See How a REAL Trader Uses Position Sizing to Scale In and Out of His Trades… You’ll Learn How to Make Trade Management Decisions Using Ken’s Strategies

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Ready to Learn How to Trade with Scaling-In “Position Sizing” Advanced Techniques?
Discover how it works with 3 useful trading downloadable videos to Learn From:

Here’s What You’ll Be Learning In Your “Momentum Doubler” Position Sizing Video #1

What position sizing is and how it works, using actual trade examples. You’ll see why this can correct for bad entries, and help you transform your trading strategy in one phenomenal step.

Core trading strategy for using “scale up” positions, with basic strategy explained so you will learn exactly when and how to add to positions (while keeping initial stops as small as possible). This gets you started with a specific process to use in all your trades.

Trading “Position Sizing Blueprint” process that helps you easily and quickly determine where to place buy-stop scale-up entries for all of your trades. This “foundation” for trading success uses actual proprietary, easy-to-follow entry and exit strategies that you’ll learn about using current-market trading charts.

How to set your entries using a broker interface example with actual trade entries. Plus answers for how to set multiple entries and manage your P&L “backend” during trades.

Here’s What You’ll Be Learning In Your “Momentum Doubler” Position Sizing Video #2

You’ll discover exactly how to set entries to continue when trades continue in trends, plus “countermeasures” for trading during consolidating market conditions. You see exactly how to trade during uptrends, downtrends and choppy markets — with three very distinct trading strategies to be used for both pivot and breakout trades.

How to add to winning positions with a) a SINGLE add-on trade, b) a DOUBLE add-on trade, and c) how to use different SIZE for each strategy. This is critical to know, easy to use, and will transform how you trade forever.

Professional trading “edges” — you’ll see how to make simple “adjustments” to your trades for both intraday and swing trading styles of trade entries.

Advanced trade management tactics: how to allocate percentages of your capital to each trade from start to finish, so you’ll see how to manage the “big picture” as well as specific entries & exits.

Here’s What You’ll Be Learning In Your “Momentum Doubler” Position Sizing Video #3

How to use your unrealized P&L numbers in each trade as a CORE indicator for trade decision-making. Only a real trader could show you this, because it goes far beyond simplistic chart patterns like others teach. You MUST know how to manage off your unrealized P&Ls in order to potentially trade successfully, and that’s one core tactic you’ll learn about in this dynamic session.

Breakthrough trade examples for managing your EXITS — you’ll unlock useful new tactics to help you quickly see exactly where to set your initial stops in each trade.

How to use SINGLE vs TWO-STEP STOPS… this makes a huge difference, as you’ll see why you should usually never completely stop out of a position in a single trade, but rather exit it in two different “partial-trade” exits. Seeing how this works is absolutely essential, because it reveals the “getting out” of both winning and stop-out positions quickly.

Trading action plan: You’ll see how to develop a specific outline of next steps you’ll take during the weeks ahead for implementing and testing out all you’ve been learning, in your own trades.

This is a great way to watch the three videos and become armed with a trading plan that you can begin using immediately.

FAQ: What’s unique about this system compared to your other ones?
The main difference between the Momentum Doubler system and my other systems is the focus specifically on position sizing, of how to scale into and out of trades with professional trade management skills. The goal is to help traders develop the skill to learn how to scale into winning trades, which mean adding to winning positions. It also shows you how to exit and scale back out of trades using trailing stops and hard stops for locking in gains once a trade has gone in your favor.

And, how to set initial stops for trades to potentially minimize risk for trades that go against you. It combines a powerful approach using “the numbers” of position sizes to help you see exactly how to start off all trades with small size, then gradually add to only those that are working out. It’s a very conservative, careful, professional approach to trading. You’ll see where on a chart to start your initial position, then how and where to add to it once it’s started moving in your favor (and how to trail stops and exit the trade once in, as well as sizing up/adding to the winning position), which is a skill most professional traders use.

Why Is This So Important (and Valuable) For Active Traders?

Adding to winning positions, known as “position sizing” is a key to successful trading… because it helps you manage your P&Ls very carefully, like professional floor traders and wall street professionals do. It’s absolutely essential to learn how to scale in on multiple entries, and learn how to do it for yourself from a real trader.

I’ll teach you exactly how this all works, using my own IB ( TWS/trader workstation, as we go through setting multiple scale-in entries, stops and more. All shown to you in this 3-video system.

The first video shows you how to develop a specific methodology for your own trades (whether you trade forex, eminis or stocks, for either day or swing trading). This trading plan is the step-by-step foundation for all you’ll be doing.

Next, the second video reveals how to set specific triple-entry triggers; where you get your initial “test” trade set, then your secondary “in the money” trade… then a final “money shot” scale-in before tightening in a close trailing stop. The rest is history. You’ll be impressed once you learn how it all works.

The third video reveals my proprietary exit triggers, and the specific “how to quickly decide where to trail a stop” for both single- and double scale out positions. For example if I’m in a winning RIG trade with 200 shares, I’ll show you how to manage a partial exit with 150 shares to lock in a gain, then where to set the exit trailing stop on the remaining 50 shares, and so on.

One key difference between professional traders and at-home frustrated losing traders, is professionals manage their money and their scaled-in positions like a hawk, very nimbly, accurately setting trailing stops (and initial hard stops for out-of-the money trades) to help protect open profits. Our goal is to trade to make money, not to just ‘be right’ with academic could’ve-would’ve chart patterns like amateur trading industry vendors pitch. You need to learn the P&L management side of the equation.

These stunning videos show you the little-known tactics that skilled day & swing traders can use to manage their “back end”, the all-important money side of the equation. By adding to winning positions only (and starting off all trades as small-share probing trades), you can potentially keep your stops as small as possible, while only adding to the winners once you see the specific breakout tactics you need to start using, to trade more carefully and more cautiously.

And of course, adding to winning trades only is a great way to “leverage” your capital and skillfully enter and exit your positions. You’ll learn everything you need to know in this rare training for active traders…

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