How to Manage Risk & Plan Your Trades

Created by Ken Calhoun



See How You Can Plan Your Trades
with Easy-to-Understand Strategies

Trading Plan Profits Will Show You:


Discover how to manage your trades from start to finish.

realized p&l

Learn pro tips for using unrealized vs realized P&Ls to trade.

outstanding entries

Managing your trade entries.


unlock tactics for achieving a laser-like focus during your trades.

instant action

Begin taking faster, immediate action to limit losses and scale into winners.

taking early wins

See how to start using a systematic approach for early profit-taking, fast.


Develop a personal action plan to provide structure to your trading each week.

Seeing how to trade, explained step by step so you instantly "get it"...can be one of the most valuable experiences you'll ever enjoy as a developing active trader.

Everything from keeping tracks of your unrealized P&Ls for each of your trades to trade management is now instantly available at your fingertips, thanks to this useful new training.

Just imagine... what if you were able to easily manage your "money flow" in and out of your trades (and know where to set your stops) every single day, like clockwork?

I'll show you exactly how to manage your trades for yourself, so it all makes sense.

Once you learn how to potentially avoid large stops, while adding to winning trades like us pros do, you can see for yourself how an experienced traders should be trading — but you've got to register to learn how.

You'll also learn my best techniques to help potentially save you from making costly P&L trading mistakes, and Replace what you're doing with successful strategies instead. This is one of the most important skills you can acquire as a trader.. is how to minimize stops, add to wins and use an "Active P&L Management" process whenever you trade.

PLUS - you'll also unlock many of my top trading strategies I've designed to help you learn exactly how to trade plus what to do once you're in a false breakout (or other losing trade, like a gap down) in this thoughtful training! World-class training you can depend on, at a bargain.

And that's what "Trading Plan Profits™" is designed to deliver... dozens of practical "how to" precision trading P&L strategies that can help you improve your trading success, fast...It's all quite exciting, because it's training that's designed to help you become an independent trader. Without any special software or costly indicators.

How Much Higher Could Your potential Trading Profits Be, If You Only Knew How to Trade these specific NEW Strategies with REAL Trader Ken Calhoun?

Thanks to "Trading Plan Profits™", you're about to discover how it all works for yourself (ideal for active swing & intraday traders, with step by step instructions).

How to Trade Using P&L Management, explained step by step. See how to manage your trading activity, PLUS the strongest signals to use when looking for new trade entries...

Now you'll see all-new updated tactics using practical trading examples you can learn from instantly... at your fingertips.

How to Enter and Exit Your Trades (featuring intelligent, easy-to-use tips you can start trading with immediately). This is where it starts getting really interesting...and where professional traders focus their energy on.

Using active P&L management helps you whenever need to know exactly how to manage your trades with position sizing, to add to winning positions, using new chart patterns for today's markets... you'll see how these work in this practical training.

How to quickly transform your approach to trading. My training has taught thousands of traders worldwide how to literally transform their trading skills to become more professional, more cautious, and more focused... now it's your turn.

Trading Plan Profits will reveal the "before-after" trading changes you need to make in your trading skills, explained so you can use them — fast. Because seeing the differences between how you're currently trading versus how you should be trading with P&Ls are vitally important for you to learn.

How to manage your trades, confirm good entries, and use a "dynamic P&L" trading approach to give you a process that you can use to make your trading life easier. Having a step by step process that keeps your stop-out costs as small as possible, while getting you in on the strongest swing trades available, is a critical skill that you'll be learning with me.

My goal is to help you trade responsibly, carefully, and successfully every time you put on a new swing trade. If you've ever wondered how to trade with more confidence, discipline, intelligence and potential success, then you'll be thrilled to learn everything we have to offer in this training.

You'll learn how to honestly trade from a credible, trusted industry trading pro, the right way. Go ahead and register your spot right now!

Featuring REAL-Money actual trade examples from Ken's IB & Fidelity accounts.

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Per compliance regulations we do not make any profitability nor performance promises nor claims of any kind; trading is a high-risk, speculative activity and most traders incur trading losses. All information is for educational and informational use only; consult with a registered investment advisor prior to making trading decisions.

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