Trader testimonials -- see what traders have enthusiastically said about learning from Ken Calhoun (filmed LIVE at Ken's seminars in Denver and Las Vegas and submitted via email):


Disclaimer: "The testimonials seen may not be representative of the experience of other clients. The testimonials seen are no guarantee of future performance or success.  No compensation is paid in exchange for any testimonial. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.  No profitability nor performance claims are being made; trading is a high-risk speculative activity. The education we provide is for papertrading/educational use only.  We do not claim that these are typical results that consumers will generally achieve; generally-expected results are that all active traders will lose money and not be profitable. Testimonials are customer-satisfaction related, not performance-related. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products and/or services. All information is for educational use only; consult with a registered investment advisor, which we are not, prior to making any trading or investment decisions."


"I think it is the best time to be in the market to catch the momentum" - Doug S.


" I am excited to get the opportunity to see live, how to trade the open, since that is potentially the most profitable part of most trading days." - Primoz R.


"I am interested in learning about trading the open. Thanks." - H.S.


"For me live trading helps because most of the time I just want to get in a trade and watching instructors helps me keep focused so I dont miss the important signals when the volitility can be so crazy and distorting to my judgement." - Jane C.


"Your experience is deep and your presentation lucid. Every open is unique but how many bars do you personally need to see, to decide that this is a trend day from the opening bell?. Do you use just the 1 minute chart at the open?" - Andrew L.


"right stocks to pick from a professional" - Elaine Y.


"I want to see what you see" - Crissy


"been in the right time in the right place" - Luis B.


"I would like to see how professional trade the market?" - Sahari R.


"I am curious to see, how you trafe the open. I have read so many about the open as the best opportunity to be successfull, but never became consistently successfull. To look now over your shoulder: it will be interesting. Thanks for your offer to take part." - Juergen H.


"Having a more precise entry set up is what I need in my trading." - Paul L.


" I want to be where the action is, not before not after! Plus I want to know when to get out if it start to go against me. Which one is worth following" - M.D.


" How to identify in the opening the best possible trade that leads to profit" - Sofia L.


"Having the squawk with live charts and commentary is a winning formula for direction when volume and volatility take over at the open." - Mike G.


" I love getting ANY valid tips to trading, since I am new to day/swing
trading. As a 'buy and holder', I've been had many times. Time for change." - James J.


" I'm a Breakout Mastery student and I'm looking foward to this new service!" - Burton


"When is the best time to trade the NQ" - Gary G.


"Do you use Elliott Wave counting or believe in it ?" - Dan H.


" I have been trading the e-mini's for over a decade. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on trading courses, software, and other advice. Almost all of it was garbage! But now, finally, I see Ken Calhoun as the real deal. I appreciate his honesty and plain-speak..." - George K.


"Ken has demystified and simplified "fear and greed" in how it relates to the stock market!! AWESOME opportunity!!" - Joseph P.


"Hey Ken, cant post comment yet, as never participated in this, but am sure it's gonna shine like everything else I picked up from you.
Question, sure, am hooked on forex and as I live Europe and London open/close are my day hours, maybe a few tips on fast recognition skills for fast scalp around that hours.
thanks so much, can't wait to be here on live event" - Zoran J.


"Learning the right way. Have taken several courses, been to numerous seminars, but something is always lacking, they promise you the moon, but I have not been able to get there yet. Know the basics in and out, but entery and exits are almost never taught. Bring it on, and after reading the comments, it seems that I have hit the right email to open. Thank you for the opportunity." - Cindi J.


"I was a member of Ken's room in the past and he has an uncanny sense about the subtle shifts in buying and selling pressure on the instruments that he is following." - Brian H.

" I look forward to the step by step mentoring and going over trades live at the open. A good trade at the open definitely makes me feel great as the trading day goes on. Best chance to march towards self employment." - Cedric K.


"I like that I can learn from experienced traders as I start trading "virtually-before I spend real money!" - Elise C.


"The opening price almost tells how the rest of the trading day will be for that market. Therefore, knowing how to read the open can make the difference between making money or losing someones shirt. I can not wait to learn that extra knowledge." - Obaid K.

"I get to see you in real action" - Aaron


"I'm looking forward to "Trading The Open" with Ken. I'll be able to see his trading methods in action. What indicators to watch and when to enter and exit a trade. Following the action on the "Trading the Week Ahead" picks." - Stan D.


"looks convincing but need to prove it to myself worth a try lets experience the live trading room" - Kishan M.


"I haven't developed a consistent edge yet and am interested to see how you approach the 1st hour" - Terry O.

"Really excited about this. I have never been part of this before. I feel that I have to take my education and action to the next level. It would be great to be able to be part of this." - Bruce K.


"I never ben to A live trading room before and I am looking forward to learing a lot" - Tim P.


"Sounds like a fantastic opportunity to learn from a master first hand and in a live environment so am looking forward to it immensely...Thank you very much" - Graham H.


"live execution of ideas and concepts beats article reading any day! I want to see how they trade." - Bill C.


"Ken, As always, the prospect of learning from a real trader, and proven educator, such as yourself is invaluable. It's nice to see someone who can just look at a chart and trade off price action without relying on, or trying to sell, some optimized indicator system." - Doug T.


"As a guest in "Trading the Open" in the early days, I did take my first steps in daytrading. Having survived till this day, I am very much interested to see the new edition of "Trading the Open"." - Lorenzo D.

"The ability to see how professionals read and react to REAL time market events rather than hindsight as is the case for several others" - Song H.


"Seeing the strategies of trading at the opening hour applied in real-time." - George L.


"Trading the open is one of the most dangerous or lucrative times to trade. Knowing how to do it is a mystery to me and I would like a knowledgeable professional to show me the secrets to success." - Tommy M.


"It means I can trade a shorter period of time and have a defined strategy" - Todd B.


"Continuing education in trading is not an option. It's manditory. Thanks for the access." - Michael T.


"It is great. Good opportunity to learn. Thanks" - William D.


"Let see how the open is trade?" - Francisco D.

"Getting to see live how its done!" - Luc C.


"As a new trader I would like to see and learn from a professional." - Bob F.


" Looking forward to seeing the logic and processes of market-open trading" - David C.

"A great opportunity to refine my trading abilities from an expert." - Richard G.


"Looking forward to learning from you in a live event" - Thom M.


"... I finally made it to the multi-scree, time sequencing setup for forex a few months back. That in itself(and a fuller understanding of "patience") has taken my trades to a higher positive outcome...This should be a learning experience for me. Looking forward to it." - Russ L.


"Can't wait to see 3 sessions of how Ken prepares and trades the open!" - Joel A.

"The thing I like about Ken is that he cuts the B.S. out and tells you like it is . It is always a pleasure to watch someone of ken's caliber trade . And I attend Ken weekend meetings so I know that ken does his research ....Glad to see it is here again ." - Ben T.

"How better to find out what you don't know than to see what you don't know by a real live trader - can't wait !!" - Ali P.


"a chance to see what other traders are looking at , what parameters are being used to judge breakouts and other strategies that are implemented ." - Warren P.


"Watch made easy by a real, experienced live trader." - David T.


"you learn how and why from a pro" - Paul A.


"Seeing how you chose which trades to put on during the rush of the open would be invaluable." - Bob T.


" I like the strategy ,the Accuracy , and the way how you put them Together in simple way" - George J.


"I like seeing a different perspective on trading the open.
" - D.T.


" Good Day Ken I appreciate the opportunity to be in your Open Live Room. You give a person confidence and knowledge how to trade. You are very precise and methodical. Thank you" - Ramona H.


"Trading the open with Ken provides some insight into the mind of a professional daytrader who gets in the market, makes his coin, and goes home!" - Dave G.


"The pre market set up and walk through." - Alan T.


"looking forward to learn from Ken how to trade the open live" - Ola A.


"I like to improve my trading Forex to be full time trading." - Feysal


"Taking your stock trading course work is like studying how to be soldier. You think you know how--until you are under fire. That's when you learn what the real world is like--and what you are made of. Live trading is different and it's faster than classwork." - Leonard F.


"An opportunity to view how a professional day trader operates." - Rich B.


"To look over the shoulder of a real trader." - Shawn J.


"Your stock selection with timing and entry criteria as well as exits." - Chas J.


"I was watching several your Saturday webinars. They are very educational. I think that learning how to trade from a real and successful trader will improve my skills." - Nicholas Z.


"The biggest movers are in the AM, yet the volatility usually prevents me from even making a trade. Help." - Carl N.


"I ALWAYS pick up skills and techniques when I attend an event with Ken." - Harold H.


"To understand how the first active critical moments of market opens work and how to profit from." - Tommy M.


"Learning the professional way to do it from a Real Trader, which will give me an edge in this dog eat dog world." - Geoff L.


"I look forward to learning how to trade the open using Ken's time tested trading techniques." - Edward B.


"Trading the open is perfect for people (like me) that don't have the time to trade all day. I've seen you trade in a couple of your free sessions (last week and some months ago) and really liked the type of stocks and the alerts you gave." - Simao M.


"I am trying to integrate futures with stocks and weekly stock options while not completely abandoning my forex roots. This sounds like it could be the place to bring it all together for me in a live environment to satisfy both my daytrading and swing trading needs." - Gord G.


"Learning from a Live trading experience encompasses the reality of the matter." - Marsha S.

"Being able to see and hear your thought processes as the trade unfolds. Why you took it, what you see it doing, the quickness of the action, and what other indicators you are watching if any." - Sherri C.

"like the quick moves in the first 1 hour and see the opportunity there in the candles and would like to learn how to trade the open!" - Padma U.


" learning how to trade the open - which is the most rewarding (and dangerous) part of the day" - Lior S.


"What I really like about the VIP Access is the opportunity to observe and learn from an experienced trading expert.." - Thomas J.


" Live interactive traing. It is so much easier to learn by seeing rather than learning from a book." - Tom S.


"What I like best about learning how to trade new day & swing trading tactics is the diversification of trading both trading time frames and using tactics that most other traders aren't also using." - Shaun T.


" I like the teaching approach to the room." - Dave T.


"A lot of the opportunity in trading comes in the first hour of the day, so this makes a lot of sense. Being able to watch trades unfold in real time is particularly valuable." - Lee T.

"I’ve saw you trade the open last week at one of your free sessions - you were amazing! I am looking forward to learning your trade techniques." - Bill W.
Reply from Ken: Thanks, Bill -- it took many years of real trading experience to acquire the timing and "where to enter" skills; I look forward to sharing more in the upcoming events. It takes a lot of years, it's very difficult, to learn. I appreciate the kind words... thanks for posting.

"I get a better direction with the trade the open. Thanks for doing this." - Jan S.


" I look forward to joining you and other traders in trading live markets with you. The new live "Trade The Open" room should be very educational on how to handle unexpected moves. Also learning live how to start the day off profitably.
Thank You Ken for your help." - Mike S.


"Looking forward to learn from your insights & trading skills" - Soren S.


" I like the idea that I can be in the action, to see and feel the living market instead of just learning the theory of trading and then bumble and stumble around on my own with a lot of hoping and praying." - Robert K.


"Hi Ken, I have mixed emotions about the trading room. I know from past events that your accuracy and information imparted are impressive at the very least. I don't know if I can keep up with your pace but am certainly willing to try. Thanks" - Mike H.
Reply from Ken: Hi Mike, thanks -- agree sometimes markets can seem a bit hectic, especially during the first 10-15 minutes.


"Clarity in trading and explained it nicely to understand" - Radhakrishna K.


"Success in defined short period of time each day" - Joseph Z.


"Trading the open is where the money is. looking forward to you sharing it. Thanks" - Ian F.


" Few days back watched your live trade video; it seems your techniques are interesting. Looking forward to watch you..." - Raj I.


"another great oppotunity to learn from the master, looking forward to it" - James K.


" It will be great to learn from a real trader about how to trade the open." - Jeff E.


"...Entry -stoploss-take profit .
How to: scale in /take partly profit /stay in the trade as long as possible...
Also show the technical mixed with the news etc. real-time intra day" - Joanne


" to Watch a Pro and regain confidence when to go for a trade and when to sitt on our hands" - Andreas K.


"You have talent! Show us what a fakeout breakout looks like please" - Ken V.


"To see a good trader's prep. and continuation of trades in mkt." - Mel S.


"Watch how to get organized for the day and then trade the Plan." - Bob W.


"The same thing I liked with "Trading The Open" ten years ago. Breakout strategies, continuation gaps, useful stuff...LIVE." - Vilis M.


"I like to see how a professional trades live and to see the best entry and exit points." - Lisa L.


"I like the swing trade but not I am not too successful." - Dean W.


" I am very excited to be a part of the Trading the Open live room. I have taken some of Ken's seminars and have always become a better trader. I know this will also improve my trading with his hands on learning method." - Gail Z.


"I'm new to trading the open, would like to see what it's about" - Denny R.


" The volitility at the open is high and big move are made." - Marcel G.


"I could compare how I trade with how a pro trade and get a few pointers that may help me in my trading" - Paul S.


"Going on board a professional trade live event must be an great opportunity for novice traders. Certainly you will learn from the trader's years of expertise" - Ronny S.


"Will try again. Learning from someone who has sat in the chair for awhile." - Max


" it´s good to see a pro at work and understand the psyche required to become a good trader" - Mike T.


"Learning when breakout trades have better chance of being winners from the pro." - Kris B.


"your soothing voice. lol and the live trades style" - Joe B.


"getting stocks to watch and long short (entries)" - Mike


"Watching a professional gives me more confidence to take trades and to gain the experience is priceless. Thank you" - Ramona H.


"Would love to really work hard for 1 hr a day!" - M.C.


"I'd like to watch and learn how the pros trade in the real world. Of special interest for me is how to trade pre-market and first minutes of the day.
Thank you." - Oisys M.


"Ken, your live events are always interesting and informative. I expect this will be a good event." - Wayne J.


"Would like to see the criteria and the tools to scan for the stocks to trade, and of course, the rules for the setup and managing the trades." - M


"Thank you for the opportunity to watch and learn." - Leonardo D.


"I think doing a 'Live' trading room is the best idea. It let's you interact while trading. Very Good idea." - Rupert B.


"Please discuss gaps as well. Thanks." - Morris C.


"always have had trouble trading the open. usually trade afternoon sestion. interested in seeing how its done." - Lou V.


"Ken is doing the best job for years now. In the beginning with AAPL, AMZN, RMBS, GOOG - all the big ones. Ken ist a good teacher, a selfmade-champ. I watch from germany, so i can't do all the good ideas as fast. Ken and the Daytrading University are the best. The number one trader. You watch the best teacher around. Many thanks for the good work. Trade the market - with Ken you are on top. The videos are live and everything will be explained." - Hilde T.


"Watching a professional trade live must be an exceptional opportunity. Certainly you will learn from the trader's years of experience." - Keith G.


"Looking over the shoulder of a live trader is appealing" - Gary M.


"The open is where most novice traders take most loses. You need to understand this time of day and how to trade" - Bill K.


"This is valuable because it will open my eyes to a whole new world. 'til now it's been very hard trying to figure out how to trade the open myself, especially with gaps and fakeouts. I've read that there are many pros who trade the first hour lucratively." - Max N.


"I'm looking forward to seeing a pro do this live, it should be good!" - Ian D.


"Seeing is believing... I have always found observing a pro is much better than listening or reading about their methods. Watching the action and reaction will be very educational." - Bob T.


"I get to bbserve a professional trader explain his daily preparation, and the mechanics behind each trade." - Michael L.


"How do candle sticks play in your trading?" - Kevin P.


"I would like to see a pro trade the forex." - Bud H.

"I would like to watch you trade" - Sonny


"How to make some trades without commiting the whole day to it." - Bruce M.


"Really looking forward to finding out how your methods perform. Very interested, thanks for this." - Murray E.


" How does one establish entry points ?" - Jon K.


"generating a regular income when trading the open gyrations through your expert techniques" - James K.


"Let's have a trade off with you and (other trader). You're both great!" - Harry J.


"I have traded sporadically for a long time with indifferent results. I have never had any coaching. I believe a chance to follow your thinking & work will be very helpful to me. Thank you." - Jule P.


"Hi Ken, I'd be very interested in watching how you trade the open. Count me in!" - Jeff H.


"Ken is a very knowledgeable and energetic trader. The opening hour is very volatile and would like to see how its is done." - P.T.


"...Live trading with realtime charts could be awesome." - Jen L.


"Would like to know how to choose the right stocks to trade." - Elaine Y.


"i won't have to trade alone anymore and it will help my discipline." - Terry O.


"Your knowledge and enthusiasm are second to none" - Vincent C.


"I would be interested in learning how to recognise when MMs/HFTs are stop running and likely to reverse the market, and also how to use price action patterns to determine if/when to enter orders." - David C.


"Trading the open profitably sets the tone for the rest of the day. I look forward to seeing Ken's approach on capitalizing on these opportunities." - Tim H.


"I'm currently enrolled in the Breakout Mastery,ETF Mastery, and Day Trading Sucess Trading System...All are excellent.
I'm a trader that wants to trade the opening moves....Can't wait to see whats in store!" - Jim B.


"I look forward to seeing how you apply your latest trading techniques in a live session." - Barry S.


"What I like best about the idea of the new trading the open virtual trading room event is the live education given by a real active day trader. I am looking forward to being able to attend this trading the open session.." - Niki S.


" I'd like to see how you choose which stocks to monitor and how you enter and exit trades incl. what time-frame charts and what patterns you look for." - Nat H..


"It sounds intriguing and I would like to see for myself how trading the first hour can be profitable." - Amnon C.


" I like to see how professional traders trade the opening of the day. I usually see tips I can immediately try doing my own trading, and Ken will answer your questions. Been to any trading shows that your question got avoided?
Not here! Looking forward to joining you for "Trading the Open," Ken.." - JaniceLynn J.


"The opening hour is the easily the most profitable as well as most risky part of the trading day. It would be invaluable to have all the tools and knowledge to help reap the rewards and minimize the damage." - Jason W.


"Looking forward to learning from Ken again. Like the idea of learning to trade the open because of the minimal time required." - Cliff L.


" I'd like to know the trading strategies how to make winning trade at the market open" - Jake D.


"Been trading for a while and need someone to refine my entries and exits. Hope you can help with that." - Kathy M.


"Ken, nobody shares this knowledge the way you do. I always learn something new from your teaching." - David V.


"Looking forward to seeing your new tools and techniques to aid in the when and how to trade the open." - Bret H.


" I known ken for a long time almost 10 years, go back in time. He is a fascinating trader with amazing trading ...skills
without a doubt , he is one of the top 1% tactical traders in the world . With his trading the open virtual room you will
see ken decoding and ripping the charts like magic in real time with pinpoint accuracy, having back the virtual room trading the open will bring back the confidence for every trader to become A TRADING WARRIOR with a true honor,the best of the best." - Ashraf M.
Reply from Ken: Thanks, Ashraf, I appreciate the kind words. It's mostly just a matter of taking years to focus on one thing, then figuring out how to make it better, is how I developed my skills in trading. That's a "shortcut" I want to offer traders again with Trading the Open, is learning from both my lessons-learned as well as successes, to help traders shorten the learning curve with realtime training. Thanks for posting, good to hear from you.


"Want to make money in the first hour of trading then do other things and not sit behind a computer" - Linda K.


"Thank you Ken for some very helpful and illuminating ideas." - Mike H.


"Can't wait to see this in live mode.....never been to a live trading-room before !" - John S.


"I have subscribed to other chatrooms and it would be better to have audio explanations rather than plain stock tips" - Tom M.


"Ideal - getting confidence to make money in any market!" - Ruzena K.


"Will enjoy seeing how a pro interprets the opening and finds direction... always scary and fast, so this should be good to learn." - Mike G.


" brings it home for me to use in my daily strategy" - Franco S.


" I believe openning time is so important, that deserves special theme.....particulary considering importance of various types of opening gaps. I'm looking forward to get some valuable info about that" - Primoz R.


"Seeing (the experts in action) is believing. They are our teachers, coaches, and mentors. Talk is cheap, after education, only action and experience (and money) can produce results." - Morris R.


"I'm looking forward to learning how you trade the open and how you determine what stocks to trade." - Sandy L.


"Virtual = I Like It! Can't think of a better way to learn and profit!" - Carl C.


"I've lost confidence in successful trading. The open is so volatile that I distrust the rest of the day. If I could navigate the open I feel I might be able get my confidence back" - Hank


"Because you are a great trader and teacher, I'm looking forward to see how to trade the open by a great professional. Looking forward to developing skills. Thank you." - Ramona H.


"I like best in "Trading the Open" to learn the professional approach of day/gap trading preparation and self-disciplinary execution of everyday trading plan including chart patterns, position allocation, risk and money management." - Joe PR.
Reply from Ken: Hi Joe, good list there of things to cover, I agree — all are important, and I cover those in the Trading the Open sessions.


"Hi Ken, can't wait to see you at the open!" - Kathy M.


"Always looking for new techniques to improve my trading and become a more successful trader" - Donald G.


"This is a good opportunity to see trading in real time by a real trader." - Marty S.


"The opening for me is just too hard to manage. I would like to see how a professional, like yourself Ken who has mastered the game for many years, handles the opening." - Julie M.


"Because you are an accomplished professional capable of showing an aspiring trader like me a quantifiable manner to exploit the myriad of trading opportunities avaialble "at the open" of a new trading session." - Steve L.


"theory is one thing, actual trading is another, the real thing." - Fay U.


" Trading the open can be lucrative and not spending hours wating for a set up to manifest it's self is also a bonus. I would like to get in and out of a trade and get on with the rest of my day. I don't want to spend long hours watching charts. Trading the open sounds good to me." - Marsha S.


"Always learning from you a lot! Looking forward to "Trading the Open" session" - Linda K.


"With your new tactics: At last maybe I will be winning my trades!" - Beb I.


"trading the open could free up a lot of time for me the rest of the day" - Todd C.


" I highly anticipate being taught great strategies on generating daily cash flow from the stock market" - D.H.


"I see that best chances for profiting is at the open.But very little literature / guidance is available .Hence hope , this will be most valuable occasion." - Gopalan N.


"The open is where most of the best moves occur - but it's hard to know which ones will be reversals & which ones will turn into tradable trends - so yes, I would really love to see how it's done properly!" - Mara


"learn how to make money trading" - Bill B.


"Learning when to fade the gap or go with the gap." - Phil M.


"Personally I prefer to trade false breakouts, i.e in a trend up day, i'd like to see a false break below the opening range, attempting to close a gap open, that reverse without closing the gap and continues to break above the opening range and to new highs" - Stan R.


"Simply love your approach to trading. Your methodology is always clear." - Raja


" to be right there where the action is and getting confidence by seeing results." - Erika W.


"Learned a lot from previous webinars and DVDs. Want to keep going!" - JPM.


"Would love to see how you determine which way the explosion will go" - Dee T.


"I want to learn to trade to make some money. I like that best." - Linda K.
Reply from Ken: +1. ^ this. Great answer -- thanks, Linda. And you bring up a good point; which is, we trade to make money as the main goal. Having an intense focus on the "money getting" part of trading as the goal, using what I call the "P&L indicator" is the most important part of learning how to actually trade. My dollars up vs down in a trade is the single most important indicator. Problem for a lot of traders is, they focus too much on chart pattern s/r levels and not enough on $+ vs $- P&Ls. "It's all about the money". Always will be. Thanks - see you in the session.


"I've learned a great deal from your previous courses that I had purchased" - Tom M.
Reply from Ken: Thanks, Tom — much appreciated. Glad to hear they have been helpful. Welcome aboard.


"The best thing about the live trading room idea is learning a routine and approach for mastering trades during the most volatile time of day" - Patsy G.


"Ken, you are a great trade, and honest, and i know that trading the open, can give good low risk high profit setups" - D.S.


"Thank you for sharing. I'm looking forward to your training." - Brev


"Any webinar featuring Ken Calhoun is certain to gain some new nuggets to help improve out trading. His a mine of information that never runs out" - Ted L.


"The best way to acquire a skill is by practicing it alongside a mentor. Thank you, Ken, for your initiative" - Silvia R.


"After gaining confidence from your cup strategy, the opening action is of great interest." - D.F.


"I am looking forward to learning how to play the opening gaps. I am sure this webinar will be informative." - Jeff G.


"A time of expectation and anticipation - which way to go - your webinars are always full of learning" - Chris B.
Reply from Ken: Hi Chris, I appreciate that... it's great to hear the webinars are of value... see you in the Trading the Open event.


"I love to trade the open, but inconsistent to date. looking forward to new ideas. Thanks!" - Jan E.


"Thanks, so much, for the opportunity to learn more from you." - Tom C.


"What do I like best? Making good money in a consistent way of course!" - Ingvar


"It's great to see trading from the right hand of the screen as opposed to trading hypotheticals from historical data.Anyone can trade historical data. Real time price action is what it is all about, no ifs and no buts." - Steve S.


"It's so amazing to see the video you did with P.Bain . It will even be more exciting to see how much you can do in just one hour in this upcoming event." - Churchill O.


"How do you choose which stocks are most likely to explode during the opening?" - Mario


"Yours is always amazing practical coaching of financial market." - Umaru S.


"Looking forward to it' the last one on gaps was great" - Ron R.
Reply from Ken: Nice to know it was useful, Ron - thanks. My "How to Trade Gaps" series was one of my more popular ones; I think because a lot of traders have been taught incorrectly to fade the gaps, instead of learning the specific patterns for trading gap continuation plays. Welcome to Trading the Open. By the way I will be offering the gap series again later this year, with updated new strategies.


"Ken is always coming up with good ideas" - Jeff E.


"I like to watch the the composition of the first 3, 5-mimnute bars that create the first 15 minute bar. The nature of that sustained early weakness or strength, can often give good insight how that stock will trade for the rest of the day." - Alan P.


"Live trading brings you and your expertise to my trading room. You're with me in the trade. Thanks" - Jim G.

"looking for techniques in fast moving markets" - Bruce J.


" Hi Ken,
Thank's for your generous offer. I really hope to learn something that works. I hope that one day your trader's expertise will help me to become a successeful trader as well.
Sincerely yours" - Victor F.


"Thank you Ken for this great opportunity to learn from you. You are really a member of the master class in business." - Jorge M.


"trading is the most important because it hwlp you get the direction of the matket. it will be good to learn this skill." - Ola A.


" Hello.
I already appreciated a previous Webinar where Ken took
part in and am now looking forward to get the chance to learn
how to improve my trading" - Clivia B.


"doing practical with live trading is the best way" - Dev P.


"I do wonder how you handle the "emotional actions/reactions of the first 30 minutes of the opening." - Giora Z.


"how to ind a good stock for DT and set entry /exit point" - Jian X.


"Ken, I was in your live trading room back in 2005. I learned how to setup esignal quote pages with stock candidates organized by sectors and use price alerts to quickly see opening gaps without having to watch 30 charts.

I learned how to use the time&sales window to anticipate price exhaustion. These lessons have served me well and I'm looking forward to see the refinements and new methodologies you've developed." - Alex M.

Reply from Ken: Hi Alex, welcome back! I'm glad to see longtime loyal traders like yourself who've found value in what I've trained from years ago, returning once again. There's lots of new strategies to cover in today's markets, with updated entry & exit signals to use, and more... good to see you again.


"I am looking forward to see how a real Pro trades the fast paced first hour (especially the first 30-45 minutes). It will be great to see both day and swing trading setups and discipline... Very exciting !" - Kate X.


"The open with wide ranges is very tricky, but can be very profitable. Let' s see how you manage the risk vs. reward." - Gary R.


"I'm always learning and attending this live, you can always learn something new." - Max H.


"would like to see your method in action. thanks" - J.M.


"This sound great. Let's get ready to swing." - Noel L.


"Cannot wait to see your ES methods at market open." - Pradipkumar P.


"I have traded the open using a 1, 3 or 15 minutes opening range brake out without consistent result. I think Ken will address some of the pitfalls of the open and offer good advices, as usual." - Gilles B.


"Want to see how do it live and learn from it." - SV


"Thanks Ken for all your support. I am highly intersted in what you are doing here. I am enjoying the cup break out setups...thanks...God bless you!" - Nausting N.


"A picture is worth a thousand words and being able to see the opening hour live would be priceless." - Jerome B.


"Always looking forward to what you have to say" - Roger B.

"Ken as usual us right on target with this strategy" - TR J.


"looks like something you need to know" - Neal Y.


"Seeing Ken trading the open might give a sense of confidence and security to my own trading the open" - Keat L.


"Wow. It is great to be able to see a Professional Trades real time in the new trading room." - Law SP


"(I would) like alerts with explain about Forex" - Haim A.


"Your webinairs have been excellent in helping me expand my trading beyond just stocks, thanks" - Chad C.


"Live trading is always so much more helpful than those replay webinars, and the open is the best time to trade." - Blair D.


" It is always a tremendous opprtunity to be able to listen to the best instructor in the trading world !" - Cesar J.


"I hope this is priced reasonably, it sounds like a good day trading strategy. Spotting high probability entries is really difficult, so I'd like to see this in action." - Mike T.
Reply from Ken: Hi Mike, of course. My training is always priced reasonably. And because there's no monthly fees, this is more trader-friendly "a la carte" type model, with very reasonable pricing (under a few hundred for most multi-day training sessions), to overdeliver on value and quality.


"Thank you for this opportunity to get in touch with your trading approach" - Alvaro E.


"Another great oppourtunity to learn from Ken. Looking forward to it." - Christopher E.


"it will be great to see a pro show us how to really trade the open" - Lester


" I have watched webinars from other "experts", but the only one I have seen which seemed both honest and experienced was yours. I look forward to participating.
Thanks for taking the time." - Bernard S.
Reply from Ken: Hi Bernard, Thank You! Comments like yours are what 'makes my day' as a trader, and trainer of traders. My role model is my colleague Brian Tracy, who is the world's best teacher, in my opinion. His authenticity, integrity, competency and professionalism is who I admire most, so I model my training business after what I've learned from Brian, for "doing it right". Brian was kind enough to do two interviews with me, I highly recommend all of his training as well, for personal success. And you're welcome, I'm glad to make the time to help traders see what I've learned.


"Ken your energy is great. I like your quick responses to the live market through right preparation. You cut through the noise and laser focus us on just what we need to be sucessful in the Markets. Thanks for your example" - Nick C.


"everything goes so fast in daytrading more you knows better you can do" - Francois C.

Reply from Ken: Hi Francois, that's how I used to day trade as well, back in the late 1990s, during the NASDAQ bubble. Edge of the chair, finger on mouse button, very quickly scanning — and missing many great trade setups. Over the years I've found it's much more relaxed to day trade if you do most of your work on setting alerts well ahead of the market open (I will use buy-stop orders in my IB and Fidelity accounts, for example).

This makes it a) less stressful and b) easier to get in on breakouts without being in a "scramble during the open" mode. It's a big strategic shift; setting alerts starting 8:30, so by the time the opening bell rings, you're alread 80%+ prepared for the open. Agree with you about knowing as much as you can, so follow premarket futures and gap plays before the 9:30am open. Although I don't trade live in the room, I show the patterns as they unfold.


" I look foward to learning how to spot the best stocks within the 1st hour of trading where most of the day's money is made." - Marc P.


"Ken, I think this is a great opportunity to see how a professional trader like you handle the open. Look forward to join the webinar." - Iwan


"I wonder if there is a formula for making money at the open--or is it all art?" - Bill W.
Reply from Ken: Hi Bill, it's all science, all numbers, metrics, and most of all, PROCESS. A step by step series of patterns and signals to check. See this day trading flowchart (this one is for stocks, updated from my original 2001 one I created; it's been downloaded many times), for an example of the thought process that I like to use. It's a series of small decisions you make each morning for trading. Good question.


"Looking forward to capitalize on the hoops at opening, over-corrections." - Elias


"I haven't been active at the open because of all the confusion. I look forward to your insight on how to view it." - Mike H.

" I am a beginner in trading , but understand that chances for profiting is highest at the open.But I don't know any method to trade the open. Hope this program will help me in this respect.." - Gopalan N.


" I've read an endless number of books and articles about trading the open. But nearly every day it's different.
Sometimes stop running is going on first, sometimes a "normal book-like behaviour", sometimes a run up or down without pullbacks and so on. Some times different time frames help, some times not at all..." - Juergen H.
Reply from Ken: Hi Juergen - thanks; one of the main points is that a lot of people who write books and try and teach about trading the open hour aren't even real traders, so they publish wrong information. There's dozens of potentially lucrative patterns for day and swing trading during the opening hour. The key is to learn the right way to trade the open. I personally avoid the first 5-8 minutes, and trade within the 8-10 minute runs that occur 9:40-9:50, 9:50-10am, 10am-10:10 and so on. For swing trading, there's specific technical filters to use that simplify the open range entries.


"More good information coming up! Please keep these Webinars coming." - Charles E.


"Ken, I'm looking forward to learning how to read the open better. To predict if the morning surge will keep going. When to jump in but especially when it's time to get out of that day or swing position. I always seem to set my stop outs at the pivot point and watch the stock recover without me especially in the first 30-45 minutes." - Scott T.


"Kens webinars are informative and instructive in a practical useable fashion." - Frank P.


"It'll be beneficial to see what you're looking for in the market at the open. The first hour seems to go too quickly" - Dave H.


" I like how you teach us to make small trades to make consistent profits.The simplicity of just watching price, volume, and market internals without all the other indicators thatalways lead me to freeze and do nothing" - Sherri


"Ken always gives invaluable tips on early morning trading. The use of the TRIN has been particularly useful to me, and I want to learn how to integrate it even better with his other techniques." - Shirley R.


"It would be interesting to see pro vs. pro at the opening" - Steve C.


"Ken, thanks for offering to show how to trade new day at the Open in the market." - HS.


"Getting ready to open an account and can"t think of a better way to start it out with your guidance.Thank you for all you"ve done to help traders succeed in a tough business and look forward to what you"ll come up with next. Follower for a couple of years now and this looks very promising.Thanks." - Gordon M.


"I am looking forward to it." - Surafel W.


"Whatever you do learn from Ken! He is very good at trading and you will learn alot from him. I am looking foward to Trading the Open." - Perry S.


"I like the confidence you exude while giving instruction - you know exactly what to do without waffling." - Russ W.


"Seeing is believing. I will believe it when I see it." - Tom R.
Reply from Ken: Hi Tom - thanks


"I have been following your techniques for a while and would love to have a first hand look at your trading style." - Morty R.


"This is a another great opportunity to learn from a pro." - Maria K.


"Looking forward to viewing your live trading room" - Wayne F.


"Being able to watch and listen to Ken's actual thought processes involving specific trades is invaluable" - Phillip B.
Reply from Ken: Thanks, Phillip, I appreciate the vote of confidence... I know you've been to many of my earlier events; this one will be valuable as well.. I look forward to seeing you and all the other traders in Trading the Open. Welcome aboard.


"Learning the opens, whether it gaps or not, and trading the news from an active trader can only help one to be successful!" - Harley B.


"I enjoyed your webinar, this looks good." - Gerry S.


"Thanks for the opportunity to watch you trading life!" - Boris T.


"Looking forward to see the Master Trader at work and learn new ideas and setups" - Frank K.


"You can't beat the value of this!" - CJ


"Ken, I am very interested in this product and seeing your thought process in live action. As a a trader that periodically gets caught in bad trades and struggles to minimize the loss or wait for the rebound, it will be nice to see your discipline in live action." - Tyler


"I am so looking forward to seeing a Master at work. As a student of Steve Nison I have heard Steve talk about your expertise on intraday trading. Can hardly wait till next Thursday. Kindest Regards from scotland," - Jim A.


"Ken always delivers- the opportunity to learn from a pro is priceless- the alternative is VERY expensive." - Harold H.


"The open is the time of day when there is most opportunity. Sounds like Ken has some good tools to make the most out of this time of day." - Lee T.


"What I like best is it gives me more flexibility and more options to trade different vehicles different ways." - Roger B.


"To see someone act in real time, to hear the argument and follow the movement after the decision is probably the best way to learn new knowledge." - Owe F.


"Can't wait to see what you have to say about trading the open" - Darren S.


" I would like to see How you call your entries and exits in advance in a fast moving stocks." - Sudhakar M.


"I'm looking forward to watching what you do in a live environment. I seem to be able to catch on quicker that way. Thanks for the opportunity." - John D.


"I have followed your coaching via emails and webinars
3 years already. I wish to learn more regarding swing trading in "Trading the open" event" - Danny C.


"The first hour can be full of land mines - to learn from Ken how to navigate the open will be key" - Ken B.


"I will enjoy recieving your comments as you are a real trader." - Larry G.

"Its very helpful to see Ken's approach to pick the instrument for trading and to setting entries and stop loss prior to the market opens." - Simon Y.


"Swing trading works best for my time schedule and I like learning from the best" - Dave D.
Reply from Ken: Hi Dave, thanks — I've designed the new Trading the Open room to be ideal for both swing and day trading, since roughly half my traders are swing traders. You'll get interactive live training that can help both trading styles... I'll see you in the live room.


"i have been very interested to learn this topic and ken is the best pro to teach it." - Tom N.


"...this would be invaluable education!" - Xenia H.


" In the Step-by-Step Trading, I would be interested to see the use of OCO Option orders contingency to stock price hitting projected target or exit." - Haichow C.


"you can learn alot more live action and learn alot faster." - Art J.


" It's always a plus to see how professional traders approach this time frame." - Hanns H.


"I like to have the chance to see how a real expert reacts and takes decisions in different situations. Thank you very much" - Salvador D.


"It is a great way to watch a professional trader ply his trade and teach you along the way.." - Bill H.


"sound great seeing a pro at work" - Bob S.


" In my opinion the first hour is very volatile and it will be interesting to see how you trade this when the market tries to find it highs and lows for the day and is adjusting to the news that happpened since closing the day before" - Karin D.


"he idea of having access to the thought processes of your own online trading mentor in the form of somebody of Kens' reputation......awesome." - Don W.


"Trading in a live room brings your expertise to my office. Thanks for the opportunity." - Jim G.


"Sitting with experience at the volatile open can keep you on track." - Stephen C.


"Heard about your work through courses I have taken online from Steve Nison. Wanted to thank you for sending that link to your Day Trading Flow Chart. Very helpful. Looking forward to learning more about the art of tape reading." - Peter M.
Reply from Ken: Hi Peter, you're very welcome; glad to hear the flow chart was helpful (I've got more tools for traders ahead, included with Trading the Open). And yes, the best way to learn tape reading is from me, during live markets, we'll be doing a Lot of tape reading "walkthroughs" with live educational breakouts.


"What an incredible opportunity...A chance to watch a professional...Count me in, Ken, and Thanks." - Dale H.


" I've studied with you for years and have taken courses and have learned lots from you Ken! ...Thanks tons Ken!" - Vincent C.


"Learning from someone who actually trades has greater value than some black box" - Joe N.
Reply from Ken: Right, Joe -- there's no shortcuts, otherwise black-box software peddlers would use their black box software to trade and make a fortune (instead of selling it, at curiously overpriced rates).


" want to learn to swing trade, so seeing how Ken does it will probably not get any better." - Ross M.


" live trading is the only way to learn" - Glenn S.


"The real time trading is the most powerful experience for the trader to learn from!" - Dan G.
Reply from Ken: You are right, Dan. The key is learning what patterns and techniques to use. With Trading the Open, my goal is to help traders make improvements to both their technical trading skills as well as TIMING skills, which can best be shown during live markets (for intraday trading at least).


"Am interested to see if/how gap opens might influence the direction for the day" - Russ W.
Reply from Ken: Hi Russ, absolutely — trading gaps correctly is one of my favorite trading strategies, and we'll look at gaps. Gaps are great, when traded correctly (minor gap continuations traded in-trend, major gaps with bracket trades set outside immediate s/r levels).


"It is great to watch you trade the way you teach. Thanks." - Tom G.


"trading gaps are a good way to master the market. the question is which market?" - Eli B.


"The thing I like Best about the idea of the Trading the Open Live Room is seeing how to apply proper execution on the right edge of the chart." - Ed B.


"i have been looking on trading the market open strategies , i believe this is the one i need!" - Johnny


"I would really like to learn swing trading....most of the trading activity seems to be at the opening or the close.
Learning to catch the move at the opening would add one more item to my trading plan.....time of entry." - Jean J.
Reply from Ken: Hi Jean, thanks for writing in — you bring up a good observation about swing trading. Getting in to a swing trade at the best price during the open of the market is a very useful skill for swing traders; I show exactly how to set both initial and scale-in entries for swing trades (in addition to trade management, where specifically to set stops, with live charts) and more. I'll see you in Trading the Open.


"Most intraday profits can be made in the first 45 minutes - I need to
understand how to trade this time period better." - Bud S.

"Dear Ken,

Trading the Open underscores two important concepts.
Preparation - having a focus list; using technology to help you trading; being fast and decisive. Focus - rather than staring at a screen all day, trading the open lets you focus your attention to perform the very best.

Please add me to the list for your next presentation.
Thanks" - Martin K.

Reply from Ken: Hi Martin, you bring up an excellent point, which is being both focused and decisive. Trouble is, for a lot of traders they haven't been taught, from the "voice of experience", how to weed out the great trading setups from the "meh" /so-so ones. In Trading the Open, we go over dozens of charts together AS they're breaking out, to learn as a team... I'll see you at the live room session; thanks for posting.


"First hour trading can be very beneficial if you know what to do. So with the right guide you can learn and execute the right trade (with the right money management)..." - Ron


"Sounds like another trading tool whick Ken is offering to make his clintele more efficient traders....count me in." - Larry D.


"I studied at day trading university back in 2004 and I loved it." - D.A.


"What I like best about the idea of a live trading room with Ken is watching how to make trading decisions at the open in real-time. I know many traders who avoid the first half hour or hour of trading because they feel there's too much risk. But I think there are setups that can be traded in the first hour and I think Ken has some methods to do that." - Shaun T.
Reply from Ken: Hey Shaun, thanks -- and you're right, there's no substitute for seeing trade setups in REAL time markets, explained step by step, to help you. And the first half hour is often the best time to initialte new trades (though I usually wait til 9:35, skipping the first 5 minutes since that's when MOO/ market on open orders are being cleared, which can make for a few wild minutes). You'll learn from the demo/sim papertrading examples we cover (no live trades are made).


"Thank you Ken for your brilliant assistance with the market." - R.N.


"Trading the open offers so many opportunities, just as long as you're on the right side!" - Isabel C.

Disclaimer: "The testimonials seen may not be representative of the experience of other clients. The testimonials seen are no guarantee of future performance or success.  Thanks to our community of traders for posting your comments!  🙂

From Kevin W, sent in Jan. 18, 2018

"Ken is the real deal.  His picks are great...he is constantly teaching.  The small "one-liner" teachings that he is constantly sharing with us in the trading room are extremely valuable.  You can learn a lot in a very short time." - Kevin W.

From Ted C, sent in Jan. 11, 2018

"My name is Ted, I have had a short career as a trader. I am rapidly approaching the age of 70 and am entering a different relationship with the stock market and investing. I have had a training relationship with Ken Calhoun for about two years and want to say a couple of things about my experience. First, I would say that Ken is the real deal. He delivers everything that he promises up front, unlike a lot of the other "teachers" or trainers in the field...  The most valuable things I have learned from Ken are how to identify chart patterns that have the potential to break out into new profits: and making several trades on those potential charts with proper entry and stop loss, to cut your losses short and let your winners run. Ken has also been prompt in responding to questions and problems in person and in a courteous and professional manner, another characteristic that makes him the "real deal"...

I'm confident that if I had come under Ken's coaching earlier in life, my bank account would be much healthier, but I am grateful for the good information that I have received, his courses are well worth the investment of time and money." - Ted C.

testbudsSent in March 29th:

"I have been studying under Ken for the past 4 years and the improvement in my trading knowledge and skills has been VERY significant. I look back on when I began trying to do this on my own and I have to just laugh how I had no idea what I was doing. Ken taught me so many valuable things - how to scan for worthwhile stocks, position sizing, tape reading, precise entry and exit points,gap and technical analysis etc etc - too many to list here. His honesty, knowledge and training ability are unsurpassed in this industry. His professionally done webinars are priced very competitively, packed with excellent trading lessons, recorded in high quality Blu-Ray, and I constantly find myself going back and reviewing them over and over again. And he takes time to answer your questions.

Trading is very difficult. I think what I like about Ken the most is he is a straight shooter. And whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader, Ken's experience as a real trader will certainly help improve your knowledge and give you a better edge to be successful. Thanks Ken!!" - Bud S.

From Mark K., for our Trading The Open live trading room and other courses:
"I appreciate all of the time and training you make available at such reasonable prices to help make us better and more insightful traders. I have learned a lot through all of the courses I have had with you. I especially appreciate the explanations of your thought process as you make your evaluations and suggested entry and exit targets. These have helped me the most...If there is one thing that amazes me it is that your methods have stood the test of time.." - Mark K.

From Michael P., for our Trading The Open live trading room:
Ken, Thank you so much for calling and talking to my wife yesterday. I was, and still am, sick. I want you to know how much I have appreciated your teachings - you go way beyond what anyone else does - you care about your students, and that is very apparent and so very important!... For now, I wish you the very best and thank you for so generously sharing your wealth of knowledge with your students (me, in particular) in TTO and in the various courses I've taken from you..." - Michael P.

From Larry D.
“You put your reputation on the line by providing entry and exit points. Larry D.

From Lenny C
Besides the quality of training and the knowledge that I have learned including: Day Trading, Price Action Mastery, Breakout Mastery, Transform Your Trading and several others. I like your honesty, especially during Trading The Open, realizing that this is much more difficult than it looks. I have seen other trading rooms and there is a reason why I have been a member for so long. For me repetition is what works , watching for the last year or so has definitely helped me alot. I also like the off beat comments about women and nightclubs because I can relate to them. I silently chuckle about when trying to decide what stock to trade, " the hot woman with the red dress" , comparing it to a poor looking stock to trade. In general your professionalism is what sets the tone for me, followed up with consistency of accurate calls on a daily basis... Thank You, Lenny C

From Theodora A.
It's hard to pick just one thing I like best about you Ken. You give excellent value with your teaching. You explain your subjects clearly, are easily understood, you are encouraging and have proven over and over again that you know what you're talking about. You ARE a real trader who enjoys and wants to help others become successful traders. You invite feedback and questions from your students. I have learned a great deal from your solid teaching. Thank you, Theodora A.

From Domingo M.
You're an excellent teacher and I've learned a lot from your videos. Your "Transform Your Trading" series was just what I needed to begin recognizing and correcting my bad habits, and start thinking like a professional trader. You work super hard for your students. I emailed a question at night on a holiday not expecting a response until after the long weekend. Not only did I get a response within minutes, but it was directly from you! I was so surprised! Your accessibility and quick response left quite an impression. Domingo M.

From Michael P.
"Your trading room is absolutely outstanding and the most professional I have been in to date. I subscribed to your room in order to get a glimpse into how professional day trading is executed...I have been a member in two other trading rooms and yours is the absolute best" Michael P.

From Michael C.
You really have gone above and beyond in responding to my product shipping e-mail. THANK YOU for the personal attention. I AM IMPRESSED!! I didn't mean to tie you up but i appreciate the follow up.. Doing stuff over the internet is so scary cause you usually get no response and can never get to a live body. Anyways - learned a lot from the ADX webinar, hope there is even more info on the ADX Mastery Disc. I am really looking forward to your teaching, as I need to restore my confidence as I have made every rookie mistake possible and then some! Can't make the webinar tonight but will watch it later. Anticipating much success going forward with your and Steve's teachings. Thanks again, Michael C.

From Rex M., sent in April for our Trading The Open live trading room:
"Thanks Ken for a great webinar on trading the open!! This will definitely help my trading." Rex M.

From Richard B., sent in April 21 for our Trading The Open live trading room:
"This was the second Daytrading University webinar that I've attended and it was again full of excellent step-by-step practical advice that I've started using already. Ken was extremely professional and generous with the Q&A session at the and I get the feeling that he genuinely cares about his trainees learning and becoming better traders. Well-worth the investment, what I learned has more than paid for the cost of the training within a couple of days already." Richard B.

From Henry G., Singapore, sent in July 14 for our Trade Mapping webinar training series:
" Ken is a fantastic teacher who is full of energy and willingness to share. He is also a very good trader as he demonstrates with live trading, unlike other "gurus" who show you from charts of past trades. Ken is also my most trusted teacher because he never ignore my emails for help. In fact, I lost all my video files from one of his course because of a hard disk failure and when I asked him if I could download the whole course from one year ago, he immediately gave me links to the files I needed. He is a very generous guy who treats his students with care and always doing his best to help them do well in their trades. I highly recommend Ken Calhoun to anyone looking for help in learning how to trade better." Henry G.

From David A:
"“I wanted ken to know his day trading class is better than any one I have attended and his trading room is also the best instruction I have seen. I am attending his up coming scanning class and that is where I need to learn more. How to make a short list of stocks to trade. How does Ken come up with his short list in the trading room. Thanks” David A.

From RM:
"“Thanks Ken and just to let you know my trading is turning around for the 1st time since I discovered you and your strategies. Thanks again” Robert M.

From Robert C:
"“I have been a fan of yours for more than ten years...I have recently purchased both the Swing Trading and Scanning training sessions and continue to learn from these excellent training sessions. I consider you to be the very best at what you do. You are both entertaining and an outstanding instructor at the same time.

I have learned a great deal from you over the years and hope to successfully apply these skills as time permits. Thank you again for all that you do. You seem to really care about your members...Keep up the good work….you are the hardest working man I know in this business. Your success is well deserved. I would be proud to work with a man of your caliber. " - Robert C. ”

Plus, see another 102 testimonials on the bestselling System page that I co-produced with Steve Nison. It's important to make sure that whomever you're buying educational materials from has lots of video and other testimonials, so that you can see how satisfied other traders are.

“The testimonials seen may not be representative of the experience of other clients. The testimonials seen are no guarantee of future performance or success.  No compensation is paid in exchange for any testimonial."