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This thoughtful video explains what Trade Mastery coaching is all about. Note it refers to our earlier $1495 monthly webinar-based program.

For a limited time, now instead of waiting each month for a new webinar, instead we’re offering a full year’s worth of video downloads (filmed in 2014/2015) at a significant savings compared to our earlier coaching program tuition. This is a downloadable video course and does not include monthly webinars.


Discover Ken’s Thoughtful, Clear Coaching Tips Designed To Help You Potentially Improve Your Trading Approach… Join a Trusted Industry Expert And Download Over 15 Hours of Videos That Show You Actionable Trading Tips!

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Colorado Springs, Colorado
United States of America
Tuesday, 8:37am ET

Dear Trader,

With a new year underway, it’s a perfect time to re-evaluate your trading progress, and make a resolution to have this finally be a “breakthrough” year for you, in how you make your trades this coming year ahead. That’s the good news, and it’s a very positive, thoughtful professional attitude to get clear on, upfront.

Achieving mastery of step by step precision active trading strategies can be one of the most difficult challenges you’ll ever face. You already know the problems we all run into as traders: the self-doubt, the expensive stop losses (like that last one you took), and the endless nagging from your family members to stop wasting money gambling in the markets. And the crushing humiliation of getting it wrong, over and over again…

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  I’ve been there, in that losing state of mind as well, many years ago — and yet I learned how to make better trades myself… And it all starts with getting your self-discipline, focus and trading approach in control and more successful. Easier said than done, right?

Here’s the deal: One of the main reasons you may not be as successful in your trading as you’d like is because you don’t have a step by step process that works to help you enter and exit your trades confidently.  You may have tried software that doesn’t work, or isolated chart trading patterns that don’t work either.

…that’s because there’s more to it than simplistic entry and exit patterns (and even trade management, which is also key to success). The simple fact is, you need to get your head around the idea of trading from a position of strength, like professional Wall Street traders do. They trade for a living, so why shouldn’t you?

It’s not easy, and most traders never make it, largely because they don’t have the focused, practical “money getting” disciplined trading approach that professional hedge fund managers, specialists and market makers use. The truth is that you need to trade with better discipline and focus, like a professional trader.

In working with thousands of traders over the last decade, I’ve found that “overtrading choppy charts” is one of the single biggest mistakes traders make.

And the other “no-nos” are common enough: taking too-large stops, not trading cautiously, missing out on big moves due to fear and uncertainty, trading isolated signals instead of using a more thorough, well thought-out precision trading approach. We’ve all been there.

…you know the routine. Now let’s figure out how to get better, together — as a team. That’s what Trade Mastery is designed to do… a series of practical, focused downloadable videos featuring me, Ken Calhoun, that can help you discover how to trade from a position of strength for yourself, with a more professional entry and exit way of trading that makes a lot of sense.

Learning from a real trader, how to use a more disciplined, focused “action oriented” approach, is an extremely valuable trading skill. Explained step by step with practical tips for both new and experienced active traders, Trade Mastery™ delivers highly valuable training that you’ll want to see for yourself. We do not make any profitability nor performaace claims (per regulations).

And that’s what “Trade Mastery” is designed to deliver… dozens of thought-provoking, precision trading discipline, focus and trade management tactics that can help you approach your trading more professionally…

How to quickly develop a step-by-step trading approach that can help you put on your trading entries and exits more more consistently… and how to take action with more confidence and certainty in how to get into your trades the right way (you’ll be shown how to easily combine ALL three: technical, financial and discipline practical strategies. You need to get a process put together to help guide you every single time you put on a new trade, and I’ll show you how to do it).

Even more important than knowing “when to trade” is “how to manage your exits when trades go horribly, expensively wrong” against you? And for those occasional wins, how do you scale into winning trades? How to get out “while the profit’s still there?” before the market takes it back? How to avoid false breakouts?

And, how do you use financial P&L-based entry & exit skills to sharpen your trading skills to a knife’s edge, and “bring home the bacon” as a trader? I’ll show you everything I’ve learned as a trading professional in Trade Mastery… it’s worth being a part of.

Interactive “Trade Mastery” interactive exercises on video.  You’ll “look over my shoulder” as we go through dozens of charts together. You’ll see exactly how a seasoned trader would manage entries and exits, with examples of good vs poorly disciplined stops and scale-in entries, so you’ll see the difference in the exact trading setups you need, for more precise trading entries.

Even better, you’ll be able to see how to make a transformation from “losing at-home retail trader” entries and exits, to more “focused professional” specific trade setups (it’s just that good… and critical to learn, if you’re an active day or swing trader).

And unlike others, these are not cherry-picked powerpoint charts; instead you’ll be learning with Real trading charts from my professional trading workstation. So you’ll unlock trading strategies to illustrate how it works.

How to Acquire “Rock Hard” Discipline In Your Trades.  Yes I have two degrees in psychology and thousands of trades under my belt, millions of dollars worth traded over the years. And a former corporate quality engineer and statistician. I’ve worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies as clients in my former consulting career.

Fact is, I had a reputation for being a “tough guy”, judging from how many times I recommended that companies tighten up their discipline and metrics. Ultimately I grew tired of corporate shenanigans and company politics, said “forget it” and started day trading and swing trading back in the late 90s fulltime.

So I’m a numbers-focused trader — the “go-to trader” for trading discipline that you can count on. Ever see a drill sergeant in popular hollywood movies? Well I’m not quite that hard, but close — especially important when it comes to managing trading discipline, when real money’s on the line.

This may sound funny, but I look at my dollars like troops, and I work hard to keep as many of them alive (and growing!) as possible in my trades. I hate losing.

I’ll show you how my exact process works, exclusively in my new Trade Mastery coaching program.

You see, I live here in beautiful Colorado Springs, home of the US Air Force Academy, NORAD, and Fort Carson — we’re a military town; I live here because I like disciplined people and conservative lifestyles, just like my professional trading approach. And yes I’ve got plenty of LEO/law enforcement and military buddies. I’ve got a world of respect for what they do, to protect our way of life.

I live hard. I trade hard. Now, so can you, in working with me. When you “join up” with me in Trade Mastery coaching, you’ll get dozens of thoughtful, well-designed practical disciplined trading strategies you can use in real trades, based on my own thousands of actual trades I’ve done.

No theory, or vanilla-bean preaching about trading journals like you see other wannabe trading coaches do. That simply isn’t enough to work. You’ve got to take it up a step, especially with more detailed, specific answers like you’ll unlock with me.

…And that’s what Trade Mastery coaching delivers — you’ll get my military-style focus, plus benefit of my two degrees in psychology working for you to help you “build up your trading muscles” into a rock-solid disciplined approach that can potentially help keep you out of harm’s way, while having the focus to pull the trigger when trading setups are “just right” for the taking.

How to confidently develop a process, an easy-to-use framework that guides all your trading decisions, from start to finish. It really helps if you have a process (like the trading flowchart approach I pioneered back in 2001), that guides you every time you put on a trade.

In trading, we’re always looking at how to reduce the size of our stops, and how to leverage into winning trades, as often as possible. And have a life while doing it, to make scanning much easier. Like playing the odds, you need to be equipped to manage your trades more conservatively from start to finish.

Look at me as your personal “bodyguard” in trading, with what you’re about to learn in Trade Mastery — I’ve got your back.

And I’ll reveal exactly what you need to start doing differently in your own trades, to potentially get better results and confidence in how you manage your entries and exits, your discipline, and your trading P&Ls.

Because half the battle of winning, is avoiding large trading losses while developing a precision trading process that serves you consistently, to potentially generate bigger winning trades, more often…

You’ll see how it’s done, exclusively in Trade Mastery. Register right now.

This is “must see” trader training if you’re an active trader. You’ll see practical answers that’ll help you. Go ahead and enroll your place in Trade Mastery today — you’ll be able to start downloading the entire 12-video coaching program today!

What do I get with my Trade Mastery “Coaching Download Course” Program?

I’ve designed Trade Mastery ™ to be the finest active trader coaching program ever made available to active traders. Once you order, you’ll get complete access to over 15 hours of downloadable high-quality videos.

Trade Mastery is a complete professional active trader coaching program.


How is your Trade Mastery coaching program different from others on the market?

Many trader coaching programs simply tell traders to “be disciplined and keep a trading journal” type of surface-level coaching. In my actual trading experience (I’ve personally traded millions worth of stocks, ETFs and other instruments), there’s a lot more that needs to be learned, to become potentially successful in your trading. It takes a series of small “edges”; a combination-approach that helps you focus on specific strategies that professional traders use.

So that’s why in Trade Mastery, you’ll get:

a) “Technical Trade Mastery”: specific “mechanics of the trade” for entries and exits, trading patterns that are designed to capture breakout moves and more. The videos show dozens of charts, to illustrate precisely how to trade. This is a very valuable part of your Trade Mastery Coaching.


b) “Financial Trade Mastery”: you also learn how to scale into and out of your trades, plus keep very simple, brief records of your trading outcomes in a way that’s been carefully crafted to encourage you to keep small stops, trading conservatively and carefully at first, with the goal to keep small stops and leverage into winning trades professionally.

You’ll learn how to look at charts and your brokerage P&Ls in a whole new way, designed to help you capitalize on successful trades. You’ll also be discovering specific new P&L-based trading tactics and strategies that I use in my own trades, adapted for you to start testing out and using yourself. Understanding how to trade based off small-size “test trades”, then scaling into winners only, is a hallmark of a professional trader — and you’ll learn how to do this, and more, in Trade Mastery.


c) “Disciplined Trade Mastery”: developing the confidence to get into trades, plus the discipline for exiting losing trades fast, with small stops, is a well-known approach to potential trading success. What’s not well known is How to get there, specifically, as an active trader.

Many of the trading books and coaching programs I’ve seen in industry have “missing parts” that render them incomplete (and often ineffective) when it comes to learning how to make a disciplined, focused trading process part of how you trade the markets.

What makes Trade Mastery uniquely valuable, is the focus on how to gain confidence and trade with discipline by using a “process”-based trading approach. Meaning I’ll show you specific tips (like how to map out and ‘flowchart’ your trades) that are designed to help you build the personal mental strength (and success habits), that are needed for trading the right way.

The Trade Mastery Personal, Professional Coaching Advantage:

Plus, I work hard to create a fun, focused, welcoming, professional open learning environment in Trade Mastery.

Also, I teach you how to start trades off very small, as a conservative, risk-averse, intelligent way to trade. Unlike others, that don’t address how to scale into trades correctly. I think it’s one of many keys to potential success, so that’s integrated into all the training you’ll be getting.

It’s the type of trader coaching program I wish I’d had available to me back when I was struggling to learn how to make more winning trades. It’s a fast-paced, professional authentic learning experience where you can learn my best trading tactics. It’s a great way to learn how to potentially eliminate costly bad trading errors, and replace them with more precise, accurate trading skills.



As a UCLA/CSULB-credentialed psychologist and real trader, I know exactly how to coach and help you with the specific entry and exit “mechanics of the trade”. You’ll discover world-class professional trading strategies from me that you need to help make your trading approach more professional, and potentially more consistent and succcessful as well.

Fact: most trading “coaches” don’t even trade (ask for P&L proof to see what I mean), or aren’t UCLA-degreed in pscyhology. Since I have both, I’m uniquely positioned in the trading industry to be one of the top resources available today for active traders. So yes I’m worth working with… and Trade Mastery is the way to learn from me in your downloadable videos.

Disclaimer: The testimonials seen may not be representative of the experience of other clients.
The testimonials seen are no guarantee of future performance or success.

January 5th, 10:48AM
“looking forward for a chance to work with you, Ken and learning from the master.” – Charles T.

January 4th, 11:00PM
” I am looking forward to join…since it seems it summarizes all key areas, necessary for successful trading.” – Primoz R.

January 4th, 8:09PM
“To overcome fear of buying high and selling low.” – Richard C.

January 4th, 7:11PM
“A ‘full bodied’ trading methodology would be welcomed.  I can’t wait to see your coaching.” – Dennis D.

January 4th, 10:13AM
“Interested to learnt of Ken’s “Trade Mastery” eactly how to screen for good stocks, win trades and minimize loss by good trade management.” – Mohammed I.

January 4th, 10:07AM
” I am keen on always learning from you. I’ve attended a few webimnars now and I can truly says it’s empowering. Thanks Ken!” – Nigel O.

January 4th, 3:56AM
“Ken, I love how you “Keep it real” when it comes to trading, showing your trade logs and accounts, and clearly explaining your thought process to us traders; keep up the great work!” – Eliot B.

January 3rd, 5:42PM
“I want to be a confident, consistent profitable trader thus your course will be invaluable knowledge to possess” – Leon P.

January 3rd, 12:13PM
“I used Ken’s techniques to place my 1st and 2nd buy and sell zones, then avoided getting sucked in to a fake out of the 3rd buy/resistance zone on FAS.  I maximized my profits and minimized my losses thanks to your webinar!  Thanks Ken!!” – Tankobu F.

January 1st, 1:23PM
“Dear Ken, a Happy New Year. I want to be able to look at a chart and identify proper entry and exit strategies as well as trade managment. I believe, I am able to learn these skills from Ken.” – Jorge M.

January 1st, 1:26AM
“Ken’s info always is cutting edge if u want to stay on top” – TR

December 31 9:12PM
“Looking forward to learning how to be disciplined with trade management, getting into best entry & exit strategies including correct stop loss.” – Jacqueline P.

December 31 5:24PM
“I need to learn how to keep my stops small and when to take profits. Ken gives trading ‘edges’ that work!” – Robert R..

December 30 3:56PM
“Keep up the good work. Best trading educator ever!” – Chas E.

December 29 11:58PM
“If you trade then Ken is the cutting edge for active traders” – T.S.

December 29 3:15PM
have read a lot about you and what you do for traders, especially struggling traders.  Would love to be on your training course” – Sharmas

December 29 9:29AM
“I’m kind of new to trading, only been trading for a little over a year. Towards the end of the year I found you, what a relief. Most of my money spent on trading “training” was junk! You get to the point, and show direct ways to enter/exit, set up…etc. Honestly I need help in all aspects of trading. Thanks for all you do for the common trader.” – Kevin L.

December 28 9:10AM
“I wish to avoid trading pitfalls by learning from the REAL Master” – Henry O.

January 5th, 10:38AM
“The technicals I can manage but the discipline is where I need your help.” – Beb I.

January 4th, 10:04PM
“I’ve attended several of your previous webinars and I’ve had the privilege of watching you present live in Las Vegas.  I always get information that I can use right away from your trainings.  I wouldn’t miss this event!” – Dale H.

January 4th, 8:09PM
“Your enthusiasm for trading is contagious thanks for the great insights.” – Jim G.

January 4th, 6:46PM
“I want to learn a disciplined approach for entering and exiting trades.” – Ron M.

January 4th, 3:16PM
“Hello Ken, I always hesitate to open a position. I need more confidence and I hope this webinar can help me. I can see that you are very confident in what you are doing so I think I can learn from you.” – Barbara K.

January 4th, 9:59AM
“Enjoy your enthusiam when you are teaching, and always great to learn from a real professional.” – PC

January 3rd, 8:27PM
Ken is the most trusted online trading coach i have seen, and every time i learn new strategies and techniques from him.” – Gamal S

January 3rd, 5:10PM
“Ken Calhoun is a master trader.  So who better to learn trade mastery from.  He always gives us some new trading insights and tips.” – Ted R.

January 3rd, 1:27PM
“Attending coaching … to teach how to Master your Trading is valuable.  I want to see how to gauge trade size and find proper entries. Webinars from Ken can show this.” – Gene

January 2nd, 12:53PM
“Been watching and learning from your videos and have notice a positive difference in my trading profit wise. There is so much to learn and I feel here is where I’ll learn to become a skilled and profitable trader.” – Richard O

January 1st, 7:38PM
“To avoid being whipsawed, Ken can show us how to stay focused and disciplined, which is crucial in today’s market.” – Maria K.

December 31 3:41PM
“…I know you are an excellent trader and teacher.” – Sam E.

December 31 3:29AM
” I want to learn how to master the discipline of the emotions of fear and greed that cause too many early entrance and exits in my trades.” – Edwin M.

December 30 2:56PM
“I’m always looking for knowledge and a trading edge. Ken’s videos help provide both.” – David V.

December 29 11:39PM
“Your webinars have helped me become a better trader. I would like to hear how you integrate various signals & indicators to make better trade selections.” – Barry S.

December 29 2:11PM
Always innovative, always original, one of a kind educator” – Vic S.

December 29 12:21PM
I’m ready for a “make over”. I’m looking forward for furthering my knowledge base with Ken. He is the best.” – Jim B.

December 28 12:13PM
“Thanks for the invite to…”Trade Mastery”. Your webinars are always packed with sound ways to find profit in the market.” – Lou B.

January 5th, 8:01AM
” I want to learn how to avoid being whipsawed and overtrading.” – Dave F.

January 4th, 9:31PM
“a valuable opportunity to learn from a real trader” – Anthony G.

January 4th, 7:33PM
” Ken, thank you for creating program to take control of your financial future.  Ken’s Trade Mastery Program covers all aspects of trading with real examples and sharing his trading knowledge like how to entering/exiting trades, developing trading plan and trading journal, trading discipline, using technical analysis tools the smart and correct way, and trading different instruments like forex, stock, and/or futures.  Thanks, Ken!” – Malcolm S.

January 4th, 3:39PM
“I am looking for to become a better trader and more discipline in my short trades , i think trade mastery is the way to go since ken is one of the top traders in this harsh thinking business that makes things easy to learn AND APPLY , ken is the WAY-2-GO , ken is the ultimate trading machine” – Ana C.

January 4th, 7:27AM
“I really like how Ken pointed out the important of setting Goal to focus on making money in our trades.” – Karolyn

January 3rd, 6:38PM
“Thank you for the opportunity to learn from the best on my trading skills.” – George J.

January 3rd, 1:51PM
“I have followed you, Ken, a couple of years and I have found that your analysis are built on knowledge. At the same time you look at a chart, you also can predict what’s going to happen in the near future…” – Owe F.

January 2nd, 1:45PM
“I think you nailed it with the troubles most traders have re:entries.stops. exits.false breakouts.pulling the trigger. money management. psychology.etc. …You appear to be someone who talks to people, not at them. Best Wishes!” – John N.

January 2nd, 1:23AM
“I am one of your followers more than 2 years. I firmly believe the coming event of Trade Mastery will further enhance my trading skills and money management.” – Danny C.

December 31 6:30PM
“Ken always delivers– I’d hate to miss it!” – Hal H.

December 31 4:55PM
“Dear Ken…thank you for being simply the best at what you do, no holds barred, 100%  you know how good you are and that self-confidence, self-belief inspires me to be more of who I can be.  I am the richer, I hope to be, for it.  Thank you” – Humphrey S.

December 30 2:21AM
Trade Mastery gives the formula of: Technical Analysis + Psychology + Money Management = complete trader” – Keat L.

December 29 9:37PM
“Ken, I like what I learn in your presentations and especially how much information that you squeeze into a short amount of time.” – Mike H.

December 29 1:15PM
“Ken is a successful trader with great knowledge. I think he will be a good teacher.” – Les O.

December 29 10:32AM
Your coaching improves my trading. I am eager to attend the coming Trade Mastery session.” – Danny C.

December 28 12:46PM
I learned a great amount on your ADX seminar and looking forward to learning more on discipline.” – Dennis D.

Disclaimer: The testimonials seen may not be representative of the experience of other clients.
The testimonials seen are no guarantee of future performance or success.

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