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November 29 11:59PM

“Trading is a game of probability. Breakouts are not the holy grail but instead a edge that if used properly can be profitable.” – Joey P.

November 29 11:49PM

“love trading breakouts If only I knew when it happens” – Trev S.

November 29 10:57PM

” I don’t trade Forex yet but I am watching Eur/Usd as directional tool for trading futures /ES /YM and /NQ. Would like to see what technical analysis you are using and how you can find your entries and exits prices.” – Valery

November 29 10:55PM

“Swift and precise clarity concerning the truth behind an apparent breakout. In sailing, we have true and apparent wind. In trading, we have true and apparent breakouts. We can trade (sail) using either one, but we need to know upon which one we are basing our decisions.” – Steve C.

November 29 10:50PM

“I think you have more Pips in your favor by trading Breakouts” – Buck B.

November 29 10:39PM

” to identify breakout will enable me to be in a trend developing and profit from it rather than be hacked by false one” – Rada

November 29 10:26PM

“Would be awesome to trade breakouts without fear of being faked out!” – Mat C.

November 29 10:20PM

“Setting a plan with entry, stop loss and targets is key to successful trading.” – Rob W.

November 29 10:17PM

“Looking forward to learning about your breakout system to provide clarity to my trading.” – Rodger T.

November 29 10:12PM

“It would be great to know when price action is actually a breakout and when it is a “throw over”.” – Diane D.

November 29 10:01PM

“Valid breakouts could lead to a new trend with an early entry and good profit potential” – Pierino M.

November 29 9:53PM

“My experience with breakouts in stocks convinces me it will work with Forex and I am interested to see if there are nuances applicable to the Forex.” – Steve P.

November 29 9:36PM

“Recognizing true breakouts vs. head fakes is difficult. It will be interesting to hear how experienced traders make that distinction.” – Rick

November 29 9:30PM

“I would like to see the breakout in action.” – A.E.

November 29 9:21PM

“Trading Breakouts can be frustrating due to false breakouts. Looking forward to the webinar to learn your tactics to take advantage of trading breakouts for big profit and avoiding the false breakouts.” – Michael T.

November 29 9:13PM

“Breakouts are interesting, targets very predictable, thanks for invite. )” – Lee

November 29 9:04PM

” I would like to learn more about trading the breakouts to increase knowledge and skills.” – Tom D.

November 29 8:49PM

” I am looking forward to seeing this in action. I know many of us have been frustrated by the inability to project the correct movements with success. I believe this will show us the best way to achieve success.” – B.V.

November 29 8:31PM

“I am really excited about applying your breakout techniques to Forex. Thanks so much for doing this webinar, Ken.” – Shirley R.

November 29 8:08PM

“trades can be planned and setup in advance. orders can be placed to await action, rather than waiting for action to occur” – Mary M.

November 29 8:01PM

“I want to find out what other method is available to improve my trading” – Richard O.

November 29 7:55PM

“I have learned a lot from Peter Bain and forexmentor website. Can’t wait to watch more info about detecting false breakouts… and learning what Ken has for us.” – Mike V.

November 29 7:51PM

“Like to discover exactly how to trade Forex correctly. Thanks!” – Ruzena K.

November 29 7:49PM

“Breakouts already have momentum, trick is how much. the breakout has proved momentum, How far will it go ?” – Greg

November 29 7:48PM

“breakouts can be a fantastic way to trade if one can avoid all the false moves in the forex” – Chris R.

November 29 7:18PM

“A good opportunity to enter a trade and be profitable” – Eric D.

November 29 6:50PM

“I’d like to know how to avoid false breakouts” – Randy T.

November 29 6:38PM

“I want to see how Peter and Ken get in the breakout plays.” – Wayne S.

November 29 6:18PM

” Peter Bain is just great when it comes to trading…keeping everything simple. He has done a lot for me. Great to have another webinar.” – Bernard

November 29 6:16PM

“Always interested to hear how a trader tackles these very difficult scenarios” – Erron A.

November 29 5:57PM

“I like the idea of increasing my trading edge” – R.W.

November 29 5:34PM

” I want to learn about trading breakouts.” – Gustavo P.

November 29 5:18PM

“I really would like to know if exist a strategy to trade breakout with consistent results.” – Paul

November 29 5:03PM

“It will let me trade with the trend,and not trade a false breakout” – Robert G.

November 29 4:58PM

“I would love to learn better entry and exit rules/guidelines to help get better results and avoid as much as possible fake breakouts. I like breakouts for intra-day trading.” – Judy D.

November 29 4:57PM

“An easy way to get into the market. And be profitable.” – Tom M.

November 29 4:39PM

“Eager to learn and distinguish the breakout from the fakeout.” – A.A.

November 29 4:38PM

“Hello Peter, I’m always looking for more powerful ways to improve my trading. I tend to be a perfectionist and as a result miss some great trades. Breakout training may be the cure for paralysis of analysis.” – Ron B.

November 29 4:18PM

“Breakouts are a great trend following technique.” – Ed W.

November 29 3:57PM

“The biggest reason is that we have two very honest and credible traders offering a reliable system which I am sure will be very useful. I have been following forexmentor for about 5 years now and so I know this is going to be good! Trying to filter breakouts from fakeouts has been hard for me so I am happy to learn from the experts” – Ben D.

November 29 3:57PM

“I think forex breakouts are great opportunity to help individuals to become successful traders.” – Nate P.

November 29 3:54PM

“Consistent win is the major issue concerning forex breakout trade, if Ken and Peter can take care of this -(which I believe they can) then forex breakout will be very profitable using series of trades technique without much emotion attached to a single trade, this will average out to be a wining method.

I have watched Kens training online and he’s a very focus and result oriented guy, looking forward to attend the webinar. Thanks” – Mondiu A.

November 29 3:52PM

“Superb subject for Webinar, because breakouts and particularly how to trade them is driving me crazy…and I am sure not only me.” – Primoz R.

November 29 3:52PM

“The webinar is extremely important for all traders, the breakouts are the easiest pattern to recognize but one must know how to avoid the false ones. It would be of great help if the webinar will be recorded for those who live in other time zones as well as to all participants who may want to to review it for a deeper understanding” – Silvia R.

November 29 3:45PM

“Distinguishing between True and False Breakouts is valuable knowledge.” – Robert M.

November 29 3:45PM

“Trading breakouts from price patterns seems logical and intuitive but has been difficult.” – Rick B.

November 29 3:35PM

“Breakouts or Fakeouts. It is the difference between making money or losing money.” – Patrick L.

November 29 3:34PM

“Breakouts can provide you with a short time based trade!.” – Todd B.

November 29 3:33PM

“Very interested in seeing the Forex Breakouts system and to see if it works on ALL time frames!” – Joe C.

November 29 3:22PM

“Like the thought of Ken and peter getting together very easy to understand the logic and it is progressive learning. Like Ken and Peter getting together. the breakouts are very easy to understand and I do learn alot from these. i have been a huge fan of both you guys and i do learn alot from forexbreakouts” – Jenny F.

November 29 3:03PM

“The understanding of breakout is crucial to trading successfully in the forex market.This is why I believe I should attend this Webinar.” – Jacob O.

November 29 3:01PM

” I like the idea of trying to maximize profit while reducing your initial stop loss.” – Lou N.

November 29 2:54PM

“I want to learn more about trading breakouts in forex. I think it’s a good strategy and not too complex to understand. Thanks.” – Norma M.

November 29 2:35PM

“A breakout, is of no importance if is not noticed in time. I hope this webinar will show just that how to get in at the right time.” – Marian D.

November 29 2:32PM

“Break-outs seem risky to me… I usally trade swing or scalp…so I don’t usually do them..” – Rich M.

November 29 2:28PM

“awesome ! finally a system to make me the pips.” – C.H.

November 29 2:22PM

” I have been looking for a reliable way to approach breakouts ….is this it ?” – Dan K.

November 29 2:19PM

” I very much appreciate the addition of Forex Breakouts to all the other valuable Forexmentor offerings and I think it will greatly contribute to have a good feeling when trading Forex plus getting nice results.” – Clivia B.

November 29 2:18PM

“am intrested in trading breakout but i don’t know how to go about it.Thanks for bring up this method” – Agu R.

November 29 2:18PM

“How to stop getting caught out by false ones” – Andy B.

November 29 2:13PM

” I look forward to further insights in to Forex breakout trading to add to my arsenal of methods.” – George P.

November 29 2:06PM

“taking advantage of breakout to make a potential profit” – Ukpong U.

November 29 2:03PM

“Thanks Ken: You taught me how to make better trade entries and exits! Can’t wait to hear more!” – Barry S.

November 29 2:02PM

“better risk reward on confirmation of breakout” – Louise F.

November 29 2:01PM

“The knowledge to avoid false break out:-)” – Johan E.

November 29 1:40PM

“Learning a more reliable way to filter ONLY THE BEST b/o will certainly be a plus in my arsenal of tools” – Ken M.

November 29 1:36PM

” with 2 great taders this has to be a steal!” – Mike T.

November 29 1:34PM

“Thanks forexmentor for all your mails, but i still find it difficult to trade. Please did you have your office in nigeria? Regards.” – Emmanuel A.

November 29 1:29PM

“I think it’s great that two experts in the field are going to give some very helpful information to help other traders.” – Kevin D.

November 29 1:14PM

” I would like to add breakout-trading to my trading arsenal, and I hope to get a powerful strategy from you, the experts.” – Dennis S.

November 29 1:11PM

“I’m looking forward to developing a solid profitable trading plan using Forex Breakouts.” – Bruce M.

November 29 12:54PM

” Forex Breakouts is very important to traders – esp. trend traders. It is easier to make profits by playing breakouts (& not fake outs)” – Theo P.

November 29 12:53PM

“Ultimately, these are the conditions, that if can be timed and learned properly, have the most potential and satisfying and rewarding trades.” – Ron C.

November 29 12:49PM

“The fact I can set and forget and get on with my life. They take the emotion of trading away and provide great success.” – Graeme G.

November 29 12:47PM

“I would like to reduce false breakouts.” – Chris B.

November 29 12:45PM

“What time frames are you using to determine the breakout using this method?” – Blake G.

November 29 12:44PM

“I want to see how this breakout system avoids false BO.” – Milon

November 29 12:44PM

” I am never ready for a breakout,, I seem to miss the breakout every time,,I am never at the computer when it happens,, and if it does happen I seem to not beleive it ,, and I dont get in the trade untill I have missed most the move,, and I end up losing money !” – David S.

November 29 12:41PM

“Entries are challenging and to know the differemce in a break-out vs. a head-fake will be very helpful.” – Rod F.

November 29 12:39PM

“The 200 EMA and 50 EMA Looking for a Breakout” – John

November 29 12:35PM

“Know BreakOut strategy but don’t know how to get it profit consistently.” – Joe L.

November 29 12:23PM

“good to know some indication of when the Day turns..Looking forward to it.” – Cody F.

November 29 12:23PM

“Breakouts are very important for profitability and especially trend direction change” – Dale C.

November 29 12:19PM

“What I think about forex breakouts is difficult to say but as a demo trader as yet I would welcome the idea of being forwarne(?armed) for a break out. Much appreciated.” – John S.

November 29 12:17PM

“Peter Bain’s courses have been extremely valuable. This will add another methodology to the money making toolbox.” – Gerald N.

November 29 12:15PM

“Forex breakouts are a great way to take advantage of a tight market. Either long or short it’s like a loaded gun waiting to move in one direction. Breakouts are the easiest way to make alot of pips if your right.” – Greg G.

November 29 12:15PM

“Forex breakouts are a great way to take advantage of a tight market. Either long or short it’s like a loaded gun waiting to move in one direction.” – Greg G.

November 29 12:01PM

“How do you tell when the breakout will work & when is it a false breakout?” – Paul H.

November 29 11:59AM

“As a former student of Forexmentor I benefitted alot, and still make money with my knowledge.” – Brad P.

November 29 11:51AM

“forex breakout is a magnificient tool for success” – Dayo

November 29 11:45AM

” I wish to learn more about breakouts since I am an armature trader..” – Bruce M.

November 29 11:44AM

“Breakouts would be a great plan to pay you well..” – Lorraine C.

November 29 11:42AM

“I have my best results trading breakouts, either it works or I have no trade(cash is a position). My percentage of losing trades has greatly diminished and I look at the screen to monitor the trade and don’t have to stare at it constantly waiting with a much higher stress level.” – Joe M.

November 29 11:40AM

” I have traded brekouts of different kinds with success but could not figureout the fakeouts.I will be looking forward to know more about the breakouts and especially about the fakeouts.” – Khalil M.

November 29 11:38AM

“Hi Peter, I am glad to be a part of this momentous occasion. I truly look forward to learning all that I can.” – Paul W.

November 29 11:36AM

“I think that if you can learn when a forex breakout is in progress, i can get into trades with lots less risk, and be on the right side of momentum.” – Wade D.

November 29 11:36AM

“Looking forward to hear Mr. Bain’s Webinar. He delivers his message(s) with enthusiasm and knowledge.” – Faye M.

November 29 11:33AM

” I’ve got in the habit of scalping the EUR/USD with no technical indicators, just eyeballing the charts. This can work very well if you are super-fast, but I usually get stuck on breakouts, false breakouts, and pullbacks. Help needed!.” – Stephen D.

November 29 11:32AM

“4 years ago, I trained with Mr Bain and it was excellent. I’m constantly learning and breakouts provide another methodology to refine for my toolbox” – Gerald N.

November 29 11:20AM

“If is worthwhile I will add it to my trader tool box” – Francis O.

November 29 11:13AM

“Huge returns for those who dare and can” – Juha N.

November 29 11:12AM

” this is a important piece of the puzzle to any trader that whant to make it in the Forex markets.” – Angel

November 29 11:12AM

” I would be very interested in learning about breakouts as this is something I’m not really sure about. Thanks” – Pattie

November 29 11:09AM

“would like to find out when it is a real or false breakout” – Jamie R.

November 29 11:08AM

“Teach me how to recognize false breakouts and I will declare you forex training gods.” – Bo

November 29 11:05AM

” I am looking forwrd to learn from you guys!” – FP

November 29 11:03AM

“Your information is very good. It gives me good tips to improve my trading.” – Alfredo

November 29 11:03AM

“The best thing about trading breakouts is the higher probability of success. The bad thing about breakouts is leaving a lot on the table” – Max T.

November 29 10:54AM

“What I would like to learn is how to identify and avoid false breakouts from this seminar!!” – Siraj S.

November 29 10:53AM

“Separation of Fake Breakouts from real one is important to me.” – Bol B.

November 29 10:50AM

“I greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn from the 2 of you again. Each of you offer the very most informative webinars and to learn fro the best about false breakouts is one webinar I don’t want to miss..” – Mike S.

November 29 10:48AM

“Forex breakout is an incidence in forex trading that can help one to take large profits if one is opportuned to spot it and enter early to exit at right time.” – Busayo

November 29 10:35AM

” Identifing market direction is an ongoing problem for me. Any tool that can help is of interest to me.” – Norbert S.

November 29 10:33AM

“Never used breakout tactics but I’m interested to know more about it. Thanks.” – Bert A.

November 29 10:32AM

“Looking for a proven strategy to catch the lucrative break out trades. Thx !!” – Hal S.

November 29 10:29AM

“I really like to recieve this kinf of information because I think it is the most crucial area of trading success.” – Luis P.

November 29 10:25AM

“It’s great to catch the breakouts as soon as possible to maximise profit potential” – David B.

November 29 10:22AM

” It will be great to see a strategy that will help me detect false breakouts. Instead of my account “churning”, it will be “earning”!” – Albert C

November 29 10:19AM

“unscramble the charts for us to better capture returns.” – Frank S.

November 29 10:17AM

“Hello Peter and Ken, I am looking forward to the webinar. The forex breakout concept is exciting and very necessary to my future trading. Thanks.” – James D.

November 29 10:17AM

” I’ve often struggled with breakouts because of fakeouts, which has resulted in a lack of confidence in taking breakout trades. Knowing how to tell the real thing from a fakeout would be extremely valuable to learn. I’m really looking forward to learning Forex breakouts from Peter and Ken.” – Kevin S.

November 29 10:11AM

“What are the clues that a breakout maybe imminent?” – Mark B.

November 29 10:09AM

“since I attended your class, I look at trading forex differently. It’s easier.” – Shawn T.

November 29 10:09AM

“This is an opportunity to make significant gains in the forex market” – Maurice B.

November 29 10:06AM

“I`m new to FOREX. I want to learn how to trade breakouts.” – Albert C.

November 29 9:56AM

“Would love to see how to trade breakouts.” – David A.

November 29 9:47AM

“This is a long awaited webinar. I’m eagerly looking forward to it.” – Dir A.

November 29 9:44AM

“Ken, Another great idea. I really like your breakout strategies, but I’m primarily focused on forex trading. Combining your expertise with Peter’s knowledge of forex is really promising.” – Doug T.

November 29 9:43AM

“Want to learn how to avoid false breakouts!” – Ott

November 29 9:38AM

“I in am thrilled to be included in thia Webinar as I want to learn about Forex Breakouts” – Larry G.

November 29 9:27AM

“I’ve been lured into many false breakouts, and would like to learn a professional’s perception of consistent breakouts. Thanks” – Edward W.

November 29 9:11AM

“It would be great to experience a system that works well with forex” – MT

November 29 9:05AM

“This a truly great idea! I trade forex and I spend a lot of time trying to find out which way it is going to break out, this webinar I am sure will help to remove a lot of the guess work that I keep trying to do!” – Rupa L.

November 29 9:05AM

“I like to trade the forex markets and Peter is certainly one of the best! Look forward to learn more in the upcoming webinar. Thanks Ken & Peter!” – Redgy P.

November 29 8:58AM

” Looking for ways to filter out false breakouts especially near London open. I have learned a lot from Peter and Ken in the past and this should be good.” – Brian S.

November 29 8:58AM

“Still waiting for a breakout forex system that works consistently” – Ric G.

November 29 8:53AM

“forex may become a new giant area in trading, since it is heavily traded 24 hours a day and is not subject to market manipulation, making it very tradeable with high volume. as for breakouts, i am most interested in learning how to decipher false from real breakouts, especially using volume. i would also add that i would like to learn how to use the breakouts training to predict breakouts from consolidation patterns, volume, and bollinger bands, even before the breakout occurs, if that is possible.” – Tom N.

November 29 8:53AM

“Being able to catch an actual “Breakout”, I consider to be a “Nirvana” for a Forex trader especially a Scalper. Could be called a “Pipavana”.” – Tracy in NJ

November 29 8:53AM

“breakouts for me is a losing method, I always enter at the wrong time.Hopefully if I am accepted to attend the webinar, it will show me the correct way to enter.” – Geoffrey L.

November 29 8:49AM

“This will be very interesting to see how a professional trades breakouts.” – Jack W.

November 29 8:48AM

” I want to be able to spot the breakouts trade with confidence and consistence” – Yeo BP.

November 29 8:47AM

“I would like to learn how to trade breakouts.” – Asi H.

November 29 8:38AM

“Ive never traded Forex. I’m excited to learn” – Bud S.

November 29 7:47AM

“Thank you for the invitation. Forex Breakouts looks like a method that could really get my trading on a more porfitable track than it has been lately. Cheers” – Mike R.

November 29 7:18AM

” Trading breakouts is a very important strategy in any chart based plan.” – Keat L.

November 29 6:29AM

“They say old dogs can not learn new tricks well this old dog wants to dispute that saying if “Forex Breakouts” can teach me some thing new in my trading I am all for it. Thanking you in advance.” – Robert S.

November 29 6:08AM

” I have known and followed Peter’s training and philosophies for many years now and I know that his “Forex Breakouts” will be well worth listening to. Looking forward to it.” – Max O.

November 28 11:38PM

“Avoiding false breakouts by learning to avoid certain charts to begin with is a critical skill that everyone should master, and one that this series is addressing” – Jason W.

November 28 10:12PM

“By trading breakout you can make good money” – Robert C.

November 28 8:56PM

“I’m looking forward to seeing just what these two masters have in mind that will make my results even better!” -Hanns H.

November 28 7:48PM

“I am very interested in your webinar. Thank you so much for offering it.” – Shirley

November 28 7:22PM

” actually this is how i like to trade, with explosive moves quick profits, in and out with profit taking price pre set. i’ve been using fractals with moving average and fibonacci, but just on a demo with high % accuaracy 10 trades out of 15 with profit, but still not shure if i can use it in all time frames.
i woluld be very happy to see how you do it.” – Mario I.

November 28 5:42PM

“Breakout trades make the most profit in the shortest time. Everybody should learn this technique from the world’s best trading teachers Peter and Ken here. I would like to join and learn from the webinar too. Thanks” -Bill B.

November 28 4:12PM

“I think that breakouts give us really good opportunities to gain quite many pips out of the market” – Barbara K.

November 28 3:45PM

“To be successful trader need to know how to avoid false breakouts and the idea of scaling in and out. I too currently do not scale and often trade in the wrong direction.” – Al M.

November 28 3:25PM

“I’d love to be invited to your webnar. False Forex breakouts can quickly hurt a trading account. I’d love to know how to avoid them especially when taught by two legendary trainers and mentors.” – Lou B.

November 28 2:47PM

“I would be very interested in learning about predicting breakouts as they can be very profitable.” – Norm V.

November 28 1:51PM

” I’m anxious to learn to trade forex & this may just be the thing that gives me the knowledge and confidence to succeed.” – DM

November 28 1:49PM

“Peter Bain taught me back in 2004 to trade off a Macd Consolidation Breakout and a 1-2-3 breakout pattern. I still use it. If Peter and Ken have enhanced it, I would gladly like to listen to what they have to say.” – George V.

November 28 12:59AM

“i like the adea of learning to enter these trades with better judgement too often i go in the wrong direction” – David W.

November 28 11:19AM

” I am very intrested as I have needed to learn more about good breakouts, not the wrong breakouts.” – Mike

November 28 10:40AM

“This will really help me in my trading if I knew what I was doing.” – Tim D.

November 28 10:21AM

“Breakouts are the best way to trade and I like learning from the best” – Zoya Z.

November 28 9:43AM

“I’ve tried to trade Breakouts before and lost. So i avoided them at all cost. I love the idea of breakouts but I always seem to be going in the wrong direction, I get faked out alot. I’m really looking forward to fine tuning this trading method..” – Todd K.

November 28 5:16AM

“daytrading strategies for how to be successful trading in the forex markets.” – Sean M.

November 28 4:37AM

“We need indeed a course which can help us make money from the forex market. Forex breakouts teaching by professionals will guide how to do it. It’s exciting learn from them” – Samuel L.

November 28 3:03AM

“Extending some of the trading breakouts tactics presented in your …program to Forex will be a great help to Forex traders.” – Jen L.

November 28 1:55AM

“always very valuable to learn great trading strategies from such world class traders.” – Anthony G.

November 28 12:27AM

“I want to know if you trade the forex breakout using the MACD and the histogram indicators?” – Eric R.

November 28 12:24AM

“Looking to see whats on offer … both are known teachers.” – D Mike

November 27 11:22PM

“I like catching the big breakouts especially in day trading but also for those bigger moves in larger swing and position trades” – Doyle C.

November 27 7:08PM

“Would love to learn about breakouts..i seem to always get in too late and get out too soon. I MUST learn how to grab a breakout..thanks” – Kathy M.

November 27 6:56PM

“I can’t wait to if Ken and Peter can show me the best winning methods of trading breakouts.” – Bart S.

November 27 6:53PM

“I like forex breakouts because they can make me money, which is the reason that I trade; not to be right, to be profitable!” – Eliot B.

November 27 5:24PM

“Looking forward to taking advantage of momentum moves by choosing high percentage breakouts. Thanks Ken.” – Len L.

November 27 5:10PM

” I am looking forward to the training. The last one you had was fantastic.” – Alimi A.

November 27 4:47PM

“I have never traded the Forex because I don’t have a good strategy. Can’t wait to learn something new.” – Bill H.

November 27 3:46PM

“Hi Ken and Peter,
Would like to learn, given the opportunity, the important thing to “get right” as a FX trader,trading strong(est) breakouts as they are happening.
Thank you both,” – Ronald K.

November 27 3:46PM

“Finally! I’ve been searching for a long time for a way to address false breakouts. I’ve tried momentum indicators at the point where the breakout appears to be happening.My reasoning is that it had to be momentum based.My problem is how to code …to measure acceleration, which I am convinced holds a partial answer to the puzzle. Hope you can fill in some of the pieces” – James M.

November 27 2:26PM

“I like to learn more about whatto look fore when they happen as I get caught often enough on the wrong side.” – Dim W.

November 27 1:58PM

” Learn trading basics,tactics and risk managment” – Samer K.

November 27 1:54PM

” At first, thanks in advance to the both gentelman – Peter Bain and Ken Calhoun – for your precious offer. I’m delighted that you thought to teach your methods for Forex Breakouts. I trust the source where this information is coming from” – Jorge M.

November 27 1:45PM

“The concept of pivot points is basic and is very logical, especially with the use of support & resistence. I enjoy your teaching styles.”KISS” !” – Don S.

November 27 1:24PM

“pls focus on spotting technique and visual learning – psychology and money management are so obvious nobody cares of (!)” – Nicola M.

November 27 12:46PM

“Am always interested in new ideas to make my job more productive trading Forex.” – Phil P.

November 27 12:32PM

“I would like to add something to my current methodology to help avoid false breakouts.” – Paul S.

November 27 12:27PM

“You provide the best training on stocks. I am new to forex and anxious to learn these strategies. Thanks” – Jim G.

November 27 12:16PM

“very interested to see this webinar, as breakouts are some of the most profitable but inconsistent trades, due to fake moves. thanks Ken” – Dan R.

November 27 11:49AM

“This would put another great tool in my trading tool box.” – Doug H.

November 27 11:32AM

“i like the opportunity of fast profits” – Robert H.

November 27 10:04AM

“big fan of Peters any thing he has a hand in is worth listining to” – Jim D.

November 27 9:59AM

“Total Novice! Show me how please!” – Sy L.

November 27 9:51AM

“I always seem to get into the breakouts late. Can’t wait for you to teach me how to recognize the early set ups.” – Tom L.

November 27 9:21AM

“i look forward to seeing how you trade breakouts. it’s going to be exciting… specifically how to identify false breakouts” – Kathy

November 27 8:06AM

” I seem to be able to pick the false breakouts and miss the good ones,so the opertunity to learn the right way to trade breakouts is very exciting,and would be alarge confidence builder. Thanks for this great opportunity” – Derrek C.

November 27 7:32AM

“Breakouts can lead to strong swing position trades.” – GP

November 27 5:47AM

“Hi – I would like to learn the most efficient time frames, entry & exits ,also how to recognize false breakouts.” – Wieslaw

November 27 5:31AM

“I would love to trade forex for a living in the future. I love to travel internationally and I believe this business will allow me to do this more often!” – David P.

November 27 5:27AM

“I like to trade breakouts and am eagerly awaiting the webinar to learn new techniques from Peter and Ken.” – Tan H.

November 27 4:16AM

“Can’t wait forex breakouts, I really need help with false breakouts.” – Ty D.

November 27 3:34AM

“ken, I’ve never traded forex so i’m hoping to learn something good, thanks” – David V.

November 27 1:21AM

“i would like to understand how to trade set-ups with minimum risk at support and resistance which minimizes false break out.There are times oversold/overbought takes more than three days before a trend violation,would like to know how to best read a range market for a valid breakout. Ability to analyse a range correctly gives an edge in spotting the breakout direction,this i would like to know.” – Deji A.

November 27 1:18AM

“Trading brake outs can be deceiving, hope this webinar explains how to avoid trading false breakouts.” – Bart K.

November 27 12:28AM

“I would to see the breakout system and i cant wait” – Harout B.

November 26 11:30PM

“It is the most frustrating thing to enter into a trade and watch your hard earned money disappear because of a false breakout. If you can teach me how to avoid that I will be singing your praises to anyone that will listen. (-:” – Jeff Y.

November 26 11:10PM

“Any strategy that can be added to the trading toolbox is always welcome. Especially from gentlemen with your reputation.” – John N.

November 26 10:03PM

“to have finally a good trading strategy to make money” – Francois C.

November 26 9:28PM

” I like the breakouts because they are sometimes explosive and can form a long lasting trend where one can make some good money.” – Hans H.

November 26 9:15PM

“I get stopped out alot by false breakouts. It would be great to see what the profesionals are doing.” – John D.

November 26 8:03PM

“Breakout trading adds another very useful trading style and it will be good to learn how to better filter opportunities and to manage these trades.” – Lesley B.

November 26 7:59PM

“I am leary of breakouts..seems I enter on top tick—how do I avoid this?” – KB

November 26 7:41PM

“Would like to learned proper breakout strategy to avoid false breakout to minimize my loss and to maximize my profits from respected forex mentor, coach and experienced trader Peter Bain and Ken Calhoun.” – Marilyns

November 26 7:30PM

” I would like to learn your technique for getting in and out of the Forex market.” – Reynaldo C.

November 26 7:20PM

“Trading breakouts is a simple concept with hindsight but knowing which one’s to take and which one’s to leave real-time requires an insight that gives you the edge.” – Ash

November 26 6:26PM

“Ken always does a great job- I would not want to miss the opportunity.” – Hal H.

November 26 6:05PM

“Two experts one goal-to help us make money. Forex breakout trading is important to being a well rounded trader.” – Phillip B.

November 26 5:34PM

” It will be great to see all this information rolled into one presentation. Not only showing us what and what not to trade but the best times to do so will benefit me greatly as I have little time at the moment to monitor trades. Looking forward to it.” – Kevin C.

November 26 5:30PM

“I attended the webinar of Peter and Ken a few months ago and learned a lot. I would like to learn more though especially – how do I actually avoid false breakouts and how do I find the best currency pairs to trade for the week.” – Nigel O.

November 26 3:59PM

“getting into REAL breakout trades (not just quick stop hunts) seem like they could add up to REAL profits” – Melisa S.

November 26 3:49PM

“Breakouts are the most way for make profit , but how i can find the best setup” – Ahmed M.

November 26 3:47PM

” I have been focused on reversals,breakouts will add to my armamentarium” – Denis M.

November 26 3:25PM

” trade breakouts could be the answer to entering/exiting the market
best regards” – Cristi S.

November 26 2:59PM

“Be very wary of false breakouts and any system that help identify them will be good for the trader.” – Albert W.

November 26 2:48PM

“Looking forward to learning about breakouts in the seminar by Peter & Ken” – Nick N.

November 26 2:21PM

“Will be good to learn how to properly trade one of the most exciting and profitable patterns … Thank-you for the opportunity !!” – Dan K.

November 26 2:15PM

“Recognizing breakouts provides a good high probability entry point. Knowing when to look for them will greatly enhabce one’s trading performance..” – Greg L.

November 26 1:54PM

“Trading breakouts is one of the most popular FX trading strategies. While the idea is seemingly easy, employing this strategy with consistent success is not. Real-time trading is full of false breakouts and other traps. Therefore, it is worthwhile to learn more. I am looking forward to the webinar. Thanks, Peter and Ken!” – Ari L.

November 26 1:47PM

“Trading Forex is not easy especially catching a breakout. It is better to learn from successful traders…” – W.M.

November 26 1:44PM

“From the time of the Turtles, trading breakout has been an extremely strong method. To me the key is when to get out. Can’t wait to see how this is covered.” – Bob H.

November 26 12:56PM

“Looking forword to the up coming seminar. I am sure I will learn some new techniques.” – Nilesh B.

November 26 12:47PM

“I trust where this information is coming from, and I am sure the addition of these abilities/strategies to my trading methodology will increase the chances for greater success in my Forex trading.” – Bill V.

November 26 12:26PM

“I’ve used many tools/indicators whilst attempting to work out when a sideways move will turn into a true rather than false breakout and none do so consistently….so this should be very interesting.” – Pattib

November 26 12:08PM

“Learning the trick of the breakout trade from a guru like P.Bain can be awesome.You don’t have to trade it,if you’re not comfortable with it.But you are incomplete if you can’t comprehend it..” – Olokodana A.

November 26 11:43AM

” i trade breakouts because they work for me and have a low risk/reward ratio. I hate daytrading and watching trades go against me and losing money. I do much better at breakouts and have been able to make over 200 pips this week without the stress of daytrading. Any help you can give me would be appreciated as I am one of Peters students” – Joe M.

November 26 11:25AM

“I’m delighted that you thought to teach your methods for FOREX Breakouts.I have been your student for several years because your methods work. I am excited about FOREX Breakout because this will be another profit center in trading breakouts with the forex..” – Perry S.

November 26 7:07AM

“Well chosen fashonable topic. A number of publications, cheat sheets, robots incorporating the concept appeared recently on the FX market. I tried a couple. They seemed to help in finding favorable odd setups and collecting more easily several winners.

Pitfalls I faced were stop hunting, trailing stop strategies and in several instances a wrong approach in choosing between looking for breakouts and trading in the sideway channels. Balance so far is quite positive. Needless to say I feel I have room for improving my trading. Thanks a lot for attention an best regards” – Vittorio B.

November 26 10:11AM

“This is what I’ve been looking for on getting the right entry and exit point to enter a trade, which I come to realise to be extremely important in order to be successful in this forex business. I have been struggling with trading forex due to entering/exiting the market too early or too late.

Recently I’ve been trading the EURUSD and been struggling to get the exact entry point to short the pair in the hourly chart as I know the pair is trending down (50 below 200 EMA, both trending down). However I always short the pair too early when I saw MACD crossover and thought the price is about to decline after some price consolidation but later realised I was caught inside a price consolidation and eventually been stopped out after setting a 30 pip stop loss.

Besides, I also often missing the nice run down in price after a long price consolidation. Hope this webinar can answer all my doubts above.” – Elaine Y.

November 26 8:39AM

“Ken, your training webinars are very educational. I look forward to learning new strategies with Forex Breakouts.” – James H.

November 26 8:30AM

“Do breakouts work on all time frames? Where should we place our stops? You are a motivated trader and your knowledge and willingness to teach others has not gone unnoticed. Thank You” – Tom B.

November 26 8:29AM

“To finally understand how to trade a successful strategy and know how it feels would be golden!” – Goerge V.

November 26 7:42AM

“What I like best about the idea of trading breakouts is the quick reward of the trade; if the trade works out fine, it’s profitable pretty soon. In fact, I think this is the most fascinating thing about breakouts and is probably the number one reason why most traders choose to trade them.” – Anna B.

November 26 7:07AM

“Knowing which time frames to tune into, will make entries easier.” – Owen H.

November 26 7:04AM

” this looks great. am kind of new to the forex market and studying all kinds of info so this looks like it will be great. have Peter’s course. thanks!” – Mike C.

November 26 6:57AM

“forex breakout can be profitable but it fails often. you need to have good money management and exit strategy.” – Law SP

November 26 6:55AM

“Anxious to learn how to avoid false breakouts” – Pasquale A.

November 26 6:24AM

“The anticipation of waiting on the breakout, pullback, and off it goes in the direction you knew it would. What a feeling!” – George M.

November 26 5:54AM

“How do you tell a true btreakout from a fake out” – Sylvain R.

November 26 5:41AM

“Understanding how to spot true (not false) breakouts would enable me to profit from ranging markets.” – Frank D.

November 26 5:29AM

” I really like the concept of trading breakouts, as with the correct training, they are fairly easy to spot in real time, and with a consistent strategy, they can become a lucrative cornerstone to your trading plan!” – Chris H.

November 26 5:20AM

“I would be most interested in learning more about Forex breakouts in relation to support & resistance levels as well as False Breakouts and how to identify them easier.Keep up the good work Guys….” – Jeff S.

November 26 4:33AM

“It sounds interesting to learn a method to recognise false breakouts ahead of time.” – Ralf L.

November 26 4:32AM

“Can’t wait to see these strategies in action and the correct signal patterns. Learning what to watch for regarding false breakout will be great.” – Mike F.

November 26 4:09AM

“Getting the low-down on break-outs from those who KNOW how to nail them, is something I’m looking forward to very much. Thanks for this golden opportunity!” – Paul W.

November 26 4:00AM

“Having a currency pair come out of a long downtrend, then turn to an uptrend. Then 24 hrs later back down and stopped out on retracement. I look forward to some professional advice.” – Lyle G.

November 26 3:45AM

“Getting to know when price is ready to breakout would be a great weapon to have in the forex market. Often price is consolidating and then boom of it goes. Getting to know the best patterns and what to look for would be a great help.” – Duncan C.

November 26 3:41AM

“Breakout setups provide one of the best opportunities to get in on a big move, and I would like to figure out how to tell which way the breakout is going to go and if it is actually a real breakout or not.” – Randy

November 26 3:37AM

“Forex trading is completly new to me.I’m a intraday/scalper looking to expand my knowledge base.Ken has previously taught me about breakout trading which has become critical in my trading. I look forward to learning more from the best.” – James B.

November 26 3:12AM

“The quick action of a well executed breakout move allows the trader to quickly chew through the spread and bring your stop to a risk free break even (worst case scenario) trade. This often comes with an excellent risk reward ratio of 2 to 1 or better. A good breakout move is every forex traders dream if you really think about it.” – Ryan S.

November 26 2:32AM

“I wish to learn if it is it safe to trade on forex breakouts” – Henry O.

November 26 2:31AM

“I would like to know how to add to a good trade and to manage risks. I want to learn how to profit consistently” – Gillian

November 26 1:59AM

“How do you filter out false breakouts?” – Michelle.

November 26 1:50AM

” Ive tried to get my head around Break-Out trading. Looking forward to seeing how the big boys do it. cheers” – Ross M.

November 26 1:31AM

“Learning to trade breakouts will add to my trading arsenal. I already have learned so much from your courses.” – Brad K.

November 26 1:24AM

“Can’t wait for breakout training from theses two gentlemen. Clarification on highest probability breakouts would be instrumental in my trading!” – Michael S.

November 26 1:20AM

” The market moves within the confines of a channel >50% of the time, knowing how to trade on a breakout is huge” – Wayne M.

November 26 1:17AM

“forex breakout trading knowledge will allow me to join a strong trend early and take a big ride on the ‘pip train.'” – MDB

November 26 12:47AM

“Thank you Ken for sharing your winning strategy in Forex trading. In addition, by your teaming up with Peter Bain, a specialist in Forex, no one will want to miss attending this coming webinar.” – Simon Y.

November 26 12:46AM

“This is a can’t miss event hosted by legends in the industry!” – Ed G.

November 25 11:51PM

“this will help me capture the pips i have been missing” – Alwyn W.

November 25 11:37PM

“How do you know when a breakout is about to happen?” – Buck S.

November 25 11:21PM

“They happens so frenquently that they should not be missed for any traders.” – Mimi H.

November 25 11:09PM

“Good breakouts are the best way to enter and enjoy the trend continuation. And as moving prices is what attracts new money, good breakouts are likely to extend enough for good profits. Also, we are joining the “smart money” realizing their profits. I am looking forward to learn how to spot the good breakouts from these 2 masters(I am a forexmentor member for long time).” – Joao P.

November 25 10:54PM

“I’d like to learn more about how to effectively trade forex breakouts.” – Rich S.

November 25 10:36PM

“There is this fx fact – that fx is a trending market, so to have the opportunity to learn how best to catch the (perfect) breakout trades from 2 of the industry’s finest is not to be missed!” – Mac L.

November 25 10:05PM

“Breakouts are my favourite trading strategy, however, I always seem to get it right one day and then get it wrong the next and give back the money.” – John F.

November 25 9:58PM

“I gave up trading break outs because of poor success ratio. I’m very interested to learn a better way to see them.” – Paul S.

November 25 9:44PM

“I’m excited to learn what I need from two great educators!” – Christina G.

November 25 9:29PM

“I understand forex breakouts are one of the most profitable strategies but also having one of the lowerst success rate. I’m looking forward to how you differentiate fakeouts from the real move. thanks” – Hermann A.

November 25 9:09PM

“Look forward to learning breakout trading. Thanks Peter and Ken…Thanks for sharing your breakout ideas. Breakouts can be highly profitable when traded correctly” – Jason M.

November 25 8:33PM

“After waiting for a long time, while the market is in a Channel, just chopping wood, at last a Breakout will give you a direction, a Trend, a profit!” – Wayne M.

November 25 8:29PM

“Breakouts naturally occur after every consolidation. The trick is to determine which way and whether it is real. I am looking to Peter and Ken for some insights.” – Phil S.

November 25 8:22PM

“I trade breakouts only to see my profits taken back by numerous fakeouts, if i could understand better to tell which breakouts are good for trading and which ones are not it would greatly help my trading. Please teach me how to trade breakouts, and avoid the fakeouts!” – Harry T.

November 25 8:11PM

“I personally have stayed away from Forex breakouts because I have never learned how to do it. Is it a fake out..go up than nosedive down..It always interests all of us but without proper knowledge of a Forex breakout..i have stayed away” – Don D.

November 25 8:09PM

“Tired of falling victim to nasty ‘fakeouts’ so looking forward to seeing how best to qualify legitimate breakout opportunities” – Vaughn G.

November 25 8:07PM

“I have my own strategy for avoiding false breakouts but I would gladly welcome others.” – Hartley M.

November 25 8:05PM

“I’m new to trading and I fear false breakout. I trade in europeen market hours are a breakout strategy a possible path for intraday trading? it is possible to use your strategy in different time frames?” – Enrico S.

November 25 7:56PM

” i seem to be behind the eightball on breakouts and would love to learn how to predict them” – Daniel W.

November 25 7:51PM

“Trading breakouts will compliment my pullback / continuation trading style” – David B.

November 25 7:47PM

“Looking forward to filtering breakouts and trade management. This is key to a successful trade. Also excited about scanning the markets for opportunity and being able to spot them quickly and efficiently.” – Michelle S.

November 25 7:31PM

“Breakouts are where it is at…breaking support and resistance can lead to great pip gains” – Carlos S.

November 25 7:30PM

“A breakout system will be a great tool in my toolbox of trading strategies.” – Harris

November 25 7:26PM

“I am new to forex and am still to find clear, precise, well-proven & consistently profitable strategies I can trust to deliver the profits I seek. If you can show me how to achieve what I know is possible in my trading, I am in!” – Vince M.

November 25 7:14PM

“I will be particularly interested in main breakout areas such as break of trend lines, support and resistance and to filter out those “fakes”. I think genuine breakouts occur only at specific areas of Market cycle with a lot them being “fakes”.” – Eng G.

November 25 6:58PM

“I would love to learn more effecient ways to trade Forex Breakouts. I have been struggling to learn entries and exits so I am very excited to learn from Traders who have experience. Why waste precious time and try to figure it out on your own??!! I’m looking foward learning a better Breakout strategy. :)” – Nick P.

November 25 6:52PM

“As a frustrated beginner i.m looking forward to anything that will improve my trading.” – Nick

November 25 6:33PM

” I love to trade forex breakouts because it is very profitable & the only drawback is fake breakout. Definitely very keen to learn how to filter out fake breakout & improve my trading results.” – Jane

November 25 6:33PM

” I have gotten burned many times with false breakouts, I am really interested in learning how to avoid them and have more success with breakout trading.” – Carlos R.

November 25 6:30PM

“How do you tell a true btreakout from a fake out” – Ray D.

November 25 6:27PM

” Many times have I watched breakouts after the fact and wondered, how could I have seen that coming? Hopefully, this webinar will help me get into a breakout trade BEFORE the fact” – Wayne J.

November 25 6:25PM

“If this systems has been given the green light by these two heavyweights of the forex industry, then I will be watching” – Geoffrey L.

November 25 6:10PM

“Recognising breakouts is easy using “hindsight”. What I want to learn is to recognise them as they form giving me advanced notice and the chance to pre-plan a trade.” – Stephen R.

November 25 6:02PM

“It would be beneficial to learn a specific method to trade that could give me consistent profits. Learning how to trade forex breakouts should fit that criteria. I’m looking forward to attending.” – Gene M.

November 25 5:57PM

“Learning new/different entry triggers , & indicators , & trade management during breakouts should be enormous !! Can’t wait ” – Damon S.

November 25 5:51PM

“Being able to spot any breakouts on the 6 majors to me would be a dream come true ! I always see them several bars after they have occured ! So this would not only increase the pip total but also add to my knowledge on what, where and when to be on the lookout for these bonus pips !
Thanking you in advance,” – Gerry

November 25 5:49PM

“Since price action is range-bound most of the time, it makes sense to use a strategy such as trading breakouts. It seems like one of the best strategies to trade with in that environment. I am excited about this webinar!” – Katrina P.

November 25 5:48PM

“Combining Ken and Peter in the forex market is like having cheat sheets for your forex trading.” – Lou J.

November 25 5:36PM

“To enter after the breakout or not to enter when, that is the question. Everybody needs how to trade breakouts properly.” – Mark H.

November 25 5:35PM

“Anxious to learn how to avoid “False Breakouts!”” – Tom K.

November 25 5:24PM

” I love the power of breakouts. Breakouts are some the best plays in forex trading. Additionally, they can be spotted relatively easily.” – Stephen T.

November 25 5:23PM

“This seems as if it will be a real “nuts and bolts” instructional webinar but there is going to be so much to absorb that I am glad we will be able to download the whole webinar. That means I can play it over again as often as I need to make sure I am following your advice correctly.” – George M.

November 25 5:08PM

“the interest i have in forex break out is when i coincidence make my way out in new forex break out,but the problem of my trading strategy is wining emotion” – Nurudeen

November 25 5:06PM

“I like the idea of systematic entries breakouts offer.” – Mike M.

November 25 4:50PM

“Learning from people who really trade and know about teaching methods for tradig the Forex effectively is refreshing. Looking forward to the information.” – Joe N.

November 25 4:45PM

“this will be verry intresting for me.I trade swingpoint and fibo so breakeout will be a new tool in the box” – Rolf B.

November 25 4:35PM

“Breakouts seem very profitable to me and I will definitely like to learn more about your method. I would very much like the opportunity to be a part of your webinar.” – Rae D.

November 25 4:23PM

“I am interested in finding the breakouts that keep going,those which pull back and then keep going, and those which are false and break down. How to tell if the breakout is false or if it will continue up or pullback and then continue up.” – Heather P.

November 25 4:22PM

“They (breakouts) produce great results after the frustration of consolidation periods” – Steve M.

November 25 4:21PM

“Maybe I’ll finally learn the right way to trade breakouts” – Fae P.

November 25 4:12PM

“A good Breakout Strategy would be worth its weight in Gold. Count me in. Thankyou” – Don Y.

November 25 3:50PM

“Still looking for a good system to make consistent money. Cannot wait to watch the webinar of Forex Breakouts.Thank you” – Michael N.

November 25 3:45PM

“your other system – swing trading makes good sense – and definately breakouts are a valuable and profitable system. i will be very interested to listen!” – Mike G.

November 25 3:26PM

“Breakouts are continuation of the trend. So trading in breakout is rather “safe”” – Richard O.

November 25 3:20PM

“I am determined to consume / absorb entry/exit strategies taught!!” – Dave

November 25 2:59PM

“Always look forward to learning something useful, and hopefully easy to apply.” – Martin S.

November 25 2:53PM

“like to see these breakout in action specially so powerful using trendlines,looking forward to the webinar or video” – Dev

November 25 2:45PM

“Want to know what steps or process to follow in the event a breakout is about to occur and what to do in order to get the maximum profit possible” – Phil D.

November 25 2:38PM

“The forex breakouts is the most that I want to learn…” – Jenny C.

November 25 2:36PM

“Intwrested in what type of breakout system this is. I use my own style, just demo, but do like breakouts because it alleviates the stress of predicting.” – Scott

November 25 2:30PM

” Looking to determining the difference between a breakout and a fake out.” – Fred H.

November 25 2:29PM

” I could really use a way to avoid too-early entry into trades, when I am impatient for the genuine start of a new trend that I see forming.” – Ruzenfiz

November 25 2:26PM

“Looks like a great webinar… breakouts are the way to go these days. I’m looking forward to getting a take on today’s markets!” – Hugh H.

November 25 2:22PM

” This will be invaluable information if it can help to filter out those frustrating false breakouts. Thanks Ken..” – Brian T.

November 25 2:22PM

“Breakouts that are timed to certain period of the day is welcome for those that have to work. If the breakouts are set with limited risk this would truly be valuable.” – Ismael S.

November 25 2:17PM

“Great to get inside information on who 2 of the best in the industry thinks.” – Jen F.

November 25 2:06PM

“Since breakouts are notoriously unreliable, I’m looking for a system that allows me to separate the wheat from the chaff.” – Ephran Y.

November 25 2:04PM

“A useful trading tool if the webinar shows break outs which can be applied to any time frame…” – Richard A.

November 25 2:05PM

“Trading break outs has always been very tricky for me. I’m excited to finally learn how to overcome this challenge.” – Victor B.

November 25 1:51PM

“Trading breakouts is very rewarding but problem is finding them.” – Christopher E.

November 25 1:44PM

” looking forward to a simplistic way of trading” – Tom B.

November 25 1:42PM

“Well I trade Mainly swing trades, so this might help me getting some more pips, Might also help me managing those swing trades.” – Mayuresh

November 25 1:38PM

“The combination of Peter and Ken teaching breakouts in Forex should be awesome!” – Joel A.

November 25 1:29PM

“Looking forward to this training. I trade mostly counter trend swing trading off lower tf.” – Tim S.

November 25 1:19PM

” I never trusted on trading price breakouts. Hope this seminar will change my opinion” – Cristian I.

November 25 1:14PM

“This would be a great opportunity to learn more about TRUE breakouts in Forex and avoiding false ones. It would be also nice to learn which indicators MAs, etc. (if any) are the most useful to spot true breakouts. Thank you.” – Kate

November 25 1:13PM

“The true test of any method trading forex breakouts is distinguishing the true breakouts from the false.” – James L.

November 25 1:05PM

“A substantial number of breakout trades fail. How do you achieve success.” – Noel D..

Reply from Ken: Hi Noel, the fact is a substantial number of ALL types of traders fail — whether they’re scalping, trading pivots, trends, or breakouts (or a combination of styles). The way to potentially achieve success is to learn, to memorize the strongest breakout continuation plays while avoiding false breakouts. Peter and I will work to show some of our top Forex breakout tactics in this training… good question, thanks.

Here’s 3 examples of winning Forex breakout charts from this week’s markets (11/25/2011):

#1) Runaway 7-day high swing breakout USD/CAD

#2) Interior cup breakouts following hammers USD/JPY

#3) Momentum breakout play in USD/CHF

Correlations across charts on the USD’s strength made for strong Forex breakouts yesterday and today, for example. See how strong all 3 breakout charts are? Those were good breakout setups.

November 25 1:02PM

“Breakouts are some of the most powerful moves and they provide great gains. Some breakouts do fail but if you know how to pick the right ones and know how to manage risk, Breakouts can make a huge difference in your bottom line.” – Tommy B.

November 25 12:58PM

“It is very difficult to know where to put stop-loss and how many pips to target when trading breakouts. I wonder if your webinar will elaborate on these. Thanks” – Abayomi S.

November 25 12:48PM

“It’s all about pips – show me how to accumulate PIPS & more PIPS using this Forex breakout ssstem! I can’t wait to see this in action!!” – Chris P.

November 25 12:28PM

“To be able to identify a true breakout, instead of a false one that retraces, (could) be really, really profitable.” – Jim.

November 25 12:20PM

“I am always trying to learn new (breakout) strategies and setups from someone who has done it all before to speed up my learning curve and keep my trading mistakes to a minimum” – Paul A.

November 25 12:18PM

“Breakout I think indicates momentum therefore should provide better possibility of success? I would like to learn best ways to detect breakouts and how to take advantage of the situations when confirmed.” – John N.

November 25 12:18PM

“Great Peter, good to see your super moves to creat a super power forex community. this is great indeed, and breakouts is one of my favourite setups, but still working hard to become perfect in its techiniques. I really yearn for this electronic parcel! Thanks to you and Ken!” – Nausting N.

November 25 12:11PM

” I am looking forward to the webinar. It is pretty hard to figure out when to get in and out, and causes a lot of emotional problems.” – James D.

November 25 12:09PM

“Markets for a long time has been making it very difficult to get into a trade looks like gaps become most of the move which is then followed by consolidation, it’s hard for me and to dangerous to get pre-positioned” – Giorgi M.

November 25 12:04PM

“I hope to learn how to anticipate and identify good breakout trades from false breakouts. and learn from someone who knows how to do it.” – Rafa S.

November 25 11:54AM

“Looking forward to learning how to place the tight stop when trading the breakouts. Thank you for the great training service.” – Yuehua S.

November 25 11:51AM

“I thought most breakouts fail… so interested to learn how to trade them successfully” – Keith H.

Reply from Ken: Hi Keith, the challenge is being able to learn the difference between false breakout patterns (ones to avoid) and those that are more likely to continue (like this recent USD/CAD breakout continuation from these last few days we’ve been seeing). We’ll show the difference in Forex Breakouts. There’s a handful of specific signals and trading setups that traders need to learn to be potentially more successful breakout traders (while avoiding false breakouts). See you in the training!

November 25 11:46AM

“I am really looking forward to attending the”Forex Breakouts” webinar from Peter and Ken. I have been trading the EUR/USD and have gotten my best trades with a break out. Problem is you are right in that sometimes, sometimes often they are false breakout ending in a loss.

Great to learn how to spot ones that might not go.Hope to learn how to spot reversals after the break out and retrace it back for another profit. Also am interested in learning which markets have a high potential of moving that day or week.” – Rita P.

November 25 11:39AM

“Looking forward to learn breakouts , hopefully find a way to break away from the false breakouts.” – Sati K.

November 25 11:35AM

“Avoiding false breakouts would make a big difference to my trading, looking forward to this” – Mark C.

November 25 11:33AM

“Trading breakouts gives the best opportunity for increasing volume or multiple contracts with the best entry protection 🙂 happy trading!” – Mat W.

November 25 11:32AM

“Trading breakouts can be one of the most profitable and exciting ways to trade the forex; the problem is how!? I sure you guys can teach us a thing or two! Thanks.” – Neil D.

November 25 11:30AM

“Breakouts can produce explosive moves. I’ve stick-handled around many methods. Really looking forward to this webinar for a solid foundation. Thanks Peter and Ken.” – Murray E.

November 25 11:22AM

“I’m a intra day swing trader, I buy the dips or sell the rips, Thanks Peter for showing me how to trade with the smart money. I’m always open for more traning.” – Philip

November 25 11:17AM

“Love Trading FX, yet, simply need more discipline with keeping the stop I orginally place alone.” – Rob B.

November 25 11:15AM

“I want to learn how to avoid false breakouts along with S&R or trend lines” – Hsiu K.

November 25 11:07AM

“I trade a morning Breakout for the London open every day..And it works very good for my 2 currency pairs EUR USD and GBP USD” – Marko

November 25 11:03AM

“I need better in/out techniques and hope this gives me insight.” – Charles A.

November 25 11:01AM

“I look forward to learning new strategies for Forex from two pros. All of the topics look interesting.” – Keith R.

November 25 10:56AM

“I am looking forward to learning how to avoid false Forex breakouts” – Edward B.

November 25 10:50AM

“Two great traders and one mission to help other traders. I am looking forward to learning more from you guys.” – Man T.

November 25 10:47AM

” I find it difficult to decide on a good entry level for my trades. I hope that a good breakout strategy would make it easier to decide.” – Beb I.

November 25 10:42AM

“I would like to learn how to spot those breakouts BEFORE they happen. I always see them when it’s too late.” – Anthony S.

Reply from Ken: I hear you, Anthony… back in 90s I always used to get frustrated whenever I saw something move up without me… I’ll show one simple way to spot breakouts the day before they move… (i’t’s an odd little pattern I’ve spotted over the years that EVERY Forex trader has to know). I’ll show exactly how it works in Forex Breakouts… see you there!

November 25 10:38AM

“I already have a lot of faith in Ken Calhoun and the trainers at Forex Mentor so the chance to see a webinar by both of them on Forex breakouts is something I really don’t want to miss as it will add another string to my FOREX bow” – Karen S.

November 25 10:36AM

“I prefer to trade the pullback after the breakout.” – Julie M.

November 25 10:34AM

“The opportunity to learn from Ken and Pater is an Opportunity I will not miss. Together you provide more information in the free webinar than many paid courses. Thank You for the invitation.” – Mike S.

November 25 10:33AM

“Sounds very interesting: breakouts have always produced my best trades, but also some decidedly not-so-good ones: I’ve never worked out how to tell when the chances are a potential trade will turn out well and when it’s one that would be best avoided. This is something I really want to learn!” – George H.

November 25 10:30AM

“This sounds great. I live in New Zealand and have many forexmentor products so would definitely like to see this” – David

November 25 10:30AM

“I look forward to see the new strategies you will be presenting at the webinar” – Allen F.

November 25 10:29AM

“I like to learn from the greatest leaders in forex education and won’t miss out this one!” – Markus

November 25 10:29AM

” Any information from Peter and Ken is worth knowing about, this should be a very interesting event!” – Matt M.

November 25 10:23AM

“Can’t wait to see/hear what you guys have to say in the webinar” – Darren S.

November 25 10:28AM

“How do I reconize a breakout and what time frame should I be using?” – Tom J.

November 25 10:26AM

“Finding a true breakout is akin to finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!” – James T.

November 25 10:23AM

“Can’t wait to see/hear what you guys have to say in the webinar” – Darren S.

November 25 10:23AM

“Looking forward to sharpen skills in recognizing patterns and break-out set ups as these are my main trading strategies,I use no indicators thus always love to find out what other traders see in the chart” – Eugenijus L.

November 25 10:16AM

“This seems like some great training, I can’t wait to learn some of your techniques.” – Ian D.

November 25 10:15AM

“Trading breakouts looks like the information I need to be a successful Forex trader” – Owen D.

Reply from Ken: Hi Owen, right.. I’ve published on Forex breakouts in Active Trader and Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazines (and have spoken on the topic at traders’ expos), and that’s my favorite personal trading style as well, because breakouts attract new money flow. For example check out this 7-day USD/CAD chart; my techniques reveal how to capture that breakout over the 1.03 for a swing trade we saw a few days ago on 11/18 (I also cover day trading/scalping tactics).

November 25 10:09AM

“Looking forward to a statergy in addition to trend trading.” – Mike G.

November 25 9:57AM

“I will like to learn from the experts not just all the so called robots and EAs that did not produce any profit. There are too many promises but fewer results. It is time to deal and learn to trade the right way and make consistent gains.” – Muhammed R.

Reply from Ken: I agree 100%, Muhammed — there’s a lot of b.s. in the forex industry (most of it, in fact). That’s why I’m glad to be working with an authentic expert like Peter Bain in doing this, because he’s a genuine pro who is highly regarded. No robots/eas/overpriced $2,000 bs here like internet marketers are hawking. We both want to see traders actually succeed — and that takes old-fashioned hard work and trading skills, as we teach…see you in the webinar!

November 25 9:57AM

“With “Breakouts” being one of the most reliable patterns knowing breakouts for Forex is an essential tool.” – Stephen C.

November 25 9:56AM

“What really excites me is to have the skill to know that a Forex Breakout is not a false move.” – David M.

November 25 9:54AM

“I’m a big fan of so I’m interested in anything Peter Bain is involved in.” – Curt C.

November 25 9:53AM

“I like: How to develop a step by step forex breakout trading plan that’s right for you and How to know when not to enter a trade.” – Charles C.

November 25 9:52AM

“I’ve followed Peter Bain’s YouTube videos for about a year now and his lessons are very good…I’m looking forward to what he has to say about Forex breakouts.” – Thomas L.

November 25 9:52AM

“Thanks for this opportunity. Finding a good entry and exit method is key to success.” – Omar W.

November 25 9:50AM

“Breakout trading is my favourite strategy but still feel that there is something missing in my ability to achieve consistent sucess. Hoping that webinar presented by two experts in Ken and Peter will improve my results.” – Ian C.

Reply from Ken: Hi Ian, thanks — agree that breakout trading is a favorite strategy, it’s mine too. Gaining consistency in breakout trading depends in part on having specific “pip filters” and other strategies such as better timing skills, when you’re trading different breakout patterns (cups, candles, adx, other signals). Peter and I will show how it works in Forex Breakouts… see you in the webinar!

November 25 9:48AM

“I have never traded Forex Breakouts, so would be interesting to find out what it’s all about.” – Dejan K.

November 25 9:47AM

“Hi, breakout system look so good that I want to learn how to do that.
Thank’s.” – Haim A.

November 25 9:46AM

“breakouts from congestion is one of the better way for good profits, it is finding which one has a higher probability of success.” – Janice N.

November 25 9:42AM

“Looking forward to attending this seminar from the top gurus.” – Muneeb K.

November 25 9:42AM

“It wil be great to finally learn to identify false and good breakouts,this is good momentum trading, looking for it.” – Angel R.

November 25 9:38AM

“I believe the best way and quickest to achieve trading goals is to follow or to learn from the experts who has done it.” – Andrew L.

November 25 9:37AM

“Always enjoy learning from you. This tactic is the one I need to learn right now. Thanks.” – Prashant O.

November 25 9:36AM

“Really looking forward to a good session that will help me improve my trading. Thanks.” – Satini

November 25 9:34AM

“I have been followng Peter’s online tips via YouTube recently and I like his speed of delivery and general attention to detail when pointing out the numbers, which are not always visible on screen our end. Looks like there are going to be lots of notes to take. Looking forward to hearing about why different traders work with diffrent fractals or have preferred indicators. It’s so hard as a newbie to know what’s best… Soaking it all up, so look forward to hearing both of you.” – Denise A.

November 25 9:29AM

“I`m new to forex and am looking to learn more. I am learning to trade like the big dogs but have no idea how to trade breakouts.” – Tom M.

November 25 9:27AM

“learning to find and trade breakouts would greatly enhance my trading” – Eugene H

November 25 9:27AM

“I have heard high remarks for both of you. It’s worth it to attend this webinar and learn from real traders.” – Ernest C.

November 25 9:24AM

“The hardest part for me is to avoid false breakouts in forex and to determine for how long breakout will run . Looking forward to hear something helpful.” – Al

November 25 9:22AM

“I have struggled to find the strong Forex entries in my trading and want to get a consistant successful approach to entering trades.” – Michael M.

November 25 9:21AM

“The breakouts is the better way to trade the forex market” – Axel

November 25 9:20AM

“I am looking forward to attend this webminar to see the tactics in how to enter and exit the breakout trades and especialy how can avoid false signals.” – Enrique

November 25 9:20AM

“A breakout entry is the only ‘black and white’ entry that exists in trading.” – Romain

November 25 9:19AM

“Trying to identify a not-so-obvious ranging price pattern before breakout is the most difficult thing to do and it is what I’m really hoping you can assist me with.” – Jason S.

November 25 9:19AM

“I have been trying an Asian Session breakout but find managing the trade for a profitable exit a challenge.” – CC

November 25 9:16AM

“I would say it’s important to understand or guard against false breakouts, as well as is possible, before trading breakouts.” – Roger

November 25 9:07AM

“Breakouts occur all the time, yet I miss most of them! I certainly would benefit from ‘breakout timing training’, and how price action, momentum, time of day and candle patterns influence and / or ‘predict’ break outs. Thank you.” – Humphrey P.

November 25 9:06AM

“I own and have purchased material from the two of you and find your work extremely professional. I am really looking forward to see the two of you and your methodologies and how to apply to the Forex markets. Thank you for the opportunity.” – Al G.

Reply from Ken: Hi Al, on behalf of Peter and I we’d like to say thanks for the great feedback — it’s good to know it’s making a difference. I’m looking forward to working with Peter because he’s the best in Forex; so this should be a great event… see you there!

November 25 9:01AM

“I am new to forex trading and am looking forward to learning everything mentioned on trading Forex Breakouts. I really interested in learning more about the entry and exit tactics. I am hoping to become a successful trader in the future and would like to get as much knowledge as I possibly can.” – Camille R.

November 25 8:55AM

“A break out has pips but the fear is the ugly retracement. How would you cater for that?” – Peter W.

Reply from Ken: Hi Peter — good question; thanks… that’s one of the main goals that Peter and I have for our traders with Forex Breakouts, is a) getting in on the strongest possible moves, while b) avoiding false breakout signals. Part of it is being able to see which Forex chart “breakout entry patterns” are best, part the answer is in timing, and the rest is about trade management. We’ll cover how to do that in this event — see you there!

November 25 8:54AM

“I am always looking for the bounce and missing the breakout. I am sure your collective wisdom will help me catch some of those breakouts that I now miss.” – Noel L.

November 25 8:51AM

“It is very helpful to get more advice on trading forex breakouts in current turbulent market.” – Maria L.

November 25 8:50AM

“I want to learn the low risk high probability forex trades that Ken and Peter will show” – Les O.

November 25 8:49AM

“identifying genuine breaks from false breaks can cause you a dilema” – Ian K.

November 25 8:47AM

“Break outs have always been a problem..looking forward to fixing the problem” – Greg O.

November 25 8:47AM

“Trading forex break outs is an exciting way to gain maximum pips in minimum time. Finding the highest probability formations and learning how to maximize the trend is worth the time to listen the these 2 great trainers!!” – Dale S.

November 25 8:44AM

” I have been struggling with a methodology which incorporates breakouts for the past 4yrs with no more than 50% success, I need help!!!” – Steve C.

November 25 8:44AM

” I like the London Open Breakout but I need to master it (and I want to), I am brand new to forex, I have lost $70 so far but I want that to stop right here and now maybe you guys got something for me I expect to start making money next week.” – Reggie A.

November 25 8:43AM

“I trade breakouts now but it seems that a lot of the time after I enter the pair it stops moving and then goes the other way so i would love to get help on possibly avoiding this annoying problem” – Ray S.

November 25 8:43AM

“Breakout is extremely profitable. We have to have age by knowing/spot out proper setup first place and most important to take action with confidence. I think you both are giant and if fine tune above 2 step in few seconds than magic will happen.(otherwise many brilliant ideas but most difficult to put into precision action is challenging). We are grateful for sharing your real profitable ideas with us.” – Mike S.

November 25 8:42AM

“I have been a member with peter courses and other products. I have a problem with when entry and not sure if the trade will work out,I have adhd and slow so, its hard to get good to 70% like peter to go live before my mother died I had a trading week of $500 -$2200 in 3 day after that lost the nerve pleas help me….thank you” – Frank B.

November 25 8:41AM

“I have been trading Forex breakouts for some time now but often find myself being stopped out only to have the trade reverse in the direction of my original trade.” – Dennis D.

November 25 8:41AM

” I was trying to find the good breakouts can u tell me how to get those breakouts?” – Ganesh R.

November 25 8:39AM

“What’s great about being a part of Ken’s educational group, is that he keeps it fresh. If you want to learn this is the place to be. I am not there yet, but I am on my way. When you have the opportunity to sit under two Great Masters, it dosen’t get any better than that. I can’t wait to get started.” – Tyrone P.

Reply from Ken: Thanks for the kind comment, Tyrone, I appreciate it— welcome to the webinar. Peter and I will give you our best tips for entering the strongest breakouts in this training.

November 25 8:38AM

” I am a former daytrading university member and loved Ken live trading room and would like to learn to trade forex.” – Steve K.

November 25 8:36AM

“Breakouts can be the start of a longer move and the sooner you can identify the move, the better. This is what I would like to be able to do. Identify a true breakout and not a fake out.” – Harley

November 25 8:34AM

“wow looks amazing, a great opportunity to learn from two of the best!” – Phil B.

November 25 8:31AM

” How to avoid false breakouts and the idea of scaling in and out. I currently do not scale and often trade in the wrong direction.” – Karin D.

November 25 8:30AM

” I have been trading and usually pick the right side but then get stopped out on retracement, I would like to know how to recognize when to place my trade correctly” – Michael S.

November 25 8:27AM

“to me breakouts in forex are an easy way to determining the beginning of a trend” – Chip N.

November 25 8:27AM

“Breakouts are the best way to trade and I like learning from the best.” – Dave D.

November 25 8:23AM

” i think this is something everyone wants to be good at. There are several ways to enter so it is going to be very informational to know what you recommend at the best way to enter a breakout…I am looking forward as i always do to anything from forex mentor.” – Bill Q.

November 25 8:19AM

” I can’t wait for this webinar. Too many times, I stay in a trade and it turns out to be a false break out.” – John G.

Reply from Ken: Right, John — part of it is timing. Something I’ve trained thousands of traders in, is to understand that good trades usually “feel slow to enter, fast to exit”… most traders have it the wrong way around, so they’re over-trading choppy charts, and staying in losing positions too long. We’ll show how to fix this in the Forex Breakouts training … see you there!

November 25 8:15AM

“Wow, I’m looking forward to this, I’ve had a rough couple of months and really need some additional help.” – Tom J.

Note: testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients; testimonials are no
guarantee of future performance nor success; no compensation is ever paid for any testimonial.

Note: testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients;
testimonials are noguarantee of future performance nor success;
no compensation is ever paid for any testimonial.