rex M.

June 21 3:28PM

"There's nothing complicated about good entries and exits. I've made them hundreds of times, but not necessarily in the right order. I hope this webinar will help me get them in the right order." - Thos T.

June 21 3:23PM

"Picture is worth a 1000 words. I like an aspect where in visually we may be able to tell where exit/extry/stop will be in relation to other signals/patterns.. will we be able to?" - W.M.

June 21 1:52PM

"Mapping trades may have advantages over not mapping trades" - JP

June 21 1:45PM

"trade mapping would help me to detect faster the hot spots. so, it would improve the quality of my tradings." - Zoya Z.

June 21 1:24PM

"Everyone needs to be able to visualize his complete trading plan." - Stephen K.

June 21 12:36PM

"I like the idea of confidently entering and exiting trades on a well thought written plan. Look forward to your webinar." - Oscar L.

June 21 12:34PM

"...looks just the thing for my future market planning and the route for me at least to find the way to a successful trade." - Chris B.

June 21 12:31PM

"I'm looking forward to this! Ken CONSISTENTLY delivers excellent tools to support a successful daily trade plan and I'm confident this will be another dynamite tool to profits.." - Tom D.

June 21 12:27PM

" mostly curious if this actually will survive the test of time." - Art P.

June 21 11:36AM

"Will allow me to be better planned vs making impulsive decisions ... my biggest issue is getting into a trade and then getting frozen when I see it move against me" - Anjali S.

June 21 11:26AM

"Still trying to find the clues that makes trading successful. This sounds like it might the answer." - R.T.

June 21 11:22AM

"Looking for a quick and accurate way to trade." - O.B.

June 21 11:01AM

"Sounds like an interesting concept - anxious to hear more." - A.B.

June 21 10:59AM

"sounds like a good idea..i hope it works" - Tom S.

June 21 10:41AM

"want to learn how Ken comes out of a wrong trade with minimum possible stop loss and simultaneously scale into winners with big positions" - Gohar N.

June 21 10:31AM

"Can't wait to see this in action!" - Chris

June 21 10:27AM

"Not sure what trade mapping is but it sounds like a visual approach that may enhance a a better trading perspective" - Joe T.

June 21 10:10AM

"I like your idea, but I would like to know how it would work in daily stock trading., how I would benefit from using your ideas. Thanks." - Dusan C.

June 21 10:06AM

"I have always been a fan of IF/THEN....any way I can improve that is good news." - Tommy H.

June 21 10:02AM

"...My trades are visually based, so this may enhance the precision." - Blair D.

June 21 9:54AM

"looks interesting i dont know anything about average true range so just that info would be helpful thanks" - Todd C

June 21 9:48AM

"Visualization is a powerful tool, proven in many other areas of life. It will be tineresting to see if applied to trading" - Steve G.

June 21 9:44AM

"Learning never stops...this could be helpful." - Ken G.

June 21 9:40AM

"I am very much interested in a visual approach to trading. Your presentations are always excellent." - Kyle P.

June 21 9:35AM

"Trade mapping seems so intuitive. I need to understand this practice and see how I can improve my own trading strategies with the concept of visual trade mapping. I think what I like best is the idea of "seeing" my trade. Can't wait for more info." - Steve F.

June 21 9:25AM

"Don't know much about it, but looking forward to the webinar." - John P.

June 21 9:20AM

" I trust that Ken will give us smart guidelines on how to plan our trading sessions. Looking forword to watching the webinar." - Dan G.

June 21 9:17AM

" I like that this is applicable to all markets and that it helps with reading charts without relying on red/green lights indicators" - Wayne B.

June 21 9:17AM

"This looks interesting. Trade Mapping sounds like what I do now. It would be great to see your expertise in action." - Joe C.

June 21 9:10AM

"...I'm just a beginner losing my pants off learning to trade. Thanks" - Henry G.

June 21 9:00AM

"Managing entrys and exits aren't as easy as they may appear. Any insights on this subject would be of great help. Ken is who I'm putting my trust and confidence in for my trading! I'm looking forward to hearing about this "Trade Mapping" concept." - Jim B.

June 21 8:41AM

"A visual approach to entries, stops and profit targets is a great approach for many traders." - Rich L.

June 21 8:29AM

"The idea of being able to plot the entire trade out before you even take the trade is a fantastic edge.I am really looking forward to see this..." - Geoffrey L.

June 21 8:08AM

"We use mapping daily in our lives.Why not use it in trading if you know how!" - Mohamed K.

June 21 7:08AM

"Great idea. After all, people who read charts are visual." - Bill P.

June 21 6:42APM

"I like the idea of a visual mapping of trade selections. Interesting angle." - Steven E.

June 21 1:36AM

"It gives me more confidence and a direction where I am going. Thank You" - Prakash

June 21 12:19AM

"Sounds very interesting - hope it's as good as your previous material" - Darren S.

June 20 11:51PM

"Sure it will raise my confidence, trade simplicity and a reaction toolbox for various states of the markets." - Gil A.

June 20 11:39PM

"A majority of trading systems place most of the emphasis on entries, I'm really interested in learning how to visually manage your trades and exit correctly." - Tom J.

June 20 10:13PM

"Simple and to the point, no software to worry about." - Craig M.

June 20 10:12PM

"i love your two day high or low breakout moves" - David U.

June 20 9:59PM

"Anything that focuses you on where a trade is going has to help." - Steve P.

June 20 9:32PM

"I will look forward to this webinar event. I think it will be very helpful in anticipating what price patterns may form." - Linda W.

June 20 9:32PM

"Sounds great can't wait to hear more about trade mapping. This...could be most helpful with entry and exits. Thanks." - Perry S.

June 20 8:42PM

"Great idea as it will help determine the exit point in a trade." - Balraj V.

June 20 8:34PM

"There's always seems to be something new to give one a little bit more of an edge in trading. Always willing to learn something new." - Brockway K.

June 20 8:10PM

"Ken, I have learned so much from your webinars. I am looking forward to another great webinar" - James H.

June 20 8:08PM

"It will be very helpful to follow trades." - Kojak B.

June 20 7:45PM

"This approach will take my planning much closer to the price action and avoid time consuming and complicated considerations." - Tim K.

June 20 7:26PM

"I recently finished white water rafting four rivers. We use river maps to determine where the next rapid is by the # and direction of the bends on the river. Many of the rapids must be scouted before we run them because we must know where the greatest hazards are and what the best route would be to avoid them. The idea of mappping a trade leads me to believe that I will learn where to look for hazards so I can scout the trade before I put it on. This woould decrease my risk of a poor trade and increase my success as a trader. $$$" - Val M.

June 20 7:05PM

"I like the idea of having a tool that will build confidence and "see" my trade before I'm actually in it. It seems that understanding market/chart behaviour is key to one's success." - Judy D.

June 20 6:07PM

"a visual approach suits my style of learning." - Warwick J.

June 20 5:02PM

"Congrat. on this great idea, personally I`m "technical trader" and good charting is a must !" - Bol B.

June 20 4:59PM

"Planning entries has got to be better than searching a wide number of charts looking for the best entry during the market open. Looking forward to it." - Bob T.

June 20 4:58PM

"I always imagine what the pro think and know in forex but I get to know more and more everyday that a mere connection to day trading university is opening me up to the forex professional traders' ways. I would not want to miss the coming Trade mapping live webinar event." - Akinlobo Y.

June 20 4:53PM

"This method would give me the time to make trade adjustment before the trade instead of after a trade." - Paul L.

June 20 4:53PM

"Thank you Ken. This is exactly what I needed. It will help in improving my discipline. I will be glad to learn when to get out and when to we get in" - Naveen

June 20 4:21PM

"looking forward to learning from a real pro trader like yourself" - Tom T.

June 20 4:02PM

"It's is every traders dream to have an edge as to the probably market actions and direction so it is very interesting to to learn a method that can improve yours of profitability." - DA

June 20 3:26PM

"If you manage the trade you'll know before you make the trade where you want to get in and where you want to get out. scaleing in to sellers and sell to buyers" - Ed M.

June 20 3:06PM

"This has the potential to help me better manage my trades. Having a solid plan before, during, and after entry is one of the biggest keys to success." - Dave O.

June 20 2:59PM

"i want to learn more about this!" - James W.

June 20 2:52PM

"It would be really nice to be able to visualize all the aspects of a potential trade before you enter the trade." - Helena K.

June 20 2:33PM

"Sounds very intersting. A new concept can't wait to see it!" - Diane V.

June 20 2:09PM

" I would like to see how Trade Mapping can help improve my selection of equities for option trading, as well as improving my precision for entering and exiting my positions." - Mike S.

June 20 1:36PM

"I really haven't a winning trade since February, so anything should help me do better, than my best thinking." - Conrad M.

June 20 1:25PM

"to plan a trade, involves having a strategy, a plan to know where to enter, exit and protect yourself before the event instead of second guessing as it unfolds." - Rebecca M.

June 20 1:00PM

"Yes, I'd like to learn more about this (your visual trade management process)." - Mike A.

June 20 12:57PM

"Having a visual image to hold my attention and be available for several reviews sounds good to me. Thanks" - Darrell E.

June 20 12:48PM

"There nothing like having a plan in place instead of trading blindly and stupidly. When you know what you are doing ahead of time the stress level drops greatly." - Mark M.

June 20 12:41PM

"I am excited to see if trade mapping is focusing on objective criterias rather than subjective." - Walter B.

June 20 12:03PM

"Being able to recognize what works visually would be a boon and a on the fly approach is need in today's market" - George F.

June 20 11:49AM

"brlliant thinking, what a way to go to help" - Al M.

June 20 11:49AM

"I always trade visually. It's the best way for me to learn. But I'm not always successful. I wish I could learn how to be more than 50% successful visually. Thanks Ken!" - Helene I.

June 20 11:43AM

"I hope that this webinar will allow me to determine when it is the ideal moment to enter a trade and how to manage it." - Tim F.

June 20 11:06AM

"I would like very much to get anything that would make me a better trader." - Marius B.

June 20 10:59AM

"This is great as I need help with planning ahead and discipline." - Judy R.

June 20 10:54AM

" I am looking forward to learning how the system works -- and if it is able to also put the targeted trade in relation to industry, sector and major index strenght to identify broader support/weakness. Thanks." - George F.

June 20 10:48AM

"It is much easier and also the plan is off-head rather something return" - Mark M.

June 20 10:44AM

" I am very interested in learning about a new tool, that I can put in my trading tool bag, to help me become a better trader. I am looking forward to attending the webinar and learning about this new method." - James M.

June 20 10:43AM

"It helps to picture the structure of my trade ,enabling me to make necessary adjustments in real time as trade unfolds." - Mark M.

June 20 10:12AM

" can't travel without a map otherwise you'll get lost" - Gary W.

June 20 10:28AM

"It seems a great tool to assist with my big issue of keeping the rules and discipline" - Isabel C.

June 20 10:25AM

"Trade mapping is navigating thru a trade with an organized and visually understandable approach. Mapping would be an essential training and reinforcement for those that learn best visually to aide in setting the criteria for entry, riding and exiting the trade..." - Wendy M.

June 20 10:24AM

" I need a logical system that can be repeated. This looks like it can really help" - Mel J.

June 20 10:12AM

"The less subjective the analysis, the better for making trade entry decisions. Visual cues are more objective." - Gary G.

June 20 10:05AM

"always open to practical ways to improve my trade decisions" - Ted A.

June 20 10:04AM

"Intriguing concept! I could immediately use an easier, more visual, method to plan entries, stops, and exits ... as long as it's effective. Looking forward to the webinar." - Surya R.

June 20 10:04AM

"I would love to learn how to manage my trades more effectively. Planning the trade has not been my strong suit. And finding the right stocks to trade would help me tremendously." - Rudy S.

June 20 10:02AM

"I like the idea of a visual technique to plan out my trades as I am more visually oriented. This will hopefully help me make better trades by more clearly laying out the information I need before putting on the trade." - Sheldon B.

June 20 9:59AM

"Planning adds confidence as long as you follow your plan" - Ric G.

June 20 9:58AM

"I am a visual trader for the most part so this is peaking my interest. Looking forward to the webinar!" - Sharon K.

June 20 9:57AM

"I am a visual person. Being able to "see" at a glance what is setting up to trade is important to me. I like to flip thru and "see" what is the best set up to trade now. I am interested in any technique which will help me "see" better and trade more profitably, especially if it means less indicators to use." - Dale S.

June 20 9:56AM

"the idea intrigues me, so I am curious to see what it is about, thanks" - Don M.

June 20 9:55AM

"I can't wait for the webinar to explain nearly all I need to know." - Hugh S.

June 20 9:55AM

"Visual targets are very easy to follow for me. Other targets have to be calculated or fib drawn, trend lines etc. So, I would be very interested in seeing your Visual Trade Management approach. Thanks" - Rajendra

June 20 9:53AM

"As a newbie it could help me decide and progress my trader career" - David W.

June 20 9:18AM

"The concept of trade mapping could be a great time saver." - Gordon Q.

June 20 4:22AM

"Trade Mapping is a new concept for me. I am intrigued to see how it will actually work in practice." - Derek S.

June 20 3:35AM

"Trade Mapping is akin to Trade Plan?" - Cynthia T.

Reply from Ken: Hi Cynthia, actually it's better than traditional trade plans, as it's a) a skill set that you can use on a per-trade basis, b) a visual way to manage trading entries, exits, stops and targets, and also c) a visual mapping trade plan. What I like best about this training, is that it enables traders to develop the skills that an experienced trader uses to visually put projected trade actions "in play" ahead of the actual price moves, to help with managing the trade visually from pre-entry to finish.

Kind of like how a tournament golfer visualizes a fairway shot before taking a swing at the golf ball, but with the addition of professional entry and exit tactics combined with what you need to do in order to manage your trades from start to finish. See you in the webinar.

June 20 2:48AM

" Very liberating, I practice a no diet diet ,a no budget budget ,so a visual trade plan fits perfectly,takes discipline ,but saves time for getting more productive skills than just accounting,and number crunching." - Mark G.

June 20 2:16AM

"Hi Ken, I like the idea of pre-planning with visual entry and exits before pulling the trigger on a position because it should help keep the trade a little more focused on the technicals." - Mario P.

June 20 12:29AM

"I'm thinking a flow chart or something like it would be easier to mentally check off things done than a list, and easier to post at a distance so the shapes would eventually be the mental que for what the specific action (to do) is." - Bob W.

June 20 12:04AM

"Trade Mapping & pre-planning provide bencjhmarks for feedback, analysis and success." - Tim H.

June 19 11:43PM

"Hope this can be a change in my way of looking at the markets!" - Paul B.

June 19 10:59PM

"we are always looking for new ideas" - Francois C.

June 19 10:47PM

"Can a trader be too organized? I don't think so. I am very much looking forward to your trade mapping webinar, Ken." - Dale H.

June 19 10:01PM

"It's imperative to have a methodology first to survive and be a consistent trader. Then the money/risk management and psychology aspects will fall in place to the form the three pillars for successful trading." - Philip T.

June 19 9:51PM

"This sounds invaluable! I'm looking forward to seeing how to visually plan and map out my trades. One thing to remember as a trader is 'Never stop learning new ideas.' " - JaniceLynn J.

June 19 9:49PM

"It would be nice to have a clear cut way to determine how and when to enter and exit trades." - Kathy M.

June 19 9:29PM

"It looks like Ken has yet another good idea for improving our trading. I look forward to hearing more details!" - Helen G.

June 19 9:18PM

"It reminds me of the visualization techniques taught to me by my track coach back when I was in college. It'd be great to learn how to apply the technique to trading" - Tom S.

June 19 8:58PM

" 'Seeing' the Big Picture and knowing the strategy prior to entering a trade has to be a plus for any trader." - Anne A.

June 19 8:40PM

"Do you have to use a trading tool? Or does this have to do with mental preparation? Regardless of the technique, I am always interested in improving my trading skills. If trade mapping work, I want to know more about it." - Delphine M.

Reply from Ken: Hi Delphine, no it doesn't require any special software or tool, rather it's a set of integrated trading skills that traders can use to help visually plan out their trades before getting into them. And it's not just mental, it's actually mostly technical, from seeing how to quickly analyze a chart pattern and make anticipated price action projections (and where to enter and exit) based on what you see in the chart and broad market, before putting on the trade. Good questions, thanks.

June 19 8:07PM

"It would be great to see how to visually master this market." - Maria K.

June 19 7:22PM

" i can see with my eyes instead of being told what to do." - Terry B.

June 19 6:40PM

"This sounds interesting, is there any limit to new things." - Joe N.

June 19 5:00PM

"An interesting concept - mapping out the trade before actually in the trade - yes, like to know all about it - thanks!" - Ruzena K.

June 19 4:54PM

"If this Trade Mapping is like your other seminars, it should be great" - Mel C.

June 19 4:51PM

"I've always heard about the need for planning one's trades before entry (entry, trade management and exit), but to do it all visually in one's head? Sounds intriguing -- would like to know more!" - Jen L.

June 19 4:37PM

"Well,it's my aspiration to have in real trades small stops;let the winners run and be able to exit them at right time." - Janko B.

June 19 4:21PM

"I need to find stocks the night before the next trading day" - Wayne J.

June 19 4:21PM

"the concept of visually mapping out a trade is very interesting. Question then follows: by visually mapping the trade could it possible prevent me from making a bad trade?" - David R.

June 19 3:59PM

"This looks like a program that will improve my success rate in the trade before I enter and that appeals to me." - Jim G.

June 19 3:55PM

"This is one of my biggest problems....getting an overall visual picture of what I need to follow when managing my trades." - Julie M.

June 19 3:48PM

"The more I learn about breakouts, the more likely I will be to enter successful trades in a timely manner, without hesitating until the trade is almost over." - Shirley R.

June 19 3:36PM

" I like to visualize things so this can be very useful" - Len H.

June 19 3:11PM

"The term "Mapping" caught my attention in your e-mail. I am very curious about the approach that underlies your TradeMapping strategy" - Doug M.

June 19 2:58PM

"Looking forward to seeing how this works. One more tool to use in my trade planning." - Bill H.

June 19 2:14PM

"Sounds great. To be able to focus ahead of time exactly what you plan for the trade....entry, exit, target...etc.." - Jean J.

June 19 2:12PM

"Hey Ken,I really think what you are about to present is revolutionary in forex trading!." - John S.

June 19 2:05PM

" Hi Ken, I still have problems where to set my stop. Hope I can learn again from your new webinar, I already learned a lot from you, thanks!" - Redgy P.

June 19 2:02PM

"The trading roadmap is an essential step to be a successful trader" - Joseph F

June 19 2:01PM

"I look forward to learning how to better map out my trades before I enter them." - Edward B.

June 19 1:21PM

"Thank you for giving me the ocasion of being teached for a great professional.." - Salvador D.

June 19 1:15PM

"I am interested to see how Trade Mapping will help my Forex trading" - Bruce M.

Reply from Ken: Hi Bruce, yes - Trade Mapping is designed for stocks, Forex, eminis and ETF trading, so I'll have examples of how to use this technique for all of those, and for both day trading as well as swing trading. One of the best features of Trade Mapping is it's versatility — I show you how to set trade targets/entries/exits/stops based on anticipated price moves visually, so it can really help. See you in the webinar.

June 19 1:05PM

"I believe I could benefit greatly from your upcoming webinar..." - John A..

June 19 12:25PM

"Ken, this looks exciting and could help complete my daytrading and swing trading education. Looking forward to the webinar." - John H.

June 19 12:20PM

"Ken this is a great and will give me the needed psychological edge to achieve the real targets of entering in to a trade please let me this opportunity" - Anees A.

June 19 12:11PM

" Need to learn how to plan my trades and have a daily trading plan" - Larry

June 19 12:10PM

"It sounds like an excellent time saving idea." - Gordon Q.

June 19 11:44AM

"Of all our senses, the visual one is the one that is not only the fasted connected to our brains but also the most accurate one and as such the most reliable... Looking forward to your webinar. Cheers and kindest regards," - Andre O.

June 19 11:38AM

"Believe this could be very beneficial in planning exits in advance to take some profits offf the table." - Larry D.

June 19 11:16AM

"being able to see it would keep it simple and eliminate the what do i do now fear" - Bill H.

June 19 11:03AM

"I like the idea of visually mapping out step by step how to plan out a trade so that I can place my entries and exits confidently and always stick to my trading plan." - Jen S.

June 19 10:58AM

"hey ken! i like your straight shooter style! you go to the point with clear and precise tehniques... i want to improve my exit point trades because entry is important but how you exit is the diffence between a pro and the herd.. and i want to learn from a pro who really trade like you!" - Fred G.

June 19 10:33AM

"Looking forward to seeing your "monitor" setup to run your 'trade mapping' method..." - Dennis D.

June 19 10:14AM

"I have struggled with trading for about 10 years now, and still no trading plan. I look forward to your clarity and honesty in your next webinar to help." - Mike S.

June 19 10:03AM

"Exits are just tough. Mapping them ahead of time would be fantastic." - Frank M.

June 19 10:01AM

"I appreciate the many features which you have taught on how to be a more efficient trader; the FX strategy to trade the pull backs when a strong trend is present has made a great difference. THANKS!!!! The visualization process would be a fine tuning of that strategy." - Dick F.

June 19 9:08AM

"From the brief description, Trade Mapping seems to be a great concept for manage trade. I'm enthusiastic to learn this concept in order to improve my rading techique." - Maria C.

June 19 9:07AM

"Combining three of the most used strategies into a one simple, at a glance step sounds great." - Ed C.

June 19 9:04AM

"Would like to see...hope trade mapping will help with my trades." - Michael B.

June 19 6:57AM

" if you want to be a sucessful trader, you need to plan your trade, have a trading plan and keep learning from the sucessful trader" - Connie M.

June 19 6:32AM

"(I like that) that you can use it with your own broker and trading charts and you do not need to install custom indicators as so many sellers want you to do either with MT 4 or their suggested broker" - Karin D.

June 19 3:57AM

" Trading without a plan would be like driving on the freeway without direction and only hoping that you entered and exited at the right place. I always appreciate good directions. Looking forward to your Trade Mapping webinar. Thank You" - Roy B.

June 19 2:56AM

"Your a outstanding so what you have to offer must be something special." - Noel

June 19 2:27AM

"Its simplifying the most important parts of trading" - Todd B.

June 19 1:16AM

"Expect to learn: (1) How to choose a stock for trading. (2) When to enter and when to exit." - Tony L.

June 19 1:08AM

"clear entries and exits without emotion. I struggle to determine how much wiggle room I should allow before I get out on both sides; profits and losses.." - Kathy M.

June 19 12:53AM

"Ken always has leading edge technical analysis. I look forward to hearing about the new price extensions." - Keith R.

June 19 12:29AM

"This trade mapping method must be Ken's fructification from his preceding works of many years of trading and teaching. Like many of his students, I am eager to check it out!" - Simon Y.

June 19 12:22AM

"I'm looking for ways of saving time in my trading, and this webinar looks like it just might help me to do that." - Leonard F.

June 18 11:16PM

"It's all visual. Profit and Loss column or charts but charts show where one is in the trend. Nice having both." - Stephen C.

June 18 11:00PM

"I learn best "visually" so am very excited to experience this new program." - Michaela H.

June 18 10:47PM

"Trading plan with top down analysis helps keep focus and avoids second guessing." - Zavvy H.

June 18 10:39PM

"Find higher pivot highs along a trendline, the PREVIOUS pivot low, UNDER the trendline, makes for minimum risk entry" - Edward S.

June 18 10:36PM

"I know I should monitor my trades from pre-entry, stops and targets. Hope I can learn somethiong that can help me." - Mel S.

June 18 10:28PM

" I am a really visual person that's why I love charts. I'm looking forward to see your Trade Mapping ideas to boost our confidence and trading success . I hope it will be my CUP of tea ...:)." - Kate X.

June 18 10:19PM

"Everytime Ken comes out with a webinar I learn something new that improves my trading...this will be no different" - Joel A.

June 18 10:05PM

"Excellent idea that dovetails with all the other visual tools." - Richard H.

June 18 9:53PM

"It simplifies the whole process of Trade Management." - Mark H.

June 18 9:48PM

"Looking forward to see another excellent trading subject from you." - Ben B.

June 18 9:42PM

"Visual Trade Management seems like it would take the guess work out of managing the trade as what you see is directly related to price action." - Mike C.

June 18 9:33PM

"That is what separates the loosing traders from the winning traders." - Ben B.

June 18 9:29PM

"Hi Ken, count me in! Any lecture you offer I am QUICK to accept. I always leave wiser and ready to let the trend work FOR me. Thanks" - Gregory D.

June 18 9:21PM

"Ken always delivers more than he promises so I am excited to check out how his trade mapping can help me be more sucessful." - Bill B.

June 18 9:17PM

"If I can "see" it, it is much clearer to me than just using figures." - Harvey G.

June 18 9:14PM

"This seems like a good plan of action! Would need more information and testing for results." - Gary L.

June 18 9:12PM

"'A picture is worth a thousand words'. Who wouldn't want a clear, easily understandable, easy to follow trading plan." - Don S.

June 18 9:11PM

"Mapping your trades sounds alot better than trying to stick to a plan when you emotions are involved" - Allan P.

June 18 9:07PM

"Being able to visually see in my mind about a trade in advance would allow me to play out the scenarios and plan my entry and exit points accordingly." - Robert T.

June 18 8:59PM

"It will help in reinforcing of disipline which is so important." - Mike L.

June 18 8:57PM

"I have been trying to learn how to trade for quite a while and this might be the key to actually get me started." - Peyton S.

June 18 8:55PM

"I'm very interested in learning a way to see the markets from a top down approach that will help me make better trades at a micro level... I look forward to this webinar" - Earl P.

Reply from Ken: Right, Earl. That's one reason I developed this training as well; because so many times traders get sucked into bad trades following isolated single chart patterns, only to have it stop out. By putting the trade in context, from a top-down rapid "birds-eye view" first, you can avoid getting overinvolved in marginal trade setups. Also I've got some new techniques I've never shown before that'll be real eye-openers to help traders visualize their trading setups, so you look at each trade from a more objective, disciplined approach. Good points, thanks.

June 18 8:54PM

"I try to plan my trades but not as effective as I would like to be. Would like to see how a pro prepares himself." - Frank P.

June 18 8:54PM

" this is a very smart and cool idea I would like to learn about" - David

June 18 8:46PM

"A quick visual to identify entry and exit would be greatly beneficial!" - Steve O.

June 18 7:53PM

"What Trade Mapping?This belongs to supertraders...lets see if it fits my style.." - Bojeng

Reply from Ken: Hi Bojeng - actually I've designed this to be relatively easy to use, for traders of All experience levels (from rookies to veterans)... and packed with a lot of specific strategies that both swing and intraday traders will find valuable. Thanks for writing in. This one's worth learning.

June 18 8:40PM

" I think that visualization of both the positive outcome and the negative outcome of the trade beforehand can better enable me to plan the trade. Of course, visualizing the negative outcomes beforehand may also prevent me from getting into a bad trade." - Larry M.

June 18 8:32PM

"Day trade mapping sounds great. If can set predetermined entrys, life would be great." - Jim L.

June 18 8:16PM

"This should help alot with my trade management and trading psychology (helping to control greed and fear).Thank you for this free webinar." - Dale H.

June 18 7:53PM

"Great idea to map a trade - entry,scaling in and out - exit. Hope it prevents me from exiting to early because of fear to leave money on the table" - Chris S.

June 18 7:48PM

"Trade management is my biggest downfall, I let a small loser grow into a big loss and cut short my winners" - Geoffrey L.

June 18 7:16PM

"Visualizing Trading success is another method I would like to add to my trading tools because trading is about making the right decisons and this will help me do that." - Dave D.

June 18 7:15PM

"As a new trader, I am excited to get sound advice from a real trader on how to map out my trades" - Bud S.

June 18 6:59PM

"Not wasting too much time in front of the screen. Also it will give more confidence and make trading much more enjoyable. Successful trading to everybody!" - Ernest C.

June 18 6:58PM

"you are right about the trading plan hopefully this will help" - Terry A.

June 18 6:54PM

"wow this is something big , that will help traders to win a head of time by trading visually. i think this is very important in order to put in your head how to win and stay focused on winning and be be able to map charts visually , this is great!." - Walter C.

June 18 6:25PM

"I think this is as absolutely excellent mapping or trade visualising is about confidence seeking and without confidence in yourself and your trade becomes very hard to pull that darn trigger. Every help counts in the long run...well done Ken...again!!!" - Richard R.

June 18 6:25PM

"I think this would be an excellent idea to visually map your trades. I am looking forward to the webinar." - Eve K.

June 18 6:23PM

"Hey Ken, I think that this is a great way to trade...I have always wanted to be able to plan a trade and follow thru with the process....looking forward to your webinar." - David B.

Reply from Ken: Hi David, you hit the nail on the head... with the word "process". Trading is a set of small edges, of step by step process actions that lead to trading wins, or stops. One technique I pioneered for the trading industry back in 2001 was the use of process flowcharts for active traders; I've updated not only that process, but many others to help traders visualize how their trades work, from start to finish in "Trade Mapping". See you in the webinar.. thanks for writing in.

June 18 6:16PM

"Sounds like an interesting concept - can't wait to hear about it." - Greg M.

June 18 6:08PM

"Without a plan there is no way to succeed. Any tool that helps me plan, helps me succeed." - Paul H.

June 18 6:04PM

"I like the simplicity of the idea. Why make it complicated when it can be simple." - Les B.

June 18 6:02PM

"Ken, The idea of knowing when and where to enter and exit a trade is Fantastic, No more guessing when a trade goes bad, count me in." - Jim C.

June 18 5:58PM

"well..wonder if this will give the difference that makes a difference.." - Marc W.

June 18 5:57PM

"I am excited to participate in this webinar as to sharing new and updated tactics is currently necesarry especially in this market now." - Larry G.

June 18 5:52PM

" I like to plan my trades based on technical bases, breakouts, trend continuation and pivot range." - Gamal S.

June 18 5:51PM

"this platform could be helpful because I have great difficulty not with stock selection but with trade management - entry size positioning, exit strategies; thank you" - Mark F.

Reply from Ken: Hi Mark, right — a lot of traders struggle not just with entries, but with visualizing the trade from start to finish. So in Trade Mapping I'll be sharing some techniques I use in my own trades that can hopefully help traders see the "Before-During-After" of managing entries and exits. Kind of like each trade has it's own story to tell (start/middle/ending), and it's our job to make those as successful as possible.. See you in the webinar.

June 18 5:50PM

"Thanks Ken, in this volatile time, when its difficult to decide if you should trade or not, I am glad if you can learn us when to get out before we get in" - Owe F.

June 18 5:46PM

"Being able to visualize a trade in advance should be the goal of every trader and why not learn from one of the best traders out there how to do this." - Phillip B.

June 18 5:41PM

"Really interested is any new developments that help us little guys" - Norm W.

June 18 5:40PM

"A visual approach to trading sounds like a great idea. You've taught me alot, which has helped my trading, and I look forward to your new strategies." - Barry S.

June 18 5:38PM

"Trade mapping sounds like we'll be able to enter and manage trades easier." - Danny O.

June 18 5:37PM

"Trade Mapping enables the trader to stay in the flow of his trade congruent with the sector and market environments." - Patsy G.

June 18 5:13PM

"The concept of "mind mapping" is an interesting one, as it allows clarification of the steps involved. I hope it works as well in trading!" - Rick

Reply from Ken: Hi Rick... right. The whole idea of brainstorming ideas and organizing them with the technique of mind mapping, while good for taking abstract concepts and making them actionable, is a tougher fit for active traders. Instead, I like to 'map out' the area right before the trade, as well as anticipated ranges that it could go (whether it's a stock day trade or a forex swing trade, or an ES breakout or an ETF longer-term trade)... then figure out from there, what my plan of action is (to scale in, trail a tighter-vs-looser- stop, based on market internals), and more. We'll cover some of that in this upcoming webinar... see you there.

June 18 5:27PM

"Having addtional ideas about how to enter and exit on a visual basis will be very helpful. Thank you." - Bret H.

June 18 5:24PM

"We have already seen portions of trade mapping. Now we can expect to see this taken to a new, higher level as only Ken Calhoun can do." - Ted R.

June 18 5:23PM

"A picture is worth a thousand words!" - Russ W.

June 18 5:22PM

"This is the best Mind Opening Experience in Day Trading" - Joshua S.

June 18 5:20PM

"The very words mapping and pattern recognition and following your tracks or where to get in or out is what I would say is my experience and also need development oppotunities" - Ashley F.

June 18 5:13PM

"Keeps focus in the right direction by using a specific strategy" - Ron N.

June 18 5:11PM

"From what I have read, looking on the screen at certain patterns and the such that can lead to future moves could be very very powerful if the material is studied and learned. Mr. Calhoun is always coming up with new and better ways to initiate successful trades. Thank you." - Hal L

June 18 5:09PM

"this platform could be helpful because I have great difficulty not with stock selection but with trade management - entry size positioning, exit strategies; thank you" - Mark F.

June 18 5:05PM

"trade mapping may help inprove my exits and entry of a trade" - Ola A.

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