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Thanks so much to all of you for posting your thoughts -- I appreciate it! 🙂


"Great technical insight that is easy to grasp and put into action. Thanks for the presentation." - Dan W.


"What is the best trading environment to trade small caps? (i.e. IWM is at 10 day high?)" - Ev G.


"Good intro into smallcaps. I have always avoided stock under $10due to lack of institutional interest." RS


"Great video packed with informative details on small cap trading." -Don H.


"Are double tops a good pattern to short?" - Len K.
Ken replies: I don't; I buy strength & sell weakness.


"thank you for the information on the small caps waiting for the continuation" - Daniel


"great information from swing scans service; this should be as good" - Mark F.


"Is there a particular program or website you use to scan for stocks that meet your criteria." - Jack S.
Ken replies: No, I manually review dozens of charts the hard way to find great charts, which I then provide training to my traders for.


"Just 8 min, but good , solid, usable trading info.... esp the over 40 in ADX" - KP


"I see that you... trade 15 minute charts. Do you look at daily charts to see if in strong up move or just stick to 15 minute charts?" - James P.
Ken replies: I use 3 types of charts: 90-day daily candle charts, 15-day 15-minute charts & 2-day 1-minute charts

"Intrigued by your small cap approach. I am interested in seeing your liquidity requirements (spreads and volume) to ensure efficient exits. Would be interested in knowing when conditions favor trading <$10 stocks vs. above $10?" - Don M.


"Glad your finally adding coverage of small caps!" - Jen L.
Ken replies: Thanks to you, and everyone for your requests for help with small caps; I've got a lot on the way.


"Ken. Your introduction video is great. I primarily trade small cap stocks under $10. I'm a "student of the market" It's been a slow learning grind of minimizing losses after trial and error. I'm definitely making progress and hungry for all the information I can gather. I look forward to watching more to help round out my knowledge. Thank you." - Ronald H.


"I think this is a fascinating approach to trading small cap stocks which are highly liquid without having to worry about news, fundamentals but instead focus on price action and volume. A much more eloquent approach and very effective!" - Deepak C.


"Hi Ken, Great video ( as always ) adx > 40 buy in was new to me. I was under the impression that ADX > 40 implied a potential exhaustion. I am looking forward to yr small cap domination material. Thank you" - Peter N.


"Thank you Ken. Is it better to start with Small Caps if you are new? Appreciate your free sessions." - Vin K.


"Excellent explanation, very excited and looking forward to the next video before getting started." - Iqbal H.


""Very Interesting approach to trading for small accounts." - Jeya T.


Always appreciate your hard work in providing the excellent training information. No hype, just good, solid instruction!" - Shannon M.


"Great video. Very nice. Ken is a good teacher." - Rag M


"There are some great small cap companies to trade. Learning to scan for the best charts to trade is important." - Stan D.


"agree Ken trading small cap stocks, need confirmatory high volume to accompany higher stock prices" - Mark F.

"small caps have the potential to run higher if the breakout point is identified." - Larry S.

"Always good to learn more about the markets. Reinforce trading insights with video reviews of patterns that matter." - Stephen C.

"A greater chance for run ups with a small cap stock than a behemoth company already that has made their run up." John R.

"Small cap stocks can end up costing you a lot of money if you don't know how to trade them properly." - Phillip B.

"I am looking forward to how Ken approaches the riskier under $10 segment of the market!" - Stan G.

"It's good to learn the lower priced stocks." - Rolf B.

"Cheap stock are so volatile to trade. Ken's mastery of trading low price stock must be studied." - Paul L.

"Less capital invested for using stocks $10 and under" - Mary M.

"Learning how to correctly swing trade small caps with Ken will be a great learning experience." - Bob M.


"How to trade <$10 stocks can enhance my profit potential if I can follow understand some of the basics that Ken teaches in his webinar. " - Larry D.


"I have observed that small caps value increase faster if you enter at the right time. I want to understand when is the proper time to buy and how to find them at the beginning of their upward movement" - Robert G.


"It's good to learn with small priced stocks." - Tracy M.

"What is your criteria for scanning stocks that can then be possible trades that may coincide with the possible breakouts? (other than price)" - Leonard W.


"Hi! It is always been a problem on right stock selection, it is even more important when trying to select low cost stocks." - Jans O.


"Possible to keep losses small, good training and can trade with a smaller account size."" - Scott G.


"Stocks under $10. offer an opportunity to trade for those without substantial funds. How one selects the stock choices is the real question" - Kathleen W.


"I would like to know how to compete against those who buy 1000s of shares, of stock, along with their followers .... and appear to manipulate the price action. " - Marilyn G.
Ken replies: Great point, I agree -- that is why I only trade small cap stocks with volume that's high (>1 million shares/day). I avoid low-float, low volume dangerous stocks like those touted by front-running pump & dump operators.


"I am really looking forward to small cap domination looking to add more tools I can use in my account..." - Richard T.


What is the main advantage compared to trading large cap stocks, since large cap can be traded for less than a 100-shares lot?" - Juan S.


"Interested in the chart comparison. Want to learn about trading small stocks... have small acct" - Ellen S.


"I like the idea of lower priced stocks as it allows larger positions without having to buy options." - Melinda H.

"will technical analysis alone be sufficient ? What about news as well as fundamentals?" - Jim D.
Ken replies: Thanks for writing in. News plays are too late, and fundamentals are irrelevant. All that matters is price action & volume (and specific breakout patterns)


"Ability to buy more shares is an obvious positive as well as option strategies." - Steven O.


"To trade small caps should give under the right conditions a much higher percentage profit than the stocks with the higher values. Eg Turn a $10.00 instrument to $20.00 has a better ratio than turning a $100.00 instrument into a $200.00 value." - Ian


"they tend to make bigger gains quicker than more expensive stocks" - Kelvin D.


"I am curious as I recall (maybe in error) that you advised against trading the sub $10 stocks for new traders. I would like to learn strategies with consistent edge for stocks in this price range and appreciate your insight and guidance..." - Deano A.
Ken replies: That's true, for Day trading, not swing trading. I continue to say day trading stocks under $10/share is a very bad idea, in my experience.


"I want to learn about momentum candles and pivot points" - James A.

"when swing trading small cap stocks, it is very important to know what to do and what NOT to do if you want to grow your account...It is important to identify and know how to trade small cap stocks - many winners start there and get to the higher price ranges so you can get into them on the ground floor. Ken Calhoun will show you how it's done. " - Mura M.


"What's the biggest difference in strategy between trading under 10 dollar stocks and those in the 20+ range? How often is that under 10 dollar stocks break above 10 dollars and keep on climbing?" - Leo W.
Ken replies: Smart question; there's actually many differences, in both the specific breakout & gap patterns worth trading, as well as profit-taking & risk management techniques. An analogy is jazz vs classic rock; different styles.


"Ken is the best stock tactician when it comes to looking for successful trades." - Barry S.


"How do you protect yourself from the low volume volatility often associated with under $10 stocks? And from the "pump & dump" schemes?" - DT
Ken replies: When I scan I like stocks under $10 that have a Minimum average volume of 1M daily shares or better. I never trade easily pumped low-float thin volume trash stocks or penny stocks; I'm a trader not a gambler.


"Trading small cap stocks with Ken will be a great way to take advantage of market moves.Kens the best at what he does." - Bob M.


"what are the best points to enter a swing trade and what is the minimum volume level on a stock?" - Frenchie B.


"Stocks under $10 require less capital and higher chance make bigger profit Apple, Amzn all come from under $10." - Cece H.

"Gives a new market of ideas to trade and prosper" - David D.


"Can have a more diversified portfolio for less money, and who knows, one of them might be an epic winner." -Robert P.


"Not really into small stocks but always interesting to see what folks are trading" - Ted M.


"Good to know about all aspects of trading." - Stephen C.


"I like to trade stocks under $10 like BAC that went to $5 and then back up for big $$" G.J.


"Good stuff Ken...I went into your swing room one day out of curiosity on a free open day. Though I did not take any of your calls as I was just watching, you made some solid calls actually. Enjoy your videos." - Eric D.
Ken replies: Thanks for the kind words - it makes my day to get comments like yours!

"I wasn't making money 'cause I heard your advice, but I didn't act on it. That has to change." - Deanna D.

"any indicator most useful for this kind of trading?" -jim

Ken replies: great question, thx... in addition to volume, I like ADX, MAs and specific micro-breakout patterns like cups & ascending triangles. There's advanced tips I'll be sharing re nuances for stocks under $10, too.

"thank you to think in terms of small capitalization." - Maxime M.

"Are you always calm and collected under pressure" -Vic S.
Ken replies: not always... mostly it's a function of risk: if I'm trading just a few hundred shares no anxiety; but if I'm trading >1k I worry more because of the higher upfront risk in the trade.

"All I want to know is what makes a stock move as soon as you buy/sell it?" - Daniel F.
Ken replies: small hamsters. or wee little stock goblins, lol...
but seriously, it's just buying versus selling volume imbalance...as traders, we learn to spot the difference.

"Nice discussion of what to look for when swing trading the small cap stocks." - Toby P.


"Thank you, Ken, for sharing with us your knowledge and experience" -Silvia R.


"this was the missing thing to me because I am on the way with caps from low up to $ 40, --you are doing great Ken - go ahead" - Gerry F.


"An exceptional presenter who provides a brief, but yet a to the point video on what tips one should use in trading stocks less than $10." - Larry D.
Ken replies: Thanks, Larry - good to hear from you again!

"Am trying to determine whether the leverage is worth the risk associated with small cap stocks." - Russ H.

"If you can control the risk aspect. Stock's under $10 provides you the best opportunities for great rewards." - Michael L.


"I like the potential for big moves in a small time frame" - Dave H.


"Very excited to learn something new" Koorosh K.


"I am looking forward to the webinar. Can I scan for these types of stocks?" - Bruce H.


"Buy more shares with your capital." - Alfredu


"Many of the under $10 are optionable for more leverage. Is this a good idea?" - Dave P.

"Aren't stocks under $10 to volatile to trade?" - Paul M.
Ken replies: The ones I like to focus on are not the extreme up-and-down volatile ones; instead I prefer those in a steady uptrend.

"I find trading stocks under 10 to be risky with more down side risk than upside, simply cause most of them don't run up enough to make some good money." - Don G.
Ken replies: You make a great point, Don, and for the most part I agree with you. That's why most of my training has been for >$20 stocks. But -- there are exceptional charts under $10 that can run up for very strong price-action breakouts; those are what we'll focus on. No "chop & drop" penny stocks, no low-float low-volume risky stocks; I cover high-volume strong-trending charts.

"First of all there is less capital at risk even for those who have adequate account levels. It could lessen the fear of losing that could allow better concentration. Commission rates are a concern for many traders with small accounts who need good customer service support." - Donna B.


"Stocks under $10 and options on them often have huge spreads. Any tips on how not to give back all the trade profit, if any, back as a spread when closing the trade?" - Andrew N.
Ken replies: Good point -- personally I trade stocks with high volume, so spreads are tight.


"I like the number of shares that I can leverage with stocks under $10." - Ev G.

"Ken teaches simple simple and easy technic in trading: - Nanada K

"Looking forward to a great webinar with top traders!" - Dan

"Fast review of current stock opportunities and some humor" - Don H.

"The option prices move a lot with any price movement" - Gary S.
Ken replies: that's why I trade the actual stock, not options .. I'm a stock trader.


"What patterns should I identify?" - Yoram


"Being able to successfully trade QUALITY small cap stocks in a prudent manner is an important skill to learn." - Arnold P.
Ken replies: Exactly, and that's where I focus on helping, is finding top-Quality sustainable uptrending charts.

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