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Learn How To Swing Trade Your Favorite Stocks & ETFs, Clearly Explained by Ken Calhoun

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Introducing a practical stock & ETF swing trading course for all active traders. Learn practical step by step swing trading strategies that can help you learn how to swing trade like an experienced trader does. Packed with new tips and trade management, scanning, entry & exit patterns, candlestick trade setups and more…

Even better, what I will show you can be used on any charting software program and requires no special plugins or subscriptions — it’s all based on simple, powerful visual price-action and momentum candlestick chart patterns. Plus trade management, high-volatility entry and exit tactics and more… it’s just that good.

Also Includes “Advanced Topics” 1-hour BONUS high resolution video download:

From the desk of
Ken Calhoun
Colorado Springs, CO

Dear Active Trader,

Swing trading successfully yet? Well, if you’ve been profiting as much as many of Wall Street’s top traders have during our current rally market, then congratulations! But the fact is, many retail traders have “missed out” on the big run and are Not swing trading as successfully as they could be. Sound familiar?

As one of the industry’s most-trusted trading coaches and real traders, I’m excited to bring you a new comprehensive “Swing Trading Success™” downloadable video course.

Seeing how to swing trade, explained step by step so you instantly “get it”…can be one of the most valuable experiences you’ll ever enjoy as an up-and-coming active trader.

Everything from setting up your charts the Right way for swing trading, to scanning, setting entries & exits and more, is now available at your fingertips, thanks to this useful new course.

Just imagine… what if you were able to easily potentially spot strong swing trading stock & ETF breakout entry patterns every single week, like clockwork?

I’ll show you exactly how to swing trade for yourself, so it all makes sense.

Once you learn how to potentially avoid false breakouts, while getting in on the strongest charts, you can see for yourself how an experienced trader should be trading — but you’ve got to register to learn how.

You’ll also learn my best techniques to help potentially save you from over-trading the “wrong charts” that don’t make winning trades. This is one of the most important skills you can acquire as a trader.. is how to scan through your swing charts and cherry-pick the best potential ones to actually trade.

PLUS – you’ll also unlock many of my top trading strategies I’ve designed to help you learn exactly how to swing trade stocks and ETFs, plus potentially avoid false breakouts in this thoughtful video training course! World-class training you can depend on, at a bargain.

And that’s what “Swing Trading Success™” is designed to deliver… dozens of practical “how to” precision swing trading breakout strategies that can help you improve your trading success, fast…It’s all quite exciting, because it’s training that’s designed to help you become an independent swing trader. Without any special software or costly subscriptions.

You get full access to this entire high-resolution .wmv video download course:

How Much Better Could Your potential Swing Trading Success Be, If You Only Knew How to Trade these specific NEW Patterns with REAL Trader Ken Calhoun?
Thanks to “Swingtrading Success™”, you’re about to discover how it all works for yourself (ideal for active stock & ETF swing traders, with step by step instructions):

How to Swing Trade, explained step by step. See how to set up your charts for professional swing trading, PLUS the strongest signals to use when looking for swing trade entries…

Now you’ll see all-new updated tactics using practical trading examples you can learn from instantly… at your fingertips.

How to Enter and Exit Your Swing Trades (with special emphasis on new “Cup & Candle Breakout” entries you can start trading immediately). This is where it starts getting really interesting…and where professional traders focus their energy on.

Seeing simple breakouts using basic chart patterns is easy enough. To leverage your trade though, you need to know exactly how to manage your trades with position sizing, to add to winning positions, using new chart patterns for today’s markets… you’ll see how these work in this practical video course.

How to potentially avoid false breakouts that frustrate you and go back down after you enter.   Spotting simplistic breakout patterns is easy… on the surface. But the problem is that they often go back down and seem to “run out of gas” shortly after you get in, costing you expensive, and maddening stop-outs. Right?

You’ll discover exactly how to filter for helping potentially avoid false breakouts. You definitely need to watch this.

How to quickly transform your approach to trading, to help you start working towards becoming more professional, more cautious, and more focused… now it’s your turn.

Swingtrading Success will reveal the “before-after” trading changes you can make in your trading skills, explained so you can use it — fast. Because seeing the differences between how you’re currently trading versus how you could be trading entries are vitally important for you to learn.

How to manage your trades, confirm good entries, and use a “top down” swing trading approach to give you a process that you can use to make your trading life easier. Having a step by step process that keeps your stop-out costs as small as possible, while getting you in on the strongest swing trades available, is a critical skill that you’ll be learning with me in Swingtrading Success.

My goal is to help you trade responsibly, carefully, and confidently every time you put on a new swing trade. If you’ve ever wondered how to trade with more confidence, discipline, and intelligence, then you’ll be thrilled to learn everything we have to offer in Swing Trading Success training.

You get a complete training course, with no upsells, no software to buy, nothing else will be offered at all… learn how to honestly trade from a credible, trusted industry trading pro, the right way.

Go ahead and register your spot right now!

Traders, I look forward to sharing new updated tactics for helping you learn new trading strategies in this new course. We’ll work together to help you learn exactly how to swing trade my favorite stategies. Go ahead and be sure to register your spot right now.

I look forward to helping you learn my strategies for swing trading!

Good Trading,



Ken Calhoun, President
Colorado, USA

Register me for this online Active Traders “Swingtrading Success” Advanced Topics course, Ken! I’m ready to accelerate my active trading skills by putting all the techniques revealed in Swingtrading Success to work for my own trading knowledge.

Click below to enroll today, one easy payment of just $197, which includes access to all 4 powerful high-resolution video downloads for you to keep.

This is an outstanding coaching value for active traders, because you’ll get 4+ hours of video training by a top industry pro, to help you see exactly how to swing trade Stocks & ETFs.

Place Your Order for Ken’s “Swing Trading Success”
Course Right Now. We’ll See You Online… Let’s Trade!

This is a very generous deal, because you get over 4 hours of training for one low price.
You’ll enjoy this exceptional value for active stock & ETF traders, featuring a top industry professional.

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Once you download your file, here’s how to unzip it to get your videos.

Yes! — Order your downloadable video course right now.

Per compliance regulations we do not make any profitability nor performance promises nor claims of any kind; trading is a high-risk, speculative activity and most traders incur trading losses. All information is for educational and informational use only; consult with a registered investment advisor prior to making trading decisions.

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