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no compensation is ever paid for any testimonial.

November 18th 8:08PM

“always good to hear from a real trader not just a marketer” – Jen K.

November 18th 8:20PM

“consistence and discipline.Trading with a plan and rule based
Like sailing a ship with navigation than one without” – Raj J.

November 18th 8:03PM

“it helps me develops confidence when I do trading” – Cesar J.

November 18th 8:01PM

“organized method. having no plan or organization is cliche but the fact is you are planning to fail. If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there. I would rather have a map so I know where I am going.” – Perry M.

November 18th 7:59PM

“P&L management is essential to being a good trader. Looking forward to hearing Ken’s teaching on this.” – Stan G.

November 18th 7:51PM

“It’s the most important aspect of trading – knowing when and how to take profits” – MP.

November 18th 7:48PM

“gaps trading is strategy of interest” – Olin D.

November 18th 7:46PM

“I am grateful for any opportunity to learn from an experienced trader! ” – Deborah D.

November 18th 7:44PM

“Thank you for the flowchart Ken. There are some additions I need to add to my trading plan.I look forward to getting more information on scaling into and out of trades.” – John L.

November 18th 7:40PM

“always wanted to learn how manage active positions while scaling in and out” – Vlad S.

November 18th 7:34PM

“To have a step by step action plan to trade the markets profitably would allow me to focus on those points where I need improvement. Looking forward to a great webinar!” – Timothy D.

November 18th 7:23PM

“Always need a good solid trading plan to succeed.” – Wi H.

November 18th 7:14PM

“Ken is a great teacher and a true trader. learned lots and more to go.” – Dale S.

November 18th 7:08PM

“great info, strategies and good explanation. thanks” – S.

November 18th 7:01PM

“As widely known trade management is the part that determines, whether you end up as a successful trader or no.” – Primoz R.

November 18th 6:57PM

“looking for a way to make an income to supplement my pension… looking for a more reliable way to trade successfully” – Nora H.

November 18th 6:54PM

“I need a plan to manage my trades according to Ken’s trading style; just price action, no indicators, taking profits quickly and no letting the losses grows.” – Josefina H.

November 18th 6:48PM

“looking forward to learning meaningful strategies” – George W.

November 18th 6:36PM

“Best are simple, bigger profits and when to add.” – Patsy G.

November 18th 6:34PM

“You teaching has never steered me wrong. I always look forward to your webinars.” – Ty F.

November 18th 5:53PM

“I would like to turn my equity curve into a positive one. Looking forward to learning” – Michelle C.

November 18th 5:23PM

“Cant wait to see how to make the best plan possible” – Ted J.

November 18th 5:05PM

“It is dynamic and easy to follow. Gives you decision making help to enter and take max profits.” – Diane V.

November 18th 4:46PM

“Try first if it will work then it is good.” – Ashok S.

November 18th 4:26PM

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! Re Intro video, I am No.2 and No. 3 repeat offender. Looking for insight to turn the tide from Ken’s roadmap.” – Don M.

November 18th 4:16PM

“To effectively pick the right stocks to trade and manage the winning trade.” – Kris T.

November 18th 3:43PM

“I can’t wait. I always learn something new and its helps increase the bottom line. Looking forward to (the) webinar.” – Perry S.

November 18th 3:32PM

“Best is the word “profits” something Ken manages to achieve…” – Ted R.

November 18th 2:26PM

“Always open to new ideas and know how. Thanks” – Austin F.

November 18th 10:24PM

“I really endorse yr idea of breaking important concepts down by flow charting.Looking fwd to web/video.” – Ian P.

November 18th 2:12PM

“I would like to know what I do wrong in my current trading process. The Flow Chart is great. Thank you.” – Al S.

November 18th 12:21PM

“This gives people a plan that is easy to understand and follow” – Alan P.

November 18th 11:31AM

“I like Ken’s teaching style of taking small losses and profits along the way. Scaling in and out of position has been a great technique for me.” – Joe C.

November 18th 10:24AM

“I really endorse yr idea of breaking important concepts down by flow charting.Looking fwd to web/video.” – Ian P.

November 18th 11:29AM

“Looking forward to Ken’s no nonsense teaching on this topic.” – David W.

November 18th 11:28AM

“It makes perfect sense and I can see where it will help the required discipline necessary to make consistently profitable trading decisions.
Thanks Ken!.” – Debbie N.

November 18th 11:08AM

“I have been working on my trading plan for a while and can’t seem to complete it, something seems missing.” – Nadia B.

November 18th 11:05AM

“I would like to learn more about active money management. .” – Mike M.

November 18th 11:02AM

“Ken I am looking forward to learning more from you in this upcoming
webinar. You always deliver great content. Thank you” – Bob R.

November 18th 11:00AM

“Simple and to the point energetic presentation.” – Vic S.

November 17th 10:24PM

“I really endorse yr idea of breaking important concepts down by flow charting.Looking fwd to web/video.” – Ian P.

November 17th 7:57PM

“To make a living and build wealth.” – Kris T.

November 17th 2:20PM

“entry and exit points adding to strong positions and knowing when to get out of trades and bottom line to Make Money.” – Phil O.

November 17th 11:46AM

“I like the idea of exact entry and exit. Thanks.” – Laura C.

November 16th 11:25PM

“In courses many techniques are explained, but Management is rarely fully covered, it is the most important part of trading; proper execution, proper timing, and simple rules that can be easily followed are essentials on any trading plan that consistently generates profits.” – Juan S.

November 16th 5:22PM

“Ken’s webinars have taught me some new tricks for an old dog and I can’t wait to learn some more. Thanks” – Joel G.

November 16th 5:01PM

“Flight plans, dive plans,tactical plans or Trade Plans are all the Crucial link to a successful or rewarding outcome.” – Craig G.

November 16th 4:06PM

“The problems you mentioned are trading problems that exist for me, so I’m looking forward to seeing Trading Plan Profits!” – Lisa L.

November 16th 2:58PM

“I like the idea of being able to make bigger winning trades more often. Also to help reinforce all the education that I have already learned from Ken. I also think that the flowchart is a great idea with a breakdown of all the steps to make more successful trade setups, execution and profit-taking.” – Edwin P.

November 16th 2:24PM

“Ken’s methods always mean success and profits. Managing my account can be improved.” – Anne D.

November 16th 1:54PM

“As a perpetual student of trading, I’m always open to seeking out new information from proven credible sources. This webinar fits the bill” – Spencer Y.

November 16th 9:52AM

“Hi Ken: Your flowchart for the Trading Plan Profits is an excellent idea and even though I like it but what I am wondering whether it would work for Forex..? Thank you.” – Santokh R.

November 16th 8:18AM

“Thanks Ken, the flowchart is very good…made a copy and have it right on my desk. Thanks” – Kathy M.

November 16th 6:09AM

“Too many educators, focus exclusively on technical strategy whilst de-emphasizing the importance of a solid plan to reduce emotions from the decision making process. It’s good to see an educator highlighting the importance of good planning. As usual kens cutting through the hype and giving you the hidden gems.

Thanks Ken” – Lerone C.

November 16th 5:57AM

“Trading should be a systematic process as defined by rules in your trading plan, for both analysis and then for trading.
Hence the process in for the form of a flow chart stuck on the wall next to one’s desk could be really helpful!” – Geoffrey K.

November 15th 10:34PM

“Organize and Plan for Proper method and discipline of entering and exiting trade for Profit and minimize loss.” – Mukesh C.

November 15th 10:03PM

“what a great trading check list provided to all of us. thank you” – Lou B.

November 15th 9:50PM

“I have been at this a long time.The Trading Plan is organized structured and repeatable. I’m looking forward to hearing more.” – Don B.

November 15th 8:48PM

“anything that will help make money” – Bob E.

November 15th 8:04PM

“Excellent outline – Well organized – Easy to understand and follow –
Thank you..” – Theodora Q.

November 15th 11:27AM

“looking for good entry and exits positions” – Norm W.

November 15th 4:13PM

“Ken is an expert in teaching trading and is completely genuine in his approaches.” – Melvin C.

November 15th 3:20PM

“Frankly it gives me the opportunity Ken to attempt to match not only your methods but your efficient and quick mind although it is a leap.” – Ron C.

November 15th 2:11PM

“sounds interesting to cover some of the basics which I am missing in my trades” – Mike T.

November 15th 2:00PM

“”Trading Plan Profits” provides a clear-cut systematic approach to trading that overcomes the tendency to use “gut-feelings” for making trading decisions. Having an engineering and systems background, I love flowcharts because they provide non-ambigious action/status and outcome states that characterize a system and therefore provide great assistance in the the complex arena of trading, especially short-term (day and short-swing)trading. Ken thanks for sharing your knowledge!.” – Marvino H.

November 15th 1:05PM

“I think it will (help) many traders. To trade you need systematic aproach” – Ann S..

November 15th 12:51PM

“…another tool within the traders toolbox to help saving $$.” – Larry D.

November 15th 12:20AM

“having a plan will take the emotions out of the trade and in return give your trading a more constant format of winning trades.” – Dale R.

November 15th 11:44AM

“Developing and following the right trading plan to make and keep profits is important to me. With a plan to follow I can concentrate on more trades and potentially more profits..” – Stan D.

November 15th 11:27AM

“It shows me when to exit and enter the trade.Shooting star,hanging man,inverted harmer and hammer and engulfing candle signals can help me to enter and exit the trades.” – Jackson C.

November 15th 11:18AM

“You won’t get anywhere without a proper trading plan. This looks like a well rounded approach. Looking forward to seeing how the professionals do it.” – Paul L.

November 15th 10:55AM

“I have not seen it yet. Hope it will cover Forex markers.” – Andre O.

November 15th 10:54AM

“one of my trading faults is I don’t stick to a plan and you are the best trader I have seen” – John H.

November 15th 10:31AM

“It seems to be proven technic not just a theory so will give it a shot for sure” – Hubert M.

November 15th 9:19AM

“Trading plan profits will keep you focused on what you have determined to be you trading approach and keep you out of impulse trades that often fail or aren’t the right timing for entering the trade.” – Dave G.

November 14th 3:20PM

“Can you suggest a target profit for small trades such as, 20-30shares.
How many unfilled and open trades do you suggest at one time.
Also, what is your suggested stop loss and scale-in price.


PS: I enjoy your Sat morning 20 minute webinar.” – Jack S.

November 14th 12:01PM

“The BEST it,s in the PROFIT because almost always whe are dealing only with TRADING PLANS. It will be the BEST Trading Plan Profits iff you’ll “keep it simple” as always.” – Catalin B.

November 14th 11:25AM

“Although I’m not an “active” trader, I have problems, you might have solutions to them. Your approach may help me make money.” – Robert P.

November 14th 10:50AM

“AThe usual: How to give enough air on the downside to “let winners run,” while at the same time being able to “cut losers early?”…. What’s the definition of a “minor gap” (as opposed to any other type of gap)?…”
Thanks” – Rick O.

November 14th 10:39AM

“Your strategy follows my trading habits that I’ve always said, keep your losses small, set the stops tight. However, my mistake was listening to others who set stops at 5% to 8%. I kick myself for it. Never again.” – Rick L.

November 14th 10:28AM

“Looking forward to Ken’s trading process from start to finish. Always important to have a good plan!” – Doug S.

November 14th 10:27AM

“I’ve always heard that simple is better. I’m looking at too many indicators and would like to make more focused trades that make sense. That’s what Ken does with minor gaps and he has a great sense of what etf’s are best to trade.” – Sue A.

November 14th 10:26AM

“Learn how to make profits on the right side of the market!” – Gil T.

November 14th 10:25AM

“Aiming to learn how to game plan and protect capital! ” – Isaac W.

November 14th 10:09AM

“You’ll hear trading rationale and see concise entries and exits.” – Alex M.

November 14th 9:57AM

“learning an effective process is vital for success” – Paul R.

November 13th 12:24PM

“Always innovative,one of a kind original thinker” – Vic S.

November 13th 5:10AM

“Still can’t keep losses small so I need this.” – Mike T.

November 13th 4:44AM

“i like to getting momentum trading” – Elimelech F.

November 12th 9:08PM

“Many times, we get the trend right, but we fail to add, when the trade goes in our favor. Managing your stop losses and adding to positions without taking more risk would be a great trading idea to learn.” – E.E.

November 12th 7:05PM

“your explaining what professional traders do, has shown me the logic and wisdom of following a well thought out plan to profits. it makes sense as you explain it, and in practice, well its nice to understand what the market is doing and when there is danger how to exit. profits do take care of themselves, and my winning trades (although small) are more consistent than ever. thanks ken, you make trading fun!!!” – Phil F.

November 12th 6:06PM

“Hi Ken. I like the idea of having a simple, straight forward trading plan the eliminates the guesswork of making entries and exits and for managing active trades. Looking forward to the Trading Plan Profits webinar! ” – Dave B.

November 12th 4:46PM

“Learning how to better protect myself with meaningful stops.” – Peter T.

November 12th 4:11PM

“Ken is a trusted resource for learning how to trade properly. My past experience with him has corrected many mistakes and given me a fresh outlook on my trading potential. This course should be no different!” – Steve M.

November 12th 2:23PM

“Profit is why we trade. To learn how to increase profits and minimise losses sounds great.” – Ian F.

November 12th 2:08PM

“This will help me to say on course and not be side tracked by my emotions.” – Don W.

November 12th 12:52PM

“this is best subject i haver ever seen” – Sohail A.

November 12th 12:33PM

“Using a trading plan is a great way to stay ‘on course’ and determine where certain weaknesses are in your trading. Cannot wait to see how p&l management can be implemented within a trade plan.” – Alan J.

November 12th 12:07PM

“Have got to cut minimize the losses.” – Rez H.

November 12th 11:24AM

“The idea of being able to better plan trades ahead of time properly.” – Donna S.

November 10th 3:12AM

“Always good to learn what professional traders are looking for in swing and daytrades and Ken does a great job in sharing these ideas.” – Noel P.

November 9th 11:44PM

“I want to trade with confidence and make consistent winning trades.” – Nick K.

November 9th 11:38PM

“Understanding turning points with volume from institutional trades and identifying stops and targets.” – Dan M.

November 9th 7:16PM

“Ken is the real deal when it comes to trading. I know, I have been following him for over 10 years. I can’t wait to hear about “Trading Plan Profits”.” – Perry S.

November 9th 5:28PM

“I like the closer stops ideas.” – Robert Y.

November 9th 4:16PM

“trading stocks is a big learning process.there are many aspects of day trading that any new trader has to master.some of these challenges or aspects of trading are:scanning for stocks,entries and exits,position sizing,and tape reading,and stop loss for both swing and day trading.” – Mohamed A.

November 9th 2:35PM

“this will force you to follow a trading plan and not let your emotions control your trading” – Don W.

November 9th 2:10PM

“Profitable trading depends only (I believe) on RISK Management. If that is in check, the right trading psychology comes with it. That’s why I would like to learn about this from a real pro: Ken..” – Kate X.

November 9th 11:58AM

“It would be great to learn how to create a trading plan and not
continue to “wing it” on a daily basis. I’m sure it would help
my P/L statement.” – Jean J.

November 9th 10:29AM

“Been following since the beginning, always great content to use making profit, thanks Ken!” – Dennis S.

November 9th 7:32AM

“Another great webinar by Ken Calhoun, I’m looking forward to it as always.” – Dee X.

November 9th 4:26AM

“Looking forward to learn how to control my trades properly.” – Maria C L.

November 9th 2:26AM

“To be able to sharpen the skills that Ken has already taught me. I know that I still have a lot more to learn from this wizard!” – Edwin P.

November 9th 1:28AM

“Trading like a professional is all about discipline and following a structured plan….I’m hoping Ken will share his secrets with us all! ” – Marc F.

November 9th 12:23AM

“I seem to have a problem setting a stop as soon as I get into a trade. I can track a profit tightly with a stop but if the trade isn’t profitable right away, I wait to long to protect the principal. I would love to get some direction on setting stops on option plays at the time of entry.” – Bob K.

November 8th 10:22PM

“after years of learning and praising, i am still losing money in trading.hope your trading plan may help me out” – Gopalan D.

November 8th 9:42PM

“Am interested to learn how to improve my monthly swing trading performance to above breaking even levels” – Lou B.

November 8th 7:49PM

“Entering a trade is just the start. Managing the trade and exiting the trade are the tricky parts. Any help in that area would be valuable.” – Michael P.

November 8th 7:28PM

“I generally just keep an “idea” of a plan in mind when I trade and wind up not following even that through. I need a concise plan to execute and follow through on my trades to put the odds more in my favor.

Thanks Ken” – Craig G.

November 8th 6:47PM

“Trading Plan Profits puts in place a systematic approach to trading. Starting from the start of the day before the markets open to enter a trade, managing the trade, exiting a trade & the end of day analysis of the trading day. ” – Frenchie B.

November 8th 6:09PM

“I have always been interested in scaling into trades and being able to scale into trades means taking less risk initially and solidly building up winning trades while using tight stops means that i can focus on timing. Trading fx and look forward to Ken’s webinar.” – Leslie B.

November 8th 3:21PM

“looking forward to the precision trading skills” – Diane O.

November 8th 5:03PM

“Its trading strategies is simple, powerful and repeatable.” – John C.

November 8th 3:51PM

“that you can have more losing trades vs. winning trades and still make a living trading” – Dale

November 8th 3:21PM

“would like to learn your system as my profits/loss is opposite of yours. large losses and small profits” – Tovia L.

November 8th 2:56PM

“Trading plan is the first step to transition from a hobby trader to a pro trader. Good start from here, with a real trader like Ken.” – Sean H.

November 8th 2:52PM

“not losing as much with smaller stops.” – Wyn S.

November 8th 2:21PM

“Looking forward for P&L Management tips which will make trading more profitable.” – Henry M.

November 8th 2:20PM

“Increasing profitable trades and limiting loses” – Steven R.

November 8th 2:18PM

“how to keep the stop small and make more money.” – SP A.

November 8th 2:17PM

“Learning when/how to most efficiently take profits/cut losses.” – Al M.

November 8th 1:59PM

“To view how a pro traders plan is set out and followed” – Kelvin D.

November 8th 1:11PM

“That webinar would lay the ground work for some of us who doesn’t have a plan in effect.” – Sydney J.

November 8th 1:10PM

“can keep losses small and increase your confidence ” – Mike T.

November 8th 1:08PM

“Without a good trading plan, you are pretty much gambling. I would love to see how you put together a profitable trading plan.” – DT

November 8th 12:47PM

“A simple trading plan sounds great from someone who falls victim to information overload.” – Donald M.

November 8th 12:42PM

“Learning from a true trader and not just a marketer” – Jen R.

November 8th 12:25PM

“Looking forward to improving my trades using P&Ls, entries and limit the stops. Thanks for sharing so generously your knoweledge!” – Rita R.

November 8th 12:24PM

“I would love to learn more from Ken about Managing Profits after entering a trade.” – Rabee S.

November 8th 12:22PM

“learning to keep losses small and let winners run would be a big help” – Keith C.

November 8th 12:22PM

“I need to improve the CONSISTENCY of my tradig results!” – Charlie C.

November 8th 12:20PM

“I always like to know what the Pros, like yourself, are doing in managing their trading account. I stopped trading blindly 5 years ago. I have my simple plan and I am eager to hear yours. I enjoy your educational video packages. I’m a more refined trader. ” – James W.

November 8th 12:19PM

“Great title! Plan your trade and trade your plan. And with Ken’s guidance that plan will equal profits.” – Jake B.

November 8th 12:11PM

“I am interested in the math behind scaling in and out.” – Marek C.

November 8th 11:51AM

“Leave it to Ken to put a new spin on his already substantial offerings. He always adds value as well as new and exciting trading techniques as he goes. Just when you thought you had it all, Ken will come up with ideas that are bound to add to your profits! I have taken several of Ken’s courses and webinars, and can say, with certainty, that you will be very satisfied with his “Trading Plan Profits”, as well as any other courses that you have an interest in! ” – Kenneth S.

November 8th 11:50AM

“I like that I will learn to add some rules around my trading which will not only add confidence but reduce the risk of costly mistakes.” – Andrew S.

November 8th 11:39AM

“Learning from a real trader has to be the only way to build confidence that profits can be made by the average retail trader. If Ken can show why he is looking at particular trades and then show the outcome this can only increase a traders confidence” – Jim N.

November 8th 11:23AM

“having the confidence that I am not being faked out and that the stop limit is not too tight at the proper bottom of a nice run up Thanks for your help” – Branden A.

November 8th 11:14AM

“Sounds like a good plan – easy and simple.” – Steve S.

November 8th 11:01AM

“The Trading Plan makes the decisions, so that I can just sit back and enjoy the ride. I like that!.” – Kevin W.

November 8th 10:53AM

“Finding good entry and exit points” – Norm W.

November 7th 1:55PM

“I am an avid ‘ Trading Week Ahead’ viewer. I’m looking forward to see how Ken is able to meld trading and account management together. It’s one thing to put on a profitable trade, it’s another talent to retain and add to the profits. Thanks Ken for another anticipated winner.” – Steve K.

November 7th 11:34AM

“Like having accurate buy and sell values in the best stocks, to avoid large losses.” – Robert P.

November 7th 10:26AM

“natural progression in my learning the correct way to trade and keep more of my profits instead of giving back to the market. thanks ken!!” – Phil F.

November 7th 10:03AM

“That’s it….trading ACTION plan Looking forward to stop the greed that sets in after placing a trade, must learn to take profit, any profit is good profit.” – Kathy M.

November 5th 1:39PM

“Ken is a gifted trader and teacher & I’m looking forward to this webinar.” – Barry S.

November 5th 12:27PM

“i like the fact that this will limit the Stop Loss to a bearable minimum, beter money management is the key to a successful trading career.” – Emmanuel K.

November 4th 10:01PM

“I’m looking forward to improving my placement of stops. I’m constantly getting stopped out, only to see the stock continue on up as my indicators seemed to suggest it would. then if I do get past the initial stop and breakeven, there’s the problem of where to place the trailing stop. And when to tighten it.
I need help with profits( I’m pretty good at losses) so look forward to the help with P/L Ken has so generously offered. Thank you!” – Meg M.

November 4th 7:46PM

“A rules based system. As I learn more about the art of daytrading, I realize that the rules are the thing that prevents the impulse trades. Impulse trades never end well.” – Mick M.

November 3rd 11:55PM

“Trading Plan Profits has new strategies & new tips for P&l.” – Mahendra B.

November 3rd 10:01PM

“They say that managing your position is very important, can’t wait to see Ken’s take on the subject!.” – Dan G.

November 3rd 7:31PM

“Takes me from the beginning to the end of a trade. Smart selection of stocks. When to pull the trigger to enter … or exit.” – Joe F.

November 3rd 6:00PM

“I love the acronym and what it stands for. I can see this being Very advantageous to add to the my trading arsenal. I am looking forward to the webinar.” – Damon K.

November 3rd 5:56PM

“1. Stop loss strategy
2. Trading size
3. Target Price
4. Entry point & Exit point.” – Yusrizam

November 3rd 1:25AM

“Learning the correct approach to making money and knowing how to minimize my losses is a win-win proposition.” – Thomas R.

November 2nd 10:43PM

“One should never stop learning, It’s a necessity for improving ones skillset.” – Malcume L.

November 2nd 9:19PM

“Sounds really great. Questions: Can this strategy be used for options on stocks or ETF? Can it be used for swing trading or only day trading?
Thank you.” – Val L.

November 2nd 8:11PM

“Learning to keep my losses smaller is very, very interesting.” – Phyllis S-W.

November 2nd 5:31PM

“I like the idea of learning to trade options and stocks.” – John R.

November 2nd 5:30PM

“I don’t know what I will learn from Ken in “Trading Plan Profits” but whatever it is, I’m sure I’ll be wiser afterwards.” – Deanna D.

November 2nd 5:22PM

“I particularly liked Ken’s comment about learning to manage unrealized P&L’s the instant I get an order fill. This is the kind of nuts and bolts information I’m looking for and Ken excels at. Looking forward to the webinar.” – Teo A.

November 2nd 5:20PM

“Wow… Great idea, this will, in the long run help me manage my stops and of course save me the burden of a strong entry and most vitally taking early wins while banking profits as a day trader. ‘Trading Plan Profits,’ I supports this all the way. Blest B” – Ganiyu J.

November 2nd 4:37PM

“You hit the nail on the head. A trader will just waste money upon more money without a trading plan. The problem with formulating a trade plan for beginners, as myself, is finding the guidance to make one!” – George L.

November 2nd 3:32PM

“If I can learn to place better stops that equals more profits for me…Can’t wait!” – Diane V.

November 2nd 3:19PM

“This course is a great opportunity to learn from a professional on how to tweak my trading plan too maximize profits and correct mistakes quickly. Learn from the best to become the best and Ken is one of the best!!!” – James D.

November 2nd 3:10PM

“I want to learn Ken’s approach to the Trading Plan Profits. I have learned a lot from him from his past courses and believe this will add to my knowledge.” – Ralph S.

November 2nd 2:56PM

“Instruction on how to manage for Profits; looking at $ not focusing on chart patterns . Ken isn’t a chart talker aka “Sparky”, but a real trader. ” – John L.

November 2nd 2:23PM

“So you can customize your personal trading plan and have it organized in a step by step process.” – Steve B.

November 2nd 2:41PM

“Learning trade management….. and trade how professional.” – Vicent F.

November 2nd 2:40PM

“Learning to trade is probably a long slow expensive process for most people. Like a squirrel gathering nuts in preparation for winter it is wise to gather as many kernels of wisdom as you can. It is essential to gain a sense of what you are doing if you plan to trade for profits.” – Stephen C.

November 2nd 2:23PM

“I like it because it help me to learn how to improve my trading.” – Reham H.

November 2nd 2:03PM

“I look forward to the class as I am very poor at letting trades run. I have no plan and look for the quickest reason to get out…After over ten years of trading without a plan or rules .. I believe having a plan will be essential to profits” – Mike S.

November 2nd 2:21PM

“Everyone needs a plan that is simple, practical and straight forward to implement. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done to help us, Ken!” – Dave B.

November 2nd 2:18PM

“Looks interesting, I know if you are using this plan it must work…I would like to learn how to protect profits by managing stop loss.” – Larry F.

November 2nd 2:03PM

“I find myself scalping .10 here and there and exiting too soon taking small profits but then one large quick drop takes that away. I’m looking forward to learning a new strategy I can use so that rather than scalping I feel confident about actually daytrading and making money.” – Paul A.

November 2nd 2:02PM

“I have attended other webinars featuring Ken and have been nothing short of impressed by his market knowledge and prowess. I trade FX however, any training Ken offers always gets my attention!” – Eric N.

November 2nd 2:00PM

“Structured points of getting out with profits. The real deal.” – Paul K.

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