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August 12 11:59PM

" I like to hedge with short ETFs and the 3x ETFs give you more bang for your buck" - Phil M.

August 12 10:53PM

"Trading short ETFs is great because you can trade a short bias without having to actually short anything. You avoid the inability to borrow shares and you can "short" things besides stocks: commodities like gold and old." - Jen L.

August 12 10:25PM

"The market looks to be moving down and sideways for the next several months and I know this will add to my profits." - Steve P.

August 12 10:20PM

"How much does it cost to trade short ETFs? What is the minimum trade size? How much money do I need in my broker's account to trade these?" - Candy M.

August 12 10:05PM

"Trading short ETFs are great for an IRA and there is no wait time for the broker to obtain shares to make them available for shorting." - Keith R.

August 12 10:01PM

"Trading short ETF is great in that there are double or triple short ETFS and prices falls can be very fast and profit are very fast too." - Law S.

August 12 9:47PM

"rading ETF s" is trading many companies together as a group of similar business. No need to get details for the compnies.Short ETF s' makes better for people who feel guilty of trading short in the market(many think shorting is kind of sin)." - Vijay S.

August 12 9:38PM

"Easy way to short stock without borrowing through a broker." - Jon S.

August 12 9:05PM

"because of the volatility of the markets,it is fitting that Ken would show us how to short the etfs/stocks." - Cesar J.

August 12 8:19PM

"I think it would be great to learn more about the short ETF's. I won't have to worry about dealing with a margin account. I can be in the market when it goes up and down. Thanks for providing this informational webinar." - Jean

August 12 7:11PM

"Thanks for the opportuntiy to learn about short ETF's" - Daphne

August 12 7:03PM

"Like the large liquidity and volility of of short ETFs." - Jerome B.

August 12 5:57PM

"(I like the) leverage, can trade in IRA." - Tony C.

August 12 5:40PM

"Perhaps you can refer a list of bearish and bullish ETFs." - Steve T.

August 12 5:29PM

"No company-specific news to worry about. I don't have to worry about waking up to unexpected blow-out earnings in something in which I am short." - Lee T.

August 12 5:16PM

"I am very interested in understanding your approach in tradining short ETFs. I am looking forward to the webinar." - James H.

August 12 5:05PM

" It is really a great idea to learn how to trade short etfs in a bear market It will make us an all round expert in both up and down markets." - Antar K.

August 12 4:53PM

"I would like to trade short ETFs in this volatile market for more profits. I think this is the right time to learn about how to trade ETFs." - Venkata K.

August 12 4:52PM

"In this turbulent time short ETF's gained popularity. However, if we are traders, why not just short long ETF's instead of buying short ETF's. On some platforms you can even short indices... Isn't that the same ?" - Primoz R.

Reply from Ken: Hi Primoz, only for day traders. For everyone else, for example those with IRA accounts or other non-margined accounts, they can't short the long ETFs. Also that would miss out on the opportunity to do pair-trading, as I and most veteran ETF traders do, for example trading FAZ vs FAS, or QID vs QQQ. Short ETFs can be traded in any regular account, with or without margin, and on smaller account sizes, too. Good question, thanks.

August 12 4:52PM

"I'd prefer to be trading short ETFs rather than shorting stocks or selling a futures contract." - Basil S.

August 12 4:47PM

" I am retired, and wanting to learn about ETFs, I also would like to know how to trade options on them" - George S.

August 12 4:28PM

"I like to be able to go long and short using the long and short ETFs without having to actually sell short." - Stephen C.

August 12 4:16PM

"We like the idea to trade the short ETF, What is the symbol for energy sector's short ETF?" - Mike C.

August 12 3:55PM

"Hedging and being able to cash in on a downturn" - Raymond D.

August 12 3:40PM

"New way to make money. I like to know the crux of the trick. Thank you you for offering this webinar." - Sib G.

August 12 3:18PM

"Is it better to trade the currency's ETF's vs the spot currency market?" - Paul L.

Reply from Ken: Hi Paul, nope -- they're completely different in terms of trading ranges and entry/exit patterns to use. I do like trading the long and short commodity ETFs (gold, oil), however.

August 12 2:55PM

"Be prepared, I need to get my plan in place for the next ride. "Learning to Trade Short ETF's" comes at an opportune time. Thank you Ken" - A.A.

August 12 2:41PM

"I hope they can help me profit with the way the market has see sawed the last few days" - Lyn R.

August 12 2:33PM

"Short ETF's seem to offer powerful opportunities with manageable risk in this unstable and volatile market. My question is how to manage risk." - Anne D.

Reply from Ken: Hi Anne, that's critical... one of the things I'll be teaching is the step by step specific stop loss areas to use, trailing stops, as well as scale-in entry and exit areas and techniques for trading these while managing risk as carefully and as tightly as possible. That's Rule #1 in trading is, keep stops as small as possible, while still making winning trades overall.

August 12 2:31PM

"Theorictically, inverse ETF well during market decline, however, it is hard to determine exact entry and exit point for an average investor." - Zhuhui H.

August 12 2:26PM

"Do you take into account volume in your methodology when you use the cup and handle pattern along with the ADX indicator" - Paul A.

August 12 2:19PM

"With the 50-50 chance of double dip / recession, need to short the market confidently." - Bill K.

August 12 2:00PM

"seems to be an essential tool in the hands of a day trader." - Dan G.

August 12 1:44PM

"I think trading contra EFT's works better then shorting stocks." - Jack C.

August 12 1:38PM

"I think they have a great place as a hedging vehicle for all accounts. Retirement and Trading." - Bret H.

August 12 1:33PM

"Trading ETF's keeps my premarket trade selection manageable!" - Val M.

Reply from Ken: Hi Val, very true. And in fact I use the ETF premarket patterns as lead indicators for all my stock and other trades as well. By focusing on learning how to look at directional bias based on premarket gap strength, trend and direction of ETFs like SPY (and the short ones like QID and FAZ), it shows exactly what types of trading bias and approach to have each day. I'll be teaching how that works in the complete "Trading Short ETFs" course.

August 12 1:27PM

"A great hedge to my long portfolio in this unpredictable market. My biggest challenge is the entry.. HOw would I know when to get in." - Omar K.

August 12 1:24PM

"choice of higher leverage than the index with the 2x and 3x etfs" - Sara

August 12 1:18PM

"I have been trading inverse etfs 3x and I would like to learn the way you do it to improve results, thanks" - Benjamin Z.

August 12 12:57PM

"I'm looking forward to learn everything you know! Thanks!" - Ruzena K.

August 12 12:38PM

"Seem to be a great idea to trade in today's environment. They are liquid, plentiful, with good ATR's" - Celistin C.

August 12 12:37PM

" That you can take advatage of falling markets and not only rising markets and they are easy to trade" - Karin D.

August 12 12:36PM

"Unlike mutual funds, short ETFs can be traded throughout the day so you can trade mulitple times within a day..handy in these markets of today." - Gary P.

August 12 12:29PM

"Ken, you are always on top of what is working in the markets. Look forward to your process on Short ETFs." - Sheldon B.

August 12 12:29PM

"I learned alot from you, and am looking forward to your latest technical strategies, re:shorting ETFs, in this volitile market" - Barry S.

August 12 12:22PM

"Gives me an Idea for hedging when a stock is turning against me." - Ernie R.

August 12 12:16PM

"I would like to check out your video on etf's" - WIlliam T.

August 12 12:08PM

"I look forward to trading ETF short ..." - Larry G.

August 12 11:51AM

"Never traded the short ETF's. Looking forward to trade them when it is appropriate to do so." - Syd S.

August 12 11:46AM

"I like short ETFs because they are cheaper than the original long ETF (i.e. SDS-SPY)and still can move substantially. I use the original ETF's chart for analysis." - Kate X.

August 12 11:43AM

"Short ETF's are great in their fast movement and that one is shorting a market "without actually having to short". Best reverse for me is TZA ." - Robert C.

August 12 11:37AM

" Isn't VXX a proxy for the front month futures contract in VIX? If so, what happens to the price when the contract rolls over?" - Leon P.

Reply from Ken: Hi Leon, you're right about that — the good news is that the VXX is automatically calculated in a way that takes rollover dates etc into account as it's priced into the instrument, so we don't have to worry about keeping track of rollover dates and other factors impacting the VIX. I do however keep an eye on the VIX chart and percentage change intraday and over time, to spot specific trends I can capitalize on when trading the VXX directly. Good question, thanks.

August 12 11:37AM

"to take advantage in weak market" - Leo P.

August 12 11:34AM

"Like to look at yet another type of diversification." - Rob R.

August 12 11:33AM

"Being profitable in a bear market is a great adea for a long term buy and hold investor like me." - F.C.

August 12 11:32AM

" Learning to short ETFs in this market (also to possibly use inverse ETFs) is a great way to learn to limit risk and use the volitilty (fear & panic ) positively." - Dale H.

August 12 11:31AM

"trading inverses ETF would like to learn more; more revelance to being able to trade two diredtions in the market" - Vince D.

August 12 11:20AM

" I like the idea of trading inverse etf's before the market falls shorting now I believe would be the same as chasing a bus. however I would very much like to learn more" - Jerry C.

August 12 11:18AM

"Trading short ETFs allows you to trade both sides of the market in any market conditions, increasing opportunities to profit." - Isabel C.

August 12 11:14AM

"Trading Short ETF's is an excellent was to get leverage. However, the trades must be made in a short time frame because they are highly volatile." - Ric V.

August 12 11:04AM

"Trading ETS is the best way to profit from in this volatile market." - Venkata

August 12 10:49AM

"never traded the Shorts. I have looked at them and wondered about swing trading them as a hedge against other longer term positions..." - Allan P.

August 12 10:30AM

"Another opportunity to listen and learn. When trading the short ETF's I must use options because of limited account size, and it seems I am on the wrong side of the trade more often than not. What would you suggest ?" - Mike S.

August 12 10:19AM

"Just in time, the type of instrument to trade if there'a a ban on short selling like France." - Cynthia

August 12 10:13AM

"This is your best webinair for trading this choppy mkt." - Duke C.

August 12 9:31AM

"I want to learn more about the strategies used in trading short ETF's. I like the idea that you don't have to wait until the end of day to trade the ETF's like you do with mutual funds." - George T.

August 12 9:06AM

"Day traded FAZ for 3 round trips Wed...Thanks Ken!" - Tom G.

August 12 9:12AM

"Trading ETFs are the best way to capitalize on market moves to the upside or downside, as well as targeting specific industry sectors." - Thomas M.

August 12 9:06AM

"To be sure of what i am doing and when i buy an ETF to do not fear a small correction and be on the right side of the trend,help." - Marc C.

August 12 8:31AM

"Have no experience of ETFs, so should be very interesting, thank you in advance Ken for enlightening us on this subject." - Robert B.

August 12 8:15AM

"Interested in which ETF's you pick and how you trade adjustments" - Thomas B.

August 12 7:37AM

"The ability to take advantage of stocks dropping. Inverse ETFs allow me to profit from falling stocks in my IRAs. This is a must webinar." - Mike L.

August 12 7:26AM

"How do short ETF's differ from Ultra-Short Mini's ?" - Ron S.

August 12 7:23AM

"Being exposed to the ins and outs of the best suggested short etfs by a professional trader and teacher is well worth extra time in front of the computer!" - Wendy M.

August 12 7:20AM

"It enables me to use the skill of trade mapping in a new instrument, hence my opportunities in making money has increased." - Keith L.

August 12 7:18AM

"Would like to learn about ETF's to trade in my IRA" - Bill G.

August 11 11:25PM

"France bans short selling of 11 banks! Spanish regulators ban shorting and derivatives based shorting! Inverse ETF can help to trade and profit in down markets. And in this fast markets created by computer algos I need to learn to beat machines…lol" - Valery L.

August 11 10:31PM

"Opportunity to play downside of market making money work all the time instead of sitting out and waiting for market to go up and keeping it simple by eliminating investment company risk." - Kim M.

August 11 9:40PM

"Shorting stocks is not allowed on IRA accounts and when I get proficient enough, trading short ETFs is the way around it." - Feliciano P.

Reply from Ken: Right, Feliciano... in fact the Fidelity actual trading examples above are from my SEP-IRA, which is a non-margined account, so shorting isn't allowed in it... but trading the short ETFs certainly is, making it ideal for trading "down" markets by going long in the short ETFs during market selloffs.

August 11 11:28AM

"If you can trade all these markets, maybe we can too." - Bill

August 11 11:03AM

"being able to trade ETFs in my IRA" - Gordon Q.

August 11 8:41AM

"The idea of short ETFs confirming or diverging with Index futures appeals to me." - John K.

August 11 7:02AM

"Shorting ETF is essential trading in this market!" - Mohammed I.

August 11 1:03AM

"Can't wait to hear what you have to say about trading the current market conditions" - Darren S.

August 11 12:35AM

"I'm looking to trade ETFs because of the safety in numbers they provide." - Ken B.

August 10 10:41PM

"Market trends down, it makes sense to trade short ETFs in IRA accounts" - Kwokei N.

August 10 10:38PM

"I like intraday trading, scalping and hoping if you can get any materials to learn more about intraday scalping techniques" - Gamal S.

August 10 10:12PM

"Love the idea of trading short etfs. How about reversing it for long leveraged etfs in an up trend?" - P.

August 10 9:56PM

"Im looking forward to more info on ETF's. I like the fact that ETFs seem more "stable" than stocks. Eg:Less overnight worries about gaps against you and the volume is great for trade executuons. I also like the idea of trading a group a stocks versus a single one." - Jim B.

August 10 9:47PM

"Hi Ken,,,I look forward in learning how to short ETF's. I'm new at this and want to learn as much as possible! I would also like to learn what technical chart patterns to use and how to position-size and scale into winning trades. I always seem to get in when the equity seem's to turn on you. Look forward to your class!" - Jeff S.

August 10 9:44PM

"Might be short the market but won't be short the education after another great webinar by Ken" - Dave D.

August 10 9:15PM

"Thank you Ken and I feel bless, you teaching us." - George J.

August 10 8:37PM

"Ken is the best at teaching how to trade the markets. With the big indexes down here lately learning to use short ETF's from Ken is the way to go." - Larry W.

August 10 8:09PM

"Ken, I'm looking forward to your webinar on Saturday. I need to know the best way to trade ETFs, to make money even when the market is going crazy with volitility. Thanks for the opportuninty to learn how to improve my trading." - Bob L.

August 10 7:58PM

"Short ETFs allows trader who fears or is not comfortable shorting to trade the security as a long. You can trade both directions quite straightforwardly." - W.M.

August 10 7:56PM

"Show me how to trade short ETFs, please!" - Angelo B.

August 10 7:51PM

"Well, as the market is trending downwards, learning how to trade short etfs currently makes the most sense." - Ve Xian P.

August 10 7:44PM

"To be able to trade the market successfully under any conditions is where I want to be. Exposure to ETF's during a down turn is new to me. I love the way you explain this comsept and can back it up with spread sheets from the broker. This is great." - Tyrone P.

August 10 7:35PM

"Ken, your trading faz and tza was very impressive!" - Wayne J.

August 10 7:27PM

"The reason I like trading the short ETF's, is because I can take a short position as a trade even though I currently don't have enough money to short the security outright" - Timothy C.

August 10 6:49PM

"easy way to hedge a long position I want to hold on to." - Paul A.

August 10 6:19PM

"being able to capitalize on furious downward moves while hedging my portfolio" - Eric R.

August 10 5:44PM

"In the "New Normal" characterized by volatile, churning markets, you've simply got to know how to profit from both upswings and downswings. Short ETFs offer an option for profiting from downturns without requiring you to take on the greater risks of actual short selling. Works for me!" - Hollis H.

August 10 5:08PM

"Short ETFs provide an effective tool to make profits in your IRA when the markets are declining." - Tom S.

August 10 5:01PM

"I think it's a great concept to play the short side and would be interested in learning more about them. Thanks" - Joseph A.

August 10 4:55PM

"I rely on Ken's stock picks everyday. It saves me alot of time and frustration knowing I've got solid picks..." - Joy S.

August 10 4:49PM

"This would be a good way to short the market and control risk." - Les B.

August 10 4:48PM

"I don't know much about ETFs but if I am going to learn it's best to learn them with Ken. I have taken a Vegas class with Ken, I gained so much then,so I should be able to get some clear insight from this short ETF webnar. Looking forward to saturday." - Fermal S.

August 10 4:29PM

"Short ETFs are an essential insurance tool to protect long positions against sharp selloffs especially in trading accounts where conventional shorting is not permissible." - Shaun T.

August 10 3:41PM

"Trading short ETF's is one of the most reasonable ways to make money in this crazy market." - Phillip B.

August 10 3:30PM

"ETFs simpler for small guy then options" - Todd B.

August 10 3:29PM

"I'm tired of my 401k taking hits on downturns. I want to transfer my account to a self directed IRA and trade ETFs. The short ETFs are of particular interest to me in this market environment." - Bob T.

August 10 3:28PM

"I liked the other webinars and I learned a lot. I am sure I will not be disappointed this time either. Keep up your good work, Ken." - Owe F.

August 10 3:22PM

"I'm embarrased to say that I don't know what an ETF actually is. I am very interested to learn what your program is all about though. " - Don P.

August 10 3:06PM

"How long would you remain in a short ETF position, would you be simultaneously trading the inverse or go short on ETFs, and how your exit strategy would be like, thanks" - Leslie Q.

August 10 2:47PM

"you are a technical leader like no others" - Vic S.

August 10 2:32PM

"The stock market has become a bear market. Trading ETFs short can bring good profits." - Martina V.

August 10 2:13PM

"What I like best about the idea of trading short ETFs is I am able to trade using the whole market sentiment and momentum to base my trading decisions." - George H.

August 10 2:12PM

"I like the versatility of trading the etf's, but would like to know the proper buy points and exit points. I stay away from the shors now as I am tired of losing money in them." - Barb W.

August 10 1:51PM

"Your Webinar is timely. have always want to know how and when to play the short ETF(s)" - WC.

August 10 1:51PM

"Ken, I am very interested in understanding your method in trading short ETFs." - Russell P.

August 10 1:48PM

"What criteria is used to filter the best short ETF to trade?" - Edward B.

August 10 1:43PM

" I love your setup for the trade" - Sean

August 10 1:39PM

"Stocks fall MUCH faster than they rise- you can't afford to miss out on the down side!" - Harold H.

August 10 1:34PM

"Short ETF's are a very effective way to participate in these volatile markets. This will be another great presentation." - Bill H.

August 10 1:33PM

"i know very little about trading ETFs looking forward to Kens exposition" - Alan W.

August 10 1:29PM

" I never bought short ETF's. Would like to learn" - Linda K.

August 10 1:16PM

"go think about short ETFs are they are not as volitile as individual stocks" - Terry

August 10 1:15PM

"I hope to learn the difference between trading call options on short ETFs and put options on regular ETFs in non-IRA accounts (if any?)." - Jesse M.

August 10 12:26PM

" I want to able ti trade the market regardless whether it is trending upwards or downwards. Hence (short) ETFs seems to fit the bill." - Yeo B.

August 10 12:18PM

"Markets fall faster than they rise - as we've seen proven in the last week - again!" - James D.

August 10 12:17PM

"I like trading short ETF's because for a long time now...chickens have finally come home to roost--DOW will slide much further--& short ETF's will make good gains!" - Alex V.

August 10 12:09PM

"As a hedge for long positions in the market." - Harry S.

August 10 12:08PM

"Short ETFs allow you to short the market by buying an ETF long so there is no short covering problem and they are efficient." - Mel C.

August 10 12:03PM

"To profit most in volatile markets short trading is an essential contributor." - Walter B.

August 10 11:47AM

"Fewer instruments to keep an eye on and they will work well for UK spread trades unlike many US shares." - Karen S.

August 10 11:46AM

"I always learn from you, thank you for help me with my trading! The way you are trading those ETF's is really amazing...and it works. Your experience does it." - Redgy P.

August 10 11:44AM

"Need a strategie to use on big move days, either up or down." - John H.

August 10 11:43AM

"With the roller coaster market these days we need to learn about these ETF's" - Bud S.

August 10 11:38AM

"Because it makes make feel that there truly is "always a bull market somewhere" - Carol P.

August 10 11:37AM

"which inverse ETFs to put on watch list and decide when to get in and when to get out" - T.W.

August 10 11:36AM

"I trade the long/short ETFs (TNA/TZA, FAS/FAZ) as pairs - this allows me to rotate and catch both up and down moves." - Robbie C.

Reply from Ken: Hi Robbie - that's a very smart approach, I do that as well (and with QQQ/QID); with FAZ/FAS my favorite pair. By having entry triggers just outside of immediate s/r levels in each of the paired ETFs, it makes it easy to scale into the winning one/out of the losing one, then scale in additional size on the one making the biggest gains, on incremental moves. Also works w/swing trading, with some modifications. I'll go over how it works in the webinar.

August 10 11:32AM

"I like the idea of ETF for diversification and reduced risk" - Greg M.

August 10 11:29AM

"I have never traded the short ETFs, it would be a great opportunity to learn how to trade them in this volatile environment." - Robert T.

August 10 11:29AM

"I like the idea of trading short ETFs because you can capture a broader range of a trend in a certain sector." - Terry M.

August 10 11:29AM

" I use short ETFs as a hedge against my long positions in the market, and as a day trade, especially the double/triple ETFs from Direxcion." - Blair D.

August 10 11:27AM

"One good thing about inverse ETFs is that they can be used in an IRA, but they are useful for shorting the market and keeping fund earning all the time. Thank you for all of your instructive work. Have a super day" - Joe N.

August 10 11:26AM

"I like the idea of trading short ETF'S but they are out of my price range." - Julie M.

Reply from Ken: Hi Julie, the good news is, using the methods I teach, eg 5-10 shares to get started, you could trade some of them for as little as $300-$400 per trade of total capital, as you can see from the example in my 10-share TZA trades in the example above (10 shares at $40/share = $400), adding a couple of times if the trade goes in your favor; or taking a small $20-$30 stop max if it goes against you, as the goal.

August 10 11:24AM

"Inverse ETF's are the best way to trade a down market. A great way to make money in the market today." - Tommie H.

August 10 11:11AM

"Believe can make money either in up or down market." - Jim W.

August 10 11:11AM

"Looking for a ratio of your open position to inverse etfs to capture maximum volatility and position protection." - Gohar N.

August 10 11:11AM

"Sounds interesting. I see you are a very knowledgeable and respected speaker. I will see you Saturday." - George M.

August 10 11:18AM

"Great way to gain when the market is heading in the downward directon" - Charles T.

August 10 11:18AM

" I`m very interestend in the saturdays webinar !" - Luis

August 10 11:14AM

"Trading short etf a good way to enter"long' during down mkt for traders who are unable of fear shorting a market." - Poh T.

August 10 11:13AM

"I want to use them to navigate this current market." - Su B.

August 10 11:11AM

"What are the best etfs to trade?" - Peter W.

August 10 11:07AM

"always look forward to your webinars in my quest for continuing education in trading" - William B.

August 10 7:54AM

"It is amazing how trading inverse ETF's can change your attitude on the a market that turns Bear. The once rainy day feeling of hopelessness, now takes on a sunny day feeling, being able to trade and add to the portfolio. Thanks Ken." - Ed C.

Reply from Ken: Hey Ed, good to hear from you again. And right - instead of being sidelined during market selloff timeframes, it's great to be able to still trade to the long side, by trading inverse ETFs. Also I personally don't like shorting overnight (though I will for day trades), so the short ETFs allow one to build a position and swing trade overnight without being short instead. It's a great solution to the "how do I trade without going short overnight" for swing and day trades.

August 10 3:28AM

"I have not traded etf's so im looking forward to here how you select which ones to trade." - David V.

August 10 2:24AM

"Ken do you trade cups on smaller time frames too such as 2 min or 5 min or 15 min? How many new cups do you buy into. Is there a limit or just keep adding until the stop is hit." - T.S.

Reply from Ken: Hi TS, when I'm day trading the short ETFs (my favorite is FAZ), yes I'll use tighter timeframes. Limit 2-3 cups max, from 9:40-10:45am, for most trades. If there's a rare sustained rally or market selloff day, then I'll adjust accordingly and trade more cups. Tip: look for cups with high-volume closes (cups on high volume closing the trading day at new highs) between 3:15-4pm.

August 9 10:52PM

"One has to be 100% focused, hard to move quickly in and out of trades per market today. Decided to simply stay on side line with some after a bit" - Xenia

August 9 10:06PM

"Ken, do you ever play the long and short against each other? I mean, FAS and FAZ for instance. If so, how do you do it?" - Larry M.

Reply from Ken: Hi Larry, yes — steps are to look at the QMI chart, then set a series of multiple orders for each instrument, using size BASED on the direction and strength of the chart. So for example if I'm trading FAZ/FAS, with this premarket futures chart I set higher size to scale into FAZ since short bias premarket, and lower size to scale into FAS (in case the market heads up later). There's a handful of specific patterns and strategies to learn, I'll be showing how they work in the training. Great question, thanks. It's an important technique to learn how to master.

August 9 9:14PM

"Been wondering if going triple leveraged long on select (but, which ETF) if late pre-market sentiment is to the upside and going short triple leverage when pre-market thought to go down. What do you think?" - John S.

Reply from Ken: Hi John, right - personally, I look at the $QMI (NASDAQ premarket futures chart), to see premarket directional bias and strength, and set entries in 3x and other ETFs based on specific patterns I see in it. I'll cover that in the training in detail, it's very useful to know how to combine this indicator with scaling-in and cup pattern trading entries and exits.

August 9 8:49PM

"this is a very interesting concept, buying in very small quantities as you scale in. I've not seen this done before. Do you trade this way with stocks or just bear ETFs? I'd like to see more about this and also your specific entry criteria." - Bob L.

Reply from Ken: Hi Bob, I trade both stocks and ETFs using scaling-in approaches. Good question about how that works, and specific entry criteria, in fact I covered that in an hourlong webinar tonight for system owners. It's important to know; and as you can see from these examples, it's possible to scale in starting as few as 10 shares added at a time, to generate trading wins that are sizable. It's a great way to trade while minimizing risk. I made many winning trades today, as a result of scaling in on small size — it's a great feeling to "get it" right.

August 9 8:27PM

"Hi Ken, Don't know much about ETFs so I am looking fwd to your upcoming webinar. I live in Australia. Are they available to trade here without staying up all night to trade the US market? I'm learning to trade Forex with you at the moment. Cheers." - John D.

August 9 7:19PM

"I don't see how you can be consistently profitable buying such small quantities due to commission costs. Your profits today not withstanding it seems you need big volatility to be able to trade in small quantities." - Richard P.

Reply from Ken: Hi Richard, I use for most of my trades, which only costs $1 per commission. That makes all the difference in the world, for why I can trade with such small-share trades and still make winning trades as I show here. Also — and this is important — all trades should be started off with small size, then leveraged up, scaled into as the trade moves in your favor. So I may start with just 20 shares (instead of 100-1k), then add another 20 shares if the first trade is in the money, then double down again as it keeps going up, til it reverses and my trailing stop is hit, locking in the profit.

It's all about keeping costs of wrong trades to an absolute minimum, then scaling into successful ones like I did in these examples, when you're right. I learned that the hard way. Back in the 90s I'd do 200-300+ share day trades from the get-go, and when I was right it worked out great, but stop losses were large as well, so I had to figure out how to solve that.

August 9 10:32AM

"I am an aspiring trader, and really impressed seeing 16 trades all green.Since I saw one of your courses, I plan to take all the courses you offer.I hope I can have enough self control to trade. Well done. Until you see me on your student's list." - Jabani N.

August 9 5:25AM

"Missed the weekend look ahead and I see you called it right. Looking forward to more training." - Donald G.

August 8 10:13PM

" we have movement and can make up for all these months of lethargic trading. There is hope! With so much negativity in the market, it would be great to have a plan in place before the next roller coaster ride of volatility comes." - Maria K.

August 8 5:40PM

" are right on target with the Short ETFs. Will you be more specific on when to use what signals in the short ETF webinars?" - Larry D.

Reply from Ken: Hi Larry, yes — what I'll cover is a) how to set specific entry and exit price levels, b) what technical chart patterns to use, c) how to position-size, scale into winning trades while handling pullbacks during trend continuations and pivots effectively, and d) managing premarket minor gaps in the ETFs to enter and exit trades. And of course plenty of examples with current charts and Q&A. The biggest challenge is adding to winning positions while not getting stopped out during pullback/reversal days... I'll show how to do this, and more. Good question - thanks.

August 8 4:25PM

"This will be perfect in this market!" - Joel A.

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