Includes One Full Year of Monthly Interactive Trader Coaching Webinars.

Jan 2015: Trade Mastery Coaching is Currently Closed to New Members.
Note we are NOT offering this course live in 2015.

Instead, you may wish to enroll in our popular training series, or live room.

Trade Mastery is normally just $1495 for access to all 12 interactive coaching events for the 12 months ahead, including Q&A time in each webinar plus video downloads.
Once you register, you'll be sent access to the member's area, plus monthly webinars for the upcoming 12 months ahead.


Here's complete information about Trade Mastery Coaching 2014 — go ahead and enroll right now, because
you'll learn all-new trading skills this year (I've packed it with updated interactive activities and "how to" tactics):

8-9 pm ET
8-9 pm ET
8-9 pm ET
8-9 pm ET
8-9 pm ET
8-9pm ET

8-9pm ET
8-9pm ET
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8-9pm ET

8-9pm ET

8-9pm ET

    Scheduled dates: Trade Mastery live webinars are scheduled for the last Thursday night of each month throughout 2014 (except Nov/Dec, which are held earlier), from 8-9pm EST, on these evenings: January 30th, 2014, February 27th, March 27th, April 24th, May 29th, June 26th, July 31st, August 28th, September 25th, October 30th, November 13th, and December 18th, 2014.

Includes complete high-resolution video downloads of each 1-hour trading session in case you can't make it in person. Join today so you can start using Trade Mastery trading strategies throughout a complete year. One easy tuition enrollment and you're in for an entire 12 months of updated interactive trading webinars with me.


  What do I get with my Trade Mastery "Immersion Coaching" Program?
  I've designed Trade Mastery (tm) to be the finest active trader coaching program ever made available to active traders. Once you order, you'll get complete access to a full year of monthly interactive webinars held personally by me, Ken Calhoun (plus any additional bonuses that are included).

To keep you current with updated strategies, you'll also be able to participate in our live online webinar events held once every month, for an entire year. Each webinar is at least an hour long, and includes open Q&A time for up to a full hour with everyone following each presentation.

You get everything shown on this page; and unlike others, there are no monthly charges or extra charges or upsells or addons of any kind, ever.

Trade Mastery is a complete professional active trader coaching program.
  Are the webinars archived? Do I get video downloads or replays if I miss one?
  Yes! You also get complete blu-ray quality high resolution (1920x1080) video downloads of each coaching webinar, in addition to live online access. Links to videos are sent to you via individually-tracked downloads within 48-72 hours after each event (usually within 24 hours). Be sure to download each video no later than 2-3 weeks after each one is posted, as they're removed from the server after that time.

They are high-resolution .wmv videos that are crystal-clear, typically 200-350Mb each in size, captured directly from the trading workstation I use to deliver the training from, professionally explained step by step. Unlike cheap streaming-only replays that others do, you get complete high resolution video downloads you can keep forever to learn from, exclusively as a Trade Mastery coaching member.

  How is your Trade Mastery coaching program different from others on the market?

  Many trader coaching programs simply tell traders to "be disciplined and keep a trading journal" type of surface-level coaching. In my actual trading experience (I've personally traded millions worth of stocks, ETFs and other instruments), there's a lot more that needs to be learned, to become potentially successful in your trading. It takes a series of small "edges"; a combination-approach that helps you focus on specific strategies that professional traders use.

So that's why in Trade Mastery, you'll get:

a) "Technical Trade Mastery": specific updated "mechanics of the trade" for entries and exits, new trading patterns that are designed to capture breakout moves in current-market conditions, and more. We go over dozens of charts together as a team, to illustrate precisely how to trade what's moving the most in each month's markets. This is a very valuable part of your Trade Mastery Coaching.


b) "Financial Trade Mastery": you also learn how to scale into and out of your trades, plus keep very simple, brief records of your trading outcomes in a way that's been carefully crafted to encourage you to keep small stops, trading conservatively and carefully at first, with the goal to keep small stops and leverage into winning trades professionally.

You'll learn how to look at charts and your brokerage P&Ls in a whole new way, designed to help you capitalize on successful trades. You'll also be discovering specific new P&L-based trading tactics and strategies that I use in my own trades, adapted for you to start testing out and using yourself. Understanding how to trade based off small-size "test trades", then scaling into winners only, is a hallmark of a professional trader — and you'll learn how to do this, and more, in Trade Mastery.


c) "Disciplined Trade Mastery": developing the confidence to get into trades, plus the discipline for exiting losing trades fast, with small stops, is a well-known approach to potential trading success. What's not well known is How to get there, specifically, as an active trader.

Many of the trading books and coaching programs I've seen in industry have "missing parts" that render them incomplete (and often ineffective) when it comes to learning how to make a disciplined, focused trading process part of how you trade the markets.

What makes Trade Mastery uniquely valuable, is the focus on how to gain confidence and trade with discipline by using a "process"-based trading approach. Meaning I'll show you specific tips (like how to map out and 'flowchart' your trades), and interactive coaching activities, that are designed to help you build the personal mental strength (and success habits), that are needed for trading the right way.

The Trade Mastery Personal, Professional Coaching Advantage:

Plus, I work hard to create a fun, focused, welcoming, professional open learning environment in Trade Mastery. Because in each month's Trade Mastery webinar, you can bring your questions, ask about specific charts or challenges and problems — and I'll give you immediate answers, in a friendly, professional way that's genuinely useful to you.

Also, I teach you how to start trades off very small, as a conservative, risk-averse, intelligent way to trade. Unlike others, that don't address how to scale into trades correctly. I think it's one of many keys to potential success, so that's integrated into all the training you'll be getting.

It's the type of trader coaching program I wish I'd had available to me back when I was struggling to learn how to make more winning trades. It's a fast-paced, professional authentic learning environment where you can safely come to learn my best trading tactics, and get interactive coaching help online with me personally, in each month's event. It's a great way to learn how to potentially eliminate costly bad trading errors, and replace them with more precise, accurate trading skills.
  What type of trader is Trade Mastery designed to help the most?
I've designed Trade Mastery to meet the needs of most active traders. Trade Mastery coaching will include examples for both day traders and swing traders, and is geared for traders of all experience levels. I'll feature examples of stocks, ETFs, Forex and e-minis to learn from — so it's an exceptionally valuable, comprehensive trader coaching program. I do not cover options nor penny stocks.

What matters, is that I'll go into detailed "how to" tactics and precision trading strategies for each type of trading setup, so that you'll understand instantly how to trade, based on what you're seeing. And since it'll have examples for all trading styles, you're welcome to bring questions related to the trading style that you're using in each webinar — so you'll get answers quickly, that match your individual trading style best.
  Why should I trust you? Are you a genuine trader, or just one of those salesman 'vendors'?
In addition to being well-recognized with my award-winning trading systems and frequent appearances at the Traders' Expos, articles in TASC and Active Trader Magazine, and other financial media... I'm a genuine trader, and am (like many of you) somebody who learned how to trade the 'hard way' over many years of entries and exits in thousands of real trades in my live IB & Fidelity (and earlier, Datek) trading accounts.

So you're learning from a man who's a well respected genuine trader. I've earned the trust of thousands of traders (see all the video and other testimonials at by doing things right.
  What are the Terms of Sale I agree to with the Trade Mastery Coaching Program?
Because the proprietary information included in Trade Mastery is exclusively for system owners, you hereby agree to keep the tactics you'll be learning complete private, and not share or otherwise distribute, discuss or otherwise make these strategies available to others... they're for your private use only. You agree to not make actual trades based on the information contained in the coaching program, as it's for educational use only. You agree to all terms at our disclaimer and terms of sale, by participating in this program. You agree to not contact me by email unless there's any problem logging into the member's area. Here's why. Personal email support for questions is not included in this or any of my courses due to time constraints. You agree to save all questions for the webinars, during which I will stay around for a full hour after each one to answer questions.

You understand that typical/average results are that most traders lose money and do not become profitable; trading is a high-risk, speculative activity that's not suitable for most investors. No profitability claims can be made, per regulatory compliance law. PERSONAL USE ONLY: All content is for single-user noncommercial private home use only and may not be redistributed, resold nor otherwise redistributed in any manner without express written permission from us. If you are employed by or affiliated with a hedge fund, market maker, brokerage or other Wall Street financial industry organization, you agree that this training will not be used for training of your specialists and professional traders — contact me for group pricing for Wall Street/financial firms.
  Does Trade Mastery include access to your other webinars or courses?
  No — all my many webinars series are sold separately. I keep pricing low so that traders can choose from among which webinar series they like to purchase. Access to one course does not include access to others, unless access to another course is specifically stated as a bonus on the site here at time of purchase. I offer many different series of trading webinars, like any series of course offerings, they're all available separately for purchase. If I had a $10k-$25k priced platinum coaching mastermind program it would likely include multiple other courses; by offering low sub-$2k per program pricing like I do for Trade Mastery, you can get this at an exceptionally good value.
  I was a Trade Mastery member in an earlier year; I liked it a lot and would like to register for the upcoming year ahead; is there a discount for returning traders?
  Yes — if you enrolled for the one-year Trade Mastery program with me during an earlier year, and would like to take the upcoming year ahead as well, just contact me with your order information from your earlier enrollment and I'll send you details on how to take the new course during the upcoming year ahead at a discount, since you're a returning Trade Mastery trader.

All webinars are live (not recorded), with current market charts and updated strategies, so unlike competitors, that just let you replay stale outdated videos, you get fresh updated tactics featuring live current-market charts and top-notch professional training, Plus high resolution .wmv video downloads to keep -- another Trade Mastery advantage.
  Do I need any special software or other resources to participate in Trade Mastery?
  No — there's no additional charges or software to buy or anything else. I've designed Trade Mastery to include examples that you can use on any standard trading charting software program you're currently already using. All you need is a regular computer to participate in the webinar events, they're held on my GotoWebinar platform.
  How should I make the most of my Trade Mastery Coaching program experience?
I've been privileged to have been trusted by thousands of traders.... getting coached by me, one of the industry's top recognized day and swing trading experts will be a fascinating experience for you, one in which you'll see "Before-After" ideas for making changes to your trading approach. You can see what hundreds of other traders have said about working with me (thanks, everyone). Once you join, I'll send you tips and strategies for how to use what you're learning in your own actual trades.

Quick tips:
a) Ask questions during the webinars. Don't be shy. If you have a question, odds are, other traders will also benefit from hearing the answers, which I illustrate with charts from that day's markets (and I give you specific trading tactics, of how I'd manage a trade from start to finish, so you learn the "ins and outs" of how a real trader operates). Due to time constraints I cannot answer individual questions via email; please save all questions for the monthly webinars. Of course you're welcome to just watch and learn, as well.

b) Look for how to make easy, simple (but powerful!) changes in how you trade, based on what you're learning. I'll be showing you literally hundreds of tactics and tips to use; don't try doing too much at once, though. Work on achieving personal trade mastery by doing small things differently, based on what you're learning in each session, so that "it all adds up" for you, over time.

c) Focus on what's most important: if for example you learn how to enter a specific trading pattern, test it out in an upcoming market session, and take notes of what works best in your trades. Make the Trade Mastery "Immersion Coaching" program, with all the activities and training you'll be getting, something that makes sense for you. The best way to achieve this is by taking small steps that help you focus your trading energy on things that produce the most winning trades for you each week.

I've got plenty more tips and "how to" tactics that I'll be sharing with you throughout our upcoming year together, once you join me in Trade Mastery 2014 — I look forward to working with you this year!



November 25th, 2013
Colorado Springs, Colorado
United States of America
8:37am ET

Dear Trader,

With a new year ahead of us, it's a perfect time to re-evaluate your trading progress, and make a resolution to have 2014 finally be a "breakthrough" year for you, in how you make your trades this coming year ahead. That's the good news, and it's a very positive, thoughtful professional attitude to get clear on, upfront.

Achieving mastery of step by step precision active trading strategies can be one of the most difficult challenges you'll ever face. You already know the problems we all run into as traders: the self-doubt, the expensive stop losses (like that last one you took), and the endless nagging from your family members to stop wasting money gambling in the markets. And the crushing humiliation of getting it wrong, over and over again...

But it doesn't have to be that way.  I've been there, in that losing state of mind as well, many years ago — and yet I learned how to make better trades myself... And it all starts with getting your self-discipline, focus and trading approach in control and more successful. Easier said than done, right?

Here's the deal: One of the main reasons you may not be as profitable in your trading as you'd like is because you don't have a proven system, a step by step process that works consistently to help you enter and exit your trades correctly. You may have tried software that doesn't work, or isolated chart trading patterns that don't work either.

...that's because there's more to it than simplistic entry and exit patterns (and even trade management, which is also key to success). The simple fact is, you need to get your head around the idea of trading from a position of strength, like professional Wall Street traders do. They trade for a living, so why shouldn't you?

It's not easy, and most traders never make it, largely because they don't have the focused, practical "money getting" disciplined trading approach that professional hedge fund managers, specialists and market makers use. The truth is that you need to trade with better discipline and focus, like a professional trader.

In working with thousands of traders over the last decade, I've found that "overtrading choppy charts" is one of the single biggest mistakes traders make.

And the other "no-nos" are common enough: taking too-large stops, not trading cautiously, missing out on big moves due to fear and uncertainty, trading isolated signals instead of using a more thorough, well thought-out precision trading approach. We've all been there. know the routine. Now let's figure out how to get better, together — as a team. That's what Trade Mastery is designed to do... a series of practical, focused online coaching webinars conducted personally with me, Ken Calhoun, that can help you discover how to trade from a position of strength for yourself, with a more professional entry and exit way of trading that makes a lot of sense.

Learning from a real trader, how to use a more disciplined, focused "action oriented" approach, is an extremely valuable trading skill. Explained step by step with practical tips for both new and experienced active traders, Trade Mastery™ delivers highly valuable training that you'll want to see for yourself.

And that's what "Trade Mastery" is designed to deliver... dozens of thought-provoking, precision trading discipline, focus and trade management tactics that can help you approach your trading more professionally...

Ready To Learn How a REAL Trader Uses "Trade Mastery"? Get focused, action-oriented
trading skills, using what I've Learned from Thousands of Actual Trades PLUS how you
can quickly use these little-known trading strategies in your own trades, too!

You'll get a BIG Advantage in working with me compared to others, because I'm one of the only people in the entire
trading industry who regularly proves he actually trades, with broker P&L screencaps. That's in addition to
being internationally published in Active Trader and Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities
and being a MoneyShow Traders' Expo featured speaker.
You need to insist that trading educators prove they trade before trusting them with your cash — it counts
Fact: most trading educators are "posers" who pretend they trade, but instead are just 'shovel sellers' who can't help you.

Learn with "Trade Mastery™" instead, and set 2014 as your year for achieving "breakthrough" goals as a trader... it's easy!

How Much Better Could Your Trading Be, If You Only Started Trading With Better Focus, Discipline, and an "Action-Focused" Trade Mastery Approach?
  How to quickly develop a step-by-step trading approach that can help you put on your trading entries and exits more more consistently... and how to take action with more confidence and certainty in how to get into your trades the right way (you'll be shown how to easily combine ALL three: technical, financial and discipline practical strategies. You need to get a process put together to help guide you every single time you put on a new trade, and I'll show you how to do it).
Even more important than knowing "when to trade" is "how to manage your exits when trades go horribly, expensively wrong" against you? And for those occasional wins, how do you scale into winning trades? How to get out "while the profit's still there?" before the market takes it back? How to avoid false breakouts?     
And, how do you use financial P&L-based entry & exit skills to sharpen your trading skills to a knife's edge, and "bring home the bacon" as a trader? I'll show you everything I've learned as a trading professional in Trade Mastery... it's worth being a part of.
         Interactive "Trade Mastery" interactive coaching LIVE exercises with current charts.  You'll "look over my shoulder" as we go through dozens of charts together. You'll see exactly how a seasoned trader would manage entries and exits, with examples of good vs poorly disciplined stops and scale-in entries, so you'll see the difference in the exact trading setups you need, for more precise trading entries.

Even better, you'll be able to see how to make a transformation from "losing at-home retail trader" entries and exits, to more "focused professional" specific trade setups (it's just that good... and critical to learn, if you're an active day or swing trader).

And unlike others, these are not cherry-picked powerpoint charts; instead you'll be learning with that day's Real trading charts from my professional trading workstation.

So we'll unlock trading strategies using current-market charts for that day's actual market session, to illustrate how it works. And of course you're welcome to ask about any current-market potential trading setups yourself and get a thoughtful, thorough answer to help you see how to trade.
I'll pull up the chart you ask about and give you a step by step "trading walkthrough" explaining if I'd trade it, and if so, where (for both long and short entries).
  How to Acquire "Rock Hard" Discipline In Your Trades.  Yes I have two degrees in psychology and thousands of trades under my belt, millions of dollars worth traded over the years. And a former corporate quality engineer and statistician. I've worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies as clients in my former consulting career.

Fact is, I had a reputation for being a "tough guy", judging from how many times I recommended that companies tighten up their discipline and metrics. Ultimately I grew tired of corporate shenanigans and company politics, said "forget it" and started day trading and swing trading back in the late 90s fulltime.
So I'm a numbers-focused trader — the "go-to trader" for trading discipline that you can count on. Ever see a drill sergeant in popular hollywood movies? Well I'm not quite that hard, but close — especially important when it comes to managing trading discipline, when real money's on the line.

This may sound funny, but I look at my dollars like troops, and I work hard to keep as many of them alive (and growing!) as possible in my trades. I hate losing.
I'll show you how my exact process works, exclusively in my new Trade Mastery coaching program.

You see, I live here in beautiful Colorado Springs, home of the US Air Force Academy, NORAD, and Fort Carson — we're a military town; I live here because I like disciplined people and conservative lifestyles, just like my professional trading approach. And yes I've got plenty of LEO/law enforcement and military buddies. I've got a world of respect for what they do, to protect our way of life.
I live hard. I trade hard. Now, so can you, in working with me. When you "join up" with me in Trade Mastery coaching, you'll get dozens of thoughtful, well-designed practical disciplined trading strategies you can use in real trades, based on my own thousands of actual trades I've done.
No theory, or vanilla-bean preaching about trading journals like you see other wannabe trading coaches do. That simply isn't enough to work. You've got to take it up a step, especially with more detailed, specific answers like you'll unlock with me.
...And that's what Trade Mastery coaching delivers — you'll get my military-style focus, plus benefit of my two degrees in psychology working for you to help you "build up your trading muscles" into a rock-solid disciplined approach that can potentially help keep you out of harm's way, while having the focus to pull the trigger when trading setups are "just right" for the taking.
  How to confidently develop a process, an easy-to-use framework that guides all your trading decisions, from start to finish. It really helps if you have a process (like the trading flowchart approach I pioneered back in 2001), that guides you every time you put on a trade.

In trading, we're always looking at how to reduce the size of our stops, and how to leverage into winning trades, as often as possible. And have a life while doing it, to make scanning much easier. Like playing the odds, you need to be equipped to manage your trades more conservatively from start to finish.
Look at me as your personal "bodyguard" in trading, with what you're about to learn in Trade Mastery — I've got your back.

And I'll reveal exactly what you need to start doing differently in your own trades, to potentially get better results and confidence in how you manage your entries and exits, your discipline, and your trading P&Ls.
Because half the battle of winning, is avoiding large trading losses while developing a precision trading process that serves you consistently, to potentially generate bigger winning trades, more often...

You'll see how it's done, exclusively in Trade Mastery. Register right now.
  Live Q&A with me, Ken Calhoun live online!  Got questions?  Have a chart you'd like me to take a look at? Have a personal question about discipline, focus or "pulling the trigger at the right time" for your trades?  We'll look at live charts as a team, and you're welcome to get answers to ALL your specific trading questions FAST, from an actual trader.  

This is "must see" trader training if you're an active trader.  Bring your toughest questions; because I've got practical answers that'll help you, throughout this year and beyond. Go ahead and enroll your place in Trade Mastery today — I'll see you online!

      As a UCLA/CSULB-credentialed psychologist and real trader, I know exactly how to coach and help you with the specific entry and exit "mechanics of the trade". You'll participate in world-class interactive trading activities with me that you need, to help make your trading approach more professional, and potentially more consistent and succcessful as well. Featuring current-market charts.

Fact: most trading "coaches" don't even trade (ask for P&L proof to see what I mean), or aren't UCLA-degreed in pscyhology. Since I have both, I'm uniquely positioned in the trading industry to be one of the top resources available today for active traders. So yes I'm worth working with... and Trade Mastery is the way to work with me personally.

Plus, because I've got two degrees in psychology (UCLA, class of '86 (proof); and Cal-State Long Beach, MS),
you can rest assured that I've got BOTH the professional trading and credentialed-Ivy league background and
thousands of trading hours of proven, practical experience to REALLY help you as a genuine qualified, trusted coach.
Who else in the entire industry has that powerhouse-combination of "in the trenches" real experience & credentials?


Here's a handful of examples of real actual winning trades (and stops) from trades I've done in my real trading account. And while I can't, by law, make promises that you will also be able to make winning trades exactly like I do, I can promise that I'll reveal "step-by-step" exactly what goes through my mind and how to manage entries, exits and more to help you, in my Trade Mastery active traders' coaching program — the goal is to help you transform into a more successful, confident trader.

Join me as I work with an elite group of savvy active traders, designed to "cure" you of bad trading habits, develop a more consistent, better thought-out professional "profit-taking" trading approach, and more. Your seat's waiting, so be sure and register for upcoming Trade Mastery training with me... I'll see you in class!

Disclaimer: note that no claims are being made that you can or will make trades similar to the ones I'm able to make;
generally-expected customer results are that all traders will lose capital and do not become profitable; active trading
is a high-risk, speculative activity that is not suitable for most people. Trade smart, and best wishes for success.

Who Is This Well-Respected Trader (& Expo Speaker), Anyways?

Ken Calhoun is President of Daytrading, and (with Steve Nison). Having provided online training to thousands of active traders from over 32 countries since 1999, he is an internationally published trader who's earned industry awards and critical acclaim from traders around the world for his professional trading systems.

Featured in leading trade publications and events including Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine, Active Trader Magazine, Moneyshow's Traders Expos,, and CBS, Ken has been a popular figure in the active trading scene for over a decade, and has co-produced two bestselling stock trading DVD systems with Steve Nison.


Although He's a UCLA Grad and Former Corporate Quality Engineer, Discovering How To Trade Still Took Him YEARS to "Get It Right"...And Now He Trades Every Single Week
Like Clockwork — He'll Show YOU How To Trade, Step by Step...

Ken will tell you he made every mistake in the book (and then some) on the path to learning how to trade correctly. Now he's able to make thoughtful trade entries, thanks to meticulous testing and experimenting to find out what works best, updated for each week's markets. As a former corporate quality engineer and statistician, dozens of Fortune 500 companies (including Ford, McDonnell Douglas, Sheraton, Chevron and Rockwell International) relied on him to help them improve operations and "the numbers"... he took this experience to help him learn how to trade, and he's thrilled with what he's learned.

Ken reveals new trading tips in this new webinar for active traders, so you can learn everything he's tested out with hundreds of actual trades he's done.

As an internationally published business management consultant, Ken previously trained over 31,000 people in over 147 companies worldwide. He took his profits from his successful consulting career and discovered the world of active stock trading, where he's been working to help other traders use precision, advanced trading strategies in their trades.

Ken's Daytrading University site has been trusted by over 8,100 traders worldwide to learn how to swing and day trade stocks, and is considered a premiere resource for active traders. He has interviewed Brian Tracy, Toni Turner, Dr. Van K. Tharp, Larry Levin, Steve Nison, Kathy Lien, Boris Schlossberg, Dr. Doug Hirschhorn and others and is a popular, sought-after seminar speaker and industry figure with credibility.

Unlike the majority of people in the trading industry, Ken is a genuine trader and has helped thousands of traders since 1999, when he first founded the Daytrading University.

Sidebar: Traders Cheered Out Loud, Had a Great Time When I Was a Featured Speaker
at the Las Vegas Traders' Expos Nov 2010 & 2011 (thanks, traders for your enthusiasm):

We had a terrific time in Las Vegas at the international Traders' Expo 2010 (Caesar's Las Vegas), and again this last November 2011 (at Bally's Las Vegas)... they did a super job of organizing another winning event, with a huge turnout.  I feel privileged to have been invited as a speaker at these traders' expos since 2001 when my colleague Tim Bourquin started them up (they're a great way to learn from many different traders). 

Here's a couple of photos from the November 2010 event (me outside the ballroom at left, and some of the traders cheering at the end of my presentation, at right):


All traders who posted a comment were given access to a complimentary trading webinar.
Thanks to all for posting and helping make Trade Mastery such a popular success for active traders!

January 5th, 10:48AM

"looking forward for a chance to work with you, Ken and learning from the master." - Charles T.

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" I want to learn how to avoid being whipsawed and overtrading." - Dave F.

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"a valuable opportunity to learn from a real trader" - Anthony G.

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" I just need a relatively simple system (that I can believe in)to get me in and out of a trade. Is that asking too much?" - James L.

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"Interested to learnt of Ken's "Trade Mastery" eactly how to screen for good stocks, win trades and minimize loss by good trade management." - Mohammed I.

January 4th, 10:07AM

" I am keen on always learning from you. I've attended a few webimnars now and I can truly says it's empowering. Thanks Ken!" - Nigel O.

January 4th, 9:59AM

"Enjoy your enthusiam when you are teaching, and always great to learn from a real professional." - PC

January 4th, 7:38AM

"I'm tired losing and not knowing what the next trade should be." - Frank K.

January 4th, 7:27AM

"I really like how Ken pointed out the important of setting Goal to focus on making money in our trades." - Karolyn

January 4th, 3:56AM

"Ken, I love how you "Keep it real" when it comes to trading, showing your trade logs and accounts, and clearly explaining your thought process to us traders; keep up the great work!" - Eliot B.

January 3rd, 11:48PM

"I am new to all these charting and Technical Analysis and hope that your webinar will enlighten me further. I am new to Trading. I am trying to find out more about any suitable course be it online or otherwise." - Koh

January 3rd, 11:43PM

"i am a definate newbie as far as dayirading is concerned,so any help is appreciated thanks" - Bob P.

January 3rd, 10:04PM

"complete solution to learn to become as success trader." - Made G.

January 3rd, 9:57PM

"Any webinar that Ken Calhoun holds provides valuable trading information and insight." - Mark K.

January 3rd, 9:32PM

"I would love to hear more about trading discipline." - Demetrius H.

January 3rd, 8:49PM

"Ken, your past webinar's have been superb, I would not want to miss this one." - Wayne J.

January 3rd, 8:27PM

"Ken is the most trusted online trading coach i seen, and every time i learn new strategies and techniques from him." - Gamal S.

January 3rd, 8:24PM

"What strategy best maximizes the USD/CAD?  I make 50-120 pips per day from it....can you do better? Thanks." - Wayne V.

January 3rd, 8:21PM

"Want to learn how to trade the right stocks in the right way!" - Ben

January 3rd, 8:15PM

"It would be great to learn trade setup for entry, stop loss and profit target" - Ed G.

January 3rd, 8:11PM

"Discipline is the key, if you want to be a great trader. Stick to your trading plan, and the money will come." - Tom G.

January 3rd, 7:36PM

"i would like to learn better entries and exits for day trading and swing trading  thank you" - Ramona H.

January 3rd, 6:51PM

" I have been stuck for a while , i do several small gains then have a loss that takes it all back. I want to find a way to make more steady foward progress. I would like to see my trading account start to move in the positive direction. I look forward to watching your webinar and seeing if it is a fit for me. Thank you" - John W.

January 3rd, 6:38PM

"Thank you for the opportunity to learn from the best  on  my trading skills." - George J.

January 3rd, 5:42PM

"I want to be a confident, consistent profitable trader thus your course will be invaluable knowledge to possess" - Leon P.

January 3rd, 5:41PM

"'love to be there to get the discipline'.. To look forward in my  trading.. It hard to put in an stop in the rigth place.. Be it one cent  or 25 cent an be rigth..An not have the market move on you stop?" - Anthony

January 3rd, 5:10PM

"Ken Calhoun is a master trader.  So who better to learn trade mastery from.  He always gives us some new trading insights and tips." - Ted R.

January 3rd, 3:47PM

"I have attended many Ken's webinars in 2011 and always learnt some new idea. I looking forward to get more insight in trading from the Trade Mastery webinar." - Maria C.

January 3rd, 2:58PM

"I'm expecting Trade Mastery to provide a complete, step by step method for trading (esp. swing trades of equities and ETFs), covering: chart patterns to look for, setups for entries, when and how to exit, discipline, etc.  Ken's previous webinars have covered many of these issues, but Trade Mastery should bring all these disparate items coherently together in one course." - Jen L.
Reply from Ken: Hi Jen, thanks for the post — and you're right, not only will I be teaching new technical and money-management tactics using current-market updated charts, I'll also be training traders with interactive online coaching and "mental conditioning" discipline/focus/action-taking skills. As always, the content in Trade Mastery will build upon, and be significantly different from anything I've ever revealed before. Much more focus too, on interactive Q&A, in-webinar activities and personal help for coaching and "closing the gap" for traders with interactive "immersion coaching" using current-market charts.

January 3rd, 2:42PM

"It would be helpful to know when to enter & exit a trade especially if I'm trying to do day trade & intra day trading." - Wei Y.

January 3rd, 2:25PM

"Great way to start the trading year! Thanks for passing along your knowledge." - Vilis M.

January 3rd, 2:24PM

"Your insights help me see the charts differently." - Jerry C.

January 3rd, 1:51PM

" I have followed you, Ken, a couple of years and I have found that your analysis are build on knowledge. At the same time you look at a chart, you also can predict what's going to happen in the near future. Now, with a new year ahead, and a rather bad behind, I think the most valuable thing you could do is to encourage us with your education. What is more important then breakouts, gaps and predicting sideways?" - Owe F.
Reply from Ken: Hi Owe, great question. By the way was the toughest trading year I've seen of the last three, so you're not alone if last year was a struggle. In addition to the technical trading skills, one of the core areas I'll be teaching traders in the upcoming Trade Mastery training is all the "mental conditioning" skills, which go beyond discipline/trading plans and the other newbie-level stuff that most educators just talk about.

Instead, traders will get interactive online chart activities with me as well as pro-level coaching and "immersion Q&A" (for day and swing trading, for a variety of instruments, including stocks, etfs, Forex pairs and eminis). The goal is to help traders with their timing, trading management, scaling in/out and discipline skills, for a more focused, specific professional approach to active trading. I'll see you in the upcoming webinar; thanks for your post.

January 3rd, 1:36PM

"Want to be a successful trader and learn to trade successfully like a pro...I want to learn how to manage trades by getting into the trade  at the right time and exiting at right moment." - Frank D.

January 3rd, 1:27PM

"Attending coaching webinars to teach how to Master your Trading is valuable.  I want to see how to gauge trade size and find proper entries. Webinars from Ken can show this." - Gene

January 3rd, 1:22PM

"From my experience, getting in and out of a trade at the right time is half the battle. No amount of risk management or mental discipline will matter if you always buy and sell and the wrong time." - Tim C.
Reply from Ken: You're exactly right, Tim — timing is a key trading skill that's neglected in the industry, from what I've seen. Having good timing skills (whether day or swing trading) is absolutely essential; kind of like a first-person shooter video game... too late and you lose, too early and you lose, too. I'll be teaching timing as well as entry/exit trade management throughout Trade Mastery, because I agree, timing is absolutely essential to "get right".. and practicing it with the exercises I'll be showing can help traders improve this must-know skill.

January 3rd, 1:04PM

" this looks like it could change my trading into my main income" - Mike T.

January 3rd, 12:58PM

"Acquired knowledge can never be lost, learn from the professional and get the best instrument to trade with." - Muhammed R.

January 3rd, 12:58PM

"want to manage my trade entry and exit and maintain focus and discipline with a good trading plan; thank you" - Mark F.

January 3rd, 12:51PM

" look forward to key support resistance information and how to look for turns versus trends" - Lary

January 3rd, 12:49PM

" i am very much looking forward to this webinar, as all of your webinars are so educational and helpful." - Tom N.

January 3rd, 12:43PM

"New 2012 trading plan, new attitude, new goals(patience, mastery, review and results" - Bill K.

January 3rd, 12:13PM

"(winning trade explained in FAS)... I used Ken's techniques to place my 1st and 2nd buy and sell zones, then avoided getting sucked in to a fake out of the 3rd buy/resistance zone on FAS.  I maximized my profits and minimized my losses thanks to your webinar!  Thanks Ken!!" - Tankobu F.

January 2nd, 9:38PM

"Effective coaching is the key to succeeding at Trading!" - Eric V.

January 2nd, 7:41PM

"Like the keep it simple approach. Plan your trade and trade your plan" - Erica I.

January 2nd, 6:47PM

"i'm finding moving average x overers are frustrating me in this choppy market,hoping your support & resistance recognition ideas will help me." - Barton M.

January 2nd, 4:33PM

"My problem is recognizing the right signals to trade. Hope to learn that. Cheers." - Tony L.

January 2nd, 4:23PM

"1) What patterns are you looking for besides the cup and handle?
2) I trade the e-mini futures. What time frames do you use to confirm your decisions? 3) Besides the adx are there other indicators you use?
4) Do you use other markets as leading indicators as too what direction the market you are trading will go?" - Bill G.

January 2nd, 3:58PM

" Thank you for the opportunity to learn from the best - to fine tune my trading skills !" - Derek A.

January 2nd, 3:30PM

"I like Ken's candid teaching in his webinar. He is one of the best teacher I have seen." - Tony L.

January 2nd, 2:26PM

"I would like to learn to recognize the right trading signals" - Lou V.

January 2nd, 1:45PM

"I think you nailed it with the troubles most traders have re:entries.stops. exits.false breakouts.pulling the trigger. money management. psychology.etc. I look forward to your webinar.You appear to be someone who talks to people,not at them. Best Wishes!" - John N.
Reply from Ken: Thanks, John -- great list of topics, those are all definitely on the list of what traders will be learning with Trade Mastery. And thanks, I try to talk with people, not at them like you say, good to see that comes across. I don't like the so-called gurus who talk down/at people and act like they're know it alls; the truth is that trading humbles us all from time to time, so when working together, I like to make things friendly, interactive in a positive team environment so we can all learn together. Thanks for posting; see you in the webinar.

January 2nd, 12:53PM

"Been watching and learning from your videos and have notice a positive difference in my trading profit wise. There is so much to learn and I feel here is where I'll learn to become a skilled and profitable trader." - Richard O.

January 2nd, 12:48PM

"Need better idea of consistant and reliable entry triggers!" - John N.

January 2nd, 12:25PM

"Just transitioning to full time trading...past experience has been most successful with 'selling' the market using spreads.  Will you touch on this style?  Hoping to transition into 'natural' (buying puts/calls)with training." - Donald R.
Reply from Ken: Hi Donald, the Trade Mastery training will cover a variety of real-market trading setups and strategies. Though I haven't focused on spread-trading yet, it's a good idea to see if it's of interest to the other traders. One thing I do in all my training is a) provide interactive Q&A for charts that traders want me to pull up, for specific answers, and b) add new topics based on what a majority of traders would like to see. Much of what I do is helping traders trade strong momentum intraday and swing trades, in addition to risk/money management/position scaling and the mental side of how to combine the technicals with a specific trading plan approach.

January 2nd, 12:18PM

I want to  learn the right trading signals so that I can make more money rather loosing it. Thanks." - Anit B.

January 2nd, 9:31AM

" Looking forward into your insight about making more winning trades in 2012." - Frank C.

January 2nd, 9:26AM

"I would like to learn how to keep my losses small and keep what gains I have made in the bank. The ability to find stocks that have the chance of moving. What to look for in a stock before buying. And what to look for before selling. Try to increase my profits over my losses." - Ed C.

January 2nd, 7:41AM

"I would like to improve my trading and become a consistent and profitable trader. Thank you in advance" - Netty P.

January 2nd, 3:32AM

"Starting out with small trades sure helps in letting go of fear of loss." - Joe N.

January 2nd, 3:05AM

"Listen guys!  Discipline and money management are much more important than your trading "system".  It may not be sexy, but understanding risk is THE way to profits. Learning more about money management and discipline can only help in ones trading, regardless of the system you use. Profitable 2012 to all out there!" - Johnny C.

January 2nd, 1:34AM

"This is the year I want to set up my own personal, organized, well thought out with discipline, way to day trade. Your Breakout Mastery webinar this last year has been  phenomenal in helping when to enter and exit, and
when you shouldn't be trading at all, especially in our current markets. I'm looking forward to your live preview of "Intro to Trade Mastery" Ken, and Happy New Year!." - Janice Lynn J.
Reply from Ken: Hi Janice Lynn, thanks — I appreciate your kind comments; glad to hear the Breakout Mastery training was phenomenal... it's been very popular with my traders. See you in Trade Mastery!

January 2nd, 1:26AM

" Learning about trading discipline and trading plans will help a lot." - Daniel N.

January 2nd, 1:23AM

"I am one of your followers more than 2 years. I firmly believe the coming event of Trade Mastery will further enhance my trading skills and money management." - Danny C.
Reply from Ken: Thanks for being with me for so long, Danny — glad to see you aboard, I'll be working hard to help you and the other traders with specific trading skills and money management tactics in Trade Mastery.

January 1st, 11:44PM

"I am interested in improving the accuracy of my trading signals so that I can use tighter stops.  Thanks" - David S.

January 1st, 9:31PM

"Great learning experience to understand the market movement" - Radhakisha B.

January 1st, 8:35PM

"Just watched your video "Trading Week Ahead". That's what I want to be able to do myself. Read stock charts like that and make my own decisions.
I never liked the idea of someone else telling me what stocks to buy.  I want the skills needed to make my own analysis. See you Thursday........" - Steve H.

January 1st, 7:38PM

"To avoid being whipsawed, Ken can show us how to stay focused and disciplined, which is crucial in today's market." - Maria K.

January 1st, 6:45PM

"Thanks Ken, I'm glad to be learning from a professional trader who is also a great instructor. I would me more confident in my trading if I could consistently tell a genuine high-probability setup from a market maker trap." - Vladimir G.
Reply from Ken: Thanks for posting, Vladimir... there are indeed a number of mm/specialist/HFT traps to avoid that can be detected, plus countermeasures we can use as traders to help get into potentially higher-probability setups. The key is being selective to enter patterns that are So strong, they "override" any shenanigans/traps that market makers throw at us. And yes I'll provide training in that as well, as it's especially valuable for experienced (and new) traders to learn, in Trade Mastery coaching..

January 1st, 3:05PM

"Determining the trend is the most difficult part in the present market environment trading the Forex.What indicaters will predict best when a run is exhausted?" - Thomas E.

January 1st, 1:23PM

"Dear Ken, a Happy New Year. I want to be able to look at a chart and identify proper entry and exit strategies as well as trade managment. I believe, I am able to learn this skills from Ken." - Jorge M.

January 1st, 6:59AM

" I would like  learn from a professional trader how to spot the right entry and exit points. Thanks in advance." - Helmut

January 1st, 4:35AM

"I have been studying trading as a business for the past two years now.  I am a practicing Dentist; who after taking some hits from the economic downturn, reallized that I needed something to supplement my current income. I have reviewed some courses and have studied quite a bit about all aspects of trading.  I have become very passionate about trading and am looking forward to utilizing your teachings to help me make it to the next level of being a full time trader.  I am excited for what the future will bring." - Tim H.
Reply from Ken: Hi Tim, good approach to treat it like a business (I look at all trading ideas as "tests" to be done inexpensively, that's from my quality engineer/statistician background); then scale up and standardize once you find something that works consistently. I get a lot of professionals as traders with me, welcome aboard. You can think of me like a "practice management consultant" for trading.

January 1st, 1:26AM

"Ken's info always is cutting edge if u want to stay on top" - TR

December 31 10:17PM

" I want to know the best entry and exit strategy in day trading....
Thanks for this wonderful oppourtunity" - Thakshna

December 31 10:10PM

"i am hoping to learn more about risk management and exiting out of trades.many thanks" - Dan

December 31 9:40PM

"Controlling the emotions of fear and greed, ability to focus and pull the trigger at the right time with confidence - learn the psychology of trading discipline - yes and thanks! Happy New Year!" - Ruzena K.
Reply from Ken: Hi Ruzena, right... what's been missing from most of the trader coaching I've seen others do, is not just the psychology alone, because simply nagging traders to 'have discipline' doesn't work; nor does having them only do a trading journal; it takes more.

Instead, combining specific "mental toughness" conditioning I teach along with a specific trading process that includes entry and exit signal-setting plus risk management/scaling using P&Ls. I teach traders how to do this as a specific, easy-to-follow system in the upcoming Trade Mastery coaching. See you in the webinars; thanks for writing in, and Happy New Year to you and everyone here, it's great to see such a super turnout.

December 31 9:22PM

"I want to be profitable in 2012. I have tried those indicator software and they do not seem to be working. I want to be able to look at a chart and identify proper entry and exits like the professionals. I believe I am able to learn this from Ken." - Wayne B.
Reply from Ken: Thanks, Wayne .. and you're right, indicator software is NOT what works; I have yet to see testimonials or proof from anyone who has solely used overpriced software to become a winning trader. It bugs me to see overpriced $1000+ "magic" software being sold, because it simply doesn't work (it's not that easy). It's what you said, being able to develop the skill to look at a chart and identify the right entry and exit trigger points that makes for a good trader. And risk management, and the right frame of mind to trade logically like a professional. See you in the webinar!

December 31 9:12PM

"Looking forward to learning how to be disciplined with trade management, getting into best entry & exist strategies  including correct stop loss." - Jacqueline P.

December 31 8:24PM

"Always interested in new and valuable info to improve trading." - John L.

December 31 8:19PM

"I woud like to learn more about entry and exit strategies as well as trade management." - Jay B.

December 31 8:04PM

"Looks good I'm looking forward to the webinar." - Darrell B.

December 31 6:30PM

"Ken always delivers- I'd hate to miss it!" - Hal H.

December 31 5:24PM

"I need to learn how to keep my stops small and when to take profits. Ken gives trading 'edges' that work!" - Robert R.

December 31 5:06PM

"Ready to go from dastardly to mastery" - Russ W.

December 31 5:02PM

"Mastering trade management (stop loss, entry, exit) to be consistent is on top of my list." - Gilles B.

December 31 4:55PM

"Dear Ken, Happy New Year and thank you for being simply the best at what you do, no holes barred, 100%  you know how good you are and that self-confidence, self-belief inspires me to be more of who I can be.  I am the richer, I hope to be, for it.  Thank you and may 2012 be the very best year for your family and yourself.  Kind regards" - Humphrey S.

December 31 4:50PM

"I'd like most to learn about the best entry & exit strategies, as well as corresponding "stop loss" tactics to avoid getting stopped out pre-maturely" - Allan S.

December 31 3:55PM

" developing a consistent trading method and learning what trades to avoid!" - Ben D.

December 31 3:41PM

" I am looking for for this webinar. I know you are an excellent trader and teacher." - Sam E.

December 31 2:57PM

"Sometimes the hardest part of trading is having the disipline to stick to your trading plan. When the market throws a curve ball it is easy to get off target and keep focus on the rules that keep you from incurring large losses.

I look forward to any new techniques that will help me keep my discipline while in the heat of trading." - Marc P.
Reply from Ken: Right, Marc, I've been there myself. Quick tip: if you incorrectly trade ANY instrument more than 3 times in a row and lose all 3 times in a row (it'll happen, frequently I've found); then stop trading it for a one-week "time out" period, and trade other instruments instead. For example during recent market chop I was getting stopped out in my FAZ etf trades more often, so I traded lighter size and also traded less often for that, since I wasn't winning as much as I wanted, trading other instruments (like GMCR/NFLX for example) instead. Discipline is key; strategy is how to implement, which is what I teach in Trade Mastery. See you there!

December 31 1:54PM

"Lets get going.... I want to learn more. Can't wait for the webinar" - Marsha S.

December 31 3:29AM

" I want to learn how to master the discipline of the emotions of fear and greed that cause too many early entrance and exits in my trades." - Edwin M.

December 30 8:13PM

"Keep up the good work!!!   After four years it is finally paying off!" - Gerald J.

December 30 6:29PM

"what is/should be the maximum risk per trade?" - Bob G.
Reply from Ken: Hi Bob — congrats, that's the SINGLE most important question a trader should ask themselves, before every trade. Every single time. How far will I let it go against me before taking a stop? . Personally I prefer using a dollar-based stop rather than a percentage one, because I trade for money as my goal, so every dollar counts. A rough rule of thumb I use as a goal for my own trades is, no more than $20-$40 for a day trading stop loss, and no more than $120-$150 for a swing trading stop loss. I scale into trades, starting off small.

That goes a long way toward taking emotion out of the equation, if you start off tiny-size in trades, then add only to winners, versus going in too heavy; for example 4 contracts (ES) or 400+ shares (stock/ETFs) or 5+ lots (Forex) etc. Starting small, so stops can be as small as possible, is one key to success.

December 30 5:50PM

"Ken, I read your email at the perfect time - at the end of 2011. I want 2012 to be my "turn the corner" year. Your comments about discipline and consistency definitely apply to me." - Peter A.

December 30 5:45PM

" I would love to find out more about this training!" - Zaiby A.

December 30 3:56PM

"Keep up the good work. Best trading educator ever!" - Chas E.

December 30 2:56PM

"I'm always looking for knowledge and a trading edge. Ken's videos help provide both." - David V.

December 30 2:18PM

"Being able to recognise real reversal points, and avoid false reversals." - Alan G.

December 30 6:06AM

"It would be great knowing with confidence when to pull the trigger, being disciplined, and first of all finding the actual moving stocks." - James K.

December 30 3:29AM

"My first time with Ken was the forex breakouts and it was cool. I believe this will be cool as well." - Christopher E.

December 30 2:21AM

"Trade Mastery gives the formula of:
Technical Analysis + Psychology + Money Management = complete trader"
- Keat L.

December 29 11:58PM

"If you trade then Ken is the cutting edge for active traders" - T.S.

December 29 11:39PM

"Your webinars have helped me become a better trader. I would like to hear how you integrate various signals & indicators to make better trade selections." - Barry S.

December 29 9:37PM

"Ken, I like what I learn in your presentations and especially how much information that you squeeze into a short amount of time." - Mike H.
Reply from Ken: Thanks, Mike — I work hard to provide a lot of detailed "mechanics" of step by step training, a lot of information quickly. I am not patient; many of the trading webinars I've seen by others are vague powerpoint dull boring ones, which I don't like. Personally I like to be fast, efficient, hands-on, practical and focused to deliver the maximum amount of value in a short timeframe. And right, since I provide downloadable high-resolution .wmv videos of my webinars, traders can take time to go back and review the presentations so that they have plenty of time to review and replay the content so they "get it". See you in the training!

December 29 3:56PM

"It has been very refreshing, educational and informative to me by attending some of your webinars. There is no doubt that many will benefit from your new feature of webinars." - Tewolde M.

December 29 3:15PM

"have read a lot about you and what you do for traders,,especially struggling traders.Would love to be on your training course" - Sharmas

December 29 2:11PM

"Always innovative, always original , one of a kind educator" - Vic S.

December 29 2:05PM

" I am ready to change my life.  I know nothing about trading for a living or where to start.  I am currently reading books about candlestick charts, bollinger bands, MACD.  I need to learn a daily trading routine.  Can you please teach me what to do in the hours before the market opens, what to do during market hours, what to do after the market closes?  Can you also please explain why you do the things you do during your trading day routine?  Thank you for your time" - D.

December 29 1:20PM

"Your building trader confidence is impresive which is the key for any proffesion particullarly for forex trader becasue intiative got to be taken.
Regards" - F.Z.

December 29 1:15PM

"Ken is a successful trader with great knowledge. I think he will be a good teacher." - Les O.

December 29 12:21PM

"I'm ready for a "make over". I'm looking forward for furthering my knowledge base with Ken. He is the best." - Jim B.

December 29 12:04PM

"thank you, i have learned a lot from your tapes." - Tom M.

December 29 11:47AM

"This is a must see webnar for me. If anyone can help teach me to make winning trades... Ken can!" - Marsha S.

December 29 10:48AM

"I am profitable several days but out of a sudden I get surprises by an unexpected spike down or up, like the downturn of the Euro on 27 th dec, which destroys a lot of former wins. What is possible to protect myself in these cases?" - Juerge H.

December 29 10:47AM

"As a beginning trader i"m constantly getting beaten up by the forex market. I stay in too long and get out too early. (Fear and greed?) 80% of my trades are losers. I'm anxious to learn anything that will help me to reverse that trend." - Nick C.

December 29 10:46AM

"It would be great knowing with confidence when to pull the trigger, being disciplined, and first of all finding the actual moving stocks." - Kate X.

December 29 10:32AM

"I follow your webinars over 2 years. Your coaching improves my
trading.I am eager to attend the coming Trade Mastery session." - Danny C.

December 29 10:31AM

"Trading the market is knowing oneself.    The ups and downs of the market, because it is driven by people, is comparable to the ebb and flow within ourselves.    Our own personal mental turbulence needs to be conquered often before trading comes together and offers consistent profitability.  The proper coaching, education and psychology must met at the crossroad for me to find success." - Wendy M.
Reply from Ken: Very insightful, Wendy. That's one thing I'm finding is true, in talking with traders (like when I spoke at last month's Las Vegas Traders' Expo), is that having the technical entry/exit skills alone, is not enough. That's why my three-pronged approach combines technical patterns with trade/risk management and the mental/psychological 'strength conditioning' needed for trading. Recognizing a great breakout pattern by itself is not enough, if a trader makes the mistakes of either a) incorrectly managing trade size/stops, or b) doesn't pull the trigger because they're uncertain. All 3 are needed for successfully trading like a professional trader... which is what you'll get in Trade Mastery.

December 29 9:29AM

"I'M kind of new to trading, only been trading for a little over a year. Towards the end of the year I found you, what a relief. Most of my money spent on trading "training" was junk! You get to the point, and show direct ways to enter/exit, set up...etc. Honestly I need help in all aspects of trading. Thanks for all you do  for the common trader." - Kevin L.

December 29 9:54AM

"My goal is to be able to swing trade with the leverage of options. Can you help me?" - Martin A.

December 29 9:29AM

"Getting into a trade is easy. I need a little more help managing it once I am in it and then gettig out with a profit" - Bill B.

December 29 9:13AM

"Have been trading for two years. My biggest problem is pulling the trigger. Coaching is absolutely essential. To have a coach "hold my hand" and walk me through real-time trades really boosts my confidence. I want a coach to talk through the psychology of the market as the trade progresses and the signals on the chart that correspond with that psychology so I can avoid traps and losses." - Sherri C.

December 29 8:55AM

"How do I know when it is safe to re-enter a trend on a long run?" Blair D.

December 29 4:30AM

"Once you have placed a small pilot trade based on a 2 day high, and you are in a profitable position, how do you place additional trades in the direction of the trend and where do you place stops so as not to be stopped out prematurely?  Will the course teach this to me?" - Bill P.

December 28 8:16PM

"My tradeing partner thinks the world Kens mastery in forex strategies." - Willie P.

December 28 2:52PM

"I learned many good tactics from ken in his ETF'S mastery course and am willing to learn more about the important aspects of trading, starting from the mental setup that is so crucial for successful trading.
Thank you Ken!" - Dan G.

December 28 1:15PM

"The most important thing I'd like to learn is how to avoid and minimize losses in my trading." - Ephran Y.

December 28 12:46PM

"I learned a great amount on your ADX seminar and looking forward to learning more on discipline." - Dennis D.

December 28 12:13PM

"Thanks for the invite to preview your new year of "Trade Mastery". Your webnars are always packed with sound ways to find profit in the market." - Lou B.

December 28 9:10AM

"I wish to avoid trading pitfalls by learning from the REAL Master" - Henry O.

December 28 8:12AM

"I am looking forward to become a better trader and more discipline in my stop losses which always kills me i just want to be able to manage my trades better so i can succeed in the future" - Ana C.

December 28 5:35AM

"I appreciate your insights into ADX, divergence and breakouts. Seems your risk management is excellent. Your scaling techniques are good. Thanks" - Bob B.

December 28 1:50AM

"Hi Ken - I like to learn more from you about gaps and breakouts as well as any insight you have on options trading.  Thank you." - Robert N.

December 28 1:02AM

"I am new to forex trading and I am looking forward to learning and getting new strategies from a real trader." - Camille R.

December 27 11:45PM

"Ken always delivers- looking forward to the presentation." - Hal H.

December 27 11:44PM

"Knowing when to enter,and exit trades is what I really want to know. Also,the discipline involved in trading!" - Mohamed K.

December 27 11:38PM

" I always find Ken's training materials interesting and thought provoking.  Do yourself a favour and register !!" - Richard B.

December 27 10:47PM

"I'm always looking to hone my skills with the technicals in multiple time frames.  2011 was a great year with Ken.  Looking forward to 2012." - Keith R.

December 27 7:59PM

"I hope to aquire some of your knowledge and trading skills." - Tom B.

December 27 6:43PM

"Sounds like 2012 is going to be a great year for learning about the markets....with discipline, having a trading plan and what technicals to use on our stocks." - Jean

December 27 5:32PM

"Trade Mastery sounds like a potential solution for traders who need help getting their trading moving in the right direction." - Hermann A.

December 27 5:04PM

"the area I need the most work on is the set up to enter and when to exit." - Ralph H.

December 27 4:58PM

"Mastery by definition can only be taught by a master trader.  IMO, Ken has the qualifications to deliver this." - Tim H.

December 27 4:44PM

"I have been trading for some three years with meagre success and I am looking for an edge to my entry and exit method." - George C.

December 27 4:25PM

"Have heard good things about you , would like to hear from you on a webinar .....thanks" - Sheamus

December 27 4:12PM

"When you are battling the market, Ken is the best corner guy you can have. Ken can turn your defeats into winners. Ken develops champions. I can't wait to start training." - Tyrone P.
Reply from Ken: Thanks, Tyrone .. that's a great compliment, much appreciated. I like what you said, about, "develops champions", like a trading coach in the corner of the ring. See you in the webinar!

December 27 3:29PM

"I'm only interested in listening to someone who actually trades." - Steve P.

December 27 2:30PM

"Ken, you opened my eyes to ways to make winning trades. I am interested in improving my trading further." - David R.

December 27 2:24PM

" It looks Like you have put a lot of thought into the website. good work." - David S.

December 27 2:19PM

"Im impressed with Ken credentials it shows he got what it takes to turn a novice trader into a proffesional one.." - Rodolfo V.

December 27 1:39PM

"Ken's plan should help focus on the timely turns.  Thanks." - Alj

December 27 12:45PM

"Ken provides good solid trading strategies to help one compete successfully in a volatile market." - Frank P.

December 27 12:25PM

"I was first introduced to Ken when I watch the Breakout webinar  with Ken and Peter Bain. I found the Cup stretagy to be quite interesting, I do see a lot of Cups on my charts. I also like that ken talks about the process that theres more to it then the trading plan. thats where I'm at after I open my trading application what are best steps to take to becoming a successful Trader." - Daniel P.


December 27 12:06PM

"I want to improve every aspect of my trading.  I've already followed a few of your teaching webinars and found content really helpful - some other trading coaches charge a lot more and deliver a lot less" - Stephen D.
Reply from Ken: Hi Stephen, thanks — it's great to hear that the training's been helpful. And right re pricing; you wont' see me overcharging like $1997 bs that marketers charge... I like to be trader-friendly with pricing, and high on credibility and focused on helping improve my traders' results, as my goal. Like my colleague Brian Tracy teaches, overdeliver at reasonable pricing & high quality, with credentials, to build loyalty. And thanks to all who've been posting kind words, I appreciate it!

December 27 12:01PM

"Can't wait to hear what Trade Mastery can do for my trading" - Darren S.

December 27 11:59AM

" looking forward to it.  the gap series was great.." - Ron R.

December 27 11:56AM

"Good to start the year with a reminder to trade smart" - Stephen C.

December 27 11:45AM

" It may help to lose less money" - Don K.

December 27 11:40AM

"Another fabulous opportunity to learn from a real trader. I definately am an active trader and always look forward to your next training webinar.." - Mike S.

December 27 11:35AM

" Looking forward to the presentation.  Have seen you at the traders expo before, want to learn more about the 1 min breakout strategy" - Todd M.

December 27 11:26AM

"Didn't know you have the degrees..Wow.  Looking forward to learning how to cultivate mental discipline and pick up real trading methods to do the trade as best possible." - Jim B.

December 27 11:23AM

"Learning how to trade from a master trader is a priceless experience." - Phillip B.

December 27 11:11AM

"From my experience with Ken for the past several years he is the real deal. If your really serious about your trading profits. I can highly recommend Intro to Trade Mastery." - Perry S.

December 27 11:10AM

"All too often its not lack of pattern recognition or knowing what to do in my trading that lets me down - its having the discipline to take only the right trades at the right time. Anything you can do to instill this vital skill in me, would be greatly appreciated Ken!" - Vince M.
Reply from Ken: Hey Vince, you bring up a good point... it's those blind spots for "what to do, when", that makes for some of the toughest experiences as a trader — defining the difference between marginal low-odds setups and ones that make sense. I'll show how to take the right trades at the right time throughout Trade Mastery training; key is to have a step by step process to fall back on, that works most of the time, as the goal. Before the webinar, you might want to check out this flowchart (I created the first one back in 2000-2001 for traders), then adapt/make your own, as a quick activity.

December 27 11:06AM

"Coaching helps expedite the learning process to a successful trading career" - Edward B.

December 27 10:57AM

"That a real trader teaches and to learn more about trading discipline and how to master it" - Karin D.

December 27 10:43AM

" I'm always interested in anything Ken teaches...looking forward to learning from trade mastery!" - Joel A.

December 27 10:37AM

"Through the years, I have taken numerous webinars and DVDs from Ken.  He is an exceptional instuctor who over delivers in the quality of his instructional materials." - Larry D.

December 27 10:32AM

"Ken is a wonderful teacher. I can't wait to see what he has in store for us in this new webinar." - Bill H.

December 27 10:09AM

"Always excited to learn from a professional." - Jens R.

December 27 10:07AM

"As someone who has attended one of your live events in Vegas, and know its value, I look forward to the same high quality information that we can use to continually better our trading! Thanks Ken for constantly updating your teachings to reflect real market conditions." - Sheldon B.
Reply from Ken: Hi Sheldon, thanks very much — I remember you from the MGM seminar; good to see you again as always in the online webinars... I appreciate the kind words, and right, with markets always changing (like the chop this last couple of months) we need new strategies to capitalize on the best patterns to trade. See you in the webinar.

December 27 10:07AM

"Can't wait Ken. I've been with you for 3 years now but never stop learning" - Bud S.

December 27 9:57AM

"I cant wait to see what this new program has to offer." - Fay U.

December 27 9:46AM

"Ken, your Trade Mastery sounds like just what I need for my trading.  Looking forward to the introductory webinar." - Jim W.

December 27 9:45AM

"I want to learn control my emotions in trading." - Michael B.
Reply from Ken: Right, Michael... fyi one of the most useful strategies I've found to help control emotions is to have a visual "map" or flowchart that shows from start to finish, what to do in each trade. Also starting each trade off very small (a mini-lot in forex, 1 contract in eminis, 10-20 shares in stocks/etfs) helps reduce emotions. In Trade Mastery I go beyond that to show new updated tactics as well for 2012... see you in the webinar!

December 27 9:39AM

"I am excited to learn new trading techniques." - Antonio V.

December 27 9:31AM

"I want to learn just a few technicals that truly count to the point where i have utmost confidence in myself, even when i fail on a trade or two, so i can finally trade instead of watching from the sidelines." - Tom N.

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