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April 26 4:21PM

"I only want to trade the best set-ups." - Stephen K.

April 26 4:10PM

"Always looking for tips in how professionals view their trading plans so we an adjust ours. Ken continues to bring valuable content to us." - Sheldon B.

April 26 1:49PM

"hey this money management thing has to be harnessed, how much to put on trades,too much or too little to make some bucks, its scary, i dont want to see it go down the drain, trading psychology is the one to get it sorted, thanks ken" - Anthony M.

April 26 1:35PM

"spotting reversals (early) on the 6E e-mini." - Ram M.

April 26 1:32PM

"I am interested in addditional help with evaluating ADX" - D.F.

April 26 1:26PM

"How to get out of a trade - use trailing stops?" - Jean G.

April 26 1:260PM

"About using stop loss? I read different views about this issue. 1. Some experienced trade analysts say "Do not use stop loss order because the market makers will execute the trade quickly and reprice the premium, as a result you will keep on paying them". 2. others say " Do but not to close"
which one is your answer?" - Tewolde

April 26 1:20PM

"Trading Pschology, money management, spot high odd trade probability, etc." - Wen O.

April 26 9:01AM

"I want to find out how to enter a trade and exit at right time" - AC

April 26 12:53PM

"Upon entering a trade, I set my stop and target, and figure the risk/reward. During the trade,if the price begins to go down a little, I'm tempted to get out before it reaches the target.
How do I keep from being scared out of a trade before it reaches the target?" - Gregory Y.

April 26 12:50PM

"Guidelines to avoid trading on a bad day, and to avoid overtrading when the first few trades don't work out." - Steve B.

April 26 12:37PM

"You are a great teacher. Every market and sector has details for trading that you bring to my attention. Thanks" - Jim G.

April 26 12:10PM

" I am a very successful paper trader. I want to be more confident to place real trades! Thanks!" - Michele G.

April 26 12:10PM

"Looking forward to increasing my trading competence." - John H.

April 26 11:23AM

"My biggest challenge is to start trading using my system mechancially and stop analizing every detail." - Rick K.

April 26 11:07AM

"I would like to know one trait that is apparent in successful traders" - Vern R.

April 26 11:01AM

" I need to develop the consistency to set stops. Too often I wait too long to set a stop and profits are diminished or gone. I am just not sure of where to set the initial stop and whether to set a hard or a soft stop." - Bryan P.

April 26 10:55AM

"Miss less trade setups when they arise" - Larry R.

April 26 10:49AM

"It would help my confidence to take entries to know the probabilities of the different setups. Thanks Ken, you're a real trader, whom I respect very much! Best" - Eliot B.

April 26 10:47AM

"1. How to read the charts to tell what the 'smart money' is doing. 2. How to avoid bull an bear traps - where I read the next swing correctly, but it spikes in the opposite direction and then proceeds with the swing." - Mike P.

April 26 10:43AM

"I could use all the help I can get" - William M.

April 26 10:35AM

"yes I need to learn how to identify a trade with a high probability of success and when to take the money and run" - Clint U.

April 26 9:55AM

"Any information on trading that I don't already know is always good to either learn, or hear again!" - Pat R.

April 26 9:01AM

" I want to learn how to make trades with high probability of success..." - Ted M.

April 26 8:59AM

"Strategy with consistency in ALL market conditions...Range, Trends and Breakouts....." - Rob R.

April 26 8:25AM

"Need to change the Mindset to transform my trading." - R.S.

April 26 7:49AM

"Finding better exits for trades would be helpful" - Frank A.

April 26 6:40AM

"My problem is my mindset I do not like to lose so I wait and hope the market turns in my direction.I like to learn to overcome this.Cheers" - Tony L.

April 26 5:14AM

" love it, looking forward to more...excellent information. kudos to team. Thanks and appreciation, looking forward to more." - Sal P.

April 26 3:29AM

"I feel I have studied a lot about trading but success still eludes me so I would be VERY interested to learn some tips that would help transform me into the successful trader I long to be. Mindset I think is particularly important for struggling traders. Thank you Ken for the opportunity to attend this webinar." - Cynthia B.

April 26 3:17AM

"Need to be able to accurately determine the real market direction." - Terry O.

April 26 3:05AM

"How to settle on a trading plan. I have lots of indicators which I use whenever." - Bob C.

April 26 2:37AM

"need to consider multiple time frames and know your exits before entering the trade." - Jack L.

April 25 11:25PM

"To better recognize when momentum is coming into a new trend or into a reversal and how to best capitalize on that move." - John L.

April 25 11:07PM

"Why practicing DISCIPLINE is so inconsistent to maintain?" - Cynthia T.

April 25 10:50PM

"My main concern is lack of confidence and clear targets in daily trading. Most of my winners get sold prematurely, and losers stay in account too long." - Alex G.

April 25 10:25PM

"I want to find out how to enter a trade and have it follow through rather than reversing on me." - Bob G.

April 25 10:06PM

" I need improve my trading to be more sucessful." - Butch

April 25 9:36PM

"Is this a day-trading method, or is a swing method also? Thanks" - Nicholas C.

April 25 9:24PM

"I need to hold my winners longer" - Joe L.

April 25 7:59PM

"letting winning trades run as long as reasonably possible" - Andrey G.

April 25 7:56PM

"Need P&L management and scaling to increase size of wins and minimize size of losses" - Joseph S.

April 25 7:47PM

"I guess my most important thing is to find a good reliable trading program." - Larry L.

April 25 7:32PM

"My greatest difficulty tends to be setting profit target. Sometimes I set it too high and the market reverses before it reaches my target and I sit there waiting for it to come back. Or I exit too early and the market continues without me" - Tom S.

April 25 6:54PM

"can you use your your strategies for option trading.. I am a full time option trader.. my problem is, i couldnt get in fast enough, or could of got in sooner" - Tony Z.

April 25 6:15PM

"I would like to know how to make trade adjustments to the 40% of trades that don't pan out in order to minimize losses." - Bill P.

April 25 5:55PM

"Following through on my trading plan guidelines to execute the trade." - Peter C.

April 25 4:58PM

"Not placing stops and then ride out the loss to a sum zero or small profit/loss." - Harry J.

April 25 3:24PM

"I just need a simple, proven trade entry and exit strategy that I can repeat over and over like and idiot to make a modest income. Thanks" - Jimmy B.

April 25 3:21PM

"My latest mistake was (by trading options) that I set the trailing stoploss too tight... and I was stopped out from an absolute winning trade too early....
After this I got very upset-- quasi emotional.... (still angry...)" - Kate X.

April 25 3:09PM

"Would like to participate in that event. Last month doing to many mistakes in my trading." - Andrew R.

April 25 1:49PM

"How can I get into good trades" - Larry G.

April 25 1:40PM

"What I need to change most at this time is getting better at that important decision; "when a trade has gone your way a little bit and then pulls back" .... do you bail with a small profit (maybe I've already taken some partial profit or am still close to my entry)or do you hold with proper stop in place waiting for the 'bigger move'. Thanks" - Earl S.

April 25 1:34PM

"My greatest challenge is choosing an exit strategy that reduces losses and greatly improves returns." - Tommy D.

April 25 1:16PM

"i am getting in too soon and out too late and it's killing me" - Jim P.

April 25 1:30PM

"why is buying stock better than buying an option on the same stock" - Terry B.

April 25 1:10PM

"I need to learn to be more discriminating in my trade entries." - Jerry C.

April 25 1:07PM

"When to exit... a true reversal or temporary blip." - Peter W.

April 25 12:44PM

"Adhering to a consistent trading plan is very difficult for me. When trading does not go according to the plan, I am off looking for something that may be able to fix it. Hence, my plan is in a constant state of flux!" - Ricardo V.

April 25 12:43PM

"I most need help with my exit strategies and pinpointing the best place to pull the plug on losing trades." - Ralf M.

April 25 12:3902PM

"The opening hour of the market, how to trade that profitably, and maybe the use of the futures data to enhance accuracy" - Leslie Q.

April 25 12:08PM

"I need to develop atrading plan, trading rules, also risk, money,and trade management rules." - Dale H.

April 25 11:54AM

" I would love to know how to transform my trading" - Karen H.

April 25 11:50AM

"transform trading from blu to megatron, I'd like to." - Gary W.

Reply from Ken: Lol Gary, right. And a side tip, it' fun to watch high-energy action movies (and concert videos) to get motivated for trading. Think of your trading like going from A to B, from where it's at to where you need to be... the trick is getting trained by an actual trader who can show you the "stepping stones" to get across the river, from one side to the other in your trades.

Takes time, lots of small shifts — that's what I'll be covering in the webinar. The best part is, many of the techniques I share are near-instant fixes that are easy; not complicated new trading setups, nor any special software/indicators or other bs like the vendors pitch.

Tip #2: make a quick list of "More Of/Less Of" that you want to do in your trades, such as "more of, only buying new 2-day high breakouts, less of trading on days where the S&P is inside the prior day's high/low" for example.

April 25 11:45AM

"I am too tentative - dipping in and out of trades. I need to know when to commit and take the plunge!" - Andrew C.

April 25 11:43AM

"I would like to know how to best start with a small account, say $2500 and get it to grow." - Judy R.

April 25 11:37AM

"Discipline is a serious issue which affects my trading. By maintaining so, i would have been 25% profitable rather than seeing my account Red." - Raja G.

Reply from Ken: Hi Raja, you're right about discipline... you're ahead of the pack because at least you KNOW your numbers (25% more), which many traders don't. One of the tactics I'll be teaching about is how to use dollar-cost stops vs percentage/chart pattern ones — and this technique alone has been a huge help in my own trading because it helps a lot with discipline.

Listening to trading coaches out there, I hear a lot of soft fuzzy crap that doesn't work for a real trader. Actual traders know, it's all about the money, about our P&Ls and how to trim small stops fast, and add to winning positions... and that "good exits feel early", as I've published in my industry articles. This is just one of many quick and easy transformational tactics I'll be revealing in the webinar -- see you there.

April 25 11:33AM

"I really need Ken's help to transform my trading." - Jeff E.

April 25 11:30AM

" to have 100% believe in method and myself and follow my rules exactly.The method is first and there is much rubbish out there. A good mentor is a invaluable asset" - Mark B.

Reply from Ken: Hi Mark — you're right; having a process, a method to follow is useful (like this flowchart I developed for daytrading; applied to various swing and other tactics). You are so RIGHT about the rubbish out there. Be sure to require PROOF that people selling trader training are in fact real traders (most aren't, they're con men and their affiliate armies) and CREDENTIALS from trading vendors before buying. Right now anybody, from a laid-off autoworker to a fast food person can hawk trading stuff, and that's not right. Then they get this MLM-type affiliate approach to get dozens of their bs friends to cross-pitch junk to their lists, to unsuspecting traders.

You'd be shocked to realize most trading vendors aren't even actual traders, and are therefore unqualified to teach you, because they CAN'T TRADE. Most are phonies, talking about charts but can't and don't actually trade. Ask for Broker P&L screencap examples of real trades they've done (like mine) before buying from them. Don't get sucked in by a bunch of emails and fancy websites and opt-in forms on "namesqueeze pages" (that's where they make you enter your email before seeing some bs video, just so they can flood your email box with a bunch of bs hype emails later)... stop the madness. Learn from a real trader, with video testimonials from traders they've helped (like I show) and industry articles and more... not the phony wannabe vendors. Because you guys (and ladies) deserve better. /rant

April 25 11:20AM

"I need to to be a more consistent trader" - John S.

April 25 11:17AM

"Developing a trading plan and understanding how many setups need to be defined to be successful. These webinars are great and I am really learning alot from a real trader. I would love to find out about developing a trading plan." - Greg M.

April 25 11:12AM

"I like your style and your videos." - Thomas B.

April 25 11:09AM

"Looking forward always to listen to Ken to improve my trading skills" - Dave W.

April 25 10:41AM

"I hope to use this valuable information with 4x." - John T.

April 25 10:38AM

"opening range how to handle the first hour" - Bill

April 25 10:38AM

"entry and exit techniques that filter out the "heat"" - Russ W.

Reply from Ken: Hi Russ, I like the way you put that. And the market does deliver heat, all the time. One of the tactics I share in Transform Your Trading is specific entry/exit filters to put in place before (and after) each trade entry, to help potentially avoid getting shaken out of trades that go against you, and how to make that part of your everyday trading approach. Thanks for the comment - see you in the webinar.

April 25 10:32AM

"I need to improve my pre-market judgement of stock selection." - Mark S.

April 25 10:25AM

"I loved the last webinar i looked at it was great please carry on with those webinars, thanks" - Marc C.

April 24 2:41PM

"I would like to get better at recognizing when positions are not following through and then cutting them loose before they become big losers." - David S.

April 23 1:59PM

"I need an effective trading plan to start with, then continuous education so i can improve my skills." - Cliff L.

April 23 10:50PM

"I enjoy your training. You are very focus in presenting the training. You explain and demonstraight the infomation, so that beginers can understand the consepts." - Tyrone P.

April 23 5:09AM

"I have to learn how to pull the trigger when odds are in my favor, and how to avoid overtrading the risky plays." - Volodymyr G.

April 23 4:17AM

"Money management. When to spot ideal oppurtunity in the market" - Martin C.

April 23 1:29AM

"I want to learn more about position sizing and when to exit a trade" - Andy T.

April 22 8:03PM

"I need more information on When to get in and When to get out." - Brydon C.

April 21 11:49PM

"To have the marked entry and exit points in mind before entering. Realistic risk to reward ratio." - John D.

April 21 10:50PM

"I want to learn how to cut my losses" - S.V.

April 21 8:31PM

"... Ken always delivers valuable information. Better entries and being able to withstand a certain amount of opposite price movement" - Ted R.

April 21 6:23PM

"Working very hard at not getting information paralysis." - Susan H.

April 21 3:14PM

"Know how to set proper stop placement to minimize loss and sllow normal price fluctuation without being stopped out before market resumed in your trade direction...want to know when to exit as the trend is likely overextended and prone to reverse soon." - Simon Y.

April 21 10:37AM

"I need to"practice" more patience on my entries." - George F.

April 20 8:31PM

"What I need to change: stop buying etfs (or stocks) that are extended (improve my entry judgement), reduce my position sizes, pull the trigger / practise more (decrease fear level), and develop a clearer personal trade plan" - Mike A.

April 20 5:50PM

"Ken, I always have the most trouble trying to juggle multiple trades. You seem to make it look so easy. tell us what the trick is." - Dave V.

Reply from Ken: Hi Dave, what makes it easier is simply setting up buy-stop orders Before the market opens each day. So if I see 10-15 different stocks (or ETFs or whatever I'm trading) that I spot a specific chart pattern in that looks tradable, I'll put in a buy stop order above the premarket trading range, so I get automatically filled during the opening hour. That way I can a) focus my energy on position sizing and trade management vs scanning and b) approach trading with better discipline and followthrough since I'm not frantically looking for what to trade, but rather How to trade it once my initial small-size "pilot" trade has been filled. Good question, thanks (I get that one a lot).

April 20 5:37PM

"trust plan after enduring a couple of losses" - Todd B.

April 20 4:28PM

"I need to quit watching the trades. I find myself tracking instead of moving on to the next one. Too much micro managing." - Bret H.

April 20 2:24PM

" I would like to have a trading plan tested that does not need changing with changing market" - Jeff S.

April 20 1:13PM

"For me, it is not only important to position my trade for possible gain, but also to be able t read (underline read) the chart to increase my odds that the trade will be successful." - Joe M.

April 20 12:45PM

"I need to trade according to a personal plan and reduce the impulse trades." - Keith R.

April 20 12:27PM

"I'm very talented when looking at a chart, and picking a buy point. Then, I turn into the world's biggest whimp when it comes to hitting that BUY button." - Bob P.

April 20 11:20AM

"I would like to learn more about tape reading. I always learn something new from Ken that I can use the next day to improve my trading skills. Thanks Ken." - Bill H.

April 20 10:14AM

"Can't seem to spot upcoming entries on my own...." - Denis P.

April 20 9:19AM

"I'm just starting out - I need help everywhere. Whatever you discuss will be of use." - Perry B.

April 20 9:08AM

"Discipline, discipline, discilpline to follow my trading plan and placing stops to eliminate the emotion and stress in my trading!" - Wendy M.

Reply from Ken: Hi Wendy, I understand. Quick tip for everyone: instead of just using chart pattern only based stops (for example I like to stop out of a long swing trading position if it hits .35 under a 2-day low in my stock trades, or .4 for intraday trades), I've found that I like using DOLLAR cost stops instead. That's what I do in my longer term swing accounts especially; for example if a swing trade is against me by $100 then I place a stop very close to the current trading range, to limit my risk.

That helps with discipline a lot. For example if you say ahead of time before every single trade, "no matter what, I'll never take more than a $100 stop-out" (and combine that with position sizing), then that can potentially make a big difference, and to help you avoid second-guessing yourself based on chart patterns alone. Test it out, with papertrading. Good trading. More to come in the webinar.

April 20 7:55AM

"Trading/scalping around/during earnings seasons. Seems like the bigger movements are fast and over quickly then the small moves for too long equalling boredom or larger loss." - John D.

April 19 11:31PM

"I hopefully expect to learn new techniques especially entries and exits to enhance my trading practices" - Cesar J.

April 19 10:02PM

"Feeling more confident when pulling the trigger" - Gene B.

April 19 8:15PM

"As a new trader , I could use some guidence in all areas of trading. Vehichle selection, speed of execution, top to bottom analysis of the markets , tape reading skills are topics that interest me. Thank you" - Daniel B.

April 19 5:24PM

"need to be confident with yourself need to understand whrn and how to enter a trade need to be strong to stop out in a losing trend" - Ben S.

April 19 5:18PM

"need to learn more on position sizing after i enter a trade." - Jim E.

April 19 4:46PM

"Hi, Ken!
I always enjoy your webinars, there is always something to learn from you. What do I need to change about my trading? Surely the way I scan for stocks or identifying the momentum" - Silvia R.

April 19 4:10PM

"I would like to know how to prepare properly( ie a 5 or 10 point TO DO list) for my trading day- a checklist for determining the market direction-a couple of trading strategies that have a better than average win % with rules for entry/exit and stops and 3-5 good markets as well as 3-5 good stocks to live with consistently." - Arthur B.

April 19 2:54PM

"i would like to do longer term (swing) trades. presumably with larger rewards. am presently day trading w/ o.k. returns. looking forward to new techniques. thanx." - Harry M.

April 19 2:30PM

"ken...i know some people trade the SPY or you think with all the etf's out would make any sense go with (trade) the market..say using TZA/TNA.....(thus elimiating all the individual stock EPS surprises... upgrades/ downgrades etc.." - Frank K.

April 19 1:25PM

"Exit strategies are the shortfall of my trading." - Melvin C.

April 19 12:41PM

"I would like to learn to improve my tape reading skills." - Shaun T.

April 19 12:32PM

"As a fairly new trader I am slow to pull the trigger. A proper trading plan with money management and stops along with technigues the Ken teaches would be invaluable." - Daniel B.

April 19 11:24AM

"To develop confidence to 'pull the trigger' when setups occur." - Humphrey P.

April 19 11:06AM

"The two technical trade setups for a 3-5 swing trade on leveraged ETF's to enhance probablility...?" - Dennis D.

April 19 7:28AM

"I would like improve my entries closer to bottoms and exits. I would like to use options in conjunction with trades." - Ernie R.

April 19 10:47AM

"I need to be consistent and stick to one trading method instead of changing strategy or jumping into trades without a plan.I need to develop a strategy that suits my personality. How to pick h probability trades from charts and simple trading day trading technique that everyone can follow. method to continuously improve trading." - Law SP.

April 19 10:35AM

"The biggest change for me is to trade the signals my system generates. I need to be more confident and less worried about being stopped out." - Dale S.

April 19 9:46AM

"I would like to learn to trade Order Flow and use Mkt Profile to give me the proper context to trade the emini's during the day. I have tried several different methods over the years, and have found that this style and method of trading fits my personality the best. I have followed Ken's work for years and I am eager to hear him talk about this issue of finding a method that fits a traders personality, etc. Thank you." - Allan R.

April 19 7:28AM

"I need to improve my stop loss strategy.... (and) hesitation of getting out and not moving my stop loss trigger" - Luise S.

April 19 12:02AM

"I always need to improve the mental part of my trading, and Ken will have some excellent insight." - Tim H.

April 14 11:01AM

"I think my main trading challenge is learning how to read what the market is saying through the candles and the time and sale. I think an improvement in these two areas will help me to have better entries and exits." - Delphine M.

April 14 1:57AM

"I'd like to know that I have my charts set-up correctly, there must be differences between daytrading, swingtrading, and that I have the the times correctly set. What indicators work best for each daytrading and swingtrading." - Janice J.

Reply from Ken: That makes sense, Janice... especially because many traders don't know the correct chart setups and patterns to use. For example, there are some specific chart entry and exit signals that work better on a longer time-interval chart (15-to-55 day), than on shorter 2- to 5-day charts.

Knowing the difference, and being able to combine those signals properly to help decide where to enter, is an important skill to acquire, and a personal transformation in how to approach your trades, that I'd encourage traders to learn more about with the training I'll be delivering. See you in the webinar.

April 13 1:30PM

"Ken...every time I watch your webinars my trading transforms a little bit for the better" - Joel A.

April 12 8:13PM

"Believing enough in myself to resist the headfakes and fear..." - Alan H.

April 12 6:02PM

"To stop second quessing my decision which causes late entries, early exits and of course, losses." - Adam S.

April 12 5:36PM

"I need to discipline myself better to enter my initial stop right after I make a trade." - Shirley R.

April 12 4:43PM

"Dumping losing trades at pre-arranged stop level" - Barry S.

April 12 11:21PM

"I need to get disciplined in following the plan and not enter or exit the trade based on emotions." - Jay B.

April 12 1:14PM

"How to recognize and prevent self sabotage." - Stephen C.

April 12 11:10AM

"When I first got interested in trading, I read that it's probably 70% mental and psychological. 'Yeah sure', I thought, just show me the system and I'll deal with the psychology after I got the money in the bank. Now I know that it is true...Ken, I know you're a great fan of Brian Tracy and Doug Hirschhorn. I hope in this webinar you will share a few more names of people, books or techniques that helped you in developing your mental skills as a trader." - Sam S.

April 12 7:28AM

"Knowing how far to expect a V reversal to run is something I would like to learn, if it's even possible to determine in advance to some degree.

Is it going to quickly complete the "cup" pattern or stop at the first sign of support or resistance, such as one of the floor trader pivots, the previous days close, prior horizontal support resistance, etc.? See AMZN on 4/10 and 4/11 as an example, since it was 'all over the place' both days." - John U.

Reply from Ken: Great point, John... being able to decipher the "V" reversals (aka cup patterns, which I have used for thousands of actual trades over the years since the late 1990's), is one of the most important skills a trader needs to acquire.

Tip: check sector charts when in question about a specific underlying stock, as well as tier-1 lead stocks in that sector. So for example when deciding to pull the trigger on AMZN, it's worthwhile to check other internet- and retail-sector lead stocks (GOOG/BIDU/WMT/SHLD etc) to see what Their chart patterns are doing, then using that data to help decide how aggressively (or not) to trade the same-sector stock you're looking at, like AMZN. More to come in the webinar, thanks for posting.

April 12 6:19AM

"I have a problem with the consistency of "pulling the trigger" when I feel the time is right; esp. after making trades I thought were correct only to be stopped out. Then missing the good trades." - Ed M.

April 12 5:14AM

"Looking for entry and exit strategy to make small income per day..." - Mike T.

April 11 6:53PM

"Having the discipline to take small stops. I build into positions with smaller share size, but where and when to take small stops is a weak point of my trading plan." - Alex P.

April 11 6:27PM

"Need to hold on to winners longer. Always selling too early." - Jerome B.

April 11 5:02PM

"Trading is a life-long learning and improving process. Before/After analysis sounds very interesting to me, with the guidance from the real guru like Ken." - Sean H.

April 11 4:30PM

"I´m new in forex trading .I only had tried demo accounts. I need to begin in a real account so I think that you cooud help me" - Rodrigo M.

April 11 2:40PM

"Cutting losses sooner with a smaller loss, learning from the loss" - Jeff S.

April 11 2:09PM

"I would like to develop exit strategies so not to give back all my gains." - Donald G.

April 11 11:22AM

" Discipline!! Overtrading & tight stops lead to frustration and fear. After the "trade" is over I usually see my mistakes and then ask myself...why? why? why? Then tomorrow it starts all over again." - Jim B.

April 11 10:08AM

"I would like to find good scans for trend trading and become more efficient with candlesticks." - Wayne J.

April 11 7:07AM

"I want to improve confidence of each trade: knowing when to enter and why! to built trading plan" - Manolo T.

April 11 6:49AM

"How to scan for the "best" stocks and find the best entry point." - Isabel C.

April 11 4:16AM

" Looking forward to listening to another one of your webinars Ken. I never fail to pick up a "new trick" from you. This is what I'd like to learn more about for this particular webinar: Re Daytrading, how are daytrades influenced by overall market action? For example, I've notices that when futures are up on a day that is historically down (stocktraders almanac style) I tend to get thrown out of both my long trades and short trades, as first the market bolts out of the starting gate up (there go my short trades) and then the market comes flying down (there go my long trades). What clues will tell me when it is best to exit the longs and when best to put on the shorts. Thanks for your help Ken." - Helene I.

April 11 3:50AM

"Learn how to pull the trigger without hesitation..How to win the Inner game to achieve greater trading success." - Edward B.

April 11 2:33AM

"Need a rule based trading plan to trade with confidence. Some successful traders recommend stocks under $30 while other successful traders will insist on stocks over $30. Perhaps we need to find an approach to trading that fits our individual circumstances, goals, and personality... PS: The rationale for trading stocks under $30 is it is better to risk say $10,000 for 1,000 shares of a $10 stock than $70,000 for 1,000 shares of a $70 stock if you are looking for a specific short term gain in a day trade....Need a trading plan to trade confidently. Thanks." - Stephen C.

Reply from Ken: Hi Stephen - personally I like stocks between $5 and $70; and that's one thing I've taught for years, is to look at the ATR/average trading range of the stock, relative to it's price, to determine whether or not the leverage makes it worth trading. For example I don't trade GOOG since the intraday point range isn't enough, given the price of the stock. Or for ETFs, I prefer FAZ over SKF (financial short ETFs), and I prefer trading the QQQ over the SPY, since those have the same charts, with better leverage in FAZ and QQQ, compared to SKF and SPY. Good point; that's an example of the kind of transformation/change that traders can consider testing out, is range/leverage points like that.

April 11 2:02AM

"I would like to make some changes regarding having a solid trading plan, especially regarding exits." - Alex G.

April 11 1:13AM

"Better entry points and settings for s/l" - Jim S.

April 11 12:11AM

"I can find entry points to invest, but too often, the upside potential is only one or at most 2 points. In general, is it worth tying my money or waiting for something larger?" - Barry C.

April 10 11:49PM

"Always fear about the trade decision." - Pravin P.

April 10 11:31PM

"Does using RSI, MACD or stochastic really help in trading? Which Time Frame should be best suited for a swing trader?" - Nandini M.

April 10 8:15PM

"I need to improve my entry skills." - Bob G.

April 10 8:15PM

"I would like to learn how to read the charts correctly" - Ted F.

April 10 9:30PM

"Looking at the market constantly for day trader creates emotion and difficult to follow plan, maybe end of the day trading without watching the market with stop placed in is better?" - Danny K.

April 10 8:32PM

"My biggest problem is letting losers run too long." - Lynne T.

April 10 8:15PM

"When to exit a position after it breaks above a "cup and handle" - how long should a pull back last for a day tarder before exiting the position. Thanks" - Vic S.

April 10 7:57PM

"Would like to learn to develop confidence in the trading and the strategy that suits my personality and discipline to stick to the plan." - Law S.

April 10 7:27PM

"Getting into a trade at a low risk area. and trailing stops." - Susan H.

April 10 7:23PM

"thanks Ken..always learn something new and different that helps me in my daily trading." - William B.

April 10 7:16PM

"Need to change my hesitation to enter the trade and then find that I either miss it or am too late." - Judy D.

April 10 6:29PM

"I would need help how to stay with winning positions, Must of the time i have no problem identifiying the right entries but then i let the winners run too far i guess before they turn into no profit." - Herman G.

April 10 5:52PM

"Hello I think your presentations are excellent... " - David S.

April 10 5:43PM

"Managing trades to ensure profitability even if there a few losing trades along the way vs giving up all the profits and more ..." - Anjali S.

April 10 4:47PM

"I need to improve my trading skills, especially my stability in trading my ideas regardless on past events (good or bad trades, euphoric or fear mind state after my trades)." - Luka T.

April 10 4:43PM

"As usual Mr. Ken you are always Great" - Hala

April 10 4:39PM

"I am often too slow in my decision whether to enter or not and then the good entry point is gone and I do not dare to enter any more. It is like wanting to enter at the perfect moment but rarely making it although I patiently wait for it and when it comes I doubt and dare and wait and then it is gone. How do I overcome this?" - Karin D.

Reply from Ken: Great question, Karin. What I found works best for me is to be more eager to re-enter on new highs, and trade everything lighter size. That way I minimize front-end risk on the first trade, while also not missing out on the inevitable breakout that would've occurred without you, eg the secondary later move that may occur later. I use buy-stop orders so these secondary fills are automatic. Don't worry about getting the 'exact' entry price, the big goal is to make profits by being right more often, net, than wrong from your P&Ls. Otherwise pullbacks and false breakouts will chew up your trading account with stops. I'll cover more in the webinar - thanks for the comment, makes sense.

April 10 4:14PM

"I am learning more all the time , although i've been trading now for some time quite successfully, would you please reserve spot for me... Thanks" - Stan S.

April 10 4:12PM

"As a swing trader I would like to learn what I can do in these choppy markets to be more confident in my entries and exits." - Phillip B.

April 10 4:02PM

" how to get into the market without it going against you almost immediately" - Terry B.

April 10 3:58PM

"how to make the money with fewer losses" - Judy S.

April 10 3:27PM

"Hi Ken, i find your webinar always informative. I am sure you are giving us new tips and ways to improve our trading. looking farward to see you." - Kumar M.

April 10 3:22PM

"Ken is the best, how many reputable traders give away so many... items that have actual good teaching concepts as opposed to most of the garbage offered on the net, thank you Ken, you are awesome." - Howard L.

April 10 2:51PM

"I'd like a method that would let me stay in for the large moves without increasing my stop loss points" - Ken R.

April 10 2:50PM

"Consistency and patience in waiting for the setup to have all ducks in order." - Dave S.

April 10 2:44PM

"Well what would help is to cover how to track more securities at a time this leverage could transform any trader" - Bruce T.

April 10 2:41PM

"Need to find better system for entrys and exits that is more consistent." - Lee C.

Reply from Ken: Right, Lee — gaining consistency in trading and having the confidence to enter, based on the entry signals that make the most sense, is important. To get there, it helps to gain the skills to make changes from what you're doing now, to what you should be doing a better job of, instead. I call these "replacement skills" for traders... I'll show you how that works in the upcoming webinar... thanks for posting your comment. Consistency is a big challenge for most traders, agreed.

April 10 2:40PM

"How do you recognize the supply zone and the demand zone in a chart ( one day , one hour, one minute in any time period ) After you identify the both zone, when you determine to go in and out from the move of the trend." - Sid S.

April 10 2:21PM

"I haven't been around these markets for long .Guess a bit more experience for small and big events and how they might change markets." - Al P.

April 10 1:48PM

"Without a trading plan just like driving without a map" - Joseph F.

April 10 2:13PM

"I can't seem to get my entries at the proper level. I always buy too high. I don't have an exit problem." - Jim C.

April 10 2:02PM

"Need to keep better records of my trading - entry, target, exit plan; disciplined record keeping" - Mark F.

April 10 1:48PM

"Help me get there Ken; I am determined to transform into a consistently profitable trader...thanks" - Anees A.

April 10 1:48PM

": I need more discipline to stick to my stops." - Elaine K.

April 10 1:43PM

"I would like to improve on entries and exits - especially exits." - George P.

April 10 1:26PM

"Hoping to learn more about managing a trade, when to exit, position sizing etc. Many thanks Ken. ps: you were spot on, on your prediction for the Yen to fall against the Eur, GBP and USD last week, on the sunday night video previewing the week ahead. Warm regard, Dan" - Dan S.

Reply from Ken: Hi Dan, thanks - glad to hear it was helpful (the video posted a week ago)... will do re training for trade management and other topics in the upcoming webinar; I'll see you there. Quick tip: many traders tend to over think a "trading plan" and put too much time into overanalyzing things. I've found that traders who do best tend to keep things simple, but know exactly how to manage their money once in a trade more successfully. I'll cover that in the webinar, too.

April 10 1:25PM

"I would like to learn more about trading with a plan." - Dave D.

April 10 1:24PM

"I am good at finding interesting candidates, but I am bad at judging resistance and support." - Owe.

April 10 1:04PM

"exits turn out to be wrong many a times" - Gopalan N.

April 10 12:59PM

"How to determine the best time to exit a trade to maximize my profits" - Wayne B.

April 10 12:43PM

"Thanks for all your material! it really does help improve my edge as a trader, watching it and putting it to action works my trading style to make it better and better" - Leslie Q.

April 10 12:16PM

"Better timing of entry point. Scanning for great opportunities." - JP.

April 10 11:55AM

"I think I am over trading (a lot) and therefore lacking consistency I stop ?" - Darren S.

April 10 11:52AM

"Definitely need to do more research on the behaviour of my selected trade" - Chris B.

April 10 11:43AM

"Need to learn long term investing for consistent profits" - Manmohan S.

April 10 11:43AM

"I have lousy (trading) entries and exits" - Henry G.

April 10 11:41AM

" I need to change the pattern of several small wins and one big loss that wipes out the wins." - Patsy G.

Reply from Ken: Hi Patsy, that's a common challenge — been there, done that myself, many times in years past. The strategy I found that works best is to DECIDE on a maximum dollar stop, Not a chart-pattern based stop, and always use that. For example if a long stock swing trade gets .35 cents under a two day low, that's a good chart-pattern based stop... but I like to instead say "if a swing trade gets over $50 against me, that's a caution that I need to keep an eye on it, but if it gets to $100, then I need to take the stop out right now (either a full position stop-out, or a partial stop)". I can always re-enter later on a 2-day high breakout if it comes back to life. That way, you keep the losses as small as possible, while still staying "alive" in the trade. Great question, thanks. More to come in the webinar.

April 10 11:41AM

"1. To be more consistently profitable, I need to change my asumptions about the markets. 2. I would like to learn about position sizing and risk management.." - Ron J.

April 10 11:39AM

"I need to learn a good money management system." - Jeff E.

April 10 11:36AM

"I seem to have developed alot of Bad Habits over the 10 years of losses in trading. I look forward to what you will teach me." - Mike S.

April 10 11:35AM

"After all these months, I stil haven't perfected my entries and exits." - Allan S.

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