I’ve got some great news for you — we’re transitioning our main business focus from my popular Daytrading University site to TradeMastery, and you’re invited!

As we celebrate 17 years in business, helping thousands of traders with my courses, industry articles, subscription services, live seminars and more…

…it’s time to take it to the next level — to help you with your active trading.

Here’s What This is All About:

As my company continues to grow, many of you online, and traders I meet at my MoneyShow speaking appearances, plus my consultants & industry colleagues have all given me great advice (thanks!).

With an ever-expanding network of dozens of sites, it’s important to have a central “hub” or main site, with a brief, catchy relevant name.  And as much as I value my life’s work at my trademark iconic DaytradingUniversity® site that I solely founded for you all back in 1999…

…I need to brand my company in a more inclusive way — because many of you do swing trading, not just day trading. Although I’ve earned a strong reputation as a top day trading educator, I’m also well-known for swing trading expertise as well… and the TradeMastery® brand I trademarked years ago is a better fit — plus it’s shorter and easier to remember!

What it Means To You:

There’s a few notable improvements and changes coming:

#1) BILLING Name Update:
Subscribers & Customers: your credit card charges may now show Trade Mastery instead of Daytrading University from now on. 

Paypal charges on your .cc bank statement will change from:

OLD: paypal*daytradingu
NEW: paypal*kencalhoun

I’ve also updated my main Paypal email from the
ken at daytradinguniversity. com one to:



…so if you subscribe using paypal, you may get emails regarding your subscription payments from that email instead, in the future.

As I update our company brand, I’m also updating the bill-from name from my old Daytrading University brand to the new Trade Mastery name.

I’m telling you this so you will not be concerned when you see the new name as a charge instead of the old prior one, on your monthly banking credit card statement (for subscribers and customers). The amount will be the same, though the name is updated; business as usual with an updated brand name.

Any questions?  Contact me by clicking the blue “Support” tab at bottom left of this page.


#2) EMAIL & Zendesk Support update:
Instead of my old daytradinguniversity email & zendesk support brand, you’ll start seeing the new TradeMastery name in my emails & support tickets.

You can still reach me at my old email address, though I’d encourage you to start using the new one instead:

Moving Forward
You’ll see exciting new features & benefits at our TradeMastery network of sites in the upcoming months ahead — a big Thanks to all of you for trusting me and working together in trading…

You’ve been amazing customers, and in many cases, new friends & colleagues… and I’ll continue to work hard to be of service in helping you on this journey we take together!    The best is yet to come.

Share your thoughts!

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know — I’d like to hear from you!  Just reply to my email, or click the blue “Help” zendesk tab at the bottom left of this page to write in.  I value your thoughts — thanks very much.

2016 Survey Results:  A majority of you who voted chose my TradeMastery name as your #1 pick — so I’m listening and taking action.  Thanks to all who voted.

Behind the Scenes — Months in the Making:
I’ve spent many months this year working on this transition plan — updating from a top-respected 17-year established industry leading brand to a new one is the single most important (and smart) business decision I’m making.. my goal is to help as many traders as possible.

Action steps:
a) throughout 2016, you may have noticed all the course menu links on the old Daytrading University site went to the TradeMastery.com site — this was an early preparation step, to familiarize my Daytrading University site visitors with the Trade Mastery site.

b) all of my monthly 2016 column articles in “Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities” magazine used (and will continue to use) my TradeMastery.com site in the author by-line, to build familiarity.

c) the logo header in most of my 2016 emails to all of you has been TradeMastery, for familiarity and…

tmbrandAdditional reasons to transition:

a) To keep things simpler and easier for you and the rest of the trading community, I need to focus on using a short, catchy understandable brand name — and my trademarked Trade Mastery is a better choice.

b) In recent years there’s been a flood of dubious ‘university’, ‘academy’ ‘college’ themed trading sites by competitors, diluting the mark and making my original DaytradingUniversity trademark harder to stand out.  Plus an academic theme like university isn’t as real-world focused as my TradeMastery (and my other related sites like ETFMastery.com, BreakoutMastery.com) brands are.

c) TradeMastery.com is easier to remember, easier to type into a browser, and an overall better brand & positioning move, to help traders.


Here’s to your success — thank you for your loyalty!