Coupon Codes: Twin Models Show How

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About the Author:

Ken Calhoun is the president of Daytrading University and Having provided online training to active
traders from over 32 counties since 1999, he is an internationally
published trader who’s earned industry awards for his professional
trading systems. Mr. Calhoun trains traders on how to trade using
one-minute candle charts, sector break outs, gaps and market indexes
using advanced tape reading, and real-time candlestick trading
techniques by using live market examples. A former corporate
statistician and quality engineer, he brings a wealth of analytical
experience to the markets using real-time chart patterns to help his
8,100 traders spot entries and exits. He is a graduate of UCLA and
has co-produced two bestselling trading systems with his colleague
Steve Nison. Ken has been featured in leading trade publications
and events such as Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities
magazine, Active Trader magazine, MoneyShow’s Traders Expo,, and CBS