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Join all our traders Live every Saturday morning for a professional, fast-paced look at the 10 best swing trading charts for stocks & ETFs in the $10 – $50/share range.  Every weekend we also post a recording of the webinar, in case you can’t join us live, that you may download and keep forever.

Featuring award-winning MoneyShow speaker & internationally published pro trader Ken Calhoun, you’ll learn with clearly-explained new tips & trading strategies each week!

You’ll see not only what our top picks are, but why they are  such strong charts to consider trading, with concise, easy-to-understand training.

It can really make a difference!  Because you’ll get specific training during live interactive webinar events every single week.   It’s like getting mentored by a world-class trading expert, so you’ll learn new tips and techniques for trading each week’s strongest stocks.

Bring your questions! Get answers from Ken using live charts as well.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions / Knowledgebase

Q: What does my membership include?

Answer: You get access to weekly webinars held 10:30-11am ET every Saturday, personally facilitated by Ken Calhoun. Includes chart discussion and at least 10 swing trading alerts for the upcoming week ahead. Plus access to a members’ area with tickers and specific alert prices to learn from.





















The members’ area shows you 10 new stock tickers with specific entry prices, updated weekly, for the upcoming week ahead. BONUS: Now you’ll also get to Download a high-definition video of each week’s webinar, in case you can’t join us live…New feature by popular request. The most-recent 2 webinars are available for download.

BONUS: You’ll also get top 3 cannabis stock picks updated weekly:


Q: What types of stocks and ETFs do you provide alerts and training for?

Answer: You’ll get alerts and training for stocks & ETFs with the best combination of volume and volatility; usually priced $10-$50/share with at least 1 million shares per day volume, and at least 1-2 points daily trading ranges. And during times where the markets sell down or pull back, you’ll get expanded coverage for swing trading the short (bear) inverse ETFs, which go up during market selloffs (like TVIX, SQQQ and others). Perfect for all types of market conditions.

Q: How do I cancel, if I wish to stop my subscription?

Answer: One advantage to Paypal subscriptions like this is that you can login to your Paypal account and cancel anytime yourself, without contacting me. Or contact us.

Q: Will my SwingScans subscription rate ever increase?

Answer: No — as long as you remain continuously subscribed you are ‘grandfathered in’ and your rate will never increase. Your rate that you’re locked in at will never go up, so long as you stay actively subscribed. Another SwingScans advantage.

Q: Are there refunds or putting time on hold?

Answer: No, all sales are final for regular monthly/annual memberships (though your initial trial is fully refundable). And like a cable tv/internet subscription, there’s no pausing or putting time on hold; subscriptions are continuous from the date you join.

For educational use only: no performance nor profitability claims nor trading recommendations are made. By participating you agree to not make actual trades; use a demo (papertrading) account, to Learn the patterns as they are explained in each educational session. No individual advice nor recommendations are being made; all information is impersonal and generally published in nature, per regulations.

Per CFTC / SEC regulations:

+ We do not provide individual trading advice nor do we make trading recommendations of any kind.
+ Alerts are not buy/sell signals; they are published as impersonal, general educational content only to illustrate chart patterns.
+ This is not an advisory service, it is an educational content service.

Getting started with SwingScans ™ is easy! No long-term obligation, cancel anytime. Bonus: SwingScans weekly LIVE sessions allow you to ask questions as well, and get instant professional trading answers from award-winning Moneyshow speaker and genuine trader Ken Calhoun! Go ahead and enroll now… because it can help you learn swing trading each week.  Welcome aboard!


This is a LIVE Saturday premium webinar series, plus video download of most-recent broadcast, included (as it says in the FAQs, above). Not available in Malaysia, Indonesia, China, North Korea, African, Iran/Iraq, India, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, Eastern European, or Russian Federation locations. Any attempted orders from these locations will be voided/cancelled.

Per compliance regulations we do not make any profitability nor performance promises nor claims of any kind; trading is a high-risk, speculative activity and most traders incur trading losses. All information is for educational and informational use only; consult with a registered investment advisor prior to making trading decisions.

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