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FOREX Breakouts, Revealed!

Peter Bain & Ken Calhoun Show You Their Favorite Currency Trading Breakout Patterns

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This is an exceptional value for professional Forex training. See what you’ll be learning:

January 12th
8:47am ET
Peter Bain and
Ken Calhoun

Dear Forex Trader,

One of the most important things to “get right” as a Forex trader is trading strong breakouts as they’re happening… And now is the perfect time to learn how to trade the strongest breakout patterns for yourself. With volatility impacting global currency markets every single day, it’s a great time to discover useful strategies for trading Forex breakout “entry and exit” patterns that you can start using immediately.

Frustrated with “false breakouts” that go against you once you enter your Forex trades? You’ll unlock some of the top trading strategies we’ve designed to help you avoid false breakouts with this course for active Forex traders! These videos are made from two popular webinars Peter and Ken originally did earlier.

Breakout entries are some of the very best-potential-odds Forex trades you can makeand we’re two of the industry’s top-respected traders who can show you how it REALLY works, explained step by step with advanced tactics for both new and experienced active Forex traders.

Just imagine… what if you were able to visually spot strong Forex breakout entry patterns every single day, like clockwork? We’ll show you exactly how to trade Forex Breakouts for yourself, so it all makes sense. It’s all quite exciting, because it’s training that’s designed to help you become an independent Forex trader.

As any successful currency trader will tell you, being able to correctly trade Forex Breakouts (while avoiding false breakouts and choppy entries), is one of the most important skills you can acquire. And one of the keys to becoming a better trader is to learn from top industry experts (not proprietary software or black-box robots that don’t work over time).

Order this downloadable video course today, because we have years of practical “in the trenches” trading experience to share with you — you’ll unlock dozens of very valuable tactics you can start using immediately in your Forex trades. But you need to see how it works for yourself. The “ins and outs” of how trading professionals work their entry and exit “mechanics of the trade” so that you can see for yourself how to scan for, enter and exit Forex Breakout trades.

And that’s what “Forex Breakouts” is designed to deliver… dozens of practical “how to” precision Forex breakout trading strategies that can potentially help you improve your trading success, fast…

How Much Better Could Your potential Forex Trading Success Be, If You Only Knew How to Trade these specific NEW Forex Breakout Patterns with Peter and Ken?

Thanks to “Forex Breakouts”, you’re about to discover how it all works for yourself:

How to rapidly “drill down” to see which breakouts are most likely to work out best and continue going in your favor… the ability to trade Forex breakouts can be thrilling, and potentially very lucrative if you trade breakouts correctly.

Now you’ll see all-new updated tactics from Peter and Ken, using practical trading examples you can learn from instantly… at your fingertips.

How to Enter and Exit Your Forex Trades (with special emphasis on useful “Forex Breakout” entries you can start trading immediately). This is where it starts getting really interesting…and where professional currency traders focus their energy on.

Seeing simple breakouts using basic chart patterns is easy enough. To leverage your trade though, you need to know exactly how to manage your trades with position sizing, to add to winning positions, using new chart patterns for today’s markets… you’ll see how these work in this helpful trading system.

How to avoid false breakouts that frustrate you and go back down after you enter.   Spotting simplistic breakout patterns is easy… on the surface. But the problem is that they often go back down and seem to “run out of gas” shortly after you get in, costing you expensive, and maddening stop-outs. Right?

You’ll discover exactly how to filter for avoiding false breakouts. You definitely need to watch this.

How to quickly transform your Entry and Exit tactics to help you make potentially better Forex “round trip” trades.   Our training has taught thousands of traders worldwide… now it’s your turn.

Forex Breakouts will reveal the “before-after” trading changes you need to make in your trading skills, explained so you can use it — fast. Because seeing the differences between how you’re currently trading versus how you should be trading Forex entries are vitally important for you to learn.

How to manage your trades, confirm good entries, and use a “top down” trading approach to give you a process that you can use to trade Forex like clockwork. Having a step by step process that keeps your stop-out costs as small as possible, while getting you in on the strongest Forex Breakouts available, is a critical skill that you’ll be learning with Peter Bain and Ken Calhoun in Forex Breakouts.

Our goal is to help you trade responsibly, carefully, and successfully every time you put on a new Forex trade. If you’ve ever wondered how to trade with more confidence, discipline, intelligence and potential success, then you’ll be thrilled to learn everything we have to offer in Forex Breakouts training.

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In this special training you’ll learn these “must-see” Forex trading topics:

What you have to know to trade these turbulent markets – what to look for (sense of urgency)

Breakout patterns

How to enter and exit a trade – how to know how long to hold a trade

How to manage trades

How to manage risk

How to spot trades

How to anticipate profit objective

How to trade top-down

How to scalp

How to day trade/position trade/scalp

How to know the best times to trade

How to pick pair(s) to trade

How to recognize patterns

How to confirm a good trade

How to scale trades

How to know when not to enter a trade

In this special training, you’ll learn these “must-see” Forex trading topics:

How to use precision cup pattern forex breakouts to enter your trades

How to combine Average Directional Index (ADX) with 7-day Forex charts

How to avoid false breakouts: charts to avoid

How to use Average Trading Range (ATR) breakout entries

How to set initial and trailing stops for managing risk

How to enter and exit your trades by scaling in and out

How to use candlestick chart hammers and shooting stars with breakouts

How to avoid common forex trading mistakes in your entries

How to scan for which pairs are best to trade each week

How to develop a step by step forex breakout trading plan

Thanks to all for helping make this such a success — it’s great to see all the
enthusiasm from active traders worldwide for the useful Forex Breakouts training.

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Answers to Frequently-Asked Trader Questions:

FAQ: This price is an outstanding value — are there any ‘catches’ or other stuff to buy?
Answer: You get everything described on this site for one low price. No ‘catches’ or hidden costs.

That’s another advantage to learning from Peter Bain and myself, Ken Calhoun — we’re straight-shooters. Why? Because we want to earn your trust and loyalty as longtime customers the old-fashioned way… by overdelivering exceptional value and world-class Forex training. That’s a win-win for us all.

FAQ: What are the terms of sale?
Answer: EULA: End User License Agreement: This is part of an individually licensed trading
course and by purchasing you agree that it is for your personal home use only and may not be resold,
lent nor redistributed. All sales are final, no refunds. You agree to use this for your own noncommercial
personal use and that it may not be used as part of commercial Forex training seminars.

FAQ: Are there any special software requirements to watch downloadable webinar videos?
Answer: As long as you can play .wmv normal videos you should be fine; download the one at the link above if you wish, to test. You should have a modern computer running windows xp/vista/win7, with Windows Media Player (free) or similar installed.

FAQ: What are the system requirements for attending GotoWebinar webinar events?
Answer: You can see system requirements at: , it runs fine on most current PCs and Macs.

FAQ: How’s this different from your other Forex training?
Answer: This is the first time we’ve teamed up to teach traders the best of our Forex Breakout
practical “how to” training, so you get the best of both of our training, with new strategies as well.
And since you learn how to trade Forex Breakouts with a variety of chart examples and updated
tactics to use, you’ll be ahead of other traders, once you harness the power of the training you’ll receive.

Traders, we look forward to helping you with Forex Breakouts training!

Good Trading,

Peter Bain
Ken Calhoun

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