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  Get daily trade ideas with price alerts, stops & targets

  Trader 'Coaching Seminar' Q&A format: ask questions

  Watch live trade setups with our team Monday through Friday

  You'll see exactly how to trade, LIVE in our daily sessions.

8:30am Pre-Market Analysis

Create your personal daily trading plan as we review premarket gappers & more. Yes, premarket trading is good.

Live Charts Explained for You

Watch award-winning trading pro Ken Calhoun discuss top setups.  He shows you why they make sense.

Morning Gaps & Breakouts

See Ken's favorite daily gaps & breakouts, fully explained with specific patterns.  You'll look forward to it!

Here's 6 'Must-Know' Trading Skills
You'll Unlock as a Live Room Member!

Entries & Exits

You'll get step-by-step walkthroughs for trade opportunities.

Trade Alerts

Learn from educational alerts posted ahead of time that are easy to follow.

Ask About YOUR Charts

Get answers about your choice of charts!  You'll get up to speed, fast 

Bonus: includes  this  handy new pdf  ebook  ($47  value)

PERSONAL  Live-Market  COACHING  Support:
Your  TradeMastery  Advantage

  You will enjoy being able to ask questions and get personal Live answers from Ken.

  You'll learn the trading skills you need much faster than with huge impersonal rooms.

  Easy to follow alerts with plenty of time to spare: no lightning-fast scalps.

  Ideal for both new and experienced traders: friendly, focused and valuable.

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Note: day trading is very risky and most traders lose money.
see SEC article "Day Trading: Your Dollars at Risk".
No profitability, income nor performance claims are made nor implied.


"Do You Have a Guarantee, Ken?"
Absolutely -- Try It Risk-Free.
In Fact, You Get THREE Guarantees

Guarantee #1: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
If at any time during your two-week trial, or even 30 days after your trial is over, you aren't thrilled with the live trading room -- simply contact us for a prompt, no-questions-asked full refund of your $47 trial fee.

Guarantee #2: Support & Help Guarantee
We realize that learning a new, professional trading style can be a challenge.  We want you to be successful, and get the help you need.   We will answer any questions you may have, either live during the interactive zoom morning daily webinars, or by support ticket within 24 hours.  Help is here for you.

Guarantee #3:  Ken's 365-Day Trial Membership Guarantee
I'll fully guarantee your satisfaction with your $47 trial even up to a full year later.  So if you don't get a refund within the 30-day initial deadline... we'll extend that to a full year, for your peace of mind.  Money-back guarantees are limited to the $47 trial fee only, not to regular memberships.

We want you to order confidently -- it's easy!

FAQ: 'Ken, why are you offering such an outrageously generous guarantee?'
Answer: Because I'm confident that you'll find our training is so much better, useful and really helps your trading -- that you'll stay on as a member and become a valued member of our smart, supportive trading community.

New trial members, you get access to Trading the Open webinars for 2 weeks for just $47.  At the end of that time, you'll be automatically upgraded to full member status and billed $197/month (unless you cancel before your two weeks is up). To cancel, log into paypal or contact us using the 'support' tab at lower right on this page.  Once you cancel your trial, your access ends immediately.   All regular & annual membership sales final, no refunds.  Limit one trial per person, lifetime. 

  MONTHLY: $197/month

  QUARTERLY: $497 / 3 months 

  ANNUAL membership$1495 / 1 YEAR

Your satisfaction is our top priority.  Ken guarantees you'll be thrilled with your $47 trial.  If not, simply contact us by clicking the 'support' icon at bottom right (or email ken@trademastery.com) anytime during your trial and ask for your $47 back.  Refunds limited to $47 trial only, not regular memberships.

Under no circumstances may you make actual trades; all information is impersonally published for educational use only.  No performance, profitability nor income claims are made, per SEC/FTC compliance regulations.  By registering, you agree to all terms in our disclaimer, and rules explained in the help areaGet started today.

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