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November 27 11:59AM

“I’d like to learn from Peter and Ken about which pivots are more important, and how to identify the strongest confluence zones.” – Vladimir G.

November 27 11:25AM

” I have read about the usefullness of pivots but I haven’t been able to apply a strategy yet…I look forward to this webinar to start that process.” – Marcus C.

November 27 9:53AM

“Can I be able to get a write up or an e book on how to apply pivot point into forex trade.” – Peter M.

November 27 9:35AM

“Thanks Peter and Ken for the invitation. I’m looking forward to an informative webinar. ” – John O.

November 27 8:47AM

” I would like to gain greater understanding of how to use pivots.” – Lindsay P.

November 27 8:40AM

“support and resistance combine with price action” – Mario A.

November 27 6:14AM

“i don’t have much experience in forex trading but from the little that i do have, i have discovered that forex pivot is one of the best tool for trading.It’ll be an honour to learn from professionals.” – Ejike O.

November 27 6:07AM

“It gives you a great marker to gauge where the market could move to next” – David C.

November 27 6:06AM

“Learning to trade forex pivots can potentially provide a clear and objective method to enter and exit a trade with profit, and isn’t this what all traders are striving for?” – Joe W.

November 27 5:56AM

“I find the forex pivot of Mr Bain quite interesting and simple to understand. I have used it in my trading and it has worked for me.” – Esho O.

November 27 4:46AM

“Pivot points are very useful tools that use the previous bars’ highs, lows and closings to project support and resistance levels for future bars. I think we can get knowledge from Ken and Peter , how project S/R levels for future Bars/candles” – Hiran F.

November 27 4:08AM

“Learning How To Trade Forex Pivots is like reading a map in Forex Trading.” – Flora A.

November 27 2:47AM

“Price is repelled away and drawn towards pivots. You have an added confirmation area of where to put your stops and targets to the next pivot levels being s or r.Combining this with candle formations, trend lines and timing the markets gives you a higher probability of success.” – Anne P.

November 27 2:28AM

“yes you guys have what it take, atlist i have brought alot of product from forexmentor that are very educative and i know you till have something to offer.” – Taiwo I.

November 27 2:02AM

“Would like to learn about this trading tool.Thanks” – Olajide J.

November 27 1:22AM

“I think pivits will work great in conjunction with Fibs” – Mark H.

November 27 1:21AM

“This webinar comes at about the right time because i’ve always wanted to know more abt pivots and how to trade using them.” – Tan J

November 27 1:08AM

“The pivot points provide essentially a ‘snapshot’ of the previous days price action, taking into account the high, the low and close. Correctly determining the direction of pivot point action over past days (weekly or monthly timeframes too ) provides a high probability signal for the trade direction and also provides a bias as to which derived pivot levels are most likely to be support and resistance for the new day. To have a good entry and correctly manage a forex trade to the exit using the pivot levels are what I am looking for. This course will provide those essential missing elements for successful forex trading using the pivots.” – Harold S.

November 27 12:46AM

“Will be an added skill to my current strategies. Looking forward to the webinar. Thank you” – Nadarajan S.

November 26 10:51PM

“Always looking for information to improve my results with Peter and Ken I know I can trust them to deliver keep up the good work cheers” – Pete

November 26 10:51PM

” Knowing pivot points may make many instruments easier to trade.” – Jonathan S.

November 26 10:32PM

“I beleive in this concept of trading, looking forward to your information!” – Jay P.

November 26 10:29PM

“as I do not use pivots now, I’m looking forward to learning from two top mentors to add another tool to my toolbox” – Vin C.

November 26 10:23PM

“I like the fact that I am seeing some strategies that other floor/Pit traders use.” – Chris T.

November 26 9:48PM

“method to utilized pivots to trade forex with certain market conditions” – Steven R.

November 26 9:37PM

“I am anxious to learn how professional traders profitably use pivots in the forex market.” – Greg K.

November 26 8:53PM

“Looking Forward To See How Forex Pivots Can Enhance My Probabilities When Entering Trades.” – Michael L.

November 26 8:25PM

“It is important to continually learn about trading different markets and adjusting stratagies to the current conditions. Peter Bain and Ken Calhoun always provide the best imformation.” – Mark K.

November 26 8:16PM

” Peter Bain is a great presenter and generous with his tips on trading. Always enjoy his seminars!! I use MACD on all my charts because of what has been taught to me by Peter.” – Bernard S.

November 26 8:05PM

“New strategy and hopeful for Consistent income from forex.” – Michael T.

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November 26 7:43PM

“Hope to trade fx using pivots together with s & r levels and trendlines, simple trading is the key to fx success” – Max J.

November 26 7:34PM

” i find being able to find out pivot points of future and present moves
an interesting idea look forward to it” – Bill O.

November 26 7:29PM

” Learning to trade forex pivots will add another profitable skill to my personal trading tool box. The markets that are traded across the world move in sympathy with one another. If a currency’s direction pivots, there are correlated movements in the other markets. That said, beyond trading for pips, it would be useful to know where to look for those potential turning points and for the confirmation of those pivots.” – Wes T.

November 26 7:24PM

” I know pivots work but I often don’t get it right. Would like to learn more as I know Peter always explains things well. I can trust the Forexmentor presentations.” – Ian R.

November 26 7:08PM

“Look at price action to trade forex pivots” – Jim S.

November 26 7:04PM

“Anything that helps improve my Forex trading is a positive. What I have read and watched so far looks great.” – Robert

November 26 6:57PM

“I’m rusty on using pivots, and need a good refresher. Thank you.” – Craig N.

November 26 6:34PM

“to find out powerful they are when they line up with key ss and rr” – Roger Y.

November 26 6:30PM

“What an exciting new & fresh idea” – Drew B.

November 26 6:13PM

” Sounds interesting. Is it similar to the (…) strategy?” – Al L.

November 26 6:13PM

“Hope it is possible to use tight sl and swingtrade it” – Bili

November 26 5:53PM

” i think forexes are good to learn, because the world operate on money” – Paul C.

November 26 5:52PM

” I am keen to increase my knowledge” – Geraldine J.

November 26 5:48PM

“Further improve and add the trading tool for highly probability to enter/exit the market” – Bakhri S.

November 26 5:27PM

“I like the idea of learning about a different edge in the Forex markets from two Forex experts” – Alena S.

November 26 5:21PM

” Being able to fine tune my entry point would certainly provide a clear edge to my trades. Thank you !” – Paul S.

November 26 5:21PM

“I believe the more you learn the better your chances are of making it
i am now ending my third year ! and may end this year in profit
thanks to you guys looking forward to the webinar” – Steve C.

November 26 5:06PM

” I see the pivot tool …and I understand that the pivot is the median point with resistance levels above and support levels below, but, to actually be able to translate these into any usable information for trading has just not materialized. I would love to make some practical application of this tool. Thanks.” – Paul J.

November 26 5:02PM

” To learn how to use pivots as support/resistance” – Jurek J.

November 26 5:01PM

“Would love to learn some pivot strategies!” – Christopher N.

November 26 4:57PM

” I would like to see how to use pivot points correctly to gain the most out of the market.” – Judy D.

November 26 4:55PM

” I like the idea of knowing entry and exit points so that emotional trading can be eliminated.” – Gina M.

November 26 4:55PM

“Looking forward to learning which is the correct timezone for pivot calculations.” – John K.

November 26 4:26PM

“Pivot entries give low risk entries with defined targets.” – Andrew R.

November 26 4:23PM

” Yes we do require further learning and assistance. Thanks” – Hala H.

November 26 4:18PM

“Looking forward to seeing a profitable way to trade pivots.” – Kerry B.

November 26 4:16PM

“explain how to figure pivots so I do not need to pay each month” – Herman T.

November 26 3:53PM

“With these two Master’s of Forex trading how could anyone lose!!!” – Brian C.

November 26 3:47PM

“That I don’t have to use a lot of indicators.” – Lavarro T.

November 26 3:38PM

” Looking for anything that would help my FX trading to anew level” – Victor K.

November 26 3:30PM

“I am very interested in your professional pivots trading. I hope to improve my forex trading by using pivots.” – Hiroshi O.

November 26 3:10PM

” i am subscriber to various forexmentor programs and would be interested to learn pivot trading systems. Regards” – Vipin

November 26 2:42PM

“Daily Pivot Points give me an idea of the potential range for the day.
Weekly Pivot Points likewise for the week.” – Allan L

November 26 2:32PM

“I am delighted to hear from the world leaders in forex trading. Thanks.” – Henry

November 26 2:30PM

” this is an area i never quite got.” – Jon

November 26 2:18PM

“I’d like to use them as additional confluence. Currently, I don’t use them because I haven’t backtested with them. There’s monthly, weekly, daily, and session pivots and I don’t know which are most useful for a particular timeframe. Which pairs respect pivots, etc. Too many questions about pivots, so I rarely use them.” – Ermalinda H.

November 26 2:17PM

” I haven’t traded forex but I look forward to hearing from two gentlemen with such positive accomplishments and credentials.” – Mike H.

November 26 2:11PM

“Ken and Peter have shared some very good information in the past. I would like to know the best way to trail using pivots for a stop.” – Rodney S.

November 26 2:07PM

“I already trade using pivot points which I find indispensable for daily support and resistance levels, any additional research on trading these levels would be fantastic.” – David S.

November 26 1:59PM

“I believe they are one of the best confirmations in your trading plan.” – Dale C.

November 26 1:59PM

“works like clockwork, and even better when other confluences are going on at the same time” – David

November 26 1:54PM

“Proper entry and exit points using pivots” – Sam V.

November 26 1:45PM

“oy I sure would like to find something that would really help me!!” – Carl C.

November 26 1:32PM

” very interested in learning the forex pivots, thanks” – Kathy M.

November 26 1:24PM

” It opens my eye on the right way to set stoploss ,and taking profit” – Agu R.

November 26 1:17PM

“Hello, trading is definitely confusing, I can use any new and effective strategy for sure.. Thanks” – James D.

November 26 1:12PM

“pivots are an aspect of trading that I would like to learn more about” – Peggy L.

November 26 12:56PM

“What I Like Best About the Idea of Learning How to Trade Forex Pivots is
you mark your target focus on it and then pull the trigger.” – Anith B.

November 26 12:45PM

“I’ve always wonder which Pivots to use: GMT, Midnight, 5PM Eastern..It’s so comfusing! I’m looking forward to clarify the best technics when trading pivot levels. Also, timeframes is a big deal: daily, weekly & monthly pivots, which one to use?” – Milton P.

November 26 12:36PM

“Looking forward to learn something new as I have not tried Pivots before.” – Kalle

November 26 12:36PM

“I have studied pivots for the past 6 months and I would like to learn a more reliable entry/exit strategy” – Norman B.

November 26 12:28PM

“Easy,Effective way to be in line with the pros and see what they see while making trading decisions.” – Amarjit

November 26 12:26PM

” A new strategy to add to my existing one .” – Roy S.

November 26 12:04PM

” Ken, as always, the chance to learn about forex from you and Peter Bain is invaluable. Given your ability to quickly analyze price action (you are “the Chart Whisperer”!) and Peter’s experience in and knowledge of forex, the opportunity to see you both in a free webinar is incredible.” – Doug T.

November 26 11:58AM

“Learning techniques that professional traders are using is priceless knowledge.” – Michael M.

November 26 11:45AM

“I want to gain more knowledge to make more winning trades consistently” – Phil D.

November 26 11:44AM

“Cant wait to learn from you guys. Rock on” – Joe C.

November 26 11:39AM

“Application based on sound principles, a great opportunity” – Howard E.

November 26 11:38AM

“making more profit and keep what i make” – Bernie D.

November 26 11:35AM

“I would like learn more about identifying support/resistance Forex Pivots.” – Edward B.

November 26 11:34AM

“Just look the chart: price respects PP support and resistance level.” – Lin W.

November 26 11:32AM

“I’m really looking forward to learn new strategy involving pivot points.” – Greg M.

November 26 11:31AM

“By trading pivots it improves the risk reward ratio if it is a quality set up” – Louis G.

November 26 11:22AM

“Simple: Because they work! Their like the gravity and oxygen of any knowledgible trader!” – Don S.

November 26 11:20AM

“I find forex scary compared to futures — I hope this will help me get over the fear of this market!” – John C.

November 26 11:10AM

“allows you to see potential turning point and precise your entry and exit” – PC

November 26 11:09AM

“Guys…..Anything that helps me in my retirement is top notch for me……thanks” – Richard T.

November 26 11:09AM

“Tips on how to pick the pivot points would definitely help one to trade Forex with the best potential for longer moves and thus higher profits. I am looking forward to Ken and Peter’s valuable insight on this.” – Shirley

November 26 11:08AM

“If Professional traders use pivot points to identify potential support and resistance levels then you better believe I will.” – Robert P.

November 26 11:07AM

” FX pivots are consistent ways to earn money.” – Mike S.

November 26 11:06AM

“Pivots are solid means to fx trading and learning even more is sweet!” – Brian B.

November 26 10:56AM

“Looking forward to strengthen skills with forex pivots” – Richard B.

November 26 10:28AM

“I am new to Forex trading and like to learn more about pivot points.” – Bob F.

November 26 10:24AM

“Pivots are a valueable addition to assessing the overall technical position of any market and providing probable buying, selling and consolidation zones.” – Roger Y.

November 26 10:02AM

“Peter Bain and Ken Calhoun what a team to learn from looking fordword to the info” – George H.

November 26 9:44AM

“I like the idea of placing trades at pivots because they should give a great risk to reward ratio. You should know quickly if your right or wrong.” – James B.

November 26 9:41AM

“Enable me to know when to enter a trade, stop loss to set and the target profit(s) to exit.” – Harry

November 26 9:28AM

” It was a great presentation. Thoroughly enjoy it !” – Dennis C.

November 26 9:12AM

“I have been experimenting with the monthly pivots and have been getting some good results..I think Pivots are the only way to go and would very much like to get a spot on your webinar.” – Lloyd R.

November 26 8:58AM

” this is the best way to set two support levels and two resistance levels from the close of the previous day it is useful if you are day trader and use it for any pair” – Chota P.

November 26 8:41AM

“Sometimes pivots are referred to as leading indicators but essentially, pivots help us to anticipate potential turning points in the market and to be prepared for them in advance. So I think it will be a useful in any trader’s toolbox.” – Leonard W.

November 26 8:33AM

“I am anxious to learn the pivot strategy to trade forex from Peter & Ken.” – Maria C.

November 26 8:33AM

“Great way to expand as a trader into a different market” – Shawn J.

November 26 8:24AM

“getting a clear strategy for lower risk more profitable trades” – Jim K.

November 26 8:09AM

“Look forward to attendng this webinar as i know that any web presentation Ken is involved in is great info that should be paid attention to & the knowledge that Peter Bain can bring for fx traders,look forward to it.” – Stephen I.

November 26 8:08AM

“any edge is better than shooting from the hip” – Joe M.

November 26 8:08AM

” intraday trader would found this webinar very useful.” – Oyinbo A.

November 26 8:05AM

“I like the idea of learning about a different edge in the Forex markets from two Forex experts.” – Cynth B.

November 26 8:03AM

” I like very much the way Ken and Peter teach. Much can be learned from them. I am very thankful for the opportunity to sit at their feet and learn.” – Ivan P.

Reply from Ken: Hi Ivan; thanks for the great comments… glad to hear you like the way Peter and I teach together; it’s been a very popular approach for active Forex traders. In this upcoming new Pivots training, you’ll get additional new strategies that can be very helpful… welcome aboard.

November 26 8:02AM

” I like the idea of working with two Forex professionals to learn how to read turning points in the price charts.” – Keith R.

November 26 6:47AM

” It could help be more successful. How do your pivots compare…?” – Gene S.

November 26 5:53AM

“I really like how he said the idea for pivots came from professional traders. This isn’t some technique that an amateur thought up in one day. I really to learn more about adding pivots to my trading strategy.” – Josh L.

November 26 3:51AM

“Identifying probable areas of support and resistance ahead of time is essential for a successful forex trader.” – Viljar V.

November 26 3:48AM

“Trading Fores pivot keep me alert to identify Support and Resistance points..” – Godwin I.

November 26 3:38AM

” looking forward to strengthten skill in pivot points.” – Franco V.

November 25 11:44PM

“Like to learn New Forex Trading Tactics and how to correctly use Pivots for Entry and Exit.” – Ruzena K.

November 25 11:34PM

“Looking forward to learning the best way to use pivots to trade Forex” – George C.

November 25 10:21PM

“The ability to detect early entries and exits before it is consummated to enable efficient and effective Forex trading” – Ayodeji A.

November 25 9:33PM

“pivot points can be a powerful turning point in market direction and
it is a good idea to check some confluence in a higher time frame,too” – Hans H.

Reply from Ken: You make a smart point, Hans… about checking multiple timeframes. Using pivots is best done with the help of other specific s/r levels, prior price action, and sensible entries and exits. We’ll show you how it works in the training; thanks for sharing your comment.

November 25 6:21PM

“I have use pivot points of 1 hr which show me support and resistance i will like to know more about this M1 M2 Thanks for this webinar.” – Idris O.

November 25 3:53PM

“I would like to learn the Forex Pivots strategy, when and how to find trading entries and exits. Thank you.” – Riina P.

November 25 3:27PM

“Learning Pivot’s will help me see turning points and a directional bias.” – Allen H.

November 25 3:23PM

“I’ve never used pivots before on forex so it would be great to hear what Peter and Ken have to share” – Joel A.

November 25 1:49PM

” I would like to use pivots to my advantage with entries and exits.” – Don W.

November 25 12:10PM

“Thanks Ken for putting this additional webinar on Forex Pivots. I already took the one you did in pivots for stocks and ETF, really great stuff.” – Doji M.

November 25 11:21AM

“It will be interesting to see how you make sure that the trade will work – have a follow trough and will not become just a high frequency traders trap!” – Mauri

November 25 8:01AM

“Forex…the wild west of investing. It would be nice to have Wyatt Earp’s tin badge too tame the outlaws.” – Dave G.

November 25 6:39AM

“I am not unfamiliar with utilizing pivots in my trading, but it never hurts to solidify the concepts from the masters.” – Max O.

November 25 5:57AM

“Be able to add another tool as confirmation to my setups.” – Chris

November 25 5:50AM

“I hope i’m able to improve my pivot trading skill” – Maxim Z.

November 25 12:27AM

“I strongly believe in using pivots. I have watched how the markets react at certain levels and pivots are a stong indication of where price is likey to at least pause and react at these points. Enough to make a living out of this form of strategy.” – Noel D.

Reply from Ken: Thanks, Noel.. your point about price pausing/reacting is a good one. The key is to determine, based on specific new techniques, whether the pivot is likely to be a choppy one, or one that continues to move strongly. With price action and pivot points, it’s a combination that can help. We’ll see you in the training; thanks for your comments.

November 25 12:24AM

“Pivots are the turning points of price direction. It’d be great to learn how to make good use of them. Thanks” – Lisa N.

November 24 11:00PM

“I’m entering Forex trading and would like to learn your strategies to enter and exit Forex Pivots, locate Forex Pivot entries and take these trading skills to the next level.” – George N.

November 24 3:06PM

“I’ve been trying to use pivots but they have not been working for me the way I have been using them. This might be whay I need. Thanks” – Fay P.

November 24 8:59PM

“I’ve never been able to trade pivots successfully. Interested in seeing how the pro’s do it.” – John D.

November 24 8:28PM

“Finding reversals inside higher time frame trends” – Simon H.

November 24 8:07PM

“Pretty sure pivots would help with my entries and exits and to make better profits day in and day out” – Duncan C.

November 24 6:33PM

“Knowing how so many times Forex trades seem to reverse or stall would be amazing. I know the banks are behind this in some way. Pivots I suspect are part of the answer.” – Tim P.

November 24 6:29PM

” Would like to know how to determine the best entries and exits using Pivots” – Guo

November 24 4:26PM

“How do forex pivots compare with supply and demand levels?” – Ray D.

November 24 4:21PM

“Have been trading for nearly 4 years and I’m just about now trading profitably. Pivots have helped me achieve this, but still keen to learn as much as I can about them to advance my trading.” – Las G.

November 24 3:58PM

“It’s a good way to scale in and out of trades once certain pivots are hit.” – Steven

November 24 3:06PM

“I’ve always been keen in learning how to use Pivot Points but I didn’t know where to begin and find a winning team. I am really looking forward to these series. Thank you.” – Anastasia K.

November 24 2:51PM

“Peter Bain and Ken Calhoun have helped my forex trading immeasurably. Any new forex trading ideas they offer are always gems…” – Richard B.

Reply from Ken: Thanks for the kind words, Richard… glad to hear we’ve been of help. This new course is another “piece of the puzzle, explained”, with new strategies that are designed to be very useful as well. Welcome aboard; we’ll see you in the training.

November 24 1:03PM

“I know pivots work well in stocks trading, it will be interesting to see how they improve forex trading.” – Dan G.

November 24 12:26PM

“Do pivots work better in the London session or the New York session? Is the weekly pivot more powerfull than the daily pivot?” – Kevin P.

November 24 12:18PM

“Pivot points are somthing that I am interested in gaining more understanding about.” – Lynn K.

November 24 12:07PM

“Peter Bain has been teaching pivot trading for years , I am always interested in learning and reviwing from an expert in the field” – Ed

November 24 11:35AM

“Would like to know how to determine the best entries and exits using Pivots plus possible trail stops to lock in profits in the currency market” – Mura M.

November 24 11:19AM

“pivot point is a tool that i have been looking for who to teach and explain better to me. Now that i have the masters i believe i will have better understanding of it.” – Gbolabo A.

November 24 10:52AM

“I like the idea of being able to improve my chances of identifying crisp Forex pivots (whilst avoiding false breakouts).” – Mike O.

November 24 10:28AM

“Like to see your version of pivot trading” – Aldis M.

November 24 10:27AM

” I’ve never traded forex but I want to learn about it.” – Carl P.

November 24 10:26AM

“Peter’s insight and Ken’s instruction are a ONE TWO Knockout!” – Paul U.

November 24 10:25AM

“I like the common sense idea of trading with pivot points” – Bruce H.

November 24 8:36AM

“help to see set ups in the market” – Gary G.

November 24 10:03AM

” Great idea – perfect for entry and exit” – JK

November 24 7:31AM

“I hope the forex pivot point method enables traders to effectively trade in both trending and ranging market environments or is there going to be different methods for the different market environment?” – Kenneth K.

November 24 7:07AM

“Finding areas of support/resistance to trade from/ to.” – Les B.

November 24 6:44AM

“this will be another great learning session from the masters!” – James

November 24 2:15AM

“The pivots immediately give me an idea of where the price may be going. However at times I am not sure whether that pivot will hold or not. Would like to learn how the experts use pivots.” – Lillian L.

Reply from Ken: Hi Lillian… I like your question about whether certain pivots will hold or not. One thing I show is how to combine pivot areas with specific chart pattern setups for swing and day trades in a way that helps traders figure out how likely a pivot is to potentially work out, vs be a choppy entry. We’ll see you in the training… thanks for posting.

November 24 2:07AM

“Learning the power of entry & exit based upon pivots with an analyst of top down methodology will enhance my ability to becoming a consistent winning trader” – Ron G.

November 24 1:57AM

“Pivot point is very important for trader. I think it trader know about pivot point then trader can trade easily.” – Max

November 24 12:23AM

” I’ve previously purchasewd Peter’s “Big Dogs” course on pivots & have made plenty of good trades as a result , so this sounds like a no-brainer to check out” – Damon S.

November 24 12:01AM

“I want to improve my trading and interested in new methods” – Rolf B.

November 23 11:38PM

“That’s what I’d been searching since the first day I started to learn forex” – Jenny C.

November 23 10:32PM

“Learning what to do at the pivot points should help along with other methods.” – J.N.

Reply from Ken: Right on target, JN… using pivots in combination with other training we’ve provided can help you develop a more systematic, step by step approach that gives you a variety of trading “tools” and techniques to start using. We’ll see you in the training.

November 23 10:00PM

“Add to my trading repertoire. The broader the base the better the opportunity for profits.” – Joe M.

November 23 9:54PM

” I first learn forex with, Peter Bain, I was a member a few years ago. the pivots points really help me with forex as far as when to enter and exit!” – Greg B.

November 23 9:22PM

“Hi guys. I cant wait to see the Profits Trading with Pivots video, if it is anything like your last videos it will be fantastic. See how the professionals use the Pivots to get better entry and exit levels. Very excited and cant wait. But will have to get the recording as I am at work when the live webinaar screens. Thanks again” – Howard K.

November 23 9:03PM

“I have not traded with Forex Pivots before, but based on all the past webinars (and DVD’s) that I have watched with Ken and Peter, I am looking forward to this session as I am sure it will be a productive learning webinar.” – Wayne B.

November 23 8:53PM

” I am very interested in learning more about using the mid-level pivots in my trading.” – Peter S.

November 23 8:20PM

“Learning how to use one of the few “Leading Indicators” available.” – Fernando V.

November 23 8:07PM

” It will be great to hear how the pros use pivot points in trading” – Eng G.

November 23 7:50PM

“I’m always looking for something new to learn or interesting ideas to apply for my trading. Although I know pivots I do not understand their whole potential. Listening to those who understand them better than me can only be a good idea. Really looking forward to it. Cheers :)” – Alberto C.

November 23 7:21PM

“How to get into a trade as early as possible before it turns against me and I end up taking a loss.” – Edwin P.

November 23 7:16PM

“Learning it from the world-renowned Ken Calhoun will give you tremendous advantage!” – Asti W.

November 23 6:52PM

“I have been trying to learn how to trade price, and I know several Pro’s who trade price with pivots on their charts, so I want to learn how to add pivots to my trading” – Taiyang H.

November 23 6:55PM

” I certainly like the idea of being able to place my stop loss and profit targets more intelligently, however, the best part of this is the chance to upgrade my education. I don’t know anywhere near enough about trading with pivots.” – Brande S.

Reply from Ken: Thanks, Brande — there’s always something new to learn. You bring up a good point, which is knowing how to place stops and targets correctly; more intelligently. You’ll learn exactly what to do in this training; welcome aboard.

November 23 6:52PM

“trading pivot point helpped me get in early on trading forex and cut my lost to management.” – Virgil C.

November 23 6:47PM

” I want to know more about forex pivots and see how it can improve my trading!” – Ben C.

November 23 6:25PM

“I am looking forward to use this new system” – Michel

November 23 6:13PM

” It gives you indication on where to enter and where to exit based on recent price … reliable around 80% of the time.” – Kamil T.

November 23 6:08PM

“Interested in best methods for trading forex with low risk” – Edward A.

November 23 6:06PM

“I have not used Pivots before, it’ll be interesting to see how to use them.” – Dejan K.

November 23 6:00PM

“Sometimes the pivot wither support or resistance levels , but these level trucky and we have to use other technical anaqlysis to specify where exactly place the orders?” – Mahmoud A.

November 23 5:17PM

“I’m convinced that “pivots” are definitely there! Traders should/must
know where they are or your otherewise partially trading in the dark.” – Stephen T.

Reply from Ken: You bring up a good point, Stephen; since institutional pro traders use pivots, and are aware of where they are, retail Forex traders should know how to trade using them as well. We’ll be showing you how it all works in the training; thanks for posting.

November 23 5:16PM

“Pivots are extremely useful in determining entry and exit points in a trade are thus essential in a professional forex trader’s arsenal of trading tools.” – Raja R.

November 23 4:20PM

“Looking forward to this as I always use pivots in my trading.” – Erron A.

November 23 4:11PM

” I have yet to trade forex and I want to learn from the best.” – Rick T.

November 23 4:09PM

“know more or less what pivots are, but never learnt to use them in a clever manner.” – Moshe Z.

November 23 3:55PM

“Like to see your version of pivot trading.” – Albej G.

November 23 3:55PM

“I’m always looking for new ways to trade. I gotta switch things up or I get bored.” – Nils C.

November 23 3:35PM

“I always interested in learning something new when it comes to Forex. This pivot training is greatly appreciated!” – Jeannie G.

November 23 3:24PM

“Price sometimes reacts off of pivot levels. I am always interested to see other points of view.” – Norbert S.

November 23 2:58PM

“Knowing the best time to enter or exit trade has been a big challenge for me so I’m really looking forward to the webinar.” – Babajide A.

November 23 2:42PM

“Ideal points of entry and exiting a trade.” – Desmond E.

November 23 2:41PM

“Learning how to use Pivots for bounces and breakouts” – Russ W.

November 23 2:36PM

“Should be interesting as to what total Forex program will be like. I am comparing it to others that require multi month courses to understand Forex” – Tommy M.

Reply from Ken: Thanks, Tommy — that’s one benefit to these quick, focused “best in class” training sessions, is that they don’t take a lot of time to learn, and give you specific tips you can begin using immediately. We’ll see you in the training.

November 23 2:32PM

“This will really assist me in improving Forex trading.” – Dir A.

November 23 2:13PM

“After the 2 day shutdown of the markets because of Hurricane Sandy, the Forex market has piqued my interest. I know that Ken Calhoun has always provided great information that has improved my trading, and I assume that Peter Bain will do the same” – Demetrius X.

November 23 2:11PM

“I would love to learn a method on how to get in a trade at the right time. Most of my trades, I get in too early. When I’m a trade, I don’t know when the reversal is coming.” – Louis V.

November 23 2:08PM

“Learning specific rules – not trying to guess- increases probability of success.” – Andrew M.

November 23 2:04PM

” I use a 12 screen system in my trading using the daily and weekly pivots on different time frames. Combining… big numbers with pivots and old support and resistance numbers has helped me a lot in my trading. I’m always looking for additional information about these trading tools.” – Dwight C.

November 23 1:49PM

“I do like to use Pivot Point and love to hear Peter and Ken on Pivot point.” – Nasir

November 23 1:38PM

“I do know that when one trades the longer time frame, pivot points present themselves when the price action is in consolidation. Being able to identify the exact entry will help , so that I am not chasing the trade. Looking forward to the webinar.” – Cindi J.

November 23 1:37PM

“Very much interested in learning Forex trading strategies using Pivots.” – Leonid V.

November 23 1:36PM

“Understanding how to enter and exit trades at junctions such as pivots is critical to success as a trader. The idea of learning even one or two gems from experienced traders is priceless!” – Jay W.

November 23 1:33PM

” I always liked your Webinars- and don´t think, this time will be different!” – Matt B.

November 23 1:11PM

“looks great, will be anxiously waiting to see more. thanks” – Mike F.

November 23 12:59PM

“A risk managed forex strategy that has proven success is always what I am after.” – Michael O.

November 23 12:50PM

“This will add an new skill to my trading strategies” – Ian

November 23 12:46PM

“Pivots are still one of the most useful methods for determining support and resistence, especially in the forex market.” – Gord G.

Reply from Ken: Good point, Gord… pivots are excellent when combined with other signals, for identifying key s/r levels on whatever timeframe you’re looking at. The key is being able to figure out entries while avoiding false/choppy pivot/breakout signals, and to do it more consistently. We look forward to seeing you in the training.

November 23 12:27PM

“I am having a problem with M3 and M2 need more explaining. Thanks” – Mark S.

November 23 12:26PM

“Greetings!! One thing I know, whatever/whomever Ken Calhoun if affiliated with I KNOW is worth checking it out!! Learning Forex is like having another tool in your trading belt; one must be flexible and prepared in the market!!
Thank you Ken and Peter!!” – Joseph P.

November 23 12:23PM

” I took one of Peter’s earlier courses and pivot points were talked about, interested in seeing more.” – Howard H.

November 23 12:21PM

“I have pivots on my charts but i don’t fully utilise it. I hope i’m able to improve my pivot trading skills though.” – John J.

November 23 12:16PM

“Price action at pivot points is key.” – Julie O.

November 23 12:14PM

“I would like to know even a few tricks of a floor trader.Pivots could possibly help me reach my 200 pips per week.” – Louis R.

November 23 12:12PM

“To my ever forex mentor,Peter Bain. learning when to enter and exit a trade is one of the way ever a true forex trader can get his/her forex trading account growing,applying price action to it, is pretty cool too. i have been using your method close to a year i can testify that you are a true mentor” – Julius I.

November 23 12:07PM

“I have always wondered how best to trade pivots and what the success rate would be. Hopefully this will answer my questions and help me decide whether to add this to my regular trading setups.” – Lewis G.

November 23 11:49AM

“To date, I have not been able to develop the skills required to identify key pivot points on a forex chart. This webonair appears to be the perfect opportunity to learn from seasoned pros how to finally achieve the ability to recognize pivot points for determining reversal points and entry and exit points. I’m hopeful that this training will take my forex trading to a whole new level.” – Darrell G.

Reply from Ken: Thanks, Darrell… it can be tricky at first, to a) develop a trading approach that uses pivots and then b) be able to identify these on the chart, to help with entries and exits. We’ll share our best tactics in this new training; see you there!

November 23 11:45AM

” I will like to know more about pivot point analysis.

Thank You!” – Segun

November 23 11:44AM

” I particularly like the idea of adding another dimension to my trading. I currently observe the pivots but do not know how to use them with real purpose.” – Martin A.

November 23 11:37AM

“need to turn my forex trading into to positive adventure.” – D.S.

November 23 11:35AM

“Pivots are the way to go. Your setups make the job a lot easier.” – Chas J.

November 23 11:18AM

“i think using piviots, is a good tool, but not as a stand alone. if there used with things like, fib retracements, support and resistence areas, then i see there value. but like i said before, not as a stand alone. thanks.” – Tony P.

November 23 11:18AM

” I am new to Price Action Pivot and FX Pivots.I am eager and excited to learn from the 2 great Gurus. Please show more live trades.” – Johnnie

November 23 11:16AM

“Peter & Ken are great together! Entering a trade near the pivot means better reward/risk ratio. This should translate to more profits.” – Rich L.

November 23 11:14AM

” i have been struggling with my Forex trading for about a year until i came across Peter Bain dashboard system, and its main component pivot points and now for all my setups i use pivot points for entries and exits since i learned how utilize this priceless tool my trading has improved significantly. so thanks so much for the great system and education.” – Mahmoud M.

November 23 11:14AM

” I am looking forward to another great seminar with Peter Bain. I always take something new with me that I can apply immediately to my trading or there’s something that he says that always reinforces past teachings that are necessary to know. Thank you again Peter!” – Algis M.

Reply from Ken: Good to hear your enthusiasm, Algis… I agree, I’m a big fan of Peter Bain as well; he’s the best “go-to” mentor for showing how to trade the Forex. We both look forward to seeing you there; welcome aboard!

November 23 11:14AM

“clear and easy to identify. set and forget trading style.” – Moses O.

November 23 11:05AM

“I know nothing about Forex, interested to learn it very much.” – Judith D.

November 23 11:04AM

“I’ve known about pivots for a while, but knowing how best to use them is what I need to learn, eh? Looking forward to it!” – Steve H.

November 23 11:01AM

“Pivots are one of the leading indicators, can never learn enough about them.” – Sue R.

November 23 11:00AM

“I have great results with trading structure at key levels can’t wait to see how the pivots will complement.” – Tim S.

November 23 10:55AM

“Always new pivots were important but never understood how to trade them. If you can demystify this ‘black art’, I’ll be eternally grateful.” – Kent F.

November 23 10:52AM

“I like the quality education Peter Bains provides.” – Stephen C.

November 23 10:50AM

“I’ve been trading (unsuccessfully) for several years. Perhaps this is what I need to hear. I understand the power of pivots, but have not been able to recognize them in real time.” – Fount S.

Reply from Ken: Right, Fount — being able to recognize strong vs weak pivots is a key skill to work on as well. We don’t want to trade weak choppy pivots; instead identifying those select few pivot points that are most likely to reverse is one key to potential success with these. See you there.

November 23 10:39AM

“There must be a Santa … Another webinar/training course with the both of you. An Incredible opportunity for sure and on my favorite Markets, Forex … WOW.” – Mike S.

November 23 10:35AM

“I would like to have a better idea of where the market is likely to turn so I can have a better Reward-to-Risk ratio.” – Anthony D.

November 23 10:35AM

“this you webner traning comes at the right time for me because im having problem with this pivot of a thing” – Ayodele E.

November 23 10:29AM

“As a newbie to trading I have found that one of the most difficult things I find is to know when is the best time to enter and/or exit a trade. The Forex Pivot Webinar will be a great help to me in learning that skill. Thanks for the invite.” – Ken W.

November 23 10:25AM

“I like learning from actual traders who trade with their own money” – Fay U.

November 23 10:23AM

“I think it gives the best starting point of a trade” – Rudolph S.

Reply from Ken: Hi Rudolph, they can provide excellent entries, especially when they occur at prior support levels (makes it easy to set a close initial stop), as well as knowing when to get out of winning breakouts, by using pivots to exit trades. See you in the training.

November 23 10:22AM

“I am excited about improving my Forex trading with the pivot method.” – Bill W.

November 23 10:13AM

“Two for one. Now that’s great odds for you.” – Pat L.

November 23 10:10AM

“Let’s see another good staff that you can teach us!” – Mario M.

November 23 10:09AM

“I have been using FX pivots … I am interested in knowing how you apply pivots in your study session.” – Rita Z.

November 23 10:06AM

“Being able to enter and exit your trades using professional pivot points is very exciting and I am looking forward to this training.” – Bill H.

November 23 10:06AM

“Learning how to recognise how price react at Price Pivots and what to do allows the trader to plan and and execute for trades consistently.” – Desmond

November 23 10:02AM

“I already use pivot points in my trading. I am most interested in learing additional information on how to use pivots. I would like to learn the additional strategies you mentioned to complement the stragegies I am presently utilizing.” – Ernest C.

November 23 10:02AM

“I am eager to know more about Trades Using Forex Pivots. I is seems to be vert important. Thank you in advance.” – Meir K.

November 23 10:00AM

“I think trading with Pivots is one of the most reliable ways to trade. Thank you in advance for this info!” – David G.

November 23 9:59AM

“I need to learn about calculating pivots — do they shift depending on the broker’s timeframe?” – Beb I.

November 23 9:58AM

“I’ve used Forex MID Pivots for a long time. Anything to do with Pivots, Weekly, Monthly, Daily, 4 hour, Mid-pivots, 5pm or 12am EST starting times, etc. Always want to know something new about them.” – Reese R.

November 23 9:58AM

” It would be great to learn another strategy. Another step to become a great trader.” – Brian C.

November 23 9:58AM

“How powerfull is the corealation between sma’s and pivots?” – Keiin P.

November 23 9:54AM

“Learning about pivots and how to trade them is what I have wanted to know about for a while now. I am really looking forward to this.” – Edwin M.

November 23 9:55AM

“Hello. Finding KEY support or resistance levels is important for determining whether or not the area in question will bring a reverse direction in price movement. Pivots add additional confluence to the decision making process for setting up your trade and protecting your stop level.” – Joy E P.

November 23 9:54AM

“Learning about pivots and how to trade them is what I have wanted to know about for a while now. I am really looking forward to this.” – Edwin M.

November 23 9:51AM

“learn how a real trader uses them” – Agnette D.

November 23 9:51AM

“I always display daily pivots on my MT4 charts because they give me some structure for the day and I often use them for targets. However, it’s a fairly hit and miss affair for me and I’m not able to “trade them” consistently. So what I like best about the idea of learning how to trade pivots from you is learning your “power pivot entry tactics”. I feel there’s so much about the way price moves around pivots that I’m not seeing or understanding, even though I stare at them every day. It is definitely my trade entry that lets me down. So this would be very welcome information for me!” – Penny A.

Reply from Ken: Good point, Penny — it’s good to have pivots on the charts to help identify trading setups and entry/exit tips. One thing I’ll be teaching is also how to use price-action pivots, based on easily observable technicals, like Average True Range (ATRs), candlestick hammers/shooting stars, as well as additional advanced strategies. Thanks for posting; see you in the training!.

November 23 9:49AM

” Pivot points are very helpful for successful traders and can make a difference in the bottom line. Eager to know more about pivot points.” – Perry S.

November 23 9:31AM

“Knowing Pivots are important, eager to know new methods! Thank you in advance!” – Priscilla F.

November 23 9:13AM

“What a great company Forex Mentor is. I recently bought a new-release trading strategy, and it is the single best thing I have done for myself in 8 years of struggling to master my trading approach. Now you guys are sharing the final chapter for me – managing exits … along with other goodies I have come to expect from your corner. Thank you – I will be “in the room” at the Webinar.” – Ivan B.

November 23 9:08AM

“pivots points are useful levels to watch in combination with other technical tools” – Jean V.

Reply from Ken: Right, Jean… you’ll see how both Peter and I use pivots in combination with other trading entry and exit signals, to help find out exactly “where to enter and exit” for trading. See you there.

November 23 9:03AM

“To pivot or not to pivot, that is the question. How to use use S1 PP or R1 that is the answer. Looking forward to your webinar. Thanks,” – T.M.

November 23 9:01AM

“The last time I watched the presentation I didn’t utilize it. So I need a review. But at the time the concept seemed valuable and I wanted to do a test on it.” – Tim K.

November 23 9:01AM

“Pivots give a clear place to look to see what the market is doing. Pivots are also a real time indicator rather than a lagging one.” – Tom J.

Reply from Ken: Good point, Tom… I like your point about pivots providing a clear place to look at. One of the things we’ll be covering is both specific pivot points plus how to use them to make entry and exit decisions, in addition to combining them with candlestick patterns, ATRs and more. Thanks for the post; we’ll see you in the webinar!

November 23

“Pivots are the cornerstone of being a successful trader.” – Peter S.

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