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You get access to complete one-hour webinars (plus Q&A time at the end of each one); held once every month on the last Wednesday night of each month from 8-9pm ET.

Breakout Mastery 2017 Schedule:

2017 Dates:  May 31st, June 28th, July 26th, August 30th, September 27th, October 25th, November 29th and December 27th, 2017.

2018 Dates:  January 31st, February 28th, March 28th

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AUGUST 30th, 2017
8-9pm ET





SEPT 27th, 2017
8-9pm ET





OCT 25th, 2017
8-9pm ET





NOV 29th, 2017
8-9pm ET




DECEMBER 27th, 2017
8-9pm ET





JANUARY 31st, 2018
8-9pm ET





FEBRUARY 28th, 2018
8-9pm ET




MARCH 28th, 2018
8-9pm ET




APRIL 25th, 2018
8-9pm ET




MAY 30th, 2018
8-9pm ET





JUNE 27th, 2018
8-9pm ET





JULY 25th, 2018
8-9pm ET

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FAQ: How long will it take to get my login & password?
Answer: Please allow 12-24 hours after you order to get your ‘Welcome to Breakout Mastery’ email with your login credentials. We manually create your individual login (your first name + last initial) and unique password, it’s not automatically generated. Please do not contact us asking for your login info until it’s been 24 hours. Also check your spam/trash email folders.

FAQ: What’s unique about this system compared to your other ones?
The main difference between the Breakout Mastery system and my other systems is the focus specifically on breakout trading, to help traders develop the skill to identify specific breakout entry and exit trading skills. It also has a “breakout immersion” approach in which we cover in depth strategies focused on step by step breakout trading skills each month, so that you learn how to trade breakouts in a focused online learning environment. It covers examples of stocks & ETFs, to provide breakout trading tactics for a variety of trading instruments, and for both day trading and swing trading.

I’ve registered for one or more of your other courses, are there any additional discounts for this one?
No, with our low pricing there’s no additional discounts for the first time you register for Breakout Mastery. However if you have already taken this course with me, and want to re-take this course for a 2nd (or 3rd) year of webinars, you can contact me for a discount, for returning members who’ve already taken Breakout Mastery.

FAQ: What kind of trader support do you offer? We answer your questions during the members-only live webinars held regularly — so you can ask about a specific indicator or chart (or trading technique) and get LIVE realtime answers. I can’t answer individual questions via email, due to time constraints, so please do not send email questions about trading, because with thousands of traders I simply do not have time to answer individual trading questions via emails. You’re certainly welcome to ask questions (and ask me to pull up charts to go over together) during the webinars, held monthly; I often stay around for at least a half hour or longer answering trading questions, which is the best time to ask, since I can pull up the chart you have questions about and explain things visually, which is much better than text in an email. I look forward to seeing you in the webinars.

Scheduled dates: Breakout Mastery live webinars are scheduled for the last Wednesday night of each month on an ongoing basis, from 8-9pm ET (dates subject to change, based on updated scheduling requirements).

Includes complete high-resolution video downloads of each 1-hour trading session in case you can’t make it in person. Note that you do not get downloads of months that occurred before you joined, nor after the end of your subscription, if you leave. You get access plus downloads for the month(s) starting from the date you join.

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Traders, this is a superb trading “how to” experience (with me, a real trader and well known credible industry figure), plus one that you’ll be sure to value for many years to come. As someone who’s been trusted by thousands of traders, I’m looking forward to earning your trust as well, and hearing about your personal upcoming “success story” as well, once you participate in Breakout Mastery as one of my traders. So now it’s time to subscribe.

I’ve pulled out all the stops and included everything I can think of to make this a “no-brainer” easy decision for you. I’m a genuine trader who can help you, and I’m giving you my very best advanced, step by step trading strategies in this special “Breakout Mastery” training for active traders. Go ahead and register your spot right now, so we can get started working together.

You get access to a new webinar (plus high-definition video), each month. Note all of my courses and services are sold separately; purchase of one does not include access to other courses. Many of my traders order multiple courses because of the professionalism and depth of what’s covered, the difference in content provided by each one, and generous low pricing.

You’ll see exactly how to trade all-new breakout strategies using actual chart examples and trading tactics with me, once you register your spot right now:

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Per compliance regulations we do not make any profitability nor performance promises nor claims of any kind; trading is a high-risk, speculative activity and most traders incur trading losses. All information is for educational and informational use only; consult with a registered investment advisor prior to making trading decisions.