Strategies for trading momentum gaps... the Right way

Created by Ken Calhoun


Unlock Smart "Gap Trading" Entry & Exit Tactics You Can Start Using Instantly for Stock and ETF Gap Trades

Learn how gap trading really works, from a genuine trader -- see my article here:

"How to Trade Gaps" Active Traders VIDEO Course:

How to trade gaps: step by step

Discover how to unlock the potential of "How to Trade Gaps" for swing and day trading gaps in your own trades during this powerful, practical active traders' video. In this practical hour-long video, you'll learn:

  • Step-by-step How to Trade Gaps tactics, such as "Scanning for Gaps Worth Trading", how to determine whether or not a specific stock/ETF is worth trading, and more
  • Must-know "Premarket Gap Patterns" that explain the specific micro-cups, trends, candles and other strategies you've got to see, to be able to trade gaps correctly
  • The "Mechanics of the Gap" and how to combine volume and market internal signals (like the premarket futures, prior day's sector percentages and more) in focusing on the best gaps
  • How to Set up a "Gap Trading Plan", explained step by step for your trades (in this section you'll see what exactly to do in order to make "How to Trade Gaps" an integral part of your own personal trading plan).

gap continuation vs gap fill patterns

Experienced traders know that keeping stops as tight as possible is one key to avoiding large losses, which is one key to potentially trading more successfully. In this special one-hour training video, you'll be unlocking all-new strategies you can start using immediately, including:

  • Gap Continuation vs Gap Fill "Signature Setups": for the first time ever, you'll discover exactly what trading setups help you design a specific trading strategy for entries and exits in both gap continuation and gap fill trades
  • "How to Avoid Gap & Traps": countermeasures designed to help you potentially avoid buying gaps up that fill, or buying gaps down that continue selling down (the best part is, being able to know exactly how to trade gaps in the right direction makes all the difference in the world)
  • "Gap Trading Goldmines": the very best of the best gap trading setups revealed here for the first time ever, you'll see exactly which gaps provide the best potential trading opportunities, for both intraday and swing trading entries and exits
  • How to use "Gap Decision-Making Tactics" to help you make well-defined trading decisions every time you're considering trading a potential gap entry. These help you "make the trade" and reduce uncertainty when it comes to deciding which gaps to trade, and which to avoid.

advanced gap trading strategies

Oftentimes in volatile markets, using chart-pattern based stops can cost far too much money when trades don't work out. Instead, learn how to trade using money-based P&L "Micro Stops", where you set stops based on the amount of money the trade goes against you. In this valuable video, you'll be shown:

  • How to trade "Multiple Gaps" to potentially capitalize on broad sector gaps (for example in energy, oil, semiconductor, biotech and other key sectors) to trade multiple stocks & ETFs
    (this can help you instantly diversify your gap trades, to take advantage of multiple moves!)
  • "Candlestick Window-Gap Trades": Gaps are also known as "windows", and you'll see exactly how to combine candlestick chart patterns with top western technicals with this useful new strategy that you can begin using immediately
  • Gap Trading "Point Guides": using dozens of charts, we'll go through the specific "number of points" that gap charts show, to use in helping you define specific entries and exits with this innovative new "Gap Point Guide" strategy
  • Advanced Gap Trading Tactics "from the trench": I'll reveal my top gap trading strategies based on my own actual trading experience in trading hundreds of gap trades, explained clearly so you can start using what you're learning the very next time you trade gaps
  • "Gap Entry Adjusters" tips and & wrap-up

Dear Trader,

One of my very favorite types of day and swing trades is to trade stocks & ETFs following strong pre-market gaps. This is because gaps show very strong institutional buying or selling pressure before the market opens. And discovering how to capitalize on gaps the right way, helps me figure out my trading entries and exits.

The fact is, gaps are the single strongest signal that the market can send you — since it shows the biggest imbalance of buying vs selling pressure, which we want as traders. Being on the right side of gaps, to trade them correctly (both for continuations and retracements) is an outstanding technique to use... and now you can learn how to trade gaps, too.

This has been one of my most popular trading courses, for good reason (and as you can see from the early comments on the site here, hundreds of traders were thrilled to be part of the action). Now for the first time in over a year and a half, I'm "opening the vault" to bring this valuable training series back, ideal for active swing (and day) traders. Updated with new strategies for our rally record-shattering markets.

and much more, all carefully explained so you'll know EXACTLY what types of gaps to trade, and HOW to trade them...ideal for both day and swing traders who actively trade stocks and ETFs.


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