Learn how to day & swing trade popular ETFs.

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You'll Discover How to Swing & Day Trade ETFs In This Popular Bestselling Classic Course Featuring Ken Calhoun!

If you like keeping your trading life simple by specializing in trading just a handful of strong-moving ETFs, then this can be one of the most important trading messages you'll read all year. If you don't have a lot of time to scan for different stocks to trade constantly, then trading the ETFs (which trade exactly like stocks) can help you trade the broad market indexes, or specific sectors instead... keeping it easy to trade.

Knowing how to trade ETFs is a "must-have" trading skill that can give you a huge advantage — because they don't gap up or down significantly overnight (unlike stocks), reducing your risk... plus they are widely traded on high volume. This liquidity makes them perfect for both day and swing trading, once you know how it all works.

Here's What This Is All About:

From one hard-working trader to another, I'm pleased to be able to share my best ETF entry and exit strategies with you in my ETF Mastery release. In fact, you'll see nearly 9 full action-packed hours of actual ETF step by step trading tactics that I use in my own real trades, fully explained with charts so you can watch how to use this powerful indicator immediately. The running time is an amazing 8 hours 42 minutes...

Perfect for Active Day and Swing ETF traders!
     This classic 6-video system has been created from a series of very popular webinars I did for my Daytrading University traders in 2010 and is definitely a "must get" system for your trading library. You'll be impressed at the thoughftul accuracy and detailed instructions (with dozens of chart examples) you'll be learning from in ETF Mastery. The tactics are ideal for our current 2017 markets as well -- it's all about patterns that repeat.

It's ideal for day and swing trading, as it covers examples of all styles, including both single and triple-leveraged 3x ETFs for active traders. You'll want to study it carefully before putting on your very next trade, because it can help you learn how a trader with many years of real trading experience trades the ETFs... and now it's your turn.

What's the "Edge" That ETF Mastery Delivers?

Your ETFMastery Advantage: I've tested out hundreds of strategies with small-share trades in my own trading accounts so I've SHOWED You how to potentially use the same strategies for yourself, once you order your ETF Mastery system today.

Why Trading ETFs In Addition To (or Instead of) Stocks Can Give You A Big Potential Trading Advantage — Fast!

Trading ETFs Can Be Potentially Safer Than Stocks...
Because There's Never Any Significant Overnight Gaps

     That's right...if you check the charts for top-traded ETFs like SPY, QQQQ, FAZ, FAS, DXD, QID and others, you'll see that I'm right... there's never any significant up or down gap from one day to another. Usually, the ETFs will make minor gaps up or down depending on the premarket futures direction; I teach you how to leverage this important "trading gap" pattern in the ETF Mastery System.

I've put my own real money on the line regularly with real trades — and I've tested out my techniques for using the ETFs as a core part of my trading portfolio, because I like to swing and day trade the ETFs every week. Now I've finally gotten it down to the point where I feel comfortable releasing this ETF Mastery 6vVideo trading system to show you exactly how I really trade the ETFs.

Trading ETFs Can Help Simplify Your Trading Life... Because This "Scan-Free" Strategy Is Easy!

    As a working day and swing trader, I am constantly scanning for which stocks are breaking out. One thing that simplifies my trading life considerably is that I put my ETF tickers into their own portfolio quotebox, which makes it much easier to see "what's moving" each morning.

On days where I don't have the time or energy to manually scan through hundreds of stocks, I can still always trade my ETFs, because I know their ATRs (average true ranges), pivot areas... and more importantly, my new proprietary entry and exit signals, that are easy to spot once you know what to look for.

  It's a great way to still be in the market and trade, even just swing trading, because knowing a handful of 5-10 ETFs and how to trade them, is all you need.  You'll be learning how it all works once you order your own ETF Mastery system.

Trading ETFs the ETF Mastery Way Can Show You How To Make a Big Difference In Your Trades

    In working with thousands of traders since 1999, I've found that there are subtle, yet powerful differences between those traders that "get it" and have a better potential for becoming successful, and those that do not. You'll be seeing how I include these differences of how to trade the different chart patterns, revealed exclusively in the ETF Mastery trading system....

The entry and exit strategies you'll be learning about in ETF Mastery have been given to you "on a silver platter", because they're easily explained using fully-explained videos, so you'll see how it works, fast. And we don't use an overwhelming flood of indicators that cause confusion and missed entries.

Instead, you'll be shown exactly how to look through the top ETF charts anytime you want to put on a trade, and how to set your entries, exits and stops explained step by step, so that you can see "over my shoulder" how to trade these for yourself. fact, I've distilled years of knowledge working with many traders into a "blueprint" you can use to help guide your own trading activity, explained so that it all makes sense. It's just that good, and can potentially help make a big difference in your trades, as it accelerates your learning for step by step ETF trading.

You'll See Exactly How To Trade These Amazing ETF Mastery™
Step-by-Step Trading Setups — With Actual Trade Walkthroughs

Now for the good stuff... let's take a closer look at the videos you'll be getting with your ETF Mastery system:

Video #1: "ETF Swingtrading Secrets - Part One"

In this first video, you'll be shown step by step trading setups for swing trading ETFs, including:

  • How to scan for the strongest ETFs to trade each day
  • What to look for before the opening bell, to help determine directional bias for the market
  • How to set swing trading entries and exits
  • Type of specific chart patterns to look for before putting on your next ETF trade
  • Risk and money management strategies for swing trading ETFs
  • Runtime: 1 hour, 4 minutes

Video #2: "ETF Swingtrading Secrets - Part Two"

In this second video, you'll be shown step by step trading setups for swing trading ETFs, including:

  • How to combine ADX with breakout and pivot patterns for swing trades
  • Strategies for setting Entries and Exits using major and minor cup patterns on swing trading ETF charts
  • Setting entry triggers using "outside" days vs inside day ranges (including advanced tips)
  • How to enter using "High Volume Close" patterns and manage exits with 2-day high/low price points
  • Personal Action Plan: how to develop a step by step trading plan based on what you've learned
  • Runtime: 1 hour, 3 minutes

Video #3: "Daytrading ETFs - Session One"

This this third stunning video features ACTUAL Real ETF day trading examples captured live with our actual brokerage P&L trading workstation during live markets! This is an industry first... no more hypothetical nonsense like other ETF systems — instead you'll learn with this complete "live trading walkthrough" that reveals:

  • Realtime actual entries and exits fully "deconstructed" with buy-limit orders during realtime markets (and how to set entries)
  • Where to set stops, what patterns work best, and how to target the highest-probability ETF entries during an entire market open.
  • Practical "How to Enter & Exit" tactics, fully explained step-by-step with actual trades
  • Runtime: 1 hour, 49 minutes

Video #4: "Daytrading ETFs - Session Two"

The REAL ETF trading examples continue in video #4 with a new live market open and specific day trading ETF entries and exits completely explained step by step, so you'll see:

  • How to use professional "bracket" and "momentum doubler" entry tactics in live markets
  • Tactics for setting multiple entry triggers using specific cup and 2day high open range patterns
  • How to use advanced "Tape Reading" skills for ETF day trading (another industry first - exclusive!)
  • Real trades entered and exited, with brokerage "over the shoulder" POV/point of view footage captured from my trading workstation, so you'll see exactly how to manage your ETF trades like an experienced trader.
  • Runtime: 1 hour, 44 minutes

Video #5: "How to Trade the Short 'Bear' ETFs"

Your trading "how to" training continues in this must-see video #5, which specializes in exactly how to trade the short ETFs (such as FAZ, SDS, QID, TZA, VXX and others). You'll discover:

  • How to buy and sell the short ETFs for day and swing trades during times where the market is selling off.
  • Strategies for combining candle patterns, cups and multi-day charts for easily scanning to set your entries and exits.
  • How to scale up in position sizing for multiple entries during breakouts in short ETFs
  • Managing risk and setting specific stops
  • Runtime: 1 hour, 9 minutes

BONUS!   You Also Get Video #6: "3-Day Power Pivots" 

This exclusive bonus video reveals our new proprietary "3-Day Power Pivot" trading strategy, which is ideal for consolidating markets and short-term ETF swing trades:

  • How to enter and exit ETF trades inside 3-day round trips for volatile and choppy ETFs.
  • Countermeasures to avoid false breakouts.
  • How to scale use premarket futures and other easy-to-read patterns to determine market bias before the opening bell (plus how to trade using this)
  • Candle patterns for 3-day swing trades, and how to combine them with Western momentum trade signals every time you trade
  • Step by step trade management "trading plan" tactics to use for entries, stops, exits and position sizing using this powerful new trading technique.
  • Runtime: 1 hour, 36 minutes

Traders, I look forward to sharing useful tactics for helping you learn trading strategies in this popular course. Go ahead and be sure to order right now. You'll value this professional trading course!


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