Trader testimonials — see what traders have enthusiastically said about learning from Ken Calhoun (filmed LIVE at Ken’s seminars in Denver and Las Vegas and submitted via email):


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From Kevin W, sent in Jan. 18, 2018

“Ken is the real deal.  His picks are great…he is constantly teaching.  The small “one-liner” teachings that he is constantly sharing with us in the trading room are extremely valuable.  You can learn a lot in a very short time.” – Kevin W.

From Ted C, sent in Jan. 11, 2018

“My name is Ted, I have had a short career as a trader. I am rapidly approaching the age of 70 and am entering a different relationship with the stock market and investing. I have had a training relationship with Ken Calhoun for about two years and want to say a couple of things about my experience. First, I would say that Ken is the real deal. He delivers everything that he promises up front, unlike a lot of the other “teachers” or trainers in the field…  The most valuable things I have learned from Ken are how to identify chart patterns that have the potential to break out into new profits: and making several trades on those potential charts with proper entry and stop loss, to cut your losses short and let your winners run. Ken has also been prompt in responding to questions and problems in person and in a courteous and professional manner, another characteristic that makes him the “real deal”…

I’m confident that if I had come under Ken’s coaching earlier in life, my bank account would be much healthier, but I am grateful for the good information that I have received, his courses are well worth the investment of time and money.” – Ted C.

testbudsSent in March 29th:

“I have been studying under Ken for the past 4 years and the improvement in my trading knowledge and skills has been VERY significant. I look back on when I began trying to do this on my own and I have to just laugh how I had no idea what I was doing. Ken taught me so many valuable things – how to scan for worthwhile stocks, position sizing, tape reading, precise entry and exit points,gap and technical analysis etc etc – too many to list here. His honesty, knowledge and training ability are unsurpassed in this industry. His professionally done webinars are priced very competitively, packed with excellent trading lessons, recorded in high quality Blu-Ray, and I constantly find myself going back and reviewing them over and over again. And he takes time to answer your questions.

Trading is very difficult. I think what I like about Ken the most is he is a straight shooter. And whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader, Ken’s experience as a real trader will certainly help improve your knowledge and give you a better edge to be successful. Thanks Ken!!” – Bud S.

From Mark K., for our Trading The Open live trading room and other courses:
“I appreciate all of the time and training you make available at such reasonable prices to help make us better and more insightful traders. I have learned a lot through all of the courses I have had with you. I especially appreciate the explanations of your thought process as you make your evaluations and suggested entry and exit targets. These have helped me the most…If there is one thing that amazes me it is that your methods have stood the test of time..” – Mark K.

From Michael P., for our Trading The Open live trading room:
Ken, Thank you so much for calling and talking to my wife yesterday. I was, and still am, sick. I want you to know how much I have appreciated your teachings – you go way beyond what anyone else does – you care about your students, and that is very apparent and so very important!… For now, I wish you the very best and thank you for so generously sharing your wealth of knowledge with your students (me, in particular) in TTO and in the various courses I’ve taken from you…” – Michael P.

From Larry D.
“You put your reputation on the line by providing entry and exit points. Larry D.

From Lenny C
Besides the quality of training and the knowledge that I have learned including: Day Trading, Price Action Mastery, Breakout Mastery, Transform Your Trading and several others. I like your honesty, especially during Trading The Open, realizing that this is much more difficult than it looks. I have seen other trading rooms and there is a reason why I have been a member for so long. For me repetition is what works , watching for the last year or so has definitely helped me alot. I also like the off beat comments about women and nightclubs because I can relate to them. I silently chuckle about when trying to decide what stock to trade, ” the hot woman with the red dress” , comparing it to a poor looking stock to trade. In general your professionalism is what sets the tone for me, followed up with consistency of accurate calls on a daily basis… Thank You, Lenny C

From Theodora A.
It’s hard to pick just one thing I like best about you Ken. You give excellent value with your teaching. You explain your subjects clearly, are easily understood, you are encouraging and have proven over and over again that you know what you’re talking about. You ARE a real trader who enjoys and wants to help others become successful traders. You invite feedback and questions from your students. I have learned a great deal from your solid teaching. Thank you, Theodora A.

From Domingo M.
You’re an excellent teacher and I’ve learned a lot from your videos. Your “Transform Your Trading” series was just what I needed to begin recognizing and correcting my bad habits, and start thinking like a professional trader. You work super hard for your students. I emailed a question at night on a holiday not expecting a response until after the long weekend. Not only did I get a response within minutes, but it was directly from you! I was so surprised! Your accessibility and quick response left quite an impression. Domingo M.

From Michael P.
“Your trading room is absolutely outstanding and the most professional I have been in to date. I subscribed to your room in order to get a glimpse into how professional day trading is executed…I have been a member in two other trading rooms and yours is the absolute best” Michael P.

From Michael C.
You really have gone above and beyond in responding to my product shipping e-mail. THANK YOU for the personal attention. I AM IMPRESSED!! I didn’t mean to tie you up but i appreciate the follow up.. Doing stuff over the internet is so scary cause you usually get no response and can never get to a live body. Anyways – learned a lot from the ADX webinar, hope there is even more info on the ADX Mastery Disc. I am really looking forward to your teaching, as I need to restore my confidence as I have made every rookie mistake possible and then some! Can’t make the webinar tonight but will watch it later. Anticipating much success going forward with your and Steve’s teachings. Thanks again, Michael C.

From Rex M., sent in April for our Trading The Open live trading room:
“Thanks Ken for a great webinar on trading the open!! This will definitely help my trading.” Rex M.

From Richard B., sent in April 21 for our Trading The Open live trading room:
“This was the second Daytrading University webinar that I’ve attended and it was again full of excellent step-by-step practical advice that I’ve started using already. Ken was extremely professional and generous with the Q&A session at the and I get the feeling that he genuinely cares about his trainees learning and becoming better traders. Well-worth the investment, what I learned has more than paid for the cost of the training within a couple of days already.” Richard B.

From Henry G., Singapore, sent in July 14 for our Trade Mapping webinar training series:
” Ken is a fantastic teacher who is full of energy and willingness to share. He is also a very good trader as he demonstrates with live trading, unlike other “gurus” who show you from charts of past trades. Ken is also my most trusted teacher because he never ignore my emails for help. In fact, I lost all my video files from one of his course because of a hard disk failure and when I asked him if I could download the whole course from one year ago, he immediately gave me links to the files I needed. He is a very generous guy who treats his students with care and always doing his best to help them do well in their trades. I highly recommend Ken Calhoun to anyone looking for help in learning how to trade better.” Henry G.

From David A:
““I wanted ken to know his day trading class is better than any one I have attended and his trading room is also the best instruction I have seen. I am attending his up coming scanning class and that is where I need to learn more. How to make a short list of stocks to trade. How does Ken come up with his short list in the trading room. Thanks” David A.

From RM:
““Thanks Ken and just to let you know my trading is turning around for the 1st time since I discovered you and your strategies. Thanks again” Robert M.

From Robert C:
““I have been a fan of yours for more than ten years…I have recently purchased both the Swing Trading and Scanning training sessions and continue to learn from these excellent training sessions. I consider you to be the very best at what you do. You are both entertaining and an outstanding instructor at the same time.

I have learned a great deal from you over the years and hope to successfully apply these skills as time permits. Thank you again for all that you do. You seem to really care about your members…Keep up the good work….you are the hardest working man I know in this business. Your success is well deserved. I would be proud to work with a man of your caliber. ” – Robert C. ”

Plus, see another 102 testimonials on the bestselling System page that I co-produced with Steve Nison. It’s important to make sure that whomever you’re buying educational materials from has lots of video and other testimonials, so that you can see how satisfied other traders are.

“The testimonials seen may not be representative of the experience of other clients. The testimonials seen are no guarantee of future performance or success.  No compensation is paid in exchange for any testimonial.”