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I’ve got some great news for everyone — starting March 2017 all of our new courses (and most of our popular earlier ones) will be instantly downloadable once you order!

No more waiting for logins & passwords for many of our downloadable video courses. 🙂
Most are recorded in crystal-clear HD quality (1920 x 1080) .wmv format for easy viewing.




Q: How does it work?

For all courses that show this icon on their page (only):

1) Once you place your order, you’ll be instantly sent your individual download link.

2) You will have a limit of 3 download attempts to download your file (you should only need one).
All downloads are individually IP-tracked. Just order, download once to your computer and you’re done.

You’ll be shown your download link once you check out, and it will also be immediately emailed to you.

3) For courses with multiple videos, they will be zipped into one large .zip file.  You simply download your .zip file and extract the videos (here’s how to unzip) and you’re all set.  Right-click on the zip file using windows explorer after you’ve downloaded it and choose “Open with” > Windows Explorer as shown in this picture.

4) Large filesize note: Because videos for big courses are delivered in one very big .zip file (as large as 1 – 2 Gb), we highly recommend using a download manager like DAP to download.  Briefer courses have a single video link; while bigger courses with 2 or more videos are in  a handy .zip download for you.

Q: How do I get my download links once I order?

A: That’s the best part — you’ll be shown your download link immediately once your order goes through, on your order confirmation page, plus you will get an immediate email with your download links.


Q: Ken, what if I have a slow internet connection, or can’t get the big video .zip file to fully download?

A: No worries, just contact me if you run into download timeouts or other issue and I’ll set up your access on our prior download system so you can download individual videos (within 12-24 hours). You should be fine if you have regular cable internet access like most people do in the USA & Canada etc.  Either way, you’ll be able to get your videos; we’ll take care of it for you.


Q: Ken, can I email you with trading questions?

A. No – with so many traders I do not have time to answer individual questions by email, due to time constraints.  None of my courses include personal email support.  The courses are self-explanatory with step-by-step professional training, they’re designed so you will not need to ask questions.


Q: What’s a download manager? How can it help?

A: When you download files using your browser it can take a long time, because browsers are slow at downloads. A download manager makes multiple connections to files, significantly speeding up all downloads automatically.

There are both free download managers you can install, like the popular ‘download accelerator plus’ (DAP). In any case, once you use download accelerators you’ll likely never go back to slow browser-based downloads again.  While a download accelerator is not required to download my videos, I still highly recommend them.


Q: What format are TradeMastery videos in? How do I play them?

A: All of our new courses are top-quality HD 1920 x 1080 .wmv video downloads.  Some of the classic older courses are lower resolution, though all are still easy to see. You can watch them using windows media player or similar.  I use and recommend the excellent inmatrix zoom player to watch videos myself.

Courses currently available in Instant-Download video format include:

Just CLICK on any link below to see more information about courses you’re curious about (including video previews!):

For your convenience you can use Visa/MC, Amazon or PayPal to order — it’s easy!

Any questions?  Contact me here, or click the blue ‘Support’ tab at bottom left of this page — it’s easy!