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What's New at Trade Mastery?

Throughout the year ahead, Trade Mastery is excited to be launching as an all-new active traders’ resource center. We’re now looking for “beta-testers” who would like to volunteer to test out the site and give us feedback.

What Do I Get Out of Being a Trade Mastery Beta Tester?

You’ll get to see new content items before any other traders do. Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to provide useful feedback that we’ll use in developing the site’s new features. Thanks for participating; we appreciate it.

How Is the New Trade Mastery site Different?

Years ago, we held our live “Trade Mastery” seminars, and this site was used to register traders for those. Next, our signature “Trade Mastery coaching program” was offered via this site…and still is, at, as a standalone coaching program. Now, with this next evolution of the site, we’re launching it as the main “face of our business” in addition to the main Daytrading University site.

How Does the Trade Mastery Video Blog Work?

Look for updated new trading “how to” videos posted regularly in this area. Videos will be made based on popular requests from traders, and will feature a variety of intraday and swing trading strategies to learn from.

How Do I Make the Most of Trade Mastery?

As an industry leader in active trader education and training, our Daytrading University “Trade Mastery” site is designed to help you trade more successfully. Start by participating in some of the free webinars, and watching the complimentary videos in the trading video blog. Then decide which of our premium webinars and courses make sense for you to buy, to help accelerate your learning even further. It’s easy!

Ken, When Do You Sleep?

A trader asked me this recently. I get asked this a lot. Sleep is highly overrated. I’m on a mission to help traders, and this site will go a long ways towards doing that. So let’s work together and make the new Trade Mastery site another success! :)

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