How to Use Time & Sales price action signals to day trade stocks.

Created by Ken Calhoun




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"Tape reading gives you better understanding of what the price is most likely to do next, it helps you avoid traps and improve your entries" - Iliana N.

Intriguing strategy that I know very little about. Would like to learn more." - John S.

"Its something i wish learn and dominated and think its great opportunity learn from you,Thanks." - Christian Z.

"confirming that the breakout is not fake" - Rabee S.

I will know if the underlying is going to go up or down." - Norman C.

"Tape reading is an essential skill that that can be used in all markets. I look forward to Ken providing guidance and mentoring in this essential skill. Ken is a unique one of a kind person because he cares about people and especially beginning traders. I look forward to being his student. :0)." - Steven L.

"Need help with better entries and exits, and best tape reading method." - Charles H.

"Learning more precise entries and exits and what to look for in tape reading.  I still find this more challenging then using level 2, but realize this is the correct way to trade." - Bob M.

"You may have a picture which is the chart however the tape reading is like the 1000 words that completes the message of what is going on at a precise moment." - Stephen M.

"Getting extra information on when to enter a trade and when to exit a trade." - Tomas K.

"Watching Ken exit a trade via Tape Reading is like watching Houdini at work.. you have to see it to believe it!" - Barry S.

"I know for a fact this is highly effective knowledge for any intelligent trader to master. I have seen it in action with a couple of the best traders that I have ever communicated with in the heat of an open." - Rickard M.

"I know it is important but don't know how to do it." Jerel Y.

"If Ken does it... then it must be GOOD!" - Steve H.

"This knowledge should increase my account size exponentially. Thanks for making this information available for me." Phil F.

"It seems like it would be instantaneous confirmation of a breakout or retracement." Melinda H.

"It's price action and price action is king." Kasia S.

"Price and volume are the ultimate "indicators", so "tape reading" is a must." Jen L.

"Charts only show you the filled orders, but tape reading shows you where the unfilled orders are that drive future demand and supply." TJ P.

"believe provides source of support and resistance" Mark F.

"I hear the Pros speaking about it and I know nothing about it. It would be great to learn all about it from Ken" Neel B.

"just interested in learning another tool" Jermaine W.

"I am new to tape reading" Navdeep J.

"Don't know anything about tape reading, that's why I want to attend the class" J.W.

"It will help make me a better trader" Jeff E.

"It is a real time vs. lagging indicator showing price and volume behind a price." Russ B.

"A course in tape-reading should take my daytrading to the next level!" DH

"i haven't used it before, but willing to study and use it" Alphonse I.
"entering trades with knowledge of tape reading" Tery N.
"tape reading is an essential skill for a day trader, but so difficult to master." Pauli H.
"To find the feel of the market of a reversal" Don T.
"Knowing when to enter trade, affording head fakes" Raymond A.
"To see where the BIG money is trading !" Steve B.

"I would like to learn more about tape reading as all the successful traders have that skill." Joe C.

"Timely and innovative way to select winners" Vic S.

"i have read trading books extensively. still not successful in trading and understand tape reading is ability to read tape is what i lack." Gopalan D.

"I am curious and am always interested in learning something new and useful." Ron C.

"All successful traders are using tape reading" Ramo C.

"to understand order flow better" Vallon C.

"The accuracy of get in and out" GJ

"it is always better to make money looking at the inner workings of the market." Ken S.

"It is a useful involved concept given in a straightforward explanation." Arnold P.

"Proper Tape Reading will help determine when it is high probability to enter and exit a long or short trade for a successful money making outcome. " Mura M.

"Axiom: Trading price depends on volume. Thus volume needs to be followed." Bostjan G.

"Learning about order flow" Leo W.

"helps to determine the real force behind a move" Andres V.

"Knowing what's going on between buyers and sellers." Jerely

"Learning when to get in and out of trades at optimal times." Al M.

"It is a technique I have not seen before." Ross F.

"understanding supply and demand and what to look for when deciding to buy or sell if there is definitive momentum trading taking place on a stock" Mike V.

"It can help to improve my trading" Alex K.

"I want to have a better idea of when to get in and when to get out." Rob D.

"You see changes before the market changes direction." Gabe C.

"I guess with Levell II un-usable (due computer HFT), Tape reading will help get in/out at appropriate times." Ray P.

"looking forward to learn this skill" Jerely

"Tape Reading is a very important topic to master for critical entry and exit guidance!" Mura M.

"Learning how to read the market and be in synch with its rhythm" Don M.

"It may add precision to picking entries and exits." John B.

"Tape Reading is one of the most important things in trading and I love to learn from Ken!" Lisa L.

"Would like to learn more about Tape Reading in order to become a better trader. Thanks." Gus H.

"I always like the idea of adding to my trading toolkit. Thanks." Tre G.

"Tape reading can help with pullbacks and newer, calculated entries." Kenneth S.

"If tape reading can get me in and out of a trade before I give my money back I would love to be better educated with this tool." Phillip B.

"The possibility to dismantle and understand the way 1-min candlesticks are created." Juan S.

"by a quick look to understand how the price is acting." Rita R.

"Help in entries and exits." Marek C.

"Guess correctly the direction of next price movement" Alex S.

"if possible read the price actions reflecting the state of the market at the monments" Tony M.

"To be able to read the directon of a stock" Kris T.

"Making money reading the tape" Chuck M.

"Have no clues about tape reading; hope to learn something interesting." HN.

"It would be great to see what big money is looking at to make the winning trades!" Tom S.

"It's just one more clue as to what the heck is going on in the market." Deanna D.

"Get a better insight as to whether I should take a breakout or not." Bill W.

"Understanding supply/demand mechanics of order flow. How these impact support resistance zones. How to read and understand the different time frame impacting buyers sellers order flow candles. This is imperative I think to time entries, exits and managing risk and scaling into and out of positions efficiently. " John D.

"Learning to read the tape may provide a more accurate picture of price action than a chart alone." D.T.

"To use Tape Reading to confirm a Breakout" John L.

"One more weapon added to my utility belt, that I can use against the market." James D.

"Learning how The Legendary Traders made their money - using Tape Reading - and how we can utilize the same knowledge to make some for ourselves - is itself very interesting. This is another method of understanding Price Action and all the more important for any Price Action traders.
Thanks. " Nandini M.

"Ive tried before and it just looks like mass hysteria, old way maybe worked, but I have little faith in it , everything changes so fast, its use less" Fred C.

"I figure if Ken Calhoun recommends it I better learn it. I am excited" Jeff K.

"By knowing how to tape read one can have an advantage to day trade in real time" Roger M.

"It seems to be able to provide better timing for entry and exit." Ying C.

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