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May 10th 11:28PM

" Really helps to see through the morning fog!" - Daniel W.

May 10th 11:11PM

" all the years in trading this was the missing spot now this will be filled " - Retesh B.

May 10th 11:00PM

" I need to learn which gaps to trade and how to trade them. Great stuff." - Steve K.

May 10th 10:58PM

"I notice that often at the start of trading each day there are a number of stocks that gap up or down and I'd like to learn how to trade these more effectively. Thank you!" - Jean W.

May 10th 10:12PM

"Being a student in your breakout mastery course has shown me just how powerful these set ups can be and I'm looking forward to adding a new tool to my belt by learning how to play the gaps." - Bill B.

May 10th 10:07PM

"trading gaps will definitely boost my trading career more importantly
if the techniques and ideas are from a veteran and proven technician in the trading business like Mr.Calhoun." - Cesar J.

May 10th 9:48PM

" I think it's a great strategy to generate cash flow. I just saw a sample of trading the open where Ken shows how he does it and it was amazing to me how it works. I also realized what I was doing wrong before. I look forward to mastering this technique with Ken's guidance" - Arnold R.

May 10th 9:34PM

"Knowing how to trade the different types of gaps in the market can lead to very profitable trades. Ken is a great teacher and one who can be respected." - Jonathan S.

May 10th 9:34PM

"I like the idea of learning how to trade gaps because this is where alot of the money is getting made. And there is no better teacher than Ken Calhoun. I have been with him for several years now and he always teaches me something new. Can't wait to learn more about "How to Trade Gaps." - Perry S.

May 10th 9:33PM

"Hi Ken, Great job as usual and thanks for sharing your knowledge. Gaps are a great way to start the day, I look forward to learning more!" - Joel G.

May 10th 9:09PM

"Would like to learn techniques when stock gaped up but going down instead. AAPL done it many times." - Val

May 10th 9:08PM

"hope this strategy will give my small start up capital a chance
to gain traction." - Brock M.

May 10th 8:52PM

"Looking forward to the update on gap trading setups, when to go in the direction of the gap and all Must-Know new tactics! Thanks!" - Ruzena K.

May 10th 8:32PM

"I finally found someone who knows what they are talking about when it comes to trading gaps." - Richard G.

May 10th 8:01PM

"1. Lots of money to be made from Trading Gaps.
2. I like your method of trading Gaps and setting stop loss as well.
3. GMCR FSLR DDD MOS ...are real time/live cases and examples." - Jeff L.

May 10th 7:38PM

" Gaps have rocket fuel momentum on the open. Need to capitalize on that momentum." - Jerome B.

May 10th 7:28PM

"Ken, thanks for sharing this valuable info. It looks like this is one of the areas where all of us could improve." - Saki

May 10th 6:36PM

"The idea to trade gaps is to learn how to identify possible reverse positions when the price reach this level." - Hugo M.

May 10th 6:10PM

"Trading Gaps is a great way to trade the open in the morning, Hope to learn step by step method. Tanks" - Michel L.

May 10th 5:51PM

"Ken's Gap Trading information has been a great asset in adding one more tool to my trading techniques. I have been using oscillators and Moving Averages and Ken's approach gives you a clean, quick assessment of any equities current status. The gap technique is particularly applicable to the opening minutes of the day when chart trends have not yet been established." - Joel T.

May 10th 5:32PM

"I would like to learn from Ken on how to avoid fakeouts on gaps and to learn how to spot the best gap set ups for swing trades...Thank you!" - Bo M.

May 10th 5:19PM

" when gap takes place,if a person is in stock yu stay in it till the market tells you otherwise but if you are not in stock what will be a good point to buy and similarly if it gaps down what will be safe point to buy.Ken your insight will be helpful." - Parmod N.

May 10th 4:52PM

"Your gap and go trade ideas make the most sense to start the day in a successful manner and be done with trading by noon. Thank you." - Vin K.

May 10th 4:50PM

" looking forward to learn more from ken how to distinguish and trade different types of gaps" - May I

May 10th 4:02PM

"Combined with simple calls and puts they can generate explosive profits.
Predicting GAPS is where I would like to be." - Steve C.

May 10th 3:42PM

" It's the best gap course You can find!" - Asti W.

May 10th 3:31PM

"using a systematic way to approach trading gaps profitably" - Jim K.

May 10th 3:28PM

" in-and-out fast every day so i can get on with my day" - Richard J.

May 10th 3:08PM

"Ken, you always seem to come up with something knew, therefore with your insight of the markets and how they operate maybe i can use your knowledge to make more profits by trading gaps, correctly." - Steve J.

May 10th 2:53PM

"Gap trading can be very profitable; if you know how." - Agnette D.

May 10th 2:51PM

"Gap up. I see a lot of these pre-market espercailly during earnings. I'll still watch and see if momentum continues. Then it can be an excellent momentum trade. I watch for gaps getting filled on subsequent days or hours depending on the time fractal. Often a ticker will run flat after a big gap up. Gap down seems more likely to bounce depending on the pivots.

Curious about more experienced viewpoints" - Tom B.

May 10th 2:43PM

"What I like best about learning 'How to Trade Gaps' is to be able to, all things considered, after applying the analysis taught, enter a trade with confidence that the strategy will stand my trading in profitable stead." - Christine P.

May 10th 2:25PM

"As per my limited knowledge, Gaps happen because of unexpected news that happen before the Market opens, catching Traders unaware.I have been generally loosing money on Gap trading. I want to know how experienced Traders like Ken handles them profitably.

Regards & Thanks" - Nandini M.

May 10th 2:16PM

"HI Ken
Thanks for opportunity to attending the trade Gaps webinar, I am a swing trader and my daily work-commitments prevents me from considering the early US session Markets. However I am available to participate in the US Late/Close last 2-3 hour session if any strategies are reliable and consistent during this time zone!" - Svend K.

May 10th 2:02PM

"Learn to Trade Gaps for quick money!" - Patrick L.

May 10th 1:40PM

" Interesting. I was under the impression that most gaps get filled." - Gurjit S.

May 10th 1:19PM

"Most commonly and regularly occurring Price Action Signal which can be taken advantage of (ofcourse, with proper training); and especially as it requires no other Indicator SetUps !" - Sunil R.

May 10th 1:11PM

"Gaps occur regularly and can point out big potential profits in stocks. Ken is dialed in to what actually happens with his methods. Can't wait to see Ken's approach to profiting from gaps" - Trad S.

May 10th 1:04PM

"Learning Proper Entry Points Surrounding Gaps, And When To Exit." - Michael L.

May 10th 1:02PM

"That most of the gaps continue in the direction of the initial gap and if i time my entry well, the odds might stack in my favor to catch the next uprising of the gap after a pull back for example." - Rabee

May 10th 12:37PM

" Is look like the gaps are powerfull move, I look forward to learn more, Thank you. Ken." - George J.

May 10th 12:33PM

"Gaps appear all the time especially during earnings season. Would be good to know how to make money on this move consistently" - Chandralal C.

May 10th 12:28PM

"Strategies to trade the different types of gaps and recognising an impending reversal and then knowing if it is suitable to trade from the opposite side if an exhaustion gap." - David C.

May 10th 12:27PM

"gaps appear all the time. it would be nice to learn how to trade them" - Gary W.

May 10th 11:46AM

"I am a beginner and need to learn every trick of the trade.I am a trading week ahead follower and want to profit the most of what you can show me" - Roger C.

May 10th 11:39AM

"I have always been interested in GAPS, but never had the guts to deal with them. I am pretty sure Ken will give some great insight into mastery of these gaps." - Calvin F.

May 10th 11:31AM

"Back in trading, I'm looking for swinging and scalping daily. Does this work with FX trading?" - John W.

May 10th 11:24AM

"Looking forward to tips on when to enter and exit gaps for a swing trade" - David W.

May 10th 11:24AM

"I have learned some basic candle charts, but when you applied these in real time is another story, specially gap up or gap down. so to be able to learn this from expert is truly very lucky." - Bertha C.

May 10th 11:22AM

"Ken is a wonderful trainer with a huge experience in Trading. His webinars are all about practical applications with real live trades. You can never go wrong when Ken Trades and Teaches." - Ronny S.

May 10th 11:20AM

"there are plenty of opportunities to use this on all instruments... like to learn new techniques to keep abreast of new ways to beat the market" - Mike T.

May 10th 11:15AM

"Great info, busting gap myths is invaluable." - Dave P.

May 10th 11:15AM

"I have been always shown that Looking for a gap fade was the best way to trade a gap." - Lou V.

May 10th 11:08AM

"Properly trading gaps is another tool to add to one's trading toolbox. Expecting another great webinar from Ken Calhoun." - Jen L.

May 10th 9:24AM

" I like the idea of learning to better trade gaps especially since this is one of Ken's most profitable plays. Then of course making this my most profitable play! Thanks Ken!" - Brian H.

May 10th 7:37AM

"Have avoided entry after a stock has gap in price only to see stock take off - This video will hopefully give me some understanding to take trades confidently" - Sam C.

May 10th 5:21AM

"Position sizing, Initially a small size, but what citeria helps you determine second and third entry sizing besides volume. As well as moving up stops in accordance with the entries." - Leonand C.

May 10th 1:14AM

"In and out hopefully in 1hr or less" - Rak G.

May 9th 11:47PM

"Ken is really brilliant and very successful in trading the instruments.His approach to continuation in gap trading will be money makers when you follow the system" - Omi S.

May 9th 7:24PM

" It would give an edge on other traders" - Ramona H.

May 9th 7:15PM

" I like Ken's Keep it Simple and Effective Approach.He also provides great ideas to make profitable trade.Totally Worth the time!" - Ronny S.

May 9th 4:58PM

"Potential profits within a relatively short period of time." - Robert O.

May 9th 4:54PM

"Learning which gaps are most likely to continue and which are most likely to fade." - Michael P.

May 9th 3:59PM

"real trades in real time at the best time of day to trade the market. Todays calls at the open were dead on. Looking forward to learning from you." - Peter R.

May 9th 12:21PM

" Can't wait to see how a real professional like Ken trades gaps!" - Joel A.

May 9th 12:17PM

"Gaps are sing of change in momentum, up or down." - Cliff C.

May 9th 6:06AM

"Ken, You are the BEST Trader on Wall Street, you have changed my life entirely I wish I would have known about you back in 1987 when i first started out in trading. Thank you again" - Frank K.

May 9th 4:53AM

"gives a guy a chance to make more money and understand candles better." - JM.

May 9th 12:50AM

"Its facinating to be on the right side of the gap as you have mentioned here." - Jayanta B.

May 9th 12:39AM

"Trade with confidence and know what is most likely to happen next... I want to apply this knowledge to trade day trade options" - Monique C.

May 9th 12:08AM

"although i"m new to trading i"ve heard of ken calhouns reputation . if i"m going to learn i might as well learn from one of the best" - Jack M.

May 8th 10:32PM

"To have a better idea of what to do when I see one." - Lionel T.

May 8th 9:48PM

"This will add another trading tactic to my trading strategies. Thank you" - Pavel

May 8th 9:31PM

"I always enjoy your webinar, so I am eager to learn how to trade gaps." - Cheverlee S.

May 8th 9:04PM

" What I like best about learning how to trade gaps is being better able to make money and finding my niche in the market." - Shari C.

May 8th 8:48PM

"Like the idea of learning this part of the market from someone who has a record of wins using this style. Look forward to seeing this. Thanks for the chance to attend." - Steve S.

May 8th 8:43PM

"i am aa experienced trader and have been looking at trading gaps for some time but lack the real knowledge to trade them with any success and consistency... " - Tim T.

May 8th 8:38PM

"This is the guy you want to learn from amazing!!!" - Mike S.

May 8th 8:32PM

"It would be invaluable to be able to quickly recognize in real time when a gap is tradable with high probability for profit." - Leslie K.

May 8th 7:56PM

"I would just like to start making money been at this for 5 years and still losing every year." - Aaron B.

May 8th 7:50PM

"Everything Ken teaches is for the pro in mind - no nonsense. If he nails gaps like his other offerings, this will be a great addition to any arsenal." - TR

May 8th 7:30PM

"First I want to learn all I can about all Trading. I'd love to learn Gap Trading because the jump in Profits would really help someone like me that really needs extra income. Also, I think this would be a very exciting way to trade just from the excitement of figuring it out and then watching and waiting to see if I got it right. I live , eat and breath trading but I really want to be able to trade any and all markets and trends. Thanks so much. I'm learning a lot from you." - Terry S.

May 8th 7:29PM

"I am always interested in learning new trading techniques and trading gaps sound like an ideal trade set-up. I will be eagerly waiting for this webinar." - Dennis L.

May 8th 7:26PM

"I am always interested in learning new ways to make money in the market and this looks to be a great educational webinar!" - Manfred W.

May 8th 7:18PM

"Gaps occur most days and provide high probability trade opportunities to the educated day trader." - Mick D.

May 8th 6:11PM

" Ken Calhoun gives 110% when he presents a webinar..." - Rita

May 8th 5:47PM

"I see gaps on intraday charts everyday in the markets. I'm looking forward to finally learning how to trade them profitably." - Dem X.

May 8th 5:15PM

"Is it true that gaps are always filled and if so, how many periods does this usually take ? Is filling the gap the same as coming back ready to bounce off support or resistance? I like the idea of finding answers to questions like this from the webinar." - Andy S.

May 8th 4:43PM

"Look forward to joining Ken this Saturday on trading gap continuation." - Ian

May 8th 4:17PM

" Knowing whether to go with the gap or fade." - Mark B.

May 8th 4:04PM

"I live in Australia and mainly trade XXXX so the opening gap trade could gain me my weekly amount and I am done for the week on Monday if I choose or this strategy could be an add on to what I am already doing. The timing is perfect 6am our time when there are no distractions and you know the exact time to look at your charts, bright and alert. Looking forward to hearing your valuable ideas." - Jude J.

May 8th 4:03PM

" I find them just confusing and don't know when to trade with or against them." - Bill M.

May 8th 3:14PM

"Making money when you know what to do." - Bryan H.

May 8th 3:08PM

" I like the idea of trading gaps, but lack the savy as to how to profit from it! If it gaps up big, before (pre-market)the open, they often attract short sellers and the gaps frequently get filled, often the same day! Sometimes I see them on "Top Gainers" one day and the next day they are top losers! For those who know how, it seems to make a short profitable trading day. That I WOULD like! Gaps seem like the best bets for smart traders." - John S.

May 8th 2:38PM

"The ability to make more consistant trades and create a good income from them." - Tim S.

May 8th 2:35PM

"Hopefully I will know which way will the gap continue either long or short." - Jay H.

May 8th 2:07PM

"Gaps are very powerful in trading behaviour, direction of a trade and I want to learn how to use it more effectively." - Kareena M.

May 8th 2:01PM

"another great learning session coming up from the trading teaching master KC" - James K.

May 8th 1:40PM

"I can trade the opening gaps and still make my morning golf round." - Phil H.

May 8th 1:32PM

" I like the potential for reliable pattern recognition which can increase probabiltity." - Andrew M.

May 8th 1:22PM

"It is a subject not given much attention in the media. Could therefore be an area left mostly to your teaching." - Howard E.

May 8th 1:14PM

"I like trading gaps because a trade can be placed early, so I don't have to watch the markets all day." - Joe C.

May 8th 1:13PM

"Given our current market action, learning how to trade gaps would be a great benefit! The more you can learn, the better you can trade" - Stan D.

May 8th 12:56PM

"i would like to make more money" - Peter M.

May 8th 12:38PM

"another tool in the trading box that could be useful. first I learned of the gaps -- was told to stay away from them." - Lillian M.

May 8th 12:56PM

"Looking forward to learning the best tactics for trading gaps." - Jeff G.

May 8th 12:35PM

"I like the idea of "how to trade gaps" because, as you stated, it provides tremendous insight as to market direction and momentum" - Chris H.

May 8th 12:28PM

"Learn from an expert and his experiences on what patterns to look for on the methods for trading gaps." - Larry D.

May 8th 12:27PM

"would like to learn and apply this technique right away" - Nick K.

May 8th 12:25PM

"I trust the presenter to tell us the realities in trading gaps." - Erwin G.

May 8th 12:19PM

"Gap trading seems to have a greater price momentum/movement potential for greater profits." - Joe S.

May 8th 12:18PM

"to trade it sucessfully: entry, stop loss and exit and profitable" - Thu

May 8th 12:13PM

"I follow gaps but have yet to find a strategy that suits me in live trading." - Brett E.

May 8th 12:12PM

"What I like best is learning from an industry expert that can clearly share what gap patterns and rules are actually producing profit." - Sheldon B.

May 8th 12:08PM

"Getting a heads up on gap direction" - Mike B.

May 8th 12:05PM

" Add in candlesticks and one gets excellent trading potentials" - John K.

May 8th 12:04PM

"Learning how to be a better trader! your weekly webinars are extremely informative and good for new aspiring traders" - Song H.

May 8th 12:01PM

" Easy to understand and very comprehensiveness info to make money!" - Paul K.

May 8th 11:57AM

"Best outlook on trading gaps successfully is that it will allow me to get in and out of the market quickly. Take the money and run! I don't want to be spending all day looking at a computer screen." - Dave G.

May 8th 11:23AM

"Gaps provide an explosive opportunity. Would love to be able to determine which ones to focus on!" - Carl N.

May 8th 8:48AM

"to finally have a way to trade them. i have always heard don't trade the gap" - Vivian B.

May 8th 7:59AM

" I would like to know how to hedge so that you can trade so that you take advantage of an UP or DOWN movement PLUS hedge the trade if things start to go wrong or whipsaw or whatever." - George M.

May 8th 12:21AM

" I like trading Gaps because it's usually not that complicated once you understand what to do." - Ken B.

May 7th 9:45PM

" Ken has often noted how stiock gaps tend top continue. Some information on how to look for signs that might tip us off to the minority of times that does not hold true will make gap trading that much more powerful... Ken always gives new insights to any trading aspect he is discussing. He will undoubtedly fill in some of our knowledge gaps on Saturday." - Ted R.

May 7th 7:09PM

"How to tell whether a gap is a major gap or a minor gap? How to trade major gap? How to trade minor gap?" - Jim Z.

May 7th 6:54PM

"Gap are very powerful for day trading. It is so difficult to trade. I like to know when to short the gap up and when to long the gap up. It just seems so random to me. It is so surprising that I'm usually on the wrong side." - Mike S.

May 7th 12:59PM

"I'm allways interested in gap trading as I do some day trading." - Ray P.

May 7th 12:35PM

"I would love to learn more about you gap as well as intraday trading strategies... And all the best !!! Arturo" - Arturo M.

May 7th 9:24AM

"looks like it might be an undiscovered edge looking forward" - Nik M.

May 7th 7:31AM

" I always learn something from Kens webinars, they are fast paced and informative. No hype just the best education" - Barry T.

May 7th 7:15AM

"I think it will add to my success in trading. Amazing idea" - Eulette C.

May 7th 1:54AM

"Gaps can provide great trading opportunities. Would love to learn trading gaps." - Leonid V.

May 6th 11:59PM

" trend follow thru to the next support" - Dave K.

May 6th 10:29PM

"Learning to find potential trending Gaps can present significant price movement that would shorten my day time trading." - Yvonne S.

May 6th 10:21PM

"To know from the pro, how exactly to trade gaps and consistently take profit from the volatile markets." - Ono W.

May 6th 9:40PM

"There's a lot of opportunity in trading GAPS and with the right mentor such as Ken who can guide thro' each setup & trade with clear direction!" - Muhamad A.

May 6th 9:39PM

" Learn how to handle this trading situation" - Rob B.

May 6th 8:49PM

"How to make money and preserve capital trading gaps." - Mark K.

May 6th 6:52PM

" I like the fact that with gaps, you know there is plenty of volume !" - Bill W.

May 6th 6:45PM

" I would like to be able to know then to trade or fade the gap." - Buzz T.

May 6th 6:20PM

" I believe that when trading gaps, if your timing is right, you can potentially make significant profits. I would like to be able to recognize when the timing is right to jump in." - Sophy A.

May 6th 6:18PM

"When daytrading gaps, you can prepare 30mins before the market opens. You don't need to scan the market in day before" - Simao M.

May 6th 5:42PM

"It puts traders on the verge of achieving great and fantastic successes" - Owusu F.

May 6th 4:50PM

"Ken has taught me much over the years. Not hypothetical, if/then stuff, but real trades. I'm looking forward to learn new gap strategies from a great trader and teacher." - Barry S.

Reply from Ken: Hi Barry, thanks -- your loyalty and friendship over the years means a lot, much appreciated!

May 6th 4:10PM

"I believe Ken will demystify gaps through his professionally based trading point of view. Money follows knowledge and truth." - Bob P.

May 6th 3:53PM

"It looks like another winner for us from Ken" - Ralph S.

May 6th 3:26PM

"I think "How to Trade Gaps" will be a great webinar. I would like to learn more about gap-up continuation trades. Looking forward to Saturday!!" - Lisa L.

May 6th 3:13PM

"Hi Ken Knowing how to trade Gap continuation plays sounds great, looking forward to joining you this coming Saturday, regards" - Ian F.

May 6th 2:01PM

"Having one more arrow in my quill to battle the markets is always a great idea and ANY education with Ken is above and beyond what I would get from someone else. Thank You Ken" - Mike S.

May 6th 1:42PM

"I know that Gaps can be a very powerful signal for day trading. I would like to be able to identify the high probablilty direction of the stocks and know when to not take the trade." - Christian B.

May 6th 1:41PM

"I would strongly suggest the following personal motto "mind the Gaps so as to avoid the first hour of the markets traps."" - Konstantinos F.

May 6th 1:39PM

"I like the profit potential of gap trading, assuming knowing the details of the various gap patterns and timing variables." - Joe S.

Reply from Ken: Hi Joe, outstanding point and well said. That's exactly what traders need to learn, is all the various gap patterns (beyond the basics of "gapping up and gapping down") and the specific timing and pattern-recognition variables. That's what I teach; thanks for posting... see you in the training!

May 6th 1:30PM

"It would be great to make money consistently by working a couples hours in the morning! You make a very good job!" - Denis G.

May 6th 1:01PM

"Gaps seem to provide excellent opportunity to take advantage of buyer and seller imbalances." - Nate F.

May 6th 12:57PM

"I like being taught by a mentor that is actually trading..." - Terry H.

May 6th 12:52PM

"the knowledge to find the right stocks heading in tne right direction" - Francis E.

May 6th 12:51PM

"Do stocks have a consistent pattern after gapping? It would be even better if we could scan for stocks which are likely to gap tomorrow." - Michelle C.

May 6th 12:38PM

"Exposure to an approach that I haven't been utilizing." - Mac M.

May 6th 12:30PM

" I'm interested in learning how to use "trading pattern recognition" clues to improve gap entries and exits in both day and swing trades." - Richard B.

May 6th 12:24PM

"I have learned so much from Ken in other training session and look forward to learning his method to profit from gaps. Like some others have commented, I am seeing a lot of gaps in the current market and want to learn to take advantage of a gap" - Christopher C.

May 6th 12:19PM

"I am looking forward to learn a new swing trading strategy about how to trade gaps to add to my other strategies" - Alan H.

Earlier, all traders who posted comments were invited to attend a complimentary
"How To Trade Gaps" preview webinar event held back on October 18th ...
Thanks to all for helping make this such a success — it's super to see all the
enthusiasm from active traders worldwide for my "How To Trade Gaps" training.

October 18th 4:57PM

"It Sounds like a great thing to add to my trading patterns. Please, what is the pre market? thank you." - Heather P.

October 18th 4:46PM

"I need it,you are the best teacher to learn from. I will be with you tonite." - Raymond C.

October 18th 4:38PM

"Gaps are in abundance now - not knowing how to trade them properly is really frustrating.." - Kobus

October 18th 4:34PM

"Iam interested in finding out how to trade gaps. I thought it was to late to trade gaps after they happened." - Ernie B.

October 18th 4:300PM

"I have heard that trading gaps has a high probablility of success yet have not found a solid methodology to do so. I am looking forward to the presentation..." - Neil V.

October 18th 4:18PM

"I would appreciate correct procedures to use when trading gaps." - William A.

October 18th 4:17PM

"How do I find pre-market gappers that tend to trade somewhat flat during the day - with minimal downside risk?" - Gary R.

October 18th 4:01PM

"looking forward to the gap trading method." - Leroy B.

October 18th 3:05PM

"You make a common trade even better, more manageable. Thanks." - Jim G.

October 18th 3:46PM

"It's great, I want to try. Looking forward to see details." - Jose C.

October 18th 3:33PM

"Trading Gaps has always fascinated me but the strategies I've seen do not seem to work well. So I'm eager to see tonight's presentation. Trading gaps successfully will enable one to trade on a part time basis, which is something I'd like to do." - S.V.

October 18th 3:34PM

"I use gap almost everyday. I'm curious how other use it.." - Fred M.

October 18th 3:28PM

"I like the idea of trading gaps because I think the patterns and techniques applied correctly are profitable, looking forward to learning more tonight." - Kevin T.

October 18th 3:06PM

"Trading gaps properly can be a consistent money maker whether the market is moving up or down.." - Harvey G.

October 18th 3:05PM

"I would like to learn more about trading gaps." - S.V.

October 18th 3:01PM

"I always got fooled by gaps. Id like to see how a professional deals with them." - Paul I.

October 18th 2:58PM

"Would like to learn more about getting in a gap trade at the correct time and right direction. I know there is good money to be made if a person knows this. Thank you." - Ramona H.

October 18th 2:57PM

"Have never traded gaps, because I did not know how or even if it could be profitable. Looking forward to learning from the master." - Boris L.

October 18th 2:33PM

" I usually get stopped out trading gaps . I need more help in managing the trade" - Todd C.

October 18th 2:16PM

"L Looking forward to the webinar, especially for the 'high probability' trades, and gap setups that are apparently enticing, but best avoided." - James W.

October 18th 2:15PM

"I am looking forward to being at this webinar. See you there." - Jim S.

October 18th 1:56PM

"Gap stocks are the easiest to find and yet the hardest to trade! Seems like you should always be able to make money on them, but I lose as much as much as I gain. I would love to learn to do it right!" - Dave S.

October 18th 1:35PM

"Looking forward to learning about trading gaps." - Su B.

October 18th 1:24PM

"Have heard a lot about gaps and looking forward to learning some methods to profit from them" - John W.

October 18th 1:14PM

"I want to trade caps, but have a full-time job. How would this be possible ?" - Chuck C.

October 18th 1:03PM

"I think gap trading is one of the better opportunities to make a quick trade. I look forward to your insight into proper execution." - Frank C.

October 18th 12:59PM

"Where and how gaps are discovered and what trades are effective in making gains that surpass losses." - Stuart O.

October 18th 12:50PM

"Looking forward to learning reliable tactics for trading gaps." - Jim H.

October 18th 12:44PM

"Thanks, Ken for the recent trading vids. They are very informative and I've enjoyed them greatly and learned a lot." - Ephran Y.

October 18th 12:39PM

"Overnite Gaps have always intrigued me, I sensed a huge opportunity in them but did not quite know how to capitalize on these opportunities i.e. with clearly defined entries and exits. I hope this webinar will help me get on that road of 'gap trading' discovery." - Sharon S.

October 18th 12:06PM

"Been very interest in trading gap as its get in get out rest of day is mine to do as I like." - Ray P.

October 18th 12:04PM

"Trading Gaps is great money maker. Look forward to learn more tonight" - Joel G.

October 18th 12:01PM

"I would like to learn more about gaps" - Carol J.

October 18th 11:45AM

"This could be another tool in the traders toolbox to use on the market." - Mike L.

October 18th 11:44AM

"Learning to trade gaps with Ken is key to making money in today's markets." - Larry W.

October 18th 11:44AM

" I always seem to miss the gap trades" - John G.

October 18th 11:32AM

"Trading should be based on proven techniques." - Paul L.

October 18th 11:27AM

"I like the idea of just trading for a few hours in the morning." - T.W.

October 18th 11:20AM

"Interesting to see how the professional traders trade!" - Tom R.

October 18th 11:19AM

"Always a pleasure to watch Ken trade" - Les O.

October 18th 11:12AM

"to learn from your... trading experience" - T.W.

October 18th 11:10AM

"You put a lot of effort to teach us, I appreciate it" - Sue Z.

October 18th 11:05AM

"Can trade them in the AM and finish trading in a couple of hours" - Corey M.

Reply from Ken: Great point - Corey. In fact my best trading days have been as a result of selling overnight gap swings in my favor (like the $3701 winning MGM gap-sell trade P&L I posted), during the start of the day. And for new day trades, right -- trading opening gaps during the first hour is an excellent way to trade.

October 18th 10:18AM

"Do you agree with the Pro & Amateur Gap trades that is taught out there?" - Ralph B.

Reply from Ken: Hi Ralph - No. Most of what's taught to traders by vendors is mostly b.s. — ask them for proof screencaps of winning gap trades they've made, like I show on my forum threads. You'll see excuses but no proof that they even trade gaps, like I do. Most vendors do not even actually trade, they sell stuff and talk about charts for a living. If they can't prove they trade, avoid 'em.

October 18th 10:57AM

" I'm interested in how to trade gaps because it's yet another way of making even more money..." - Matt M.

October 18th 10:53AM

"As a trade I'd love to be able to trade "Gaps" correctly at least 70% of the time. With the high volatility prevalent nowadays, your webinar is a Godsend. Thank you" - Mohan S.

October 18th 10:53AM

"Gaps are played by professionals and have unusually high volume which is ideal for daytraders. Moreover,if you know what you are doing, you can trade gaps at the open and could be done trading in the first hour. My wish list." - Moses A.

October 18th 10:40AM

"Gap trading sure looks like an important tool in one's toolbox for swing trading." - Christian R.

October 18th 10:34AM

"looking foward to the 'how to trade gaps' webinar." - Mike R.

October 18th 10:34AM

"know just enough to be dangerous, need to learn more" - Bob P.

October 18th 10:33AM

"Would like to learn how to distinguish when to trade to fade the gap and when it is a gap and go." - Fernando T.

October 18th 10:33AM

"I'd like to know if it is possible to determine gap setup probabilities from the previous day's chart. Thanks for offering this webinar event" - Louise R.

October 18th 10:25AM

"Have heard about trading the gap for years and have tryed.Hearing about the gap form you will help my trading." - Whitney Y.

October 18th 10:22AM

"I have been trading opening gaps for years and am always frustrated when price gets close to my profit target only to hit my stop and then take off past my original target." - Blair E.D.

Reply from Ken: Right, Blair — I hear what you're saying. I used to get frustrated too with "just missed it" trades like you're describing. Prrt of success in gap trading is knowing which specific patterns are worth taking a shot at, and which to avoid... I'll teach that in the "How to Trade Gaps" training.

October 18th 10:20AM

"I've always wanted to know more about how to trade gaps since I know it's a major part of many trader's methodology" - Lee J.

October 18th 10:20AM

"I am interested in comparing your method for gaps compared to other published gap systems..." - Mitch S.

October 18th 10:19AM

"Ken..I have learned more from your FREE webinars than most of the webinars that cost money to attend. The difference: You are first a professional trader verses the non-traders who are professional webinar sellers.." - Ron W.

October 18th 10:18AM

"I always wonder if gaps are traps..." - Gordon Q.

October 18th 10:17AM

" I've lost so much money in those gaps, now I want to learn how to make real money from them!" - Carsten G.

October 18th 10:16AM

"Gap provides an great opportunity in trading, it is marvelous to learn a method to trade it." - Maria L.

October 18th 10:16AM

"I have never traded windows - looking forward to seeing how its done." - Lee

October 18th 10:14AM

"(Ken), Thanks for the always actionable ideas." - Leon P.

October 18th 10:14AM

"Admit it or not, we all like the ACTION. And GAPS are where it's happening." - Vilis M.

October 18th 10:13AM

"But how can one get in BEFORE, or early in the gap up? Most I've seen have gapped at the open, then sell off! Seems one needs to get them near the previous day's close, but where and how can one find them, then?" - John S.

October 18th 10:10AM

"I have been trying to trade gaps for several weeks but keep losing money. I need help!" - Bob G.

October 18th 10:10AM

"I have always been intrigued regarding gaps so I am excited to learn how you do it." - Randy S.

October 18th 10:06AM

"wonderful to see your gap being filled." - Henry G.

October 18th 9:58AM

" Ken's tips have been instrumental in moving into the black. He has insights that most are unaware up from a real trader's perspective." - TR S.

October 18th 8:47AM

"Trading gaps could be a great way for traders who work during the day." - Gregory M.

October 18th 8:35AM

" Looking forward to your insight Ken about trading gaps from a real trader." - Jamie P.

October 18th 8:33AM

"The institution power behind the gaps is what keeps me hunting for great tradable opportunities in the morning." - Jeffrey S.

October 18th 7:40AM

" I would like to learn more about trading gaps, as they can be used for support/resistance." - Nik P.

October 18th 6:47AM

"Always interested to see how you do things." - John D.

October 18th 3:47AM

"I thought all gaps had to be filled and soon. Gold has a couple gaps I've been waiting for. If some are caused by big money coming in, it's a different ball game. This sounds interesting." - Harry M.

October 18th 3:26AM

"Gaps have always had their own personality about them, and I for one want to know how the professional traders trade them; and who better to learn from than you, Ken? Thank you for this new webinar!" - JaniceLynn J.

Reply from Ken: Sure thing, JaniceLynn... I like your phrase about their own "personality"; you're absolutely right about that. Knowing different gap "configurations" (as I call them), makes all the difference in the world when it comes to which trading strategy is best for each gap configuration pattern. I'll show how those work in the "How to Trade Gaps" training..

October 17th 1:33AM

"Learning to trade the gaps, the right way, is a tool I want in my Traders Tool Box. I know I can be more profitable with these newly updated pattern strategies. Thank you in advanced Ken for this training." - Renee P.

October 18th 12:56AM

"Hoping to develop a swing trade strategy" - Matt W.

October 17th 11:33PM

"As Ken says,gaps are very powerful moves to trade so they should be understood by all serious traders." - Dan W.

October 17th 11:20PM

"I have had trouble identifying when to ENTER and EXIT gaps, hope this will shed light on that." - Dick F.

October 17th 11:16PM

"I always get confused (mostly wrong prediction) when the GAP closes and when it will NOT close. It is great to hear from an expert like you." - Jana D.

October 17th 11:10PM

"With the volatile market we are in, many stocks are gapping up or down in the premarket. I would like to learn how to trade them to increase my profits." - Ken B.

October 17th 10:46PM

"It seems gaping stocks often create the best volume and volatility, but I am not sure where are the best entries and exits on those plays." - Vladimir G.

October 17th 10:08PM

"Yes I am looking to make money on trading Gaps please tell me how!" - Andrew I.

October 17th 10:01PM

"learning how to trade Gaps would be a valuable tool in assisting to keep me on the right side of the market." - Mark H.

October 17th 9:42PM

"I learned alot from the ADX Mastery course, and knows Kim will always bring the best to everyone, Great work from Great Trader" - Gamal S.

October 17th 8:55PM

"I would like to see how this gap idea works.Gaps trading had put big gaps in my trading profits." - Sahari R.

October 17th 8:05PM

"Does gap trading work with using spreads?" - Michael T.

October 17th 7:57PM

"Gaps are where the big money is (and the big losses if you don't know how to properly trade them.) But the potential to make big gains in the 1st 15-30 minutes makes it all worth it. I look foward to learning any new techniques from Ken." - Marc P.

October 17th 7:44PM

"Knowing how to trade gaps in a volatile market can add income to my trading account." - Jon S.

October 17th 7:05PM

"Knowing when to go in the direction of a gap or to fade a gap is important in capturing consistent profits." - Shaun T.

October 17th 5:51PM

" In my limited experience, Gaps have always been the most powerful stimuli for futures trading with the exception of news." - Randy P.

October 17th 5:07PM

"This looks most interesting,important and financially significant." - Clint M.

October 17th 4:44PM

"Believe that trading Gaps will be another tool within the Traders toolbox which can be used to supplement one's income." - Larry D.

October 17th 4:03PM

"Learning how to trade gaps will open up a whole new area of potential profit" - Dave P.

October 17th 3:57PM

"Could be helpful for what we are doing. Thanks." - Alj

October 17th 3:41PM

"Trading gaps is a great way to focus as they are easy to see on charts with no subjective interpretation ..represent usually powerful information about the market or stock" - Silver W.

October 17th 3:09PM

"Gaps are the best way to trade the early morning..." - Jeff M.

October 17th 2:42PM

"I have tried to trade the early morning gaps and have always gotten trimmed. It would sure be great to know how a professional approaches this!" - Tom H.

October 17th 2:34PM

"A gap gets you in on a strong trend with a good probability of a continuation move." - Allen

October 17th 2:22PM

"Institutions drive trends, gaps and volatility. Odds favor buying gap-ups on high volume (when Markets are trending up)." - Ed S.

October 17th 12:44PM

"read a lot about gaps but have never traded them" - Allan P.

October 17th 12:484PM

"Thank you, Ken. Your information is so helpful and insightful. I deeply appreciate all that you share with us!" - Robert N.

October 17th 12:44PM

"I'm looking forward to the "How to Trade Gaps" webinar and learning how to trade this often misunderstood opportunity." - Thomas L.

October 17th 12:16PM

"Learning how to trade Gaps will be a great piece of knowledge to have working for me." - Ed C.

October 17th 12:04PM

"Hope the up coming "Gap" webinar is as good as your previous material" - Darren S.

October 17th 12:010PM

"I've always avoided instruments that gap in the past so it would be great to have a better understanding of how to deal with them which will open up different markets for me." - Karen S.

October 17th 12:00PM

"My trades are 70% losses. I'd like to learn a strategy that will improve my
profitability." - Rachie

October 17th 11:58AM

"Looking forward to learning how to trade gaps." - Edward B.

October 17th 11:56AM

"Opening gaps give you the opportunity to trade just a few hours a day. There are seldom any overnight holds." - John G.

October 17th 11:56AM

"Learning to distinguish new opportunities for successful trading is always a quest of mine." - Donald G.

October 17th 11:48AM

"Trading gaps is another tool in my arsenal of option trading." - Frank S.

October 17th 11:39AM

"I like Ken... I've paid for a couple webinars and really liked the ADX one. He uses that w/FX a lot. ADX is a before day indicator, either up or down indicates money flow. I was using it intraday. Trading Gaps, well, I am getting the information and its finally sinking in. Thanks Ken." - Rob B.

Reply from Ken: Hi Rob, thanks very much for the kind words, I appreciate it. Glad to hear the ADX training was helpful. Combining these different strategies (trading gaps, small stops, ADX, visual trade management) and the rest of it all adds up — glad to hear the training is helpful. This stuff isn't easy (it's much harder than many trading vendors-who-can't-prove-they-trade make it out to be), so every edge counts. See you in the training.

October 17th 11:35AM

"Clear, thorough guidance would surely be a benefit to us." - Dawn W.

October 17th 11:29AM

"look forward to your webiner as opening gaps are so common but seem hard to initiate trades!" - David C.

October 17th 10:57AM

"BP just gapped up this morning -- now it's filling that gap--I wish I knew what actions to take, in advance. I am looking forward to your webinar." - Kate X.

Reply from Ken: Hi Kate, great example; I screencapped today's BP chart for you. Note how in the premarket, it failed to take out new highs over the 41.4? That's clue #1 it was a gap fill play vs gap continuation play (I'll teach more in the "How to Trade Gaps" training — short/sell signal was at 40.9 on the bear cup; also note how it found support at prior day's high at 39.9... that's why I use 2-day charts).

Now compare that with this one from today, Walgreen's, WAG , and this one from last week's QQQs — see the difference? Learning how to trade the specific trading patterns for gaps is important in figuring out how to trade them...I'll show how in the upcoming "How to Trade Gaps" training. Thanks for the example!

October 17th 11:18AM

"(I) want to see how to trade gaps" - Gary W.

October 17th 11:10AM

"Great gap set-ups early means takes the pressure off early in the day to focus on better set-ups." - Bill K.

October 17th 10:59AM

"What time frame the chart setup for daytrade?" - Chung

Reply from Ken: Hi Chung, good question — I use a 2-day 1-minute candlestick chart. Two days (yesterday and today), with data showing starting 7am EST so I can see premarket gap directional trends and patterns, to help me decide where to enter. No post-market data (7am-4pm ET timeframe).

October 17th 10:57AM

" I like the concept of new possibilities for trades each market day." - Howard W.

October 17th 10:51AM

"Would love to make most of my profits in the first hour of the day Trading Gaps. Please tell me how." - Pran K.

October 17th 10:47AM

"be able to distingush between gap reversals vs. gap continuations" - Pat E.

October 17th 10:34AM

"Another point of view about a potential profitable idea" - Gerry S.

October 16th 11:38PM

" I have always being curious about gaps and am always afraid to trade for a while after there is a gap wondering which way the market is going to go. This is a great idea - How to trade gaps!" - Rupa L.

October 16th 9:43PM

" I'm very eager to learn about trading gaps as it seems a better way to trade" - Steve P.

October 16th 9:31PM

"Would like to know how the risk and reward of trading Gaps.
Understanding the support and resistance and price target." - Kim Y.

October 16th 9:21PM

"I want to master this technique because after you have read it seems promising(translated from French)" - Leandre

October 16th 9:01PM

"I want to learn how Trading the right gaps will make me a better trader!" - Gary L.

October 16th 7:31PM

"Gaps say something has changed. Need help trying to find a low risk entry point." - Jerome B.

October 16th 6:04PM

"any knowledge that can aid your trading is worth the time" - Dan C.

October 16th 5:29PM

"look forward to learning to trade gaps" - Justin Z.

October 16th 4:18PM

"need one strategy that has good chance of being profitable" - Ramesh P.

October 16th 4:09PM

" Im very ecxited to learn trading Gap method" - Kan H.

October 16th 3:42PM

"So many ideas about trading gaps, as always, would love to hear more about what you have to say about this subject Ken." - Helene I.

October 16th 3:38PM

"Ken, I am looking forward learning you trade gaps. They are always challenging." - Scott M.

October 16th 3:18PM

"Gaps in the SPY allow me to limit my losses and allow my winners to run in the morning session. I want to learn much more from a pro in order to take better advantage of these frequent opening gaps." - Robert R.

October 16th 2:57PM

"Learning is great blessing and thank you very much to depart you knowledge in forex trading which will have great impact on 70 years old and assure you that I will try my level best to acquire this knowdge and apply in practice to enhance my few years of life." - Farooq Z.

October 16th 2:56PM

"What I like about Ken's Classes is, he teaches from knowledge and experience. You can tell if a teacher only has book knowledge when he teaches. I rather have the experience and knowledge, and the Brooker confirmation to prove his trades. He is never dull or humdrum. He gives 110% at delivery. I am getting better at drinking from a firehose (smile)." - Tyrone P.

October 16th 2:49PM

"I look forward to learning more about gaps. I am always guessing how to trade them." - Barbara P.

October 15th 11:33PM

"Since gaps are such an integral part of stock price action, learning to trade them correctly should be part of every trader's toolbox. Given Ken Calhoun's track record as trader and teacher, I expect another informative webinar." - Jen L.

October 15th 8:30PM

"Timely subject in light of recent volatility. Will you discuss how news and other triggers that create gaps play into whether to fade or follow? (BTW gained so much insight from “Trading Tactics of the Pros.” Thanks for sharing. Great teaching from a real trader.)" - Kyle K.

October 15th 7:54PM

" It would give me something new to trade. Could you please explain what the pre market is. In Sydney i think the SPI (futures) and the overseas indices only is available before trading commences." - Heather P.

October 15th 12:09PM

"Using Pre-Market Price action and knowing how to trade Gaps with your expertise? Yes! Thank you!" - Ruzena K.

October 15th 6:30PM

"I just signed up for your Daytrading University Online Course because you are the best trader that I have found and I have looked at quite a number of vendors." - Wayne J.

Reply from Ken: Hi Wayne, thanks - I appreciate your joining the other traders as members; welcome aboard.

October 15th 12:09PM

"Using Pre-Market Price action and knowing how to trade Gaps with your expertise? Yes! Thank you!" - Ruzena K.

October 14th 9:35PM

"Sounds interesting. Looking forward to seeing the strategies that you use." - John D.

October 13th 6:55PM

"I like the idea of using pre-market price action to give me some indication where the price will go when the regular trading session opens. This could be very valuable." - Randy L.

October 13th 3:51PM

"Hi Ken ! I think the knowledge about how to trade gaps is big and important chapter of trading business learning, so I have been almost expecting something about that from you." - Primoz R.

October 13th 1:14PM

"always learning something new from you last time it was the QMI
Looking forward to your presentation" - Linda

Reply from Ken: Hi Linda, right... the key is to combine several strong signals (like the $QMI/NASDAQ premarket futures indicator you mentioned) with other trading signals; see you in the webinar.

October 13th 9:16AM

"that gaps usually get filled, at least the opening gap in the Forex market on Sunday afternoon which is the only gap I ever trade so far" - Karin D.

October 12th 10:20PM

"Learning from someone who is willing to share their knowledge of trading gaps is very much appreciated and I look forward to hearing what you say." - Kim M.

October 12th 7:21PM

"ken, i tried gap trading once before and just could not get it right. learning from a pro will really help." - David V.

October 12th 12:04PM

"ETF 's seem to gap pre market over 50% of the time.Looking forward to learning to trade the gaps with your expertise!" - David C.

October 12th 11:32AM

"have always appreciated and enjoyed Ken Calhoun presentations;
have always wondered about gap trading; thank you for this opportunity" - Mark F.

October 12th 10:07AM

"Looking forward to find the proper way to trade gaps. Stocks gap up or down every day, with the volatility we have in the markets now, and knowing the potentials in Gaps will surely add to my trading technique. Look forward to the webinar" - Derek U.

October 11th 9:09PM

"This is Ken's another trading success tool that we all would like to see and hear." - Simon Y.

October 11th 6:13PM

"The Gaps are showing us the strong and weak stocks" - Tom G.

October 11th 5:20PM

"I like trading the gaps...the more "useful" info I can glean...the better. I know of no better teacher than Ken. Thanks in advance!" - Jim B.

October 11th 2:57PM

"I never seem to trade large gaps well and end up losing more than I make on the small fills." - William S.

October 11th 4:48PM

"If you want to learn something, learn it from the Best. Ken, you always give us information that's usable right away. I'm not very good with gaps, so I definitely will not miss this one!" - Dale H.

October 11th 2:57PM

"Would love to learn how to trade gaps" - Frank P.

October 11th 3:48PM

"I know there are several kinds of gaps but have never traded them." - Heather P.

October 11th 3:16PM

"always innovative and original in your approach" - Vic S.

October 11th 2:57PM

"The possibility for early morning profits based on a gap down combined with a Price Move > ATR and low volume to ride the move back up.
And to ride a gap up higher." - Derek U.

October 11th 2:37PM

" Trading Gaps are my most interested method. I'm very very excited to learn." - Kan H.

October 11th 12:59PM

" I know that learning to trade gaps can be a profitable tool in my arsenal" - Demetrius H.

October 11th 12:56PM

"As a daytrader I want to learn: How to know whether the opening gap will fill or just keep on going?" - George L.

October 11th 11:57AM

" In this volitile market, I feel gap trading on a short term basis is the most likely way to profit." - Paul J.

October 11th 11:40AM

"Who better to help fill in "gaps" in our trading knowledge base than Ken Calhoun." - Ted R.

Reply from Ken: Hey Ted, lol -- gotta love those puns, well said!

October 11th 10:56AM

"Gaps are very hard to trade! on the other hand they can be very rewarding, might as well learn to deal with them right from the start." - Eric R.

October 11th 10:33AM

"An overview of the Gap will refresh trading memory." - Sam A.

October 11th 10:20AM

"Gap trading is a critical trading skill...I am interested to see how you trade them..." - Sandy L.

October 11th 8:55AM

"Learning how to trade gaps would be positive towards making more and becoming more versatile in the world of trading." - Ed C.

October 11th 12:20AM

"I would like to learn more about trading gaps, because now I use them only for support/resistance." - Redgy P.

October 11th 5:53AM

"A gap is major resistance area and has always been a concern of mine. I'm hoping to get some helpfull insight in this webinar." - Feliciano P.

October 11th 5:40AM

"Trading gaps is extremely focused and is low risk." - Peter M.

October 11th 4:48AM

"I like gaps, they give me the level of support and resistance of a chart. The webinar gives me more insight into this method." - Keat L.

October 11th 4:43AM

"I'm learning how to day trade the S&P emini and I'm sure your webinar will be very helpful. As with all of your webinars expectations are high!" - Isabel C.

Reply from Ken: Hi Isabel, right - for ES traders, since that always gaps premarket, it's critical to know how to use the right premarket patterns for trading the emini S&P as well; I'll show some tips for that to help out.

October 11th 3:42AM

"I'd like to learn more about this." - John D.

October 11th 12:55AM

"Can't wait to see/hear what you have to say about gaps" - Darren S.

October 11th 12:24AM

"gaps are tricky they frequently fill and i get stopped out." - Todd C.

October 11th 12:25AM

"I look forward to understanding the probabilities of either fading gaps or looking for gap continuations. Ken has the experience to keep the odds in our favor." - Tim H.

Reply from Ken: Hi Tim, thanks. Here's a useful gap trading tip for everyone: your "trade the gap fill/fade" vs "trade the gap continuation" is a function of both a) the number of points in the premarket gap COMBINED with b) the SPY/QQQ premarket gap direction (and futures moves) Plus c) specific premarket gap chart patterns that are essential to learn. It's combining all 3 that makes for effective gap trading, which is what everyone will be learning in "How to Trade Gaps" with me. The inside details of how it all works. Thanks for the post.

October 11th 12:20AM

" ... What I like most about trading gaps is you know exactly WHEN you'll be trading. I cant wait ..." - Ricky D.

October 10th 11:49PM

"gaps are a mystery to me and to learn how to trade gaps would be great !" - Raju P.

October 10th 11:33PM

"always confused with gaps, does it fill or take off....." - Neil K.

October 10th 11:19PM

"i am able to graps the idea of Gap but i think i hv to read more on the subject. thks 4 the lesson" - Michael F.

October 10th 10:35PM

" Ken knows gaps and how to trade'm" - Gerry W.

October 10th 10:27PM

"Open the window and Ken lets in the fresh air" - Gary W.

October 10th 10:13PM

"To make money and improve my life style" - Richard O.

October 10th 10:13PM

"Gaps are definitely very interesting and based on the current market swings can be very rewarding to trade if done correctly." - David W.

October 10th 10:06PM

"One important point of a trade is to know the way to trade a gap." - Dave O.

October 10th 9:59PM

" I appreciate very much that you give me this opportunity to learn from you about "How to trade gaps". Many thanks." - David T.

October 10th 9:51PM

"I have often wondered how gaps work because it seems the gap sets up the rest of the day." - Tom N.

October 10th 9:28PM

"Ken's educational courses have made a huge difference in my trading - thank you... With market trend changing in short term, knowing how to successfully trade "gaps" would be extremely helpful." - Xenia H.

Reply from Ken: Thank you, Xenia, I appreciate the kind words. I'm glad to hear the courses have helped.

October 10th 9:23PM

"I appreciate the new information you impart and the way you present it makes it easy to understand!" - Mike H.

October 10th 9:20PM

"Your seminars are always excellent and trading gaps are an excellent way to make money." - Melvin C.

October 10th 9:15PM

"It is appealing to achieve some degree of gap-trading mastery because of claims that with this ability, one can trade for 30-60 minutes and then take the rest of the day off." - Bruce W.

October 10th 9:13PM

"I can't wait to see your magic with playing the gaps. I always seems to get in on the wrong side of the gap run and it is so frustrating. I need your help." - Mike W.

October 10th 9:07PM

" I would like to know more of what the ramifications are when a gap fills." - Barry C.

October 10th 8:59PM

"Understanding why gaps occur and then apply that knowledge to profit from them is a 'must-have' skill set for any trader." - Jason W.

October 10th 8:38PM

"Definitely something I'd like to add to my toolbox!" - Jeff H.

October 10th 8:30PM

"Looks like another way to hit winning trades." - Dick G.

October 10th 8:26PM

"When I see a gap, I often try to fade it. It often works, but when it doesn't..... ouch! I'd dearly like to know when to fade'em and when to fold'em." - Lee T.

Reply from Ken: Hi Lee, right. Back in the 90s, when I first started trading gaps, I'd never buy gaps up, and only wanted to buy gaps down at the first sign of a bounce, in anticipation of "getting it for cheap"... only to see it keep plummeting down after I bought a gap-down stock. So over time, I realize that specific gap up continuation trades are the best of all.

Although I will still (rarely!) try and bottomfish/buy bouncing gap down stocks and ETFs for potential gap fills, I tend to avoid those nowadays, since their odds are not as strong. I try to trade against the gap (gap fills) no more than 15-20% of the time, with most of my energy focused instead on buying gap up continuation breakout entries, which often move strongly. I'll see you in the webinar; thanks!

October 10th 8:24PM

"Great idea for traders that face the gap on a regular basis and are uncertain how to play the gap without getting burnt." - Louis G.

October 10th 8:17PM

" It eliminates a lot of stocks not to watch and then you can concentrate on a few that meet your criteria." - Frank S.

October 10th 8:13PM

" I am excited about this webinar and learning more about trading gaps. Your training videos are very instructive. Thanks for sharing your knowledge." - James H.

October 10th 8:12PM

"Its always great to sit in on any class that Ken teaches. He explains the material in such a way that even a new-be can grasp. He is very torough and shares the way he trades through his every day experiences. Just an increditable experience to hear him teach. I am looking forward to this next event." - Tyrone P.

October 10th 7:57PM

"Knowing how to trade GAPS is absolutely essential given the conditions of the current market!" - Dave H.

October 10th 7:58PM

"When should you take profits on a gap fill? What about a half gap fill?" - Tom B.

October 10th 7:56PM

"I have found trading gaps very frustrating over last 10 years. Hopefully your webinar will help me." - Darrell R.

October 10th 7:54PM

" I always learn new techniques from Ken in every webinar, thanks Ken for all the hard work." - Gamal S.

October 10th 7:52PM

"Anytime I can learn something new (gaps) from Ken, I'm there. Thanks Ken for the opportunity." - Joseph A.

October 10th 7:40PM

"Knowing how to play gaps is critical to a trader's success. Looking foward to the live webinar." - Perry S.

October 10th 7:40PM

"I am still searching to handle the volatility during a gap." - Richard N.

October 10th 7:27PM

"I am interested in learning from a real trader." - Ken R.

October 10th 7:12PM

"Ken's technical approach to trading has helped me become a more successful trader!." - Barry S.

October 10th 6:46PM

"Would like to learn to trade the right direction!" - Edward B.

October 10th 3:31PM

"I am looking forward to learning all I can about trading gaps" - Tony K.

October 10th 6:21PM

"Able to take advantage of gapping opportunities would be extremely valuable!" - Jimmy M.

October 10th 5:56PM

"What I have read about gaps sounds exciting and also I look forward to finding out more information about the Daytrading University. As I am from Australia I may not be to watch the webinar live but look forward to receiving by email to watch at a later date." - Carolyn N.

Reply from Ken: Welcome aboard, Carolyn — and thanks for your interest in my site. I've got a lot of new traders from Australia who've been coming to me this past few years for training; it's great to see you here. I will be sending out the video download link to you, since you posted a comment here - thank you for posting.

October 10th 5:39PM

"I would very much like to learn to trade gaps. Thank you" - Linda C.

October 10th 5:35PM

"Gaps show the market bias and can act as support or resistance depending on the market pressure." - Winston M.

October 10th 5:19PM

"Looking to learn how to be on the right side of the gap." - Michael B.

October 10th 5:03PM

"this looks like a really interesting strategy & tactics webinar" - Mike T.

October 10th 5:04PM

"Gaps can lead to a rally up or down. I want to learn how to identify the continuation more accurately." - Lijo Y.

October 10th 4:56PM

"Looking forward learning as much as I can from you Ken. Thanks for coming up with another way to (potentially) make us money." - Dave D.

October 10th 4:32PM

"Trading gaps is an excellent subject in which I would like to acquire additional information!" - Steve T.

October 10th 4:24PM

"It would be an optimal way of trading the market." - Mickie J.

October 10th 4:20PM

"Because not all gaps behave the same way on daily and intraday time frames, the different types must be understood to trade properly." - Shaun T.

Reply from Ken: Exactly right, Shaun — all gaps are Not created equal, and knowing the specific differences between what I call various "gap configurations" (the exact patterns they show) and then how to capitalize on subsequent moves, is the goal of what my "How to Trade Gaps" training will show.

October 10th 4:19PM

"The stock has already made a big move with high volume" - Peter W.

October 10th 4:19PM

" I think it's essential in today's choppy market to learn how to trade the gaps and to be a winner..." - Kate X.

October 10th 4:14PM

"Gaps can get you rewarded in the first minutes of your trading day." - Ron.

October 10th 4:09PM

"I would like to hear some real trading strategies for day trading future and forex. thanks" - Song S.

October 10th 4:08PM

"Knowing how to trade gaps will provide a new opportunity to succeed in the market." - Maria K.

October 10th 3:54PM

"Once again Ken an incredible opportunity to learn from you, this time about Gaps. I Believe I have been mis-lead as I was told most all gaps fill ... I will believe what you teach." - Mike S.

October 10th 3:50PM

"This market generates lots of gaps. Looking forward on how to handle them." - David S.

October 10th 3:50PM

"I'm always ready to learn something new, especially if it is coming from a well known trader like Ken." - Gilles B.

October 10th 3:45PM

"To trade just like the pros do." - Joseph N.

October 10th 3:43PM

"I have heard different ideas about gaps - ie they must always be filled, or they are unlikely to be filled so it would be nice to have some clarification as I am sure there are different types of gaps depending on why they were caused." - Laila R.

October 10th 3:34PM

"The more I listen to Ken...the better my trading gets!" - Joel A.

Reply from Ken: Thanks, Joel - I appreciate that!

October 10th 3:31PM

"I like the idea of learning the continuation or retrace determining parameters for gap trading in order to be more confident and profitable in my trading." - Mike A.

October 10th 3:30PM

"Learning this technique may allow me to trade a stock I have since abandoned due to the fact that it gaps often and I did not know how to trade this pattern." - Dave P.

October 10th 3:25PM

"New to gaps...would like to learn how to trade the gap." - Jean J.

October 10th 3:23PM

"You can not survive in this crazy market unless you have a good idea of how to trade gaps." - Phillip B.

October 10th 3:19PM

"Gaps are a challenge for me because I am confused which way the market will most probably go. What are the indicators that it will continue? or fill?" - David R.

Reply from Ken: Hi David... you're not alone; most traders struggle when it comes to trading gaps. That's because much of the teaching in the industry is flat-out incorrect. I'll be showing all-new patterns and trading strategies in this upcoming training... Savvy professional traders know that it takes a lot more than simplistic chart patterns or oscillation indicators (stochs/macd/rsi), to correctly trade gaps. I'll be showing some of the best gap patterns I've found in this all-new training. See you there.

October 10th 3:14PM

"This is a tool I definitely will need in my trading toolkit" - David W.

October 10th 3:13PM

"major pattern to benefit from utilizing knowledge gained from your presentation" - Ramesh P.

October 10th 3:07PM

"I like the idea of trading at a certain time and with a strategy." - Les B.

October 10th 3:03PM

"You are setting me up indeed with the knowledge of trading gaps..." - Akinlabu D.

October 10th 3:02PM

" I know the importance of gaps, and I also trade looking at them. Often I know gaps change to support or resistance, but sometimes, when I expect a change of the direction at a gap, it does not. I want to learn about a gap when it hold as a support, and when it does not. And the same for resistance." - Owe F.

October 10th 3:01PM

"It would be great to know the characteristics of gaps. I'm sure they are not all alike, and you could get killed if you don't really know how to read them, which I don't." - Judy R.

October 10th 2:45PM

"Gaps have been a frustration for me. Any insights, that would give a measureable edge would be appreciated." - Charles G.

October 10th 2:44PM

" I can not wait for this informative webinar. With the volatility we have in the markets now, any new tool to help me improve my trading just makes me a better trader. Look forward to the webinar." - Bill H.

Reply from Ken: Hey Bill, thanks. Agree with volatility and all the gaps we've been seeing lately, I know it'll be helpful to traders to see the right way to trade a variety of gaps in both stocks and ETFs. I'll be showing a variety of patterns (and trading strategies) to use for trading gaps.

October 10th 2:39PM

" I always heard of "fading the gaps" and "most gaps must be filled"... I am confused." - Lorenzo C.

Reply from Ken: Hi Lorenzo... yes that's what a lot of incorrect teaching out there says. Occasionally gaps may fill, however it's been my experience that most of the time, gaps continue in the direction they open up in premarket (like today's QQQ, SPY, BP and other charts, Oct 10th). I'll be showing traders exactly how to trade both gap continuations and gap reversals (fades/fills) as well, in this new training.

October 10th 2:39PM

"Looking forward to this webinar to find the proper way to trade gaps. thanks a lot!" - Madura

October 10th 2:38PM

"I have never traded gaps. don't know what they are." - Gary B.

October 10th 2:28PM

"Hi Ken, the nuances of how you trade gaps will be a welcome addition to my trading plan. Thanks again!" - Sheldon B.

October 10th 2:28PM

"It sounds great, looking forward to your webinar" - Ashgar G.

October 10th 2:27PM

"Paying attention to trading gaps have potentially fast profits. Using Ken's strategies can give you an edge." - Stephen C.

October 10th 2:22PM

"Eliminate overnight risk while still (potentially) achieving double digit annual returns" - Jeff E.

October 10th 2:20PM

"I have heard that trading gaps can be very profitable is done correctly." - John C.

October 10th 2:19PM

"Stocks gap up or down every day and to get an edge how to trade this action would be invaluable to my trading success" - Bud S.

Reply from Ken: Hi Bud, right you are. With so many gaps out there, many on high volume, it's an essential skill for traders to "get right". I decided to develop this training based on my own experiences in trading gaps in stocks and ETFs, to help set things right and show traders how it's really done. See you in the training.

October 10th 2:18PM

" thanks for how to trade gaps in this volatile market" - A.

October 10th 2:12PM

"Notice a lots of gaps in these markets. learning how to trade gaps will tap these opportunities when a stock / etf gaps" - P.T.

October 10th 2:11PM

"Looking for a new intraday strategy to use daily" - Frank K.

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