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February 8 4:53PM

"There are three points that I am looking forward to seeing explained as one's success depends on a grasp and execution of all three - the entry, exit and management of breakout trades.." - Judy D

February 8 4:52PM

" i am so tired of watching stocks hit resistance and fail,1-2-3 times and then me buying put options, and then watching the stock breakout to a new high and the option collapse." - Niles V.


February 8 4:33PM

"Trading breakouts is great if you can reliably avoid false ones! I'm interested in any techniques you have that can reliably avoid false breakouts. It s**ks when you jump in and it turns around on you!" - Jen L.
February 8 4:31PM

" Being on the right side of the trade, with odds in your favor." - Michael L.
February 8 4:05PM

"Ken, I am just beginning. I am looking forward to your presentation. Thanks" - Garhard Z.
February 8 3:49PM

"I'd like to learn when to get in or not get in on a breakout." - Donald G.
February 8 3:28PM

"How to find trading candidates and how you you get ready to day trade before the market open." - Ridha N.
February 8 2:34PM

" I could sure use some new ideas in avoiding false breakouts." - Vin S.
February 8 2:18PM

"The idea of trading with confidence instead of relying on the...system and hoping for the best." - Ray W.
February 8 2:00PM

" Always enjoy learning from you. This tactic is the one I need to learn right now. Thanks." - Cliff L.
February 8 1:21PM

"I have yet to see a truly and sustainable breakout identification chart in this unpredictable market." - Malik
February 8 1:15PM

"Sounds very interesting, I enjoy your webinars." - Gary M.
February 8 1:14PM

"I think many traders have a problem of knowing were to get in on a breakouts, I am look forward to seeing you in action" - Peter B.
February 8 12:43PM

"Failed breakouts often present good buy/sell opportunities. So any additional information concerning the likelihood of a breakout's ultimite success could be critical in putting a trader on the correct side of the move." - Robert K.
February 8 12:49PM

"Like live equities that move quickly for a bump." - TS
February 8 12:28PM

"I have recently worked on finding out about Breakouts and am enjoying feeling a little more confidence about trading. It is giving me hope that I can trade better as I apply myself to learning more. Am looking forward to the Webinar and more of Ken's abundant knowledge." - Joan F.
February 8 12:24PM

"What I like is that it deals with many different markets (not just stocks) and I want to use it for forex.. so that means that this breakout stretegy is universalL.. that's what I like.." - Michael H.
February 8 12:22PM

"During a narrow range and choppy market should we tighten our stops?" - Jim G.
February 8 1208PM

" I would love to avoid false breakouts and to consistently enter trades which have the potential for scaling in..." - Jerry C.
February 8 11:57AM

"From the description, I'm sure I will get something out of it." - David P.
February 8 11:32AM

"Stopping the false breakoot trades would increase my profitability. Look forward to your instruction.." - Mike L.
February 8 11:31AM

"i would like to know false from real breakouts." - Peter W.
February 8 11:01AM

"Looking forward to seminar. I hope it is productive." - Dan K.
February 8 10:52AM

"How to determine when a breakout is going to happen and get in before the move and also determine when the move is going to go sideways so that you can get out and avoid option time decay ..." - Anjali S.
February 8 10:44AM

"I tried trading breakouts a few times to find out that it is not consistent and it stagnate after the initial breakout or sometimes it goes the opposite direction. It would be nice to have a strategy by which one can sort of predict if a breakout is a true one or not, so it is exciting to attend the webinar and learn the new updated patterns." - Sara D.
February 8 10:11AM

"I don't want to get stopped out on a series of false breakouts" - Randy F.
February 8 9:52AM

"I am new to trading and would love to learn about breakout trading." - Cindy S.
February 8 9:48AM

"When to take profits is critical!! ......Looking forward to your comments and teaching on this point...Thanks Ken" - Howard K.
February 8 9:44AM

"Ken's presentations are always professional and highly instructional. He knows what he is talking about! If there is a way to tell good breakouts from bad ones, I want to know." - Kyle P.
February 8 9:37AM

" I obviously haven't got a clue how to do this and that is why i am not letting this opportunity to learn how to do it from a Pro go by!" - Loh S.
February 8 9:26AM

"great to see in visual form how to make money." - Erika W.
February 8 9:21AM

"I am looking to gain confidence in buying break-outs!" - Ed P.
February 8 9:19AM

"Breakout trading is key tool that should be part of the trading arsenal. Any nuances of breakout strategy that can learned and mastered will immensely help" - RS
February 8 9:16AM

"Breakouts are like wild broncos. i want to learn how to ride properly, so i don't break my neck!! lol!!" - Tom N.
February 8 9:10AM

"Most of the times I enter on a breakout the mkt reverses on me, I'd like to know what the best way of trading breakouts is, explained by a succesfull trader" - Jose A.
February 8 9:09AM

"Looking forward to a good entry technique" - Sanjoi T.
February 8 7:42AM

"As I'm relatively new to trading it would be great to learn true breakout strategies off a trader and educator like yourself." - Geoff
February 8 7:29AM

"Looking forward to seeing how a live trader handles breakouts!!" - Mike C.
February 8 7:18AM

"Because todays markets are really diiferent i'm looking forward to this new breakout mastery" - Gerhard W.
February 8 6:24AM

"The possibility of finding out whether there will be a pullback or not." - Heather P.
February 8 5:55AM

"it will give me the knowledge to find a breakout that is tradable and the confidence to trade the breakout." - Kelvin D.
February 8 4:47AM

"This stage of the market requires that you know how to trade stocks that are making breakouts.Kem has helped me learn these techniques and makes them easy to understand and apply to trading." - Stu M.
February 8 2:58AM

"Making my trading more disciplined and narrowing the wide choose of stocks to trade." - Paul R.
February 8 2:49AM

"Like to learn about trading breakouts to grow the severance package that I received when the company closed operations." - Jim B.
February 8 2:41AM

"Recently Retired and need to manage my IRA. I believe a kknowledge of Breakouts would give me the ability to grow my retirement account." - Alice R.
February 8 1:15AM

"I'm looking for a high probability trade and a break out is just what I'm looking for." - Dave V.
February 8 12:26AM

"Another weapon to add to my trading arsenal? Breakout Mastery good be what I'm looking for!" - Al K.
February 8 12:23AM

"I look forward to learning about and adding another tool that will help me to learn how to be a better trader." - Mark K.
February 7 11:04PM

"New price zones usually mean we can get some opportunities new trend, fake outs" - Todd B.
February 7 9:12PM

"keeps my money out of the hands of the market maker causing the false breakout signals." - Patrick
February 7 6:32PM

"I know breakouts has to happen,so with a good method, one should be successful." - Tyson

February 7 5:49PM

"I like the idea of catching the release energy of a breakout move" - Charles L.
February 7 5:55PM

"Try trading breakouts on the forex market (or any other maqrket, for that matter) and the percentage wins are fairly low unless you really know how to figure out a false breakout from a real one. I like to call the false ones Halloween breakouts as they are tricksters rather than treaters. Maybe the "real" breakouts ought to be called Calhoun breakouts, and maybe that's what I'll call them after I watch this webinar. Anyway, thanks for the invite and look forward to the presentation." - Terry M.


February 7 5:32PM

"Ken looking forward to see how you trade breakouts! All your webinars and training events are top notch" - Joel A.
February 7 5:24PM

"it would be nice to make money on an early trade." - Ralf G.
February 7 5:15PM

"i love the smell of profits in the morning" - Mark W.
February 7 5:13PM

"I would like to be able to see the profitable breakouts and don't get trapped." - Mark C.
February 7 4:59PM

"I'm excited about the opportunity to add strong strategies to my trading plan." - Paul W.
February 7 4:49PM

"I would like to learn how to avoid losing money on stocks that look like they are breaking out, only to have them reverse before the option spread is even cleared." - William B.
February 7 8:10AM

"looking forward to your webinar...in my pursuit of continuing education in trading I like the way you keep things simple...thanks again" - William B.
February 7 5:43AM

"How can I scan for stocks that are about to break out? If I miss a breakout, does it usually retrace to a fib level, or to the original breakout point?" - Vladimir G.
February 7 12:51AM

"How do I know if a breakout resulting from a pullback or coming out of a period of consolidation is the real deal" - Terry F.
February 7 12:14AM

"PROFIT is what I like best about the idea. I like to swing trade ETFs. My preference is to hold them anywhere from a week to 3 months - "the trend is my friend". I like short term MACD, RSI, moving avgs, and Directional index as my indicators. I can't watch Tues night - hope it's recorded. Thanks." - Richard E.
February 6 11:28PM

"I like that you'll show how to spot the end of a trend to profit before a pull-back" - Lynn P.
Reply from Ken: Thanks, Lynn — good point. That skill is absolutely essential to master (you can pull up the XOM full-day chart from the trade above to see, it started to drop shortly after I sold it). Whether a trader is day or swing trading, the art of tightening in a trailing stop (or hard stop) ever-closer to the current trading range to lock in a profit is a critical skill to master; I'll teach exactly how it works in Breakout Mastery.
February 6 10:46PM

"I like the idea of learning new things at every opportunity. And you usually come through. Furthermore any repetition cements the concepts..." - Leonard F.
February 6 7:36PM

" I really want to learn more about false breakouts" - Len H.
February 6 4:47PM

" I am always looking for new strategies to improve my trading" - Robert G.
February 6 4:42PM

"Breakouts are the best opportunity to make profitable trades because the momentum is strong. It's "being in the right place at the right time"!" - Helen G.
February 6 4:35PM

"Best part about breakouts is how fast they can move after all the tension between the bulls and bears is released and somebody ultimately wins. Want to be on that winners side!!" - Sherri
February 6 4:24PM

" I would like to know how important volume is in determining a true breakout." - Barb W.
February 6 4:09PM

" I would like to avoid entering a trade on a false breakout and having the market turn against me." - John G.
February 6 3:25PM

"This one event I don't want to miss. Ken will deliver. I haven't as yet failed to learn something at any of his webinars. He is entertaining yet quite serious. My expertise will rise another notch come this tuesday." - Jim B.
February 6 2:56PM

"riding the wave makes the most money, so i'd like to see how a pro like yourself does it." - Charles
February 6 11:28PM

"Sounds great,looking forward to your presentation, Thanks" - Gerhard Z.
February 6 2:02PM

"I want to learn how to spot high propability set up for breakout entry, set reasonable stop and trading with consistent profit." - Wen O.
February 6 1:22PM

"Ken. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about breakouts. Great opportunity for learning!" - Charles E.
February 6 12:49PM

"So many trading teachers I've ran across over the years don't actually trade. If you read the fine print on their web-pages it usually says "trades are made on a simulation" account. It's a rarity to find a teacher who "puts his money where his mouth is..."" - Randy P.
February 6 12:12PM

"I'd like to catch the breakouts,on swing trades. make real money" - Benigno G.
Reply from Ken: Hi Randy, absolutely right. That's what really bothers me a lot about the entire trading vendor industry, is 90%+ of the people out there are just selling made-up bs trading courses and in my opinion have no business teaching traders. Make sure whomever you buy trader training from can validate that they're an actual trader with real brokerage screencaps of actual trades they've done.
February 6 12:07PM

"I am looking forward to learning how you trade breakouts in these markets. Your webinars are always very informative!" - Sandy L.
February 6 11:28AM

"Breakouts - catch those big moves for maximum profits" - Alan W.
February 6 10:57AM

"I hope this will help me identify breakouts." - Jeff E.
February 6 10:56AM

"Learning from you has always been a profitable experience." - Gail Z.
February 6 2:59AM

"Ken's webinars are always the best and I can't wait to see this one." - Chris P.
February 6 1:35AM

"Sounds fantastic! Can' wait to hear it!" - Chary C.
February 6 12:49AM

" I want to learn more about determining the difference between a genuine breakout vs. a false breakout." - Rich B.
February 5 11:26PM

"Knowing how to play breakouts will help me make money and stop losing money." - John L.
February 5 11:08PM

"Even when I do get a breakout right - about 50/50 - I invariably take 50 to 80cents BUT dont wait for the full run. how do I learn how to tell when the run is complete?" - Adrian G.
February 5 10:31PM

" Do you consider the Nasdaq TRIN or the NYSE TRIN a more reliable indicator for breakouts, as they are often diverged." - Terry L.
Reply from Ken: Good question, Terry... lately they've been divergent a lot (eg nas trin at .68 while nyse trin at 1.1 type of situation); so I trade lighter size on those sessions. Quick tip: I like to focus on the stronger of the markets to trade within based on which trin is stronger at the time, so 4-letter NASDAQ stocks long if say nas trin is < .7, and if the nyse trin was at 1.1, then I wouldn't trade NYSE listed stocks, and focus instead on the NASDAQ stocks only for entries in that session.
Reply from Ken: Hi Adrian, I start to scale out of trades the closer a breakout has run to the edge of it's ATR/average trading range on the session, for swings. For intraday, 50-80 cents is great on stocks < $50/share, not so much if you're trading AAPL/AMZN/BIDU/NFLX, for those I like to go for 1.2-1.8 pts or so. Trading tip: look in the prior day's session to see how far the single longest breakout run moved, before a pullback, and use a bit less than that as your exit target for current-market day trades. Same is true for minis and fx as well, that's one of the new strategies we'll be covering in Breakout Mastery.
February 5 10:20PM

"id like to see how a real trader actually trades in the market" - Fay U.
February 5 9:08PM

"Watching and learning from Ken is a real treat for traders of various levels in their careers. I wouldn't miss one of Ken's lively presentations! Thank you, Ken. And, now I'm looking forward to another of Ken's "magic" presentations, "Breakout Mastery." Again, Thank You, Ken Calhoun!" - Joseph R.
February 5 8:50PM

" interested in ETF actions within sectors that are breaking out or down" - David C.
February 5 8:31PM

"I always enjoy Kens teaching style. His words sink in." - Alan H.
February 5 8:28PM

"Mastering breakout trades can keep a trader in the black!" - Ken K.
February 5 7:42PM

"False breakouts eat up many traders' accounts; looking forward to your tips to avoid these" - Bob W.
February 5 7:28PM

"Good to learn about another strategy in trading." - Benny L.
February 5 6:26PM

"I am currently day trading break outs of a watchlist of ETFs with some success. Need to do better." - R.M.
February 5 7:18PM

"Ken, since your webinars I have using breakouts to new highs and found this style has been really profitable - great work. False Breakouts - hmm, would love to avoid them!" - Peter E.
February 5 6:26PM

"I've heard some trade only breakouts. Would love Ken to share his knowledge and expertise so I could recognize when something is setting up for a breakup or down!" - Wendy M.
February 5 6:39PM

"Interested in your topic of avoiding false breakouts." - Joe T.
February 5 6:26PM

"I am looking forward to your insights on this very profitable topic. How to know when to take them and how much to do and when to get out." - Bret H.
February 5 5:53PM

"Makes sense and could be what has been missing from my arsenal." - Tony S.
February 5 5:09PM

"I'm new to breakouts, interested in learning, thanks." - Henry Y.
February 5 4:53PM

"When a breakout occurs, I never know whether to go long or fade. I desperately need some help in the breakout area." - Louis I.
February 5 4:05PM

"Getting in on a momentum trade that works is a good way to make quick money without getting chopped up in a sideways market." - Rick R.
February 5 4:00PM

"Sounds like a Great opportunity to learn from a Great Coach! Thanks Ken" - Russell P.
February 5 3:32PM

"trade with keeping losses to a minimum" - Manzoor A.
February 5 3:08PM

" the unlimited wealth that can be created from such a strategy" - Carol B.
February 5 3:07PM

"Need to learn how to overcomimg fear to entering breakout and where to place close stop" - Robert P.
February 5 2:09PM

"great breakouts can help you with risk and reward advantages. Im in." - Susan H.
February 5 1:59PM

"Identifying a false breakout is one, but how about properly timing it to capitalize from a true breakout? How to tailor a strategy to maximize profits when the big move happens" - Leslie Q.
February 5 1:58PM

"you can be old and bold if you trade smart with a chart - been following Ken for years because he presents concepts simply and to the point(s)...easy to follow" - Michael S.
February 5 12:24PM

"Breakouts are a great way to gain large profits in a very short time." - Harris R.
February 5 1:41PM

"I am particularly interested in knowing what setups best produce strong breakouts." - Dean B.
February 5 12:37PM

"Someone have said that the market is going sideways 70 % of its time, then it will be a lot of breakouts. Some of them are false, some of them are true. I lose to many of them because I don't belive they are trustworthy. Thanks, Ken!" - Owe F.
February 5 12:24PM

"Breakouts appear to be the path of least resistance and their proper analysis would seem to be beneficial." - Daniel S.
Reply from Ken: Hi Owe - right... you'll be learning what I call "chart countermeasures", which is an all new tactic I'll be revealing in Breakout Mastery, to help avoid false breakouts, yet carefully test out trading entries for those unique charts that do show the right patterns, at exactly the right times.
February 5 11:59AM

"While you often enter morning breakouts would you ever consider entering late (afternoon breakouts) ?" - Jerome B.
February 5 11:52AM

"My problem is that I have the ability to pick the wrong direction of a breakout with a great deal of accuracy. I lose far too many times. I can't wait for the webinar!!" - Bob G.
Reply from Ken: Yes, Jerome... depending on the specific pattern, for equities especially I'll do a lot of late-day swing entries into the closing half-hour. For other instruments like forex, tying your entries to the three market opens seems to work better. For minis, I like to trade those just in first hour, unless there's a monster rally/selloff market, which is rare (less than 2-3 out of 50 sessions). For bread and butter daily and weekly swing and daytrading, I like to focus most energy on the opening hour for intraday trades. For swing trading, I've also got some brand-new patterns you'll want to see, coming in the webinar.
February 5 11:32AM

"I understand when to close a trade but often catch the breakout in the last portion of the trend. The pips have escaped capture!" - Dick F.

February 5 11:31AM

"How much point difference (premarket or at the open) need to be present to define that there is a breakout, 3 points? 5 points? 8 points?" - Candace L.
February 5 11:22AM

"I would like to learn how to avoid false breakouts." - Ryan C.

February 5 11:17AM

"I'm excited to learn about how to determine a real breakout from a fakeout." - Bud D.

Reply from Ken: Hi Candace, specific breakout point values (or pips for forex, or ticks for eminis) depend on several factors, there's never an absolute range, since it also is absolutely critical to tie your specific entry triggers to market internals (premarket futures values, sector percentages for intraday, and/or sector chart relative strength, for swings). Plus micro cup-breakouts and candle patterns, too.

That's one reason automated software doesn't work by itself in isolation, because it's a multi-variable decision that takes several factors into account (like the day's VIX/TRIN for example) , to avoid false breakouts. I'll keep it simple and we'll pull up charts together in the webinar, remember to ask me about any specific one and we'll take a look together... thanks!

February 5 11:08AM

" I like the idea of learning to identify real breakouts from a real trader.
Which means from somebody who is aware of the games and tactics played by the mm's and the big guys." - Pedro V.
February 5 11:07AM

"Breakouts can be clearer than reversals--which I currently use." - Gary

Reply from Ken: Right, Pedro. With so much money on the line, everyone's trying to out-trade each other, and the mm/specialist/dark pools/HFT algos/other games going on need to be protected against with better entries. Being able to recognize both swing and intraday breakout continuation patterns successfully is what separates professionals from everyone else.

I'll be sharing a lot of "sharp-angle" professional tactics in the Breakout Mastery webinar, to help traders spot false breakouts to avoid, as well as the strong ones to get in on. See you there - thanks.


February 5 10:42AM

"Breakouts provide more bang for the buck." - Dennis A.

February 5 10:41AM

"Correctly identifying breakout situations gives you an additional potent weapon in your trading arsenal...and the factors precipitating the breakout (short covering, new buyers entering, resistance now support, coiled spring momentum, etc.) might yield a 2nd measured move type of leg up in the price that you could ride for multi-point moves." - Bruce W.
February 5 10:41AM

"If there is a method to detect a false breakout, I think it would be very valuable to know, with so much volatility going on with many stocks." - Gary B.
February 5 10:39AM

"Education to improve my trading. Ill take it any day" - Eben A.
February 5 10:23AM

"I'd like to know more about those patterns." - Alex P.
February 5 10:20AM

" I've lost a lot of money trying to trade the breakouts. I have my note book & pen ready to learn from you. See you on Tuesday." - Suleiman S.
February 5 10:18AM

"False breakouts that pull back and usually settle into a narrow sideways range for the rest of the day/s. This is a common pitfall for me. I'd like to better identify real vs false breakouts and whether there enough momentum behind the breakout to sustain it. Looking forward learning new tools that you've come up with." - Scott T.
February 5 10:09AM

"Always interested in Knowledge. I am active trading , stocks, futures, forex." - Mel S.
Reply from Ken: Hi Scott, good point. I used to always half-expect trades to instantly reverse and/or go into sideways consolidations after entering (being a skeptic as I am).... until I discovered new signals that I use to nab entries like that XOM trade on the open. And the "mechanics" of how to set the entries is what's most important to know during breakouts, the details of how to do that, specifically, is what I'll be teaching in Breakout Mastery. Thanks... see you in the webinar.


February 5 10:08AM

"A very important trading topic. I look forward to learning more about your setups for breakouts that follow through and false breakouts. Thanks" - John L.

February 5 10:08AM

"Breakout trading appeals to me because of the opportunity to "scalp" a few points on the Emini's on a daily basis." - Jeff S.
February 5 9:56AM

"I've been trading for two years (mostly forex) now. My chart pattern is my direction and working fine then all of a sudden my chart turn against me and don't know which direction it is going next. I like the the idea of learning a true breakout from a false breakout from a profesional like you so I can prepare myself adequatly and trade sucessfully." - Rene A.
February 5 9:50AM

"Any one who is well trained on how to trade financial markets can make a real fortune from the financial markets. Trading breakouts and knowing how to limit the trading risk can be very prolific." - Benjamin B.
February 5 9:45AM

"It would help a lot to be able to know when a breakout is a breakout and not fakeout.... So I look forward to your approach" - Lynley P.
February 5 9:33AM

"The guys who fake the breakout are one step ahead of the crowd. It will be interested to know how we can be two steps ahead of them in this game... Take me in and show it please..." - Anees A.
February 5 9:32AM

"On a time & capital cost benefit analysis trading breakouts is most efficient." - David H.
February 5 9:28AM

"Would love to eliminate false breakouts. If you have a way, I'm game." - Vicky G.
February 5 9:24AM

"We definitely need a webinar on this subject." - Bill P.
February 5 9:22AM

"Breakout trading looks like the way to fantastic profits in a short priod of time." - F.C.
February 5 9:22AM

"It´s surely crucial to learn the difference between false and real breakouts and get the necessary hints for high probability. Do you record the webinar, because 8 pm means 4 am in Germany,nit the best time to be fully awake" - Juergen H.
February 5 9:19AM

"fear of false breakouts is one of the biggest reasons I fall to pull the trigger on many trades. Any help that you can give traders to improve their analysis about false breakouts will go miles to overcome this concern & improve our confidence in trading with more probability of success." - James H.
Reply from Ken: Hi Juergen, yes — you'll get a video .wmv downloadable link of the entire event. Many of my traders from Europe and Asia like getting this, so that you can watch the event at your convenience. I'll get the video link to you (and everyone else) within 24-48 hours after the webinar's over, by Thursday 2/10 at the latest. Thanks..
February 5 9:17AM

"Breakouts potentially lead to high reward trades so I like them." - Jig S.
February 5 9:16AM

" I like breakouts as they are low risk and high reward trades!" - Shah J.
February 5 8:47AM

"Learning to avoid a false breakout is a skill, must know techniques." - Henry T.
February 5 8:25AM

"Any and all skills that I can learn and add to my tool box of trading is always welcome. But I think that knowing this will help put the odds more in my favor." - Ed C.
February 5 6:39AM

"There will usually be many pips when there is a breakout and you do not need indicators, just some trendlines and horizontal support and resistance lines" - Lillian K.
February 5 12:47AM

"Kens' material is awesome, just short of miraculous, just using breakouts.... Thanks Ken" - Hal L.

February 4 11:58PM

"I am always open at looking at different ways to trade successfully." - Scott C.
Reply from Ken: Hi Lillian, that's true... but for many trades the institutional traders are also looking to sell resistance/buy support on purpose, to "shake out" retail traders, causing false breakouts and stops... One of the advanced strategies you'll be learning about is sequential breakout trading, as well as using "percentage of average ranges" to leverage additional add-on trades (and "false breakout avoidance tactics") to help potentially make more successful entries and exits. Thanks for the comment.


February 4 11:30PM

"I would like to see how to ascertain whether a breakout will result in a temporary pullback or whether it will go ahead without a pullback" - Ron G.
February 4 4:27PM

"So many false break-outs, How do I overcome them?" - Avon C.
February 4 3:58PM

"I like bottom fishing when most selling is exhausted, but when we have breakouts I look for whether to exit or to stick with the trade." - Ernie R.
February 4 12:43PM

"Its all about breakouts and piling in behind high volumes! Thanks again for all your tips" - Bud S.
February 4 9:25AM

"Learning how to trade new advanced breakouts will hopefully give me the tools to "Trade with the Trend" with a high predictability." - Moses A.
February 4 6:04AM

"Trade on breaks is difficult and dangerous. It is top of trading skill. It is always important to aspire to this top." - Serge L.
February 4 4:01AM

"Whether you’re a breakout trader or not. You better be able to recognize a breakout when it occurs so that you can either get in or out the trade at the right moment. I believe that this knowledge is power, contributes to your risk management and puts money in your trading account." - Ye Y.
February 4 3:12AM

"I'm interested in learning any new techniques that help in identifying real breakouts from false ones." - Shaun T.
Reply from Ken: Hi Ye — you bring up a great point, which is that exiting a trade once a breakout puts a trade in your favor is absolutely essential to trading success. For example you could pull up that XOM chart (the entire chart, for that day) and you'll see that shortly after I sold the breakout, it pulled back significantly. Knowing when to sell into a breakout, to take profit, is a critical skill — in Breakout Mastery you'll see some of my best strategies for managing exits, "selling into breakouts" explained. The flip side of that is entering correctly and avoiding false breakouts, so you're not buying just as experienced traders are leaving; I'll show how that works in Breakout Mastery as well. Thanks.
February 4 12:35AM

"great techniques, easy to spot, hard to master" - Sean S.

February 4 12:35AM

" it would interesting to find out other breakout techniques that Ken would discuss and to add to the enormous techniques he has developed in the past." - Cesar J.
February 3 11:52PM

"Breakouts that are accurately detected and traded in a timely manner can deliver substantial rewards/profits. I am keen to listen to Ken's views and recommendations in trading this set-up in different markets - e.g. Forex, Futures and Stocks." - George P.
February 3 11:37PM

"The idea of learning to correctly trade breakouts holds tremendous promise for traders who are hungry for that breakthrough that can come from a gifted and seasoned veteran with experience. How vital it is to know what will and will not work on a consistent basis. I anxiously await the video. Thanks" - Arthur B.
February 3 11:29PM

"i've traded the markets using my own technique though i followed any new ideas and your style of trading is something i think i can learn few things from as well and will pay attention to what you are doing ...THANKS" - Stan S.
February 3 10:20PM

"I like to know the best patterns that work in breakouts." - Gamal S.
February 3 9:43PM

"Your seminars are full of useful information and give traders excellent knowledge for trading." - Mel C.
February 3 9:32PM

"Intense reviewing of trade volume to determine false breakouts on weak stocks." - Bill K.
February 3 9:17PM

"I will like to learn more about advance breakout." - Angel P.
February 3 8:54PM

"As I already trade breakouts, would be nice to have a new strategy to improve the odds of "getting it right"." - Jan E.
February 3 8:51PM

"I like the fast profit potential." - Stephen K.
February 3 8:47PM

"I'm excited to learn the specifics about identifying and then scaling in to a "breakout"." - Tim J.
February 3 8:45PM

"I can't wait for this webinar. I'm sure it will be as informative and well thought out as the others I've seen of yours..." - Eric H.
February 3 8:43PM

"Ken always puts on a great webinar, very informative." - Jim M.
February 3 8:18PM

"I would like to learn about breakout and learn to profit and not be in a trade after the breakout is about over and slowing down and being at the trailing end." - Allen B.
February 3 7:59PM

"Like to trade a portion of the portfolio - what indicators to validate the breakout from the high or pivot point " - Alan G.

February 3 4:49PM

"I know breakouts can be very profitable; my problem, I only see them after most of the run is complete." - Steve P.


February 3 7:40PM

" I'd like to get your thoughts on how HFTs have effected the Breakout strategy over the years and how if at all you've adapted your trading tactics. I also would like to know your management system for getting out of trades, not just how to get in. Thanks." - Nagib S.
February 3 7:09PM

"Trading breakouts will provide another (trading) tool" - Man P.
February 3 7:08PM

" It will make a difference between winning and losing." - Allan S.
February 3 6:55PM

"to differenciate between high odds breakouts versus false one. Among the sucessful breakouts, which one have the greatest target intraday." - Den L.
February 3 6:49PM

" I like the thought of being able to learn patterns that will lead to successful trades that will, in turn, lead to more profits in my trading." - Bryan P.
February 3 6:32PM

" I am a novice, trying to learn whatever I can, I had lost money by not having an education. I never give-up!" - Cecily P.
February 3 5:54PM

"To learn when breakouts will help me alot" - John W.
February 3 5:50PM

"Breakout trading looks interesting strategy for my swing trade, looking farward for the webinar...Want a breakout stretagy to move on.. Great job Ken" - Kumar S.
February 3 5:47PM

"Im curious to see what this entails." - Nate S.
February 3 4:51PM

"Lately, I have seen a number of seemingly good trade setups break out of a base and then not have any follow through, often dropping back under the resistance line where it just stagnates. I would like to see how to avoid these types of stocks." - David S.
February 3 4:49PM

"I know breakouts can be very profitable; my problem, I only see them after most of the run is complete." - Steve P.
Reply from Ken: Right, David — many traders are posting about that as being the #1 breakout traders' challenge, is figuring out which ones will be most likely to run (like my XOM trade example) cleanly without a lot of chop and pullbacks after you get in, or even worse, getting into a false breakout that quickly goes back down after the entry. I've got a lot of precision setups that should help filter those out (including some all-new ones) I'll be showing everyone how to use in the webinar... thanks.
February 3 4:48PM

"I would love to see your approach to identifying breakouts." - Bob S.
February 3 4:15PM

"Funny you should mention breakouts. Recently I've been having some success identifying breakouts. I'd like to learn more about it from your professional point of view. As I've told you before, I only started becoming profitable after watching your DVD's Ken. Kudos!" - Helene I.
February 3 4:12PM

"This would be awesome. Big money is made if you catch these. Can't wait." - Patrick O.
Reply from Ken: Hi Helene, thank you for the kind words; glad to hear they're helpful. The main thing is to keep at it, testing out different approaches til you find a set of reliable trading setups that work most of the time, and start from there, making those your core (for example I like "out" 2-day high/low days as the starting "permission to trade", and premarket SPY outside of prior day's ranges)... when it comes to breakout patterns, there's some nuances and new ones to learn, so I'll share those in the Breakout Mastery webinar. Best wishes for continued success.


February 3 3:22PM

"Once a Breakout is spotted, this is the best way to take money from the market provided you have good trailing stops." - Larry D.

February 3 2:40PM

"(to) be more precise regarding trade entry" - Vic S.
February 3 2:18PM

"Being better able to recognize a breakout as currently I am not really good at it and catch a lot of false breakouts" - Karin D.
February 3 2:37PM

"I have been your student before and want to trade fast moves." - Mollie Y.
February 3 1:52PM

"Like the idea of being in on a trade in the beinging of the next move." - Michael B.
February 3 2:14PM

"Breakouts are frought with risk as compared to buying pullbacks , covering the teqniques for playing break outs is a great service to the retail trader." - Louis G.
February 3 2:10PM

"Sounds like an easy to implement trading strategy for newbies" -Denise H.
February 3 1:04PM

"Looks like your using the ADX and added the DMI? Will be interesting to see what you've got to show us..." - Craig T.
February 3 1:04PM

"Like to know when is the entry and exit." - Kelvin N.
February 3 12:34PM

" I would like to trade your system" - Richard R.
February 3 12:34PM

"I've learned from Ken before- he is a master of the break-out trade and if you want to improve your results, you need to learn from a master trader and an excellent teacher." - Harold H.
February 3 12:02PM

"Learning and understanding how to trade breakouts will help me to become a real trader, rather than relying on some expensive software that generates buy and sell signals that only works half the time" - Wayne B.
February 3 12:01PM

" I have traded some breakouts in the past and they indeed show potential. I look forward to a clearer picture, expecially how to avoid to dreaded "fakes"." - Dario F.
February 3 11:35AM

"Looks like an easy trade set-up to learn and master. Look forward to the webinar." - Jean J.
February 3 11:10AM

"Simple way to trade. Looking forward to trying it." - Ernest C.
February 3 10:53AM

"Catching valid breakouts could be the holy grail of trading. Count me in." - Greg M.
Reply from Ken: If I were to pick the two best trading strategies, they're #1) trading breakouts correctly and #2) using trade management/position sizing, as a "tag team" for professional trading... good point.

February 3 10:33AM

"I've always had a problem with catching the right break outs that do not reverse on my entry price. I'm looking forward to learning more about picking the right breakouts to follow." - Larry W.
February 3 10:23AM

"The most thing I like about breakouts is to learn how to trade them correctly, and not chasing markets." - Andrey G.
February 3 9:34AM

"I want to take part of mass hysteria (price jumping higher and higher or falling lower and lower) and come out profitable!" - Jaime S.
Reply from Ken: Hey Jaime, good to hear from you again. You bring up an interesting point, eg the mass hysteria, or "panic buying" that's detectable when institutions start getting into a position (as well as short squeezes) makes for some of the very best breakout patterns... I'll cover tips on how to detect (and potentially capitalize on it) in the Breakout Mastery webinar.
February 3 6:45AM

"I tend to avoid initial breakout trades because of the high percentage that turn out to be false breakouts. The percentage that pullback to the breakout line (and subsequently bounce) is also high, so I'm more apt to wait for that bounce to enter the trade (and with a much smaller stop than with the initial breakout).
There's also a problem of the target price? So anything you can offer to improve the odds of success on breakouts would be appreciated." - Jerry M.
February 3 5:38AM

"We come across breakouts everyday and it is very useful if we can master the skills to distinguish the genuine and false breakouts." - James W.
February 3 4:22AM

"Ken, you have given us so many good ideas before, so I am sure this too will be a good strategy." - Beb I.
February 2 10:34PM

"It gives me confidence to trade this set up." - Julie M.
February 2 10:21PM

"False Breakouts are way too common now-a-days and hence it is very important to learn tools to know when the Breakout might be genuine and when it might not be." - Venkat
February 2 10:08PM

"What I would like best, is the chance to make more money and make it more consistantly." - Rex M.
February 2 8:53PM

"Would like to know how to gauge stops after a major breakout." - Michael A.
February 2 8:44PM

"looks like a good way to trade without rocket science" - Gary W.
February 2 6:20PM

"As a new trader I can use all the help I can get. Exxon was actually on my list to trade, but because I wasn't well equiped, I was unable to catch the wave as it went up." - Alex H.
February 2 6:01PM

" I think that learning about advanced breakouts is a great idea. The more you know the better trader you can become. Ken, keep up the great work! Thanks.." - Perry S.
February 2 5:19PM

"Your skills are amazing. I look forward to your precise technical approaches." - Barry S.
Reply from Ken: Hi Perry, thanks. And right re advanced breakouts... til now I've just covered basic breakout strategies, since they're the core of how I trade... in Breakout Mastery I also cover advanced breakout patterns. Ones that are easy to spot, and are great for "how to trade if you missed the first big breakout, and still want to get in the position?", plus patterns for sequential and other advanced continuation breakout strategies. See you in the webinar.


February 2 5:02PM

"Ken~ After just finishing your Master Sectory webinar, this is a must for me. It will be a win-win combo, and can't wait to see it." - JaniceLynn J.

February 2 4:45PM

"How to know if it's a real breakout and not a false breakout" - Asaf H.
February 2 4:41PM

"Your trading knowledge is phenomenol. Trading breakouts is a tool I know will help me considerably.." - Phillip B.
February 2 4:35PM

"...Ken Calhoun webinar is an invitation to pick up new valuable tips and information, most of which cannot be found anywhere else.. ." - Ted R.
February 2 4:29PM

"Yes I like buying at the optional time when the instutions are jumping in . But even better would being able to tell a false breakout. This is what I would like to master. Thank you Ken..." - Jeffrey A.
February 2 3:21PM

"Any clue as to whether a breakout is likely or S/R will hold would be very helpful. Thanks." - John S.
February 2 2:30PM

"Thank you for this .. What I like best about the idea of learning how to trade new advanced breakouts is better skills in recognizing when the break out is false or for real. Sounds like you will cover this. Thanks, Ken!" - Michele
February 2 2:19PM

"I can't wait to learn how to avoid false breakouts. All of Ken's webinar's are wonderful. I always learn something new. Thanks Ken." - Bill H.
February 2 1:27PM

"Looks like a great opportunity for high probability trades." - Steve M.
February 2 1:25PM

"You are walking encyclopedia Ken, every word from you is a wisdom." - Anand S.
February 2 1:06PM

"Its a great idea. There is a lot of potential to make good money on breakouts. I see a lot of good breakouts in the forex." - Ernie B.

February 2 1:03PM

" I very much depend on trading intra-day breakouts on AAPL but would like to cover a basket of 30 stocks for which my Italian broker allows very high margin leverage: I cannot visually monitor them effectively so I'm searching for some way to get allerts as to the which are most "Break-out ready": Also I'd like to perfect swing trade breakout for options..." - Roberto C.
February 2 1:02PM

"Breakouts are for big profits. I'm interested to see how you select the stocks for the potential breakout and your entry point." - Pauli H.
Reply from Ken: Right, Pauli... when looking at which stock (or fx pair, or etf or emini) chart to trade on breakouts, getting the specific entry point is often the difference between a win and a stop. In Breakout Mastery I'll be covering new "double-confirmation" triggers for entries, in addition to a new 1-2-3 Step Trade Entry process I've designed, which helps keep things simple. See you in the webinar.
February 2 12:44PM

"After attending your Trading vs Poker, then your Fx Firepower webinars, I look forward to learning more about what you trade and when. Thank You for the opportunity to attend." - Mike S.
February 2 12:33PM

"Catching explosive moves for 1+ point gains in stocks" - Marc P.
February 2 11:58AM

"It means get in and out quickly for me" - Mike T.
February 2 11:57AM

"Breakout is the best opportunity to buy into strength after a pullback" - Joseph F.
February 2 11:54AM

"You nailed XOM, just like you said you would two weeks ago. I kept watching XOM due to your comments. Excellent eye. Learned a lot, thanks." - Gregory
February 2 11:41AM

"I am convinced that learning the skill of 'breakout mastery' is most important to give me confidence in taking a breakout trades - the money will follow once the skill is learned." - George L.
Reply from Ken: Thanks, Greg - right re XOM, I'd alerted traders to that (and traded it myself on the breakout), in the previous webinars... good to see you remembered it. More to come. One of the keys to success in this is being really selective; the XOM stood out as the best of the oil-sector stocks so I took the trade. More to come in this upcoming webinar — see you there.


February 2 11:09AM

"I realy need to learn how to tell when breakouts are high probability, not just pulling me in to reverse." - Fred G.
February 2 10:55AM

"Would like to learn how to avoid false breakouts" - Dave W.
February 2 10:54AM

"I'm always looking for better and new way to get an edge on my trades." - Jeff B.
February 2 10:53AM

" I am an old man trying to learn how to trade. Not a computer geek, so I need things simple... with examples." - John H.
February 2 10:42AM

"Breakouts are the key to fast bucks, thats why I wanna learn how to recognise them before they happen" - Rio

Reply from Ken: Hi John... will do. I realize sometimes I move a bit fast with advanced tactics, so for this one I'll be making it focused on the easiest-to-learn breakouts that you can add to your trading, explained as straightforward as possible. And I agree about examples, that XOM chart is an example, traders will be learning all-new updated and simple-to-see breakouts in the webinar.

The trick is avoiding the false breakouts that initially looked good, but then turn against you — you'll see how to tell the difference in the webinar (thought there's always still some stops, our goal is to keep them as small and infrequent as possible). Thanks for posting your comment, I appreciate it.


February 2 10:31AM

"Do trading breaks out really a mystery.Looking forward how to trade break outs." - Sahari R.

February 2 10:08AM

"I want my trading profits to experience a breakout and that is why I want to learn more about Ken's breakout strategy...Hoping that breakouts not fakeouts will take my trading to the next level" - Dave D.
February 2 10:05AM

"I could sure use some new ideas for sure." - Gil C.
February 2 9:55AM

"learning how to regognize the true one..." - Eric R.
February 2 9:39AM

"I want to learn how to tell when breakouts are high probability vs low probability in terms of follow though and fading" - David J.
February 2 9:26AM

"I always want to learn. After over 40 years at this I like to see what was old is now new." - Dave S.
February 2 9:08AM

"Looking for a method that enables me to me consistent profits instead of profits just some of the time. Need way to know when to exit trades." - Jim E.
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