How to Scan for stocks to trade.

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You'll Discover Ken's "Visual Price-Action" Scanning Secrets... Unlock Step-By-Step Strategies You Can Use In Just 90 Minutes! 

Introducing a useful stock & ETF day & swing trading course for all active traders. Learn practical step by step scanning strategies that can help you learn how to locate and find the strongest charts like an experienced trader does. Packed with new scanning tips, entry & exit patterns, updated candlestick trade setups and more...

Even better, what I will show you can be used on any charting software program — it's all based on simple, powerful visual scanning chart patterns that you'll learn how to trade. Plus new "volatility scanning" entry and exit tactics and more... it's just that good.

'Scanning Secrets' Will Quickly Show You:

finding the best charts to trade

rapid-scanning tactics for entries

how to locate key entry price points

momentum candle scanning tips

'stay clear' scanning to avoid stops

scanning to scale in: pro tactics

Dear Trader,

Having a tough time finding what's worth trading each week? Well, if you're looking for the skills needed to visually look at charts and instantly find the best trading setups, then you'll want to join me for Scanning Secrets! The fact is, many vendors sell overpriced hokey 'magic arrow' software or other costly, wasteful indicators that simply don't work consistently. Sound familiar?

As one of the industry's most-trusted trading coaches and real traders (one of the few who shows P&L proof I trade), I'm excited to bring you a new comprehensive "Scanning Secrets™" downloadable high resolution video course...

Seeing how to "do it yourself" for scanning through charts and knowing what's worth trading... plus how to trade it...this can be one of the most valuable experiences you'll ever enjoy as an up-and-coming active trader.

Everything from 'volatility candles', knowing the best patterns based on simply looking at a chart and more, is now available at your fingertips, thanks to this useful new course.

Just imagine... what if you were able to easily scan for (and find) the strongest swing and day trading stock & ETF breakout entry patterns every single day, like clockwork?

I'll show you exactly how to scan for tradable charts for yourself, so it all makes sense.

Once you learn how to sort through the charts and know what to skip, plus which charts are worth trading in the first place (plus how to set entries and exits), you can see for yourself how an experienced traders should be trading — but you've got to register to learn how.

You'll also learn my best techniques to help potentially save you from over-trading the "choppy low-percentage bad charts" that don't make winning trades. This is one of the most important skills you can acquire as a trader.. is how to scan through your charts and hand-pick the very best ones to actually trade.

PLUS - you'll also discover how to easily scan for what's worth trading, to help you learn exactly how to day and swing trade stocks and ETFs, plus avoid false breakouts in these downloadable videos! World-class training you can depend on, at a bargain.

And that's what "Scanning Secrets™" is designed to give you... plenty of practical "how to" precision trading scanning strategies that can potentially help you improve your trading success, fast...It's all quite exciting, because it's training that's designed to help you become an independent trader. Without any special software or costly subscriptions. No upsells or extras or add-ons will be offered; you get complete training with renowned trading professional Ken Calhoun, President of &

You get full access to the high-resolution .wmv video downloads

How Much Better Could Your potential Trading Success Be, If You Only Knew How to Scan for & Trade these specific Patterns with REAL Trader Ken Calhoun?

Thanks to "Scanning Secrets™", you're about to discover how it all works for yourself (ideal for active stock & ETF traders, including step by step instructions):

How to Scan for Tradable Charts, PLUS the strongest signals to use when looking for intraday and swing trade entries...

Now you'll see all-new updated tactics using practical trading examples you can learn from instantly... at your fingertips. And how to quickly develop the visual pattern recognition skills you need to be able to use a common-sense, easily-understood process for locating the best charts to trade.

Scanning Tactics to Help You "Weed Out" dangerous, risky charts I've found that many active traders made one of two critical erros:

They either a) overtrade choppy charts that don't have enough volatility to trade in the first place, or b) trade dangerous charts (like low-priced low-volume ones that can wipe out trading capital, fast).

You'll discover how to avoid these danger charts, plus the thinking behind what volatility patterns are best. Plus, you'll also unlock the skills to drill down to locate the best handful of 5-7 charts worth trading each week, on your own. You'll see how this works in these pro trading videos.

How to Use Multiple Timeframes when Scanning, to Confirm Entries.   It's smart to use 2 or 3 different charts to give you a more professional perspective on key support/resistance levels, trading signals and more.

In Scanning Secrets, you'll discover exactly how to look at several charts when scanning to "Qualify for Trading" the best charts, while leaving the rest alone. This multi-timeframe scanning approach is what professional traders do, so you'll definitely want to register your spot, so you can learn this powerful combination technique for yourself.

How to quickly Update Your Approach to scanning. My training has taught thousands of traders worldwide how to literally update their trading skills to become more professional, more cautious, and more focused... now it's your turn.

Scanning Secrets will reveal the "before-after" trading changes you need to make in your scanning skills, explained so you can use it — fast. Because seeing the differences between how you're currently trading versus how you should be scanning for new entries is critically important for you to learn.

BONUS: You also get 'SPEED SCANS', which shows you:

This bonus course is a full 1 hour, 40 minutes long, packed with practical tips for helping you scan faster for trade setups.  Downloadable high-quality videos.

How to Scan for entries - fast!

trading high-momentum "hot spots"

avoiding false breakouts

how to 'quickly qualify' your charts

breakout scan trading patterns

'60 minutes to success' speed scans


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