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FAQ: I’m a paid member but can’t access my member area(s). When I click the menu button at top inside the members area (for SwingScans, TradingTheOpen etc) I get shown an ‘access denied’ page… help!

Answer: That’s normal during our new transition; you may need to contact us via support ticket and tell me what you are currently paid for, so that I can manually enable your access to your subscription areas in the new system.

Allow at least 48 hours after you register at the new system for me to enable your access to your new subscription area(s); remember to contact me to request access.

Please carefully read this entire FAQ page below first. Note that we cannot answer individual trading related questions about suitability of products for you personally per SEC regs, we are not individual investment advisors; we publish educational materials for active traders.

No trading related questions can be answered individually by email or phone (such as “how do I trade breakouts, Ken”?), due to the volume of inquiries we get. Purchasing a product or service does not entitle you to email in individual trading related questions; instead all questions will be generously answered during premium members’ webinars only (not the free Saturday or other free events), for those products/services that include webinars (please read this), due to the volume of email I’d otherwise get.

Also we cannot provide advice regarding which course, or broker, or charting software program, is best for you individually; consult with a registered investment advisor (which we are not) to get individualized instruction. We do not offer individual investment advice, nor can we tell you which products or services are suitable for you personally, nor how to set up your charting software or manage your orders with your broker. Refer to the previews on the sites to help you (and/or your investment advisor) decide which are best for you.

Frequently-Asked Trader Questions About Trade Mastery & Daytrading University:

Q: How are & related to each other?  Why does DaytradingUniversity forward to Trade Mastery?
A: Ken Calhoun is the sole founder of Daytrading University, established in 1999.  He later founded — as our company grew to provide swing trading & other non-day trading courses and services, Ken decided to expand operations; so now DaytradingUniversity is a subsidiary of — stay tuned for more as we continue our successful growth!

Q: I got a ‘gift certificate’ bonus from you; how do I redeem it?
Contact me via support ticket to let me know which of my courses you wish to use it towards (except partner events/courses). I’ll manually then issue you a coupon code to use as a credit towards the course/product you wish to order. Contact me via support ticket to request this; allow 24-48 hours. Coupons may not be combined nor used in addition to other discounts or offers. Limit one coupon per purchase.

Q: How do I change/update my credit card in Paypal (update expiration date and/or use a new credit card)?

If you need help updating your information, you can contact paypal help at the contact phone number here:

Here’s 2 additional articles that tell you how to update your .cc info within paypal:

Q: Can I talk to you personally on the phone?
A: No, because we have so many traders I do not have time to call and talk with traders individually.  I’m an internationally published author & MoneyShow speaker and my schedule is hectic.  If you have an order-related question you can contact me via support ticket and we will respond within 12-24 hours.

Q: How do I set up my monitors for trading?
Here’s sample screencaps of my personal eSignal primary trading monitor for each of several different types of trading:

Swing and day trading stocks and ETFs?

Related courses:,,

Q: How different are your courses from one another? Any overlap?
My courses are all significantly different from one another in content on purpose, so that you learn very unique tips and strategies in each one. This is by design, so you learn as much as possible from each course. See the course agendas and preview videos to see what I mean; they’re all very unique to help you get the most out of each one. Like any good professional online learning center, the classes integrate and build on each other.

Q: Ken I want to order one of your courses (or webinar downloads) and it’s not currently available. How can I order it?
We’ve produced dozens of courses, DVDs and more this past 15 years. Sometimes we’ll “retire” courses, or temporarily take them off the market while we update them with new strategies, or put them in the “DTU Vault” pending re-release/launch. If an older legacy course isn’t available that you’re interested in purchasing, we encourage you to look at some of our other offerings instead. Do not contact us asking for an exception or early re-release of any course not currently available.

Q: Ken, I Have This Trading Problem (….) Can Your Course Help Me? What
Should I Do? How Can I Stop Making Mistakes In My Trades? Which of
Your Courses or Videos Is Best For Me? How Can I (…) In My Trading?
What chart software should I use? How does this indicator work? What broker should I use? How do I set up my software for trading? How long will it take for me to become a successful active trader? etc..

Since I’m not a registered investment advisor, I cannot (by law) answer individual questions regarding suitability of which course(s) are best for you personally. Even if I had time to answer the staggering volume of questions I get via email each week, I simply cannot do that. It’s not that I don’t want to help each of you who writes in; however I must remain fully compliant with SEC regulations and therefore CANNOT answer individual traders’ questions for these matters. You can see plenty of preview videos on the sites that you can review to help you see the quality and content professionalism of what I offer.

The good news: I address common trading related questions I get in my videos, online
course, and in the many trading webinars I offer; so there are questions to commonly-asked trading situations (eg “how can I use close stops without getting “shaken out”? etc).

The only types of questions I can answer are related to content and delivery of the instructional materials provided by the site (eg “what’s covered in your __ DVD? Is there a lot of overlap between DVD __ and DVD __? (the answer to that is no, all my materials are designed to cover new techniques, with little or no overlap)… etc.

Q: How do I access your webinars? What software do you use?

Each webinar is conducted with the GotoWebinar service. You’ll need a PC or Mac, speakers and a good internet connection. For hardware requirements, visit: and refer to the help there. There’s also help here, at: for reference.

Q: I took one of your webinars or ordered a downloadable course months (or years) ago, I forgot to download the recording. Or, “I lost the recording” or “my hard drive crashed and I want the recording”. Can you re-upload the recording for me?

Sorry, but absolutely not. I can’t manage files for thousands of individual traders. Webinar recordings are maintained online no longer than 30 days for my webinars. When ordering it’s a Terms of Sale/TOS that you agree to download the recording(s) within 2 weeks of them being posted, and agree to never contact me after 30 days following your ordering a course or webinar being uploaded to request a re-download link. I simply don’t have time or resources to do that. It’s your responsibility to download and backup your webinar recordings (I recommend an external hard drive and/or flash memory card or burn to dvd to save backups; most files are 200-500Mb in size).Thanks in advance for following this simple rule.

If as a courtesy I do decide, on a case-by-case basis, to re-enable download links for you months or years after you ordered, If the videos are even still available (they may not be, if I’ve discontinuerd the course), there will be an administrative “video download link restore service fee” you will have to pay first of $100 per course.  Due to time constraints I will likely not approve any such request anyways, however.  Just backup your videos to a second drive as soon as you order instead, please.

On behalf of everyone who offers downloadable courses & software, please remember this simple guideline.  External USB drives & flash usb memory sticks are very inexpensive, for backing up your content.  Always back up your content on a second drive.

Q: Do you offer any discounts, or sales? What if I’ve taken other courses of yours?
Because our pricing is already an exceptional value, and priced much lower than competitors (many of whom charge $2500 – $5K and more for trading education), we do not offer any special-request discounts. When we launch a new trading series, it’s typically offered with a time-limited “early-bird” special price, however, which has a deadline. That’s why it’s a good idea to stay on the email list, so you can learn about these exclusive new-course launch specials. All courses, webinar series, seminars and services are sold separately, and all sales are final.

We do offer discounts on re-takes of the same course, however.

Retaking courses — save on your second year:
I do offer modest discounts if you want to take a new year of training for a specific course that you’d taken in a prior year, to re-take the same course, with new examples and new webinars that I cover in the current year. For example if you’d been a member of in 2016 and want to renew/retake new Breakout Mastery webinars with me in 2017, I can offer a discount off for a renewal/returning member, for continued new webinars in that same course series you originally registered for (not for a different course).

Contact me for details using your original email that you placed an order for, to ask about a renewal rate. For example, your email would say something like “Ken I was an Breakout Mastery system owner in 2016 (here’s my order number…) and my webinars were from January 2016 through December 2016; here in 2017 I’d like to renew for access in 2017 since I liked the training, how much is it for me to get access to this year’s Breakout Mastery webinars?”.

Q: Can you offer me any special deals? I know your offer says (a), can I get (b) instead? Or some other special accomodation that’s not listed? Can you reupload videos for me?
No. With thousands of traders I can’t possibly make individual exceptions or cut special one-off deals for traders. Because that wouldn’t be fair to those who respected my offer and bought what was provided, plus it would be an administrative and bookeeping nightmare. So do not ever contact me asking for special deals, substitutions, extending deadlines or other exceptions that are different than what I’ve offered, or you’ll be blacklisted, as I don’t have time for troublemakers. What I offer is world-class training at reasonable pricing. You wouldn’t go into a restaurant and try to order some special meal that’s not on the menu; similarly do not ask for special non-advertised deals or exceptions.

Q: I missed a deadline because (insert excuse here). Can you make an exception for me? I didn’t see your offer in time. Pretty please?
No. I NEVER extend deadlines, in order to be fair to traders who act in time and order during the time something’s on sale. Do not ever ask me to extend a deadline or make an exception, for any reason whatsoever. I often have time limited special offers, if you miss one then that’s too bad. Like any special sale, there’s deadlines that are fair but firm. People who pester me asking for exceptions to deadlines or offers risk being blacklisted; I do not have time for those who can’t respect my fair rules.

Q: Can I see preview video clips of your DVDs and courses before buying?

Of course! You can see generous preview video clips of every single one of our courses on my sites before buying, because I want to you see for yourself why this training has been so popular with active traders. I’m confident that you’ll want to order your courses from me, as thousands of other traders have since 1999, and am pleased to show you sample preview video clips so you can see what you’re getting before you buy.

Additionally, once you are on our newsletter email list you’ll be sent access directions to occasional no-cost webinars we offer, if you wish to see live training with me personally online.

Tip: Only buy trading DVDs after you’ve been able to watch preview videos first, before buying. Every site selling instructional trading dvds should be showing preview video clips so you can see a sample of what you’re getting before you buy. That’s common sense, and you should expect it.

At TradeMastery/Daytrading University, I’m proud to show you preview video clips of everything I offer, because the content quality is world-class.

Q: Webinar scheduling: How does it work?

Most of our evening webinars are held 8-9pm Eastern time, using Gotowebinar. We also provide high-resolution (1920×1080 bluray quality .wmv) video downloads of each session in all of our for-pay courses, in an individual password-protected download area. That way, you can still watch the event even if you can’t make it live, by downloading and watching the complete video version. All webinar series and courses sold separately.

If you wish, for any of our paid events you can submit a support ticket with questions you may have about the topic (send it in at least 12-24 hours before the webinar is scheduled to start), and I’ll answer those during the event, so you can see the answers in the downloadable version, in case you can’t make it live…another Daytrading University trading webinar advantage.

The Schedule for each webinar is posted on the individual website of the webinar series you’ve paid for, so you can see what the upcoming schedule is, and mark your calendar. In the event any webinar needs to be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances, we’ll send you an email with the new date and registration link. All sales are final for all products, services and courses. If for any reason a webinar or seminar event series needs to be permanently cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances or emergency, you’d get a pro-rated refund for any undelivered sessions (we’ve never had to cancel a webinar series; 100% of them have been delivered).

Another advantage: outstanding customer service webinar deliverability. In over 13 years of doing webinars, all of them have been delivered and well over 99.9% on-time (in fact of thousands of webinars, I’ve only had a single webinar be late, due to pc power supply going out, which we were able to quickly fix). We’ve never had to cancel nor reschedule any webinar series, ever, as of January 2017.

Q: Can you provide webinars at different times than those on your sites?

Answer: No, because we set the time to meet the needs of the majority of our traders; most people can make it from 8-9pm ET. However for those with different schedules (in Asia, Europe, or in the US with a work schedule that prevents you from attending live), you still get the high-resolution complete video download, included for our premium/pay webinar series..

Q: What’s the difference between the online course, ChartScans alerts, your DVD systems, webinars, 1-year programs, and the downloadable videos? If I buy one, do I get others included?
The content in each is different, so there is little or no overlap; the training is intended to build on each other, like university classes build upon each other, or books/videos that cover different topics. If there are specific bonuses offered with any one course, they will be listed on the course information page. Everything at Daytrading University and our other sites (, etc.) are all sold separately and purchase of one product/service does not include access to others.

Q: Do You Take Alternate Payment Methods Other Than Visa/MC/Paypal?
No — we accept Visa/Mastercard for all items and services available at Daytrading University and are not set up to accept money orders or checks. Please use Visa/MC.

Q: If I add something to my shopping cart, then leave the page and re-visit the page a second time, it increments the price; how do I clear the shopping cart to start again so I can place a single order?
That’s easy – just scroll down and click the white “Return to Cart” button, click “Clear Cart”, and restart. At the bottom of the page, at lower right you’ll see this button; just click this:

Handy Tip: You can also reach this site by simply typing or or
into your browser

Q: Can I ask trading related questions by email if I buy one of your products?
No – I’m a busy trader and do not have time to answer individual questions, except during the premium webinars I deliver, during which I generously answer all trader questions (I’ve stayed around as long as 1-2 hours after webinars just to answer everyone’s questions, from thousands of traders who’ve attended my online webinars).

Just because you buy a product does not entitle you to a lot of free consulting time/emails. I do not answer individual trading related emails.Do not buy anything here and expect to be able to get free consulting time/trading questions answered by email; that is not included. Your product is included. You do not get unlimited email Q&A support (except for questions related to product delivery etc).

Q: Ken, can your training definitely guarantee that I’ll become a consistently profitable trader?

No. Anyone who claims to help traders become “consistently profitable” is dishonest and in violation of SEC and FTC regulations. Typical trader results are that all traders lose money and most are not profitable. I make no profitability claims of any kind — because that would not be honest. Yes trading is exciting, and yes there’s lots of potential to make money… but most traders lose money and don’t become profitable, even after years of studying. It’s a lot harder than it looks.

Can you show P&L proof of your personal finances or audited tax/brokerage records to the public?

No, because per SEC/FTC regulations, no profitability nor performance claims are being made; trading is a high-risk speculative activity. The education we provide is for papertrading/educational use only.  We do not claim that our information we publish will result in profits, nor freedom from losses. It is for educational use only.  We make no claims of personal trading performance nor profitability from Ken Calhoun and/or his colleagues.  When it comes to trading, generally-expected results are that all active traders will lose money and not be profitable.  We are educational information publishers, not investment advisors.

Anybody that promises profitability is not to be trusted. I tell you the truth — that most people never make it, that it’s hard as heck, and you should be careful about who you learn from. See my post on my forum about realistic expectations. Expect to lose, at least at first, for years. That’s trading. Go in with your eyes wide open. Most people in the trading vendor industry are either non-trading failed “chart talking only” people, or dishonest. Learn from genuine experts who can honestly help you —and even then, don’t expect to become a winning trader anytime soon. It just doesn’t work like that. It takes years to learn, and it’s more about risk/money management than anything else. The “math” of trading, with tiny stops and small incremental gains as the goal, repeated over and over. Nobody can honestly claim to make you a consistently profitable trader. Period.

Q: I am unable to register using your credit card links, why?
We use world-class shopping cart integration with 1ShoppingCart and, the world’s biggest payment gateway, to handle all your orders securely. Please make sure you have sufficient available credit and that your address information and CVV code are properly entered when you place your order. If it doesn’t approve your order when you try it, it may be due to one of the following reasons:.
1. Your credit card limit has been reached, and/or there’s a billing/address mismatch (eg your IP address doesn’t match the country of your credit card or your billing and shipping addresses do not match, or cvv code).
2. Your name and/or credit card may be in our blacklist database due to a history of your being a difficult customer, or making an unauthorized refund attempt (which are turned over to our collection agency and/or litigated) at any of our trading websites (anyone on our industry blacklist, e.g. with history of being a difficult customer or a refunder will be refused service and their order disapproved — we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason we deem fit, and troublesome customers never get a second chance; my time is too valuable).
3. Note: please do NOT try to re-enter an order if it’s not approved the first time; contact us using the support link instead. Do not try and re-enter an order if your order status shows as declined. We prefer that you use paypal, since they’re easy to use (just click the paypal button on the shopping cart page once you’re ready to place your order); but you can easily use Visa/Mastercard instead.
4. Multiple IP/illegal password sharing: any IP address that’s attempted to login without proper credentials (or anyone who’s tried to share passwords) is lifetime-blacklisted from our 1SC merchant account and network of sites.
5. Anyone who sends in multiple support tickets, complaints or is in any way a nuisance to me is automatically blacklisted from being able to buy from me (including IP/cc/lastname and email blacklists). The 1% dishonest or troublesome people are not welcome here, and I keep them out. If upon trying to order you see a blacklist notification and your order won’t go through, do not contact us; I don’t do business with dishonest/troublesome traders. That helps me focus on all the thousands who’ve trusted me and are good to work with.
6. To prevent fraud, we require that new customers (new = those who are ordering for the first time in the most recent year) not order too many courses within a short timeframe; eg please limit to 1-2 courses maximum per month (for new customers).

On a positive note, 99+% of my traders are honest, respect my time and value my training, so that’s appreciated; they are who I work for. You can see several thousand positive comments across my sites, dozens of video testimonials and more.

Q: What is your refund/returns policy?
As with, none of our DVDs or services or other products are refundable, since they are copyable media. This is to protect us against “serial refunders” and people who are not sincere about purchasing. We’ve provided preview clips of all videos so that you can see sample content for yourself before buying – so you can see what each video/service provides. Unauthorized refunds will be turned over to our collection agency and/or litigated; our legal terms of sale are binding and enforced, please read them. Unauthorized distribution of our content will be turned over to law enforcement for criminal investigation; we protect our content aggressively in court.

Thousands of traders have been highly satisfied with our systems and products since we started in 1999, as you can see from the video and other customer satisfaction testimonials on the sites. By ordering you hereby agree to our Terms of Sale and Disclaimer.

Q: Can I change courses I’m enrolled in once I’ve already registered, and get credit towards another one instead?
No — once you register for a course, you’re enrolled in it until it’s over. Otherwise it would be an administrative hassle for me, if someone who’s in a one-year course wants to stop that one and try a different one instead for example. You can’t say for example “I like your new webinar series this month I’m taking, but I think this new one you just launched may be great too, so can I stop one series and apply tuition towards the new one?” No. There’s no changing your mind or asking for credit towards a different course you want. I provide ample videos and/or webinars to give traders a good sense of what content is included in courses, plus offer very reasonable pricing, so you can register in course(s) that you think will be meet your needs. Otherwise it would be like going to a restaurant, ordering a meal, eating half of it, then changing your mind and asking if you could get a different meal instead. We don’t do that. Once you register, all sales are final, to prevent dishonest or unscrupulous people from trying to take advantage of me. Many of my traders take multiple courses with me and have been with me for years (thanks!); and I do offer occasional early-bird or rare special offers for various courses.

End User License Agreement (EULA): All DVDs and other materials sold via this and all our other sites are sold with a non-transferable End-User License Agreement and by purchasing from us you hereby agree to not resell nor give away nor otherwise redistribute these DVDs (and/or the content you’ll be getting via webinars and downloads) in any manner whatsoever, which is expressly and specifcally prohibited under this sales agreement, to which you hereby agree to in its entirety, by placing your order. You hereby agree to waive any first-sale doctrine rights by purchasing this and agree that it is licensed for your personal use only and that you will remain the end user of the media and content you receive and will not resell nor redistribute either the content or its media in any format, shape or means. All information including DVDs are for private noncommercial home use only and may not be used in any commercial venue nor shown publicly nor for any commercial purpose under any circumstances, nor may be redistributed nor resold via any venue under any circumstances.

Attention institutional traders: if you are a professional market maker, specialist, or floor trader (or want to use our training for commercial use, as a part of internal training for your professional traders), please contact us for institutional pricing. My advanced day & swing trader training DVDs, webinars and course materials may not be used internally by professional/Wall Street trading firms unless a commercial usage license has been ordered. All materials are licensed for usage by individual retail traders only, at the current low pricing on my sites. Institutional pricing is higher. Contact me for details if you need institutional pricing and/or training information. We also book individual training days for trading market makers and floor traders, for bringing us to your location. Minimum on-site training fee is USD$17,500 daily for New York and other domestic USA locations + expenses (including first-class air and accomodations at a 4- or 5-star hotel; international rates are higher, subject to availability). Contact me for booking information and availability. I am currently unavailable for professional/Wall Street client training until late April 2019 at the earliest, due to scheduling constraints.

Q: Ken, you used to teach Level II based training, in your earliest courses from many years ago, like your Advanced Daytrading DVD and in the early module of your online day trading course, why don’t you teach Level II trading anymore?

Because Level II is no longer useful for day trading, and is antiquated. It hasn’t worked consistently since the exchanges moved over to decimals (from fractions) back in 2001. That’s why I stopped teaching it. Level II is a “poker game” nowadays, in which due to algorithmic and HFT/dark pool based trading, mms don’t keep their bids available longer than brief seconds, and step off their bid/asks at the first sign of momentum price shifts.

So it’s exceptionally difficult to use antiquated methods like shadowing the axe, like I used to do in the 90’s day trading days. You can still see how to trade by following the “ax” (dominant market maker) with my Advanced Daytrading DVD from 2002, and in the early modules of my online day trading course, but that’s not a consistent approach anymore, so none of my latest trading courses have it. Level II is currently best used only for those rare traders who scalp large size (greater than 1k shares, to get pennies up to .15 as goals), to get price optimization with specific order routing. Most day traders don’t need that specific order-routing/ax data, since we trade from 20-500 shares at a time on breakouts.

Instead, I teach how to use tape reading, which is a much better price-based approach to trading breakouts and pivots.

As one of the original dot-com day traders back in the 1990s, I was one of the very first people in the industry to teach Level II based trading (see the site I used to have for my “Advanced Daytrading™” VHS/DVD course many years ago, for example. Copycat competitors then ripped off a lot of my ideas, and some people are still teaching level II/totalview trading today. Anyone who teaches outdated level II based trading in today’s high-frequency trading (HFT) based trading world is showing outdated methods that don’t work consistently any more.

Proof: See what top industry expert Don Bright says in this 2012 Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities column, he states (and I agree), that “…The addition of the National Market System (NMS) in 2007, where all orders must be routed to the best possible marketplace, made the depth of book even more meaningless. Add to this the unseen “dark pools” of liquidity and subpenny pricing — and well, you get the idea. Don’t waste money on any of these “special services.”

CHARTS: I use (affiliate link) and the CME feed. I do not use any commercial scanner. I scan through charts manually, rapidly.

BROKER: I use since they have $1 commissions and instant executions.

TRAILING STOPS/INITIAL STOPS: With all but the widest-spread stocks (BIDU, GOOG, AAPL, NFLX), I have .4 as my goal for maximum initial daytrading stops (and usually 1.5 points for swing stock/etf trades). I use manual stops for everything, since we need to follow the time & sales movement in price, in realtime – I prefer that to entering broker-initiated stops, which may trigger on a single transaction, vs the 8-10 prints I like to see in the tape. For Forex trading, 20 pips intraday and 60-110 pips for currency swing trades, depending on the pair’s volatility and entry chart pattern and other factors.

How to set stops & handle gaps:
Trade rules: All entries use an initial stop of $1.5, one and a half points. Scale in/add to winning trades every 2 points. Use a $1.5 trailing stop to lock in wins for 1/2 initial trade position.
Example: Buy stock ABC at $40.5, initial stop is at 39.0, once it’s ran to at least 42, trail
a stop $1.5 behind the current price. Skip any that gap over the entry price premarket. You can reset a new entry for any that gap over a trigger to .50 (fifty cents) above the nearest whole number.
I usuually enter with but-stop limit orders, with a limit of 1 point above the entry.
Practice these rules with a papertrading/demo account to learn the patterns.

How to set exit targets:
I primarily just trail a stop aroung 1.5 points (or 2-day low).
However you can use 50% of the 15-day high/low range above the 15-day high as
a target. For example 50% of a 15-day range of a stock with low of 31 and high of 37 is
6 points total, so 50% of that is 3 points (above the resistance trigger) as an exit target.

MONITOR SIZE: I use 4 widescreen 24″ monitors.

Q: Do Daytrading University’s stock trading courses apply to Forex, Canadian/Australian markets, e-minis or other type of trading, like options?

We have a variety of products and services designed that are published for many types of traders. Look at the preview videos and/or other information available for each to help decide which are best for you. While we specialize in high volatility, high volume open range and gap breakout trading

Q: I’m interested in your (course) — can I get a discount from what’s on the site?

No — because that would not be fair to traders who paid full price. My courses and educational content are already priced very reasonably, in many cases much less than other trading companies charge. For traders who have been longtime customers and have spent a lot with me, I will on rare occasion offer time-limited “trader loyalty” discounts for specific training programs. For example I offered a discount for a 2-webinar ‘tape reading’ series I did in March 2012, for those who had bought the Stock Trading Success System,, or earlier).

Normally however I do not offer discounts, and I cannot offer individually-requested discounts at all. Any special offers I do will be offered to all traders, during specific timeframes. That’s why it’s a good idea to stay subscribed to my newsletter, in case I do offer a special bonus or offer for a given service. So please do not contact me saying “Ken I want to buy ___ can I get a special discount?” because the answer is no, because that would not be fair to all the regular traders who pay the regular price.

Q: Do you offer in-person training? If so, how?

The only time I offer in-person training is in our rare live seminars (held once every several years, usually in Las Vegas) or when I speak at a Moneyshow Traders’ Expo. We do not offer other in-person training. Our webinars are popular with traders worldwide and are the best way to learn.

Q: Are you hiring? Can I work for you? Do you pay for ideas or suggestions?

Hi – no we are not hiring at the current time. While we welcome ideas for new products, jv/affiliate partners, new trading services and other ideas you may have, we do not pay people for suggestions. We get more than we have time to implement, anyways — though all thoughtful suggestions are certainly appreciated.