Top 3 Breakout Patterns for Swing Trading Stocks

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How To Swing Trade the STRONGEST Breakouts!

You'll discover step-by-step strategies & "action tips" you can easily use the next time you trade.


Breakouts vs. Fakeouts

If you've ever been frustrated by humiliating false breakouts (we've all been there), you've got to learn the differences in chart entry signals I'll show you.


Cherry-Picking Powerful Charts

You'll see exactly how to find and choose a "watch list" of the top swing trading stock charts each week. Plus see how to use trading ranges and 50/200 SMA and volume patterns to confirm your trade entries.


How to Set Entries, Targets & Stops

Finding great charts is just half the battle. You also need to know how to manage your entries and exits. You'll see how to do it, explained clearly.

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