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Because we limit membership to just 250 traders, you will enjoy being able to ask questions and get personal answers from Ken. This can help you learn the trading skills you need much faster than huge impersonal rooms... you get top-quality genuine support with us.

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You also get specific price action tips to help you.

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No. Our live room is an educational service that is published to teach chart patterns for momentum gap and breakout stocks (as seen in Ken's Moneyshow appearances and industry articles). Ken gives you a daily watchlist of 7 - 10 stocks along with specific resistance level educational (not trading) alerts updated in realtime for gappers and momentum breakouts to learn from.

You will learn useful techniques for identifying examples of stocks that are percent gainers, 2-day high breakouts and gap continuations for stocks priced up to $40/share (our favorite price range is high-volume stocks priced $15 - $30/share). Ken is a veteran day trader and has made thousands of real money trades since 1999 and is a genuine active trader:













Because you can learn so much more at our Trading the Open daily morning sessions. You can ask questions and get detailed answers from Ken immediately. Huge impersonal rooms run by young amateurs are no place to get individual attention and coaching like you get with us. Got a question? Get an honest answer. Plus you can ask about charts other than those we cover and get Ken's take on it (is it something he would trade, specific support/resistance levels, t/a etc.).

The worst stocks to daytrade are low-float thinly traded (low volume <15k shares/minute) cheap stocks under $10. Predatory chat room operators "front-run" their subscribers by secretly buying shares, Then issue a buy alert, and sell during the subsequent run-up in price. This con mostly works with low-volume cheap stocks -- so it's a big red flag if a chatroom operator mostly covers those dangerous stocks. We cover occasional high-volume stocks under $10, but mostly we teach gap & breakout strategies for liquid stocks like CCL DAL PFE INO PLUG OXY SPCE APA NIO DKNG TWTR SNAP RAD CGC etc.

Absolutely not, as all information is for educational use only. Consult with a registered investment advisor, which we are not, prior to making your own trading and/or investment decisions. You may wish to use a simulated or demo trading account to make practice trades.

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Even with lots of training, DAY TRADING IS VERY RISKY AND YOU CAN LOSE A LOT (or ALL) of YOUR MONEY. It is highly speculative and most traders lose and never become profitable. Period. You will likely never make consistent profits or have big winning days, despite what bs artists claim in their fake/sim youtube videos. That's the truth of it.

Absolutely not. Per SEC/FTC compliance regulations, we make no promises of any kind. Most active traders lose money, because this is a very difficult, speculative activity. You will not see any BS like other so-called gurus and no advertisements with private jets or fancy sports cars. What we can promise you is that we will do our best to share useful "lessons learned" from our winning and losing trades with over 20 years of experience. Like many educators, Ken's primary source of personal income is from teaching and publishing courses, not from trading. See for yourself why so many active traders have trusted Ken for so many years. We simply promise to share what we've learned with you.

Fortunately for the public, the FTC is cracking down on the dishonest/misleading phonies (mostly young men) who promise bs like 'consistent profits' or 'turn $x into $xxxxx dollars fast', or make false income claims using deceptive marketing tricks. They use social media like instagram and youtube videos claiming to make $10K+ type profits in a single day daytrading cheap stocks -- that's bs. If it looks too good to be true, it is. It's disappointing to see so many amateur wannabe conmen infesting the trading education space since 2015. Demand more. Honesty and authenticity count.

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No - you do not need to buy any courses to join our live room. We don't even offer courses at that price (our highest-priced course is just $497). We believe active trader training should be affordable. Not overpriced.

Three things: market volatility, individual stock chart patterns, and the specific entry & exit prices that Ken discusses with you and other traders.

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