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“Awesome video content” – Jaime L. (2/2/2016)

“Interesting and informative and professional. Ken and Peter represent quality education” – Patrick L.  (2/2/2016)

“looks promising” – Sid S. (2/2/2016)

“Interesting. Hoping it can give me clearer decision making on my trades.” – Rick W. (2/3/2016)

“Looks fun and exciting, can’t wait to watch, learn and win… Making money month after month would be amazing. Thanks.” Toni W. (2/4/2016)

“I believe is a great idea to have videos on any subject that will help you understand and learn in a better way the world of trading. Just try to go from basic to professional in an orderly way. All the best !!!” – Art M. (2/4/2016)

“Great website and I’m excited about the membership option!” – DX (2/5/2016)

“hey Ken – I am a Canadian and have pulled my hair out with the Canadian dollar most of my adult life. At this stage it would be a real treat to be able to short the Canadian dollar successfully. Much success.” – Ronald (2/6/2016)

“Ken, I know little about Forex, but interested to learn correctly. I trust your work and appreciate how much you have taught me in the past. Looking forward to continuing my education from you and Peter. Thank you for all your hard work, I do appreciate it.” – Phil F. (2/6/2016)

“Caveat: I’m a Forex System Owner. If you want to learn Forex the right way, this is the best start. Make it a great year, broncos did!” – James W. (2/9/2016)

“It’s cool and I love it” – Oladapo E. (2/10/2016)

“Very good site. I like how it all comes together.” – Perry S. (2/11/2016)

“wow, this is a highly designed modern site that will engender more winning trades. look forward to learning more from credible guys like you.” (2/12/2016)

“Informative, well designed easy to read, user friendly.” – Dan G. (2/2/2016)

“The site design looks very modern. The video is professional (as usual), and the site looks relevant to the content!” – Leslie B. (2/2/2016)

“Looks clear and easy to follow…doing a great job” – Bernard S. (2/3/2016)

“A cornucopia of ideas, strategies and support presented in a professional format.” – Bob P. (2/4/2016)

“Just what I have been waiting for. Two authorities combining their knowledge of forex. Thanks” – Mike V. (2/4/2016)

“Looks like a lot of good information, hope it is not too much info. for me I tend to do better with a few setups to get good at as opposed to learning a little about many setups…Ken you are a really good teacher.” – Neal B. (2/5/2016)

“Great website, anxious to attend the summit.” – Bruce L. (2/5/2016)

“Very good. I think I would want to subscribe.thank you.” – Tomas K. (2/9/2016)

“Great potential for learning to trade like a professional.” – Joe S. (2/9/2016)

“Looking forward to the preview. Always informative.” – Stephen C. (2/9/2016)

You get a New downloadable video each month from our premium “Forex Success Mastery” system…

PLUS two featured videos taken from our professional Forex trading courses…it’s a great way to learn, fast!

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Q: How long will it take to get my login & password information once I enroll?
A: Please allow 12-24 hours from the time you order. If it’s been 24 hours and you still don’t see your “Welcome to Forex Videos” email, please check your spam & trash folders. If you still don’t see it, simply contact us via support ticket and we’ll re-send it to you.

Q: Which new videos will be posted each month?
A:  In addition to one from our system, you’ll get two additional one-hour videos (3+ hours total) that we select from our earlier courses. There is no set schedule for which videos will be posted; they’re all professional, high-quality downloadable videos we choose from our courses for you to download and start learning from instantly.

Q: How long do I have to download videos?
A: The available downloads are updated to new ones (and the prior months’ videos removed) during the first week of each month. So, you need to download each month’s new videos by the end of each calendar month (for example, March 31st, April 30th, May 31st and so on).

Q: Can I request specific videos?
A: No, with several hundred members we cannot do this. Your low monthly subscription rate delivers an outstanding value; we post popular course videos updated monthly for you to download.

Q: Are any DVDs or CDs mailed to me?
A: No, this is a downloadable video membership site, nothing is shipped.

Q: What resolution & format are Forex Videos?
A: Each month you’ll get 2 videos from our earlier webinar courses in 1920 x 1080 .wmv high-definition format, Plus a downloadable DVD from the 12-dvd system in 720×480 .wmv format.

Q: What limit is there on logging in to the member’s area?
A: For security (to prevent illegal password sharing), we require that you limit logins to a single computer, single IP address total. No logging in from multiple devices nor mobile devices; this video explains security. Only join if you can agree to login from the same computer each time.  This is fine for most of our members, who simply login from their same home computer.

Q: What if I lose a video (or hd crashes), can you re-enable a link?
A: No, with several hundred members we cannot do this, due to time constraints. You should download your videos on time, plus make a backup on a second hard drive/flash drive for safekeeping.  By joining you agree to not ask us to re-upload old videos; as prior month’s videos are removed from the server each month.

Q: How can I ask questions?
A: We cannot answer individual trading questions by email: due to the volume of email we get, we cannot personally answer individual questions.  The main benefits of ForexVideos include the 3 hours of downloadable videos and weekly alerts you get.  Email Q&A is not included.

Q: I have a video playback issue: audio only
A:  Videos are .wmv video format downloads, to be downloaded and watched on a regular Windows PC (or Mac). Not for mobile devices like ipads/kindle.
To watch videos, download them onto your computer (regular home pc, not mobile) and view with current version of Windows Media Player (update if needed) or free zoom player. Mac users, play with flip4mac or VLC media player (info)

Q: How do I cancel?
A: Simply contact us at least 48 hours before your scheduled renewal date (or do it yourself within Paypal like this) and we’ll cancel your membership, close your website video + alerts access when your time is up, and cancel upcoming webinars w/Peter & Ken. Note: if you cancel you may not re-enroll for at least six months following your cancellation date.

Q: I’m already a system owner, should I order this?
A: No, since you already have the entire system plus bonus course videos. The site is a way for non-system owners to get all the videos one month at a time using a convenient monthly subscription plan. To get all videos instantly, consider ordering instead (it’s popular!).

Q: Will I have all 12 download video versions of the Forex Success Mastery system once I’ve been a member for 12 continuous months?
A: Yes, we post a different download video from the Forex Success Mastery system, one each month. So once you’ve been a member for 12 continuous months you’ll have all 12 video downloads.

Q: I logged into the members’ area on the 1st of the month, or later, and don’t see new videos for this month, please help.
A: 3 new videos are posted each month on the 1st of the month. If you don’t see the updated videos, either login again using a different browser or clear your browser cache by pressing Ctrl-F5 (or refresh icon) to see the updated page.

Q: As I understand it each month there will be 1 Forex Success Mastery download made available. Does that mean that after 12 months we will have completed the full Forex Success Mastery program?
A: No, there’s many more bonuses in (see the site) that are not included in; though after 12 continuous months you’d have gotten download video versions of the main 12-dvd program that we produced. If you look at each site it explains in detail what’s included in each.

Q: Will my membership continue after that or is this a 12 month only program?
A: Your membership lasts as long as you wish; it does not end after 12 months. You’ll get weekly alerts plus 3 videos updated monthly in the members area.

Q: Can I put time on hold if I travel or for other reason?
A:  No, there is no “parking” nor putting memberships on hold allowed (eg while you travel, or for any other reason); like a cable tv subscription your membership is continuous, whether or not you login. Do not contact us asking to put time on ‘hold’.

Q: Can I join, quit, then restart later?
A:  No joining, leaving, and re-subscribing a short time later. If you join and quit after a few months, you must wait a minimum of six (6) months prior to re-enrolling.

Q: Does my membership include access to other ForexMentor or sites or services?
A:  No – your ForexVideos membership gives you access to ForexVideos program videos, not others. All products/services sold separately.

Q: How often can I login?
A:  You can login as often as you wish. For example you may want to login each weekend to see the 3 new Forex Trade Alerts posted by 6pm ET every Saturday.  Just login from the same home computer each time from the same IP address each time.

Peter Bain has earned the distinction of being tagged the Internet’s #1 Forex coach and mentor with his teachings of a simple, yet incredibly powerful trading system that is taking the Forex community by storm. Peter’s in demand for speaking engagements around the world and was a featured MoneyShow Traders’ Expo speaker. Peter credits the success of his forex trading system on his extensive research and his passion for the Forex market. He spends his days watching and studying the Forex market and making himself available to the students he mentors.

He also regularly conducts live seminars for individual investors, financial institutions and colleges. His system has been acclaimed as one of the leading tools to trade the Forex with. Peter’s known to the trading community for his unique ability to uncover new and innovative ways to harness the power of the Forex.

Ken Calhoun is the president of Having provided online training to active traders from over 32 countries since 1999, he is an internationally published trader who’s earned industry awards for his professional trading systems. Mr. Calhoun trains traders on how to trade using intraday and  swing trading candle charts, ADX breakouts, and real-time entry & exit momentum trading techniques by using live market examples.

Ken has been featured in leading trade publications and events such as Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine, Active Trader magazine, MoneyShow Traders Expos,, and CBS’s He is a graduate of UCLA.

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