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TradeMastery is a global community of active traders; we deliver practical trading ideas, courses, and training webinars designed to help you learn how to trade. You'll find thoughtful, clearly explained strategies for day and swing traders of all experience levels who are seeking to trade the markets using Ken Calhoun's popular momentum breakout techniques. Try one of our resources today.

Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine Articles by Ken Calhoun

Swing Trading With Momentum On Your Side (November 2014)

Daytrading Price Volatility Breakouts (June 2012)

Daytrading Cup Breakouts (June 2011)

Trading Momentum with Ken Calhoun (March 2011)

Forex Volatility Patterns (October 2007)

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From the New York Trader's Expo 2015:
Ken Calhoun & Moneyshow chair & CEO Kim Githler (center) are joined by Dr. Adrian Manz (right) and his wife Dr. Julie Peterson-Manz (left)

From the New York Trader's Expo 2015:
Ken Calhoun & Moneyshow President Aaron West

Kim Githler and Ken Calhoun
From the MoneyShow Las Vegas Trader's Expo 2017

Tom Sosnoff and Ken Calhoun
From the MoneyShow Las Vegas Trader's Expo 2017

Larry McMillan and Ken Calhoun
From the MoneyShow Las Vegas Trader's Expo 2017

Harry Boxer and Ken Calhoun
From the MoneyShow Las Vegas Trader's Expo 2017

Kathy Lien and Ken Calhoun
From the MoneyShow Las Vegas Trader's Expo 2017

Tim Bourquin and Ken Calhoun
From the MoneyShow Las Vegas Trader's Expo 2017

Rob Booker and Ken Calhoun
From the MoneyShow Las Vegas Trader's Expo 2017

Harry Boxer and Ken Calhoun
From the MoneyShow New York Trader's Expo 2015

Toni Turner and Ken Calhoun
From the MoneyShow Las Vegas Trader's Expo

Brian Tracy and Ken Calhoun

Dan Kennedy and Ken Calhoun

Jeffrey Gitomer and Ken Calhoun

Randy Morton and Ken Calhoun

Randy is the President of Bellagio, my favorite hotel

Active Trader Magazine


Active Trader Magazine Articles by Ken Calhoun

Trading Intraday Breakout Patterns (June 2012)

Visual trade management (November 2011)

How to avoid false breakouts (August 2011)

Momentum trading: Using pre-market trading and range breakouts (August 2010)

ADX breakout scanning (April 2010)

Time and sales: The tale of the tape (July 2002)

Sector-centric trading (December 2002)


"...has written about breakouts and other techniques..."
- Thom Calandra, CBS MarketWatch
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Trade Mastery® & Daytrading University® are two of the internet's premiere online active day and swing trading training sites. A leader in active trainer education, we have been featured in theStreet.com, Active Trader and Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazines, the Moneyshow.com Trading Expos, and have earned numerous testimonials from both professional traders like Steve Nison and Barry Rudd, as well as from the financial media. Note Daytrading University is our trademarked brand name for our commercial private for-profit information publishing site for trading-related articles, seminars, videos & webinars; we are not an officially accredited, licensed nor chartered educational institute (no college credits nor degrees are offered, and no tuition assistance nor financial aid is available; we are a private information-publishing site).

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We teach price-action breakouts with candlestick charts, momentum tape reading and practical, advanced strategies. Our courses cover both day and swing trading strategies.

KenCalhounJan2012Founded in 1999 by Ken Calhoun, Daytrading University (and later, Trade Mastery) has helped tens of thousands of traders worldwide. As one of the original dot-com day traders from the 1990s, Ken is a widely recognized expert in both intraday and swing trading techniques.

He and colleague Steve Nison have co-produced StockTradingSuccess.com together. His work with colleague Peter Bain has produced many popular Forex courses, such as ForexSuccessMastery.com .



Ken Calhoun is the president of Daytrading University and StockTradingSuccess.com (with Steve Nison). Having provided online training to active traders from over 32 countries since 1999, he is an internationally published trader who's earned industry acclaim for his professional trading systems. Mr. Calhoun has been featured in leading trade publications and events such as Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine, Active Trader magazine, MoneyShow Traders Expos, Equities.com, TheStreet.com, Equities.com and CBS's MarketWatch.com. He is a graduate of UCLA and has traded millions of dollars of stocks, ETFs and more during his active trading career.

Ken used to be a trusted management consultant to Fortune-500 companies (such as Sheraton, Chevron, Ford, Hyatt, and more). Click here for partial client list:


Ken pioneered modern-day Tape Reading strategies for active traders. Although recently copied by his competitors, Ken has been the industry's authority on this topic for over a decade, publishing "The Tale of the Tape" article in 2002 Active Trader magazine, speaking to international crowds of traders at MoneyShow Traders' Expos and more.

Here's Ken being interviewed many years ago by Tim Bourquin on how Ken uses tape reading (one of many professional strategies that traders learn from Ken in his popular live TradingTheOpen.com trading room):

Check "as featured in" logo references. We started doing this back in the early days, 1999, and were also copied. Just because a website says "as featured in" or "as seen in" and has famous logos on their site doesn't mean they are telling the truth about having actually been featured there. That's why I have hotlinks to actual sites we've been featured in, so you can see that were were in fact featured there. It's a shame, but many trading educators mislead about this, too. Check proof. It counts here, too. It's unfortunate, but the trading education industry has many dishonest/phony people in it (in addition to a few authentic pros). So we strongly encourage you to do your due diligence before spending any money on anybody's trading courses, especially P&L proof.

Also check for VIDEO Testimonials from traders like we have here from our traders extensively at Trade Mastery & Daytrading University, to prove that the educator is someone that others trust, like we have from dozens of traders on our sites. See our testimonial page to watch plenty of enthusiastic traders speaking out about the quality and professionalism of our trading... (thanks)!

See why thousands of traders worldwide have trusted us for professional day and swing trading training.

Read what one of the most-respected trading industry magazine editors has to say about our course we co-produced with Steve Nison:

My Preferred Trading Techniques:

We primarily use time & sales "tape reading" patterns with breakout & gap candlestick charts.

Favorite technical indicators: candlestick chart patterns (hammer, shooting star, engulfing and 3-line breaks), Average Directional Index (ADX), micro-cup patterns Average True Range (ATR), volume breakouts Breakout & gap play open-range daytrades for 2 to 20 minute roundtrips, done before 11am.

Swing trades using 15-day charts for 2-to-15 day round trip swing trades Day trading with 1-minute candlestick charts, Tier relative strength, eg internets, semiconductors, biotechs, retail, oil and software sector plays

Volume breakouts in strongest-sector stocks on new 2-day high/low support/resistance Key Market internal indicators including $TRINQ, $COMPQ, VIX and more.

We look at both daily gap and breakout plays as well as a core basket of trading stocks

Most importantly, we explain why trade entries and exits are of interest, based on TA indicators. like 2-day open range breakout patterns, 1-minute candlestick chart patterns and time & sales prints. We also use intraday reversals off support areas and breakthroughs above resistance patterns on volume.

Many traders lack the tools, training, discipline, and patience to be successful. Personally I believe that for myself, papertrading for the first couple of years before trying to trade live capital would have been a wise approach. We enjoy active trading, and wish you the best in your trading activities as well. Take your time to learn our methods, and best wishes for success with your trading, once you learn our advanced techniques.

Ken is Trade Mastery & Daytrading University's founder and is a successful entrepreneur, trainer and active trader.

As a UCLA and CSULB graduate (psychology) and real trader, Ken knows exactly how to coach and help you with the specific entry and exit "mechanics of the trade". You'll participate in world-class interactive trading activities with him that you need to help make your trading approach more professional.

Fact: most trading "coaches" don't even trade, or aren't UCLA-degreed in pscyhology. Since Ken has both, he's uniquely positioned in the trading industry to be one of the more valuable resources available today for active traders.

About Ken Calhoun:
Having provided online training to active traders from over 32 countries, Ken is an internationally recognized trainer and is dedicated to helping traders learn precision, intelligent active trading skills. Working with Ken, traders learn how to identify support and resistance areas, trends, entries and exits for their stocks, along with hundreds of other proprietary techniques.

Ken trains members in how to swing trade with 15-day & 90-day candlestick charts and to day trade using 1-minute charts, sector breakouts, gaps, $TRINQ, sector trading and market indexes, and advanced time and sales/tape reading and candlestick chart pattern sector trading techniques with live market examples.

As an internationally published business management consultant, Ken previously trained over 31,000 people from dozens of companies worldwide (including Sheraton, Chevron, Hyatt and others). He took his profits from a successful 12-year consulting career and discovered the world of active stock trading.

A former statistical quality trainer/engineer for aerospace/defense and automotive industries, Ken holds both Bachelor's (UCLA, 1986) and Masters' (CSULB, 1991) degrees and applies a wealth of disciplined charting and applied TA chart pattern knowledge to his active trading methods.

Born and raised in Southern California (Long Beach), and having traveled internationally to provide training. Personal interests include playing jazz tenor sax, golfing, martial arts, fine dining, listening to jazz (Brubeck, Ellington, Coltrane, Bird, Miles, Sinatra, Sade) and 60's tv and movies. He lives in Colorado, USA.

Ken is a big fan of Steve Nison, Tony Robbins, Earl Nightingale and Brian Tracy.

An active trading life can be good - the best part is getting all the positive emails from all the traders around the world.

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